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Thursday, December 22, 2016

QUEEN OMOTOLA! Episode 10.

I have not posted anything since on Saturday because my dad was hospitalized and had a surgery. It was successful and he came back home yesterday. I hope you guys understand. It's remaining two or three episodes.

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Udoka’s mouth opened wide. “If I can remember, you were not interested in fighting. Please come in. We have to talk.” He took his bag from him and they entered into the living room and sat down. 

“What can I get for you to eat and drink my prince?”

Owokan cleared his throat and adjusted on the chair. “Water first.”

He left and brought a cup of water and gave it to him. He drank and thanked him.

“You’re welcome my prince.”

“About that,” Owokan said. “I don’t want anyone here to know I am from a royal home. No one must know I am a prince.”

“Why?” he asked in a surprised tone. 

“I do not want to be treated differently from others. My status should be between you and I.”

“You know I lost my wife few years ago and because of that, my sister’s daughter lives with me now. She came all the way from the west. Her father is Yoruba. You should be older than her with four or five years. I will introduce you to her but if I mention your name, she might suspect you to be prince of Izieole.”


“She knows the story of Queen Omotola. I am sure she might have found out the names of her children.”

He raised his left eyebrow. “Why the interest in my mother?”

“Who does not love her?” Udoka’s voice expressed excitement. “Queen Omotola inspires her.”

“Oh, I see. Introduce me as Demola from Owo Kingdom.”

“That should be where your mother came from.”


“That is not a problem,” he said. “I will do as you say. Now, let us talk about me teaching you how to fight. Why now?”

“I thought I didn’t need to know how to fight. I thought knowledge and wisdom was more than enough for me but I was wrong. You don’t need to know the real reason I want to do this but it’s also for my benefit too. I want to live with you but I do not know how long. It might take some time.”

“You can stay here for as long as you want.”

"Thank you."

“Is your mother aware of this?”

“Just you and I.”

Udoka sighed. “I can never forget the war I joined your father to fight his brother. I lost few men but I never regretted helping him. He was kind and loved your mother with all his heart. If only he could see you now. I will teach you not only how to fight but use arrows to target your enemies. We have experts in that area and I have someone in mind that can teach you. After you have learnt how to shoot an arrow, then I and a powerful warrior of Udo kingdom will teach you how ro use a sword without fear.”

“That would be great.” Owokan touched his chin and asked. “What about horses for war?”

“Horses? I heard the Kingdoms from the north are supplying to the south and west. It is quite difficult for people from the east to negotiate with them. It would have been wonderful if we are able to get horses.”

“Queen Omotola can help.”

“Really!” he exclaimed. “Is it possible?”

“Yes.” He narrated how she was able to get horses through the help of King of Eroma Kingdom.

“I will pay her a visit very soon and I hope I will get a positive answer.”

“King Osamudiamen is fond of her and she will do anything for you. She is grateful for you benevolence.”

He grinned and it revealed his set of brown teeth. Udoka uplifted from the chair. “I think you should rest now. I will tell my niece to prepare fufu and oha soup with bush meat for you.”

Owokan stood up and shook his hands. “I will eat anything. I do not want to be specially treated.”

“I know. You’re welcome once again.”

“Thank you.”

Few hours later, Owokan woke up and dashed into the living room. Udoka was sitting down and eating some kolanuts. He directed him to the bathroom and after he was through scrubbing his body, he called his niece to bring Owokan’s food.

She came forward and placed his food on the table, she greeted him and he stared at her to answer. He was astonished to see she was the girl he admired on his way coming to the house. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. 

“This is Ronke.” Udoka said and looked at her. “This is Demola I told you about.”

“You’re welcome.” Ronke said to him without a smile on her lips. She wasn’t comfortable with the way his eyes were fixed on her. She walked away before he could open his mouth and express himself.

“Don’t mind her.” Udoka said. “She is quite shy.” 

“I understand.” Owokan sat and began to eat. 

Udoka left him few minutes later, went to the backyard, and saw Ronke using a knife to sharpen the edge of some sticks. He always thought it would have been better if she was born a man. She was very strong and open-minded. He motioned towards her direction.

“Why the attitude?” He asked her.

“Did you not see the way he was looking at me?”


“I was uncomfortable.” Ronke answered without lookimg at him. She abandoned what she was doing and rose on her feet.

“I will not tolerate it if you disrespect him in this house.”

“I don’t have plans to do that! He should take his eyes away from me and focus on why he came here. He should also work on his body. Can’t you see how lean he is?”

“I am sure with time I will become muscular.” Owokan said. There were plates on his hands. Two of them were shocked to hear his voice and they turned to his direction. Ronke rushed to take the plates from him and apologized.

Udoka was about to make an apology but Owokan interrupted him. 

“I agree I am lean but with time, I will become big and have broad chest.” He laughed.

Udoka didn’t find it funny, Ronke crossed the line.

“Cheer up uncle Udoka.” Owokan said. “I am sure she means well.”

“Of course she means well,” he smiled. “Before you came, she volunteered to teach you how to use an arrow. She is the best in Udo right now.”

Ronke widened her eyes and when she noticed Owokan glanced at her way, she quickly wore a smile. 

“That’s very kind of you.” He said to her.

“It will be fun teaching you.” Ronke lied. She had plans to make his life a living hell.

“Are you sure you want to travel that far just to sing?” Omotola questioned Morenike when she made a decision to travel to Oduwa’s Kingdom for the prince birthday.

“Yes mother.” she said smiling. “You’re the one that advised I should be serious with my singing career.”

“I know and I wish you a safe journey.”


“I have noticed something about your brother Odion. He has been travelling but I don’t know his reasons.”

“Why not ask him?”

“He keeps telling me he went to visit an old friend.”

“You don’t believe him?” Morenike asked.

“I want to but…. I really don’t understand him anymore.”

“If you not contented with his recent behavior, tell Sota to monitor his movement.”

“Morenike,” Omotola called her name. “I do not want to make him look like a bad person.”

“Then don’t do what you don’t want. I won’t force you.”

“I trust Odion.” she said and smiled at her. “You can go now.”

Morenike smiled back and left.

Two days later, Ronke thought of ways to punish Owokan. She told her uncle she wanted to discuss something very important that could help him achieve a mascular body. She was cooking and he stood beside her with his arms crossed to his chest. 

“I want to ask for your permission to help Demola with his body built.”

“Don’t worry about that.”

She was disappointed and frowned for him to notice.

He saw her look and changed his mind. He recalled that whenever he refused her request and she glared at him, the food she usually served him was tasteless and sometimes very salty. He was getting old and it was not good for his health. 

“You can do whatever you like as long as it will help him.”

“Thanks Uncle!” She said happily. “Don’t worry, you will enjoy your food tonight!”

He thought as much.

The King of Oduwa and his son welcomed Morenike to sing at the occasion. Imafidon followed her. Prince Dayo admired her. She was very beautiful and wished to know her more. Chief Makun introduced her to the guests. Most of them had heard about her and they were eager to listen to her voice. Everyone paid attention to her when she started to sing.

As she sang, King Omorodion came. He heard Morenike and glanced at her. Instantly he halted and watched her. Chief Lolade had to persuade him to sit otherwise it would attract eyes on him. She made eye contact with him and quickly took them off and focused on the celebrant. 

Omorodion was jealous. She belonged to him and what Odion ask of him was not easy. Although, he told him he would give him what he wanted but after he left, he thought about the matter overnight. He planned to send a message soon to prince Odion about changing his mind but first he had to speak with Morenike.

After Morenike finished singing, she sat beside prince Dayo and both of them chatted and laughed together. Dayo requested she stayed back so he could take her around Oduwa's Kingdom but she refused but promised to return.

After the jollification, refreshments and dancing, Morenike bid the prince and the king goodbye.

“We are grateful,” King Lolade said. “Kindly inform your mother that I can’t wait to meet her.”

“I will and I know she feels the same way.”

Prince Dayo wanted to escort her but she convinced him not to. Imafidon was more than enough for her. Both of them came out of the palace and Morenike heard her name. She chose not to turn back, she recognized his voice. In spite of his new status, Omorodion hiked towards her and tried to speak with her. Morenike bluffed him off and told him never to call her name again. It hurt her but she wanted to respect her mother’s wish. She still loved him and it broke her heart that they can’t be together. She forced herself not to cry as Imafidon carried her and put her on the horse, he joined her and they rode away.

Omorodion clenched his teeth. He was sad and mad at the same time. He was not even going to talk to about both of them but about her brother. He wanted to tell her the little he knew about what Odion needed from him and his plans. He had to tell her but it was too late. 

He could no longer see Morenike and he hoped it won't be forever. No matter what happened, he would find another way to make her his Queen. Whether Omotola or Adesuwa liked it or not, Morenike was the woman of his dreams and she would be his wife. 

It might take months, years, he was ready to wait for the right time. He sighed and walked back into the palace.

Queen Omotola woke up in the middle of the night dripping of sweat. She had a nightmare. She quickly jumped out of herher bed, took the cup from her table and drank some water. Even after that, her throat was still dry. 

She heaved out a sigh and touched her chest, which was beating very fast. In the dream, she saw a masked man beheading someone. The twisted part of the dream was she witnessed the murder and could not tell if it was a man or a woman. 

Omotola planned to see the priestess the next day and she must offer her a solution to stop the prophecy of losing someone she cared about.

To be continued….. Sunday


  1. I swear I will start following these stories from the beginning.. Inconsistency is making me lost


  2. Ckj, am really sorry for your dad's health, how is he now, don't worry he is Healed in jesus name Amen....am really enjoying this episode thanks ckj, thy lord is ya strength.

    1. He's better now. He would go for checkup on the 29th.
      Thanks a lot!

  3. I enjoyed the episode. omotola better find solution


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