Saturday, December 03, 2016

Blog Reader shares testimony!

Hello Carina , I just want to you this medium to appreciate God and testify to his goodness in my Daughters life and mine for answering out prayers to inherit this bequtiful land.God made a way where there was no way. God made a way where there was no way for us.and I pray for others. who are in diaspora and also looking unto God for such miracle that the Lord will perfect it and grant them their heart desires.Amen.

*****Thank you very much for the opportunity to use your blog to share an amazing might not mean much to People but it is a big thing to me. Hugs and kisses to you.

We thank God for his grace. Kisses to you too!


  1. Thank God he answered your prayers. he is wonderful.

  2. No testimony is small or big.

    He will make a way when you think there is no way.

    He has given you victory and continue to praise him.

    He will bless you without asking.


  3. Amen thanks faceless and no1 fan. My honeybunch Carina we shall meet soon in peace and not in pieces .Amen

  4. God is merciful.

    We give glory to God!


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