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Sunday, December 25, 2016

QUEEN OMOTOLA! Episode 11.

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Odion received a message from king Omorodion through one of his messengers. His personal guard, Owosa took the messenger to meet the prince at a hideout far from the palace.

“Are you sure that is what he said?” Odion asked him.

“Yes my prince.” He answered without making eyes contact with him.

“Your king has disappointed me. He gave me hope of giving me what I wanted. I do not think he really loves my sister if not he would not have deprived me of what I need from him.”

“He is truly sorry.”

“Your king should keep his apology to himself.” Odion said angrily and sneered. “Leave my presence and never come back to this Kingdom. Next time you won’t have legs to return back.”

“Good bye prince of Izieole Kingdom.”

He hissed.

Queen Omotola went to see the priestess the following day. She was seriously thinking about the nightmare. She saluted the seer, narrated her dream and demanded for a way out.

“There is no solution.” She told Omotola. “The moment your second son stepped out from your Kingdom, the prophesy will occur. You just have to be prepared otherwise you will give up on your throne.”

“Prepare for war that I do not know when it will happen?”

“It could be anytime. Do not sit on your throne comfortable.”

A light frown arose on her face. If she could not get a solution, visiting the priestess was irrelevant. She bid her farewell and left.

Ronke tried to frustrate Owokan to leave by giving him difficult tasks to help his body built but to her surprise, he never complained. Instead, he would thank her for creating enough time to train him.

Sometimes, she would order him to carry cement blocks and set them, scatter them and rearrange them again. Every morning, he jogged from the house to a long distance without eating anything even after he was through. He was entitled to drink only water. 
Udoka travelled to meet Omotola. It was only two of them at home. She added more chores and he seemed to enjoy every bit of it. Ronke thought he was brave, strong and determined.

Some days later, Udoka returned and saw them working out.  They were happy to see him return and with the look on his face, Owokan knew he had good news. Ronke was sent on an errand and it gave him the opportunity to tell Owokan about his family.

“The queen reported you to me,” Udoka said. “It hurt that I could not tell her you are with me.”

“I am grateful uncle. What about Morenike, Odion and the Kingdom?”

“The Kingsom is doing great. I saw Odion once. I think he was very busy. As for Morenike, she is well and she spoke about you. She misses you every day.”

“Me too.”

“Are you sure?” Udoka asked and gave him a sarcastic look.

“What do you mean uncle?” He questioned with a smile.

He grinned. “I think you and my niece are getting close.”

Owokan laughed. “Even if it was true, I still miss Morenike, Odion and even my mother.” He heaved a sigh. “We should talk about why you went there. I am glad my family are doing well.”

“Queen Omotola is a life saver. While I was there, after discussing about the horses, she sent a message to King Osamudiamen and we received a message from him that he is ready to travel to the north, and negotiate with them on my behalf. He said he accepted because I helped your mother and late father many years ago. I guess my good deed in the past is helping me now.”

His face showed he was thrilled. “When are we expecting the horses?”

“Very soon.”

“King Osamudiamen is very kind. I like him.”

“Me too.”

After a month of training, Ronke started to teach him how to use arrows. He was a fast learner and within two months, he could close his eyes and hit a particular spot. His zeal and drive to succeed captivated her heart. She was enthralled and started to like him.
When she requested to know more about him, he lied he was an orphan. After getting comfortable chatting with him, she would talk about her love and respect she had for Queen Omotola.

“It will be a dream come true when I see her.” She told him enthusiastically.


“I don’t want to meet her through my uncle. I want it to be a surprise and special.” She sighed and smiled. “From becoming a hunter’s daughter to a Queen and turned out to be the most feared female Ruler. The stories I hear about her is amazing. She is my hero.”

Deep in his heart, he was grateful.

Later, Udoka introduced Owokan to the warrior Obioha. Both of them taught him how to fight. If he did a mistake, he was always ready to take the blame and apologize to them. The horses came and the King of Uzor sent gifts to Queen Omotola and King Osamudiamen.
Adesuwa sat down with her son to talk of his plans about marriage. She introduced him to a princess of another Kingdom but he refused to take her or anyone serious.

“Do you think you are punishing me?” She asked me. “You’ll get married soon. I will do everything it takes for you to give me a daughter in law and grandchildren.”

“I am willing to give you grandchildren when let me have the woman I love.”

“Over my dead body!” Adesuwa cursed. “Never! Not in this Kingdom.”

“Then forget it,” Omorodion said and peered into her eyes. “If you think you can entice me with your charms to marry your choice, you better think of a another plan. Voodoo don’t work on me and there is only one way to find out.”


“Go and ask your father. You know how to reach him.” He roared into laughter and walked out on her.

Few months later, Morenike advised her mother to send Imafidon to check on the lands Odion took from those men. He had not returned them to the owners after many months. Omotola had found out no one dared got close to the lands after Odion warned them not to. Omotola listened to her daughter and instructed Imafidon to do whatever he liked to anyone that stopped him from entering those lands. Odion had travelled.

Without fear, Imafidon with two swords in his hands marched to the lands and saw hundreds of men training. They had made camps to live there. No guard dared question him, they knew he would kill them if they fight him. He left and narrated what he saw. Omotola was confused and waited until the next day for Odion. When he came back, she informed him what she knew.

“You worry too much mother.” He said to her. “Those are my men I am training to be my warriors.”

“Warriors for what?”

“I thought I was going to be the next king of this great kingdom.”

“Yes you are.”

“So is it a crime to have new warriors, followers when I take my throne?”

“No but you should have told me.” Omotola said.

“I wanted to surprise you.” Odion said and smiled.

She smiled back at him. “I understand but return those lands to the owners after the training.”

“I will.”

Morenike had become very popular, with many suitors begging her to be their wife. Omotola and her always argued over her lack of interest in men. She told Omotola she might never fall in love with another man again.

She visited the priestess and asked if her brother was still alive. She received a positive answer.

A man with a muscular body, broad chest, and thick arms was cutting a tree. It was Owokan. He had transformed into a man with a strong body built. He had beards, looked matured and very handsome. The girls in the kingdom admired him and wanted to know more about him. Ronke was becoming jealous and had fallen in love with him without his knowledge. Owokan loved Ronke but never told her. Udoka knew about his feelings for her. Just only his attitude and how he treated her proved it.

Udoka spoke privately to Owokan about revealing his identity to her. It was almost getting to a year he came to live with them. He insisted he was doing the right thing.

Odion made a surprise visit to Uzor Kingdom. Luckily for Owokan, he had gone to a quiet place with a warrior to train. Odion met Udoka and Ronke outside chatting. The prince introduced himself to her and he liked her instantly. She was nervous and happy to meet the son of her idol. Udoka asked what brought him. Odion explained he came to check up on him and was visiting someone in a Kingdom close to Uzor. 

Before Odion departed, he told Ronke he would love to invite her to Izieole. She promised she would visit anytime he was ready. To her, her major reason going there was to meet the queen and she planned to ask Owokan to follow her whenever she was prepared to embark on the journey to Izieole Kingdom.

Owokan was shocked when Udoka told him what happened.

“Are you sure he didn’t come here to check if I was with you?” He asked looking disturbed.

“After a year? Why now?”

“He could have spies looking for me.” Owokan alluded. “Anyways, I am happy he did not find me here.”

“But don’t you think this is the right time to go back home?” Udoka asked concerned.

“I don’t know uncle. Maybe I still need a little time to be away from my mother and Izieole Kingdom.”

The following day in the evening, Queen Omotola heard voices of people screaming and wailing in pain. She could hear horses running and neighing. Her heart skipped when she heard the voice of Morenike calling out for her to come out. 

'Something was happening' she said to herself. She quickly jumped down from her bed, picked up her sword and rushed out. She saw her guards running up and down and could see fear in their eyes. Her personal guard with Morenike ran to her and exclaimed.

“We have been surrounded!”

“What do you mean?” Omotola asked in a scared tone. She could feel the danger coming towards her.

“They are killing our people!” Morenike uttered. “They are trying to break down the door and come inside!”

“Most of your warriors were caught unaware.” The guard said.

Panic absorbed every part of her. Her legs and arms felt light. She was about to turn away and go outside when Morenike gripped her hand.

“Don’t. It is already late. They are coming inside!”

“Who are they?”

“We don’t know yet.”

“But my people are dying. I have to go save them.” Her voice expressed concern.
“Where is Odion, Imafidon and his family?”

“We have no idea.” Her guard said.

She called the few guards trying to find solution. She told them to stay behind her as they walked to where her throne was. ‘Is this the time?’ She asked herself silently. They got there and Omotola shut her eyes as she heard women and children pleading for mercy.

“Who is doing this?” Omotola asked in a shaky tone. “What did I do wrong?”

One of her female guards went to stand in front of her. She bowed down her head. “Give me the permission to find a way out through a window and check outside.”

“They will kill you!”

She looked at her queen. “I am ready to die if it means saving you and this Kingdom.”

“I can’t…..”

Her speech was cut short when men finally burst the door open and entered. They held swords and encircled them. Morenike began to cry. Omotola tried to hide the fright that consumed her entire face. She looked at them as they stared back at her with blood all over their clothes and faces. She knew she had never met any of them.

 “Why are you doing this?” She asked. “Who is your leader?”

The men standing at her front gave way for their leader. He strolled in with his face down. When he paused to stand, he looked at Omotola. Her mouth opened, her eyes popped out and her heart stopped for a moment.

Morenike was speechless when she saw him. The guards looked confused.

The sword Omotola was holding dropped. Her hand was very weak to hold it firmly. Omotola managed to call his name in a wobbly voice. “Odion.”

Odion did not respond to her but looked at one of his warriors. “Bring them in!”

Two men brought Osato and her husband. Chief Eghosa was badly injured. Osato’s mouth was covered with a cloth. Her hands tied to the back.

“Where is Imafidon?” Omotola asked him.

Odion gave a wicked smile. “He is quite big to carry everywhere unlike his parents. He is somewhere he can’t escape.”

“Please don’t kill him.” She begged.

“Kill him? I will make him suffer before he dies.” He gazed at Owosa. “Give her the package.”

“What package?” Omotola asked fearfully and shifted backwards.

Owosa left and came forward with a medium sized box and dropped it on the floor in front of her.

“What is inside?” She asked.

“Look inside yourself mother!” he yelled at her angrily.

The tone of his voice shocked her. With her unstable hands, she removed the top of the box to reveal the horror she saw. Omotola screamed!! Her heart broke into pieces. She fell on the floor as tears exploded from her stunned eyes. Morenike almost fainted when she saw it. Osato stretched her neck to see inside the container. Even as she was unable to talk, she nearly had a heart attack.

Omotola peeped inside again. “No!!!!” Her heart was cut into pieces. She had lost someone she cared about. A very good friend she would never forget.

It was the head of King Osamudiamen.

“Why did you do this?” Omotola asked. Her eyes had turned red.

“I gave him an opportunity to be my friend. I offered him my friendship but he threw it back at my face because of you!!”

“You’ve betrayed me. I thought it was going to be your brother but I was wrong. I swore never to fight him back if he wanted to fight me but now that I know it is you, I will fight you! I trusted you!!” She grabbed her sword and rose. 

Odion warriors raised their swords and one of them directed his weapon to Morenike's neck.

Odion said nothing and glanced at Morenike. “This is the chance to win. You have to choose between our mother and myself. Your chance of staying alive is staying with me. Decide now!”

“You are a beast!!” Morenike barked. 

The sword was taken away from her neck.

Omotola looked at her with tears dancing down her face. “You have to stay with him. Please, you cannot die!  I forgive you already.”

Morenike held her hands. “Through thick and thin mother, I will stay with you.”

Those words melted her heart. Indeed, the prophesy came to pass.

Odion looked into her whole face. “I will kill all of you but before then, you are my prisoners!”

“Why are you doing this when I can give you the throne just by asking me?”

“You are I are different. I am ambitious but you are not. I told you to take over Eroma Kingdom but you refused. You always refuse!”

“Taking what does not belong to you is wrong!!”

“To me it’s not. You are looking at the new king of Eroma.”


“If I had told you what I really wanted for myself, you would have tried to stop me! I will not only be a king of Izieole but all the kingdoms in the south! With the warriors I have and trained, I have taken over three kingdoms and this one will make it four! Becoming a king is not what I want. I want to be King of kings, an Emperor! Kings will bow before me!!”

Omotola was absolutely still and thunderstruck.

“Take them away!!” Odion uttered.

Sota ran as fast as he could to search for answers and solution from the priestess. He was coming from the market and diverted to pluck some oranges from a bush when he heard loud noises. He peeped and saw men slaughtering the people of the Kingdom. He searched for a quiet spot to hide and waited for a while before he escaped.

The priestess had received a clearer vision and turned invincible incase an enemy decide to show up. Sota entered and could not see her but she could hear her commanding voice.

“I said it that the gods will always protect you!” She said. “This is the time to find your master. Go and look for prince Owokan!!”

“But I have no clue where he is.” he said in a frightened tone.

“Go to the East!”

He thought of the places in the east and only one name came up. “Uzor Kingdom?”

“Run and never look back!! When you find him, tell him what has happened and let him know the time has come to save his mother, take his throne and bring peace back to the people!!!”


To be continued....     


  1. Waooh am so shocked, how could odion do a thing like this..gosh he betray is mother, family and even the kingdom, this is heart of greed..i can't wait for owokan, to come and I pray he save the people...nice one ckj..merry xmas.

  2. Wow,what an action packed episode,I always knew he would be the one to betray Omotola

    Merry Christmas Carina

  3. I knew it... Odion was the evil twin


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