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Is Lilian Esoro and Ubi Franklin marriage over?

Lilian Esoro has been showing off her ring-less finger for some time now. I felt she needed time to herself before she would reconcile with Franklin. I thought they might get back together but it became obvious Lilian is not ready to be the legal wedded wife of her estranged husband Franklin anymore after she deleted all her wedding photos she took with him.

Lilian's brother wedded few days ago in the east and Franklin attended and posted on his Instagram page "With my son, with you I haven't lost". After he returned to Lagos and showed off the wristwatch Ali baba gifted him, it was glaring there was no wedding ring on his finger.

Is he not ready to let go? Forcing her to come back won't work. Were both of them really in love or did they got entangled with each other because they wanted to get back at their ex? Like I said in my former post  about her, could it be that Lilian did NOT want to be labelled a babymama that was why she agreed to marry him? Na question I ask oh!!

Is this also a publicity stunt?? Celebrities are capable of doing anything for fame. If that is what they are doing then they should be ashamed of themselves because an innocent child is involved if not, let them sort it out without letting the world know there is fire on the mountain.

Ubi Franklin should stop being a cry cry baby and a media whore and focus on his child if Lilian is not ready to come back to him. She has been insulted, called awful names for his rants! Is he not tired of people posting ridiculous comments on his page and that of his (ex?) wife.

He keeps bringing his marriage issues into social media. He removes his wedding ring and post and the next thing he does is wear the ring back and post for people to see. Na wah!

This comment on bellanaija is quite disturbing but i posted it for you to see what someone is saying about this couple.
She cheated a night to their wedding with a popular footballer in lagos, and after the wedding she cheated with a politician in abuja(the ones Franklyn got to know) (yes, she was preggie, close your mouth) during d period of her being abroad and bros I’m 9ja, he got a wind Of the numerous sexcapades. Upon arrival to 9ja with her baby, a confrontation occurred and in trying to be the controller general she denied it and was raining abuses on bros and bros got angry and slapped her with some little tonesin.
Aunty claimed domestic violence and snapped some pictures as evidence, like a blackmail of you expose me I’ll tag you a woman beater nd slander your name, as per the thing don kuku taya her before.Na bros I blame sha, dem advise am to free d girl he no gree, he de find big girl, and Lilian na the biggest coded runs babe in the industry, her innocent beautiful face fools people. I pity for Bros sha, he too love the girl and her status. Thank me now(confirm gist)

I wonder if this person that commented was actually there when it happened and you can imagine getting 16likes for her/he comment.

Ubi posted an open letter to his toddler son who cannot read and Lilian is still silent about the whole thing. This could also be the message that their marriage is finally over.

Letter To My Son @jaydenubifranklin 
Son, witnessing your birth was not just an experience; it was a miracle (the beauty of a child being born is nothing but pure joy).
You came and melted my heart, taught me to love, taught me to forgive and see things differently. My past experiences made me one who was easily provoked but God always uses something, or someone to change people, to break them, and for me; my SON and some self discipline did.
You have also taught me to admit my mistakes and apologize for them, even when I think I’m not wrong but may have upset someone, apologize! It takes NOTHING from you but gives you EVERYTHING!!! Son, your magical smile is what I love – Dad Loves you dearly – and will do all to make you happy for my days are better because of you. I have a whole new perspective to life and have experienced another side of life all because of you. (Thank God).
Life doesn’t always serve us happy cards but I truly wish I could change every bad situation for your sake and the peace of the family.
This is a letter to you my Son.
This December will be our first Christmas together and your very first Christmas here on Earth…. (Praise God).
Tomorrow is a New Year too.You’re the hero of this story and a new life with you is all because of your Mum (super Mum)….9months carrying and protecting you has led our paths to meet. Growing so fast and big now (you even make efforts to grab my phone and take selfies lol) WOW!!! 
To your Mum; “You are strong, doing an excellent job, and I continue to admire you deeply.”
Oh Jayden, I am so excited to see the plan that God has for your life. I already feel the magic that you will be a great son. You woke up a love in me that I didn’t realize existed. I am Proud to be your father….I have loved you since I found out about you, I loved you more when I met you on your birthday, i have loved you more each day during this past 5 months, and i will love you more for the next four months, four years, four decades, and every day after that. I will always, always love you. My heart just aches and trembles with all my love for you.
Forever and always… Your Daddy.
Welcome to 2017

Lilian has been called names but she refused to acknowledge what is happening. If it's all over then it wasn't meant to be. People actually tapped into their union when they got married and now, marriage feels like a joke!

In their photos together, you could see the happiness in their faces and just after few months everything turned sour. I still wonder what really went wrong. God says we should forgive and i wonder what Ubi did that Lilian cannot give him another chance.

I wish them all the best!

Should we expect a book? What did he do? Did she catch him with another man?? *eyes rolling and running out of this post*


  1. You be better run out of this post before they catch you.

  2. its better u run before they catch u

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