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Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Wishlist @Dresslily!

I have written for this website and received items from them free of charge. Lucky me! Lol. I was told to write my wishlist for Christmas. You should have seen their site on my blog. All items I got in the past, I received them without noticing any fault.

1. I am not a makeup artist but having makeup brushes, brush holder, beauty blender and cream air puffs might make me improve on beautifying myself.
2. I don't like making my hair. A wig will be fine.
3. The set of lip gloss is lovely.
4. I like the sandals. Its beautiful!
5. The dolphin shaped earrings and necklace is lovely!
6. I love the butterfly shaped necklace.


You should get whatever you are looking for at affordable prices at ''Dresslily Christmas Big Promotion'' Christmas is approaching, your loved ones needs great presents!


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