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Monday, December 12, 2016

10 Signs Your Man Is Gay!

These days’ ladies should be careful and alert not to fall in love with the wrong partner. You have to shine your eyes so that you do not fall a victim to closeted homosexuals. I have written signs I think can make you identify them.

1. He does not involve himself in gay discussions. He might tell you he is uncomfortable talking about it. He might even snap at you if you insist both of you talk about them.

2. He might create time to spend with you and even be an understanding partner but one thing he avoids is kissing you deeply and he gives excuses whenever you want to be intimate with him. He gives unnecessary excuses both of you should not have sex. Do not be a fool for him. Men loves sex!  

3. If your guy enjoys inserting only dildo inside you or his number one priority is penetrating you through the ass, I'm sorry, your man likes men! If you have ever agreed to that and he gets thrilled, stop the affair and move on! 

4. When you hang out or club with friends, have you ever caught him staring at men in a lustful way or he prefers to dance with his male friends? If yes, your relationship is cooked with lies. Be wise!

5. If your man loves to buy expensive gifts for his male friends instead of you then something is wrong. He might be trying to woo them into his life.

6. Women loves dirty talk, and sweet words sometimes but your man never does that to you. He prefers to complement other guys and he is comfortable talking about sex with them. It is only a man who is sexually interested in men that would try to flirt with another man.

7. Men love watching porn. If you ever catch him watching gay porn more than four times or more or find many videos on his phone, you don't need anyone to tell you who he prefers to have sex with. I believe straight guys watch gay porn out of curiosity and not to pleasure themselves.

8. There's nothing wrong to see two men sleep on the same bed but when your man prefers to spend his weekends or free time with a particular friend, you should suspect them.

9. If he is always flirting with men when drunk, he has a big secret!

10. Have you ever walked in on your partner and his friend and you notice they act weird as if they are trying to cover something up? Well, don't suspect yet but if they have acted that way several times, they are guilty of something they do not want you to ever know!


  1. Running away from the post.

    Carina and gay people.

  2. Do you have a problem with gay people?

  3. You don enter am be that!i wonder what they enjoy in that shit hole!iyama


  4. You did not write Nigerian celebrities that might be gay.


    Banky W.


    Tool's husband is bisexual.

    more names loading....


  5. I cover my face with the blood of Jesus!

  6. Before I even get to No 10 I will remove my shoes and run without looking back from such men


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