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Friday, December 30, 2016

QUEEN OMOTOLA! Episode 12.

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Queen Omotola and Morenike were locked inside a small hut that had looked like a cage. They rejected the food given to them and demanded to speak with Odion. When he was told, he laughed and sent a message that if they don’t eat, they would probably die of hunger.

“I want to see him!!” Omotola yelled when she received his message. She could see their faces through a medium sized hole. “I want Morenike out of this place!”

The guard said nothing, pushed the plates of food below the door. She pushed her food away and gave Morenike her own. 

"I'm not hungry."

“You have to eat.” She advised her. “I am capable of staying without food but you cannot do that.”

“I am not hungry.” she said angrily and stood on her feet. She crossed her arms and began to pace around.

The guards left.

“Is everything alright?”

Morenike glared at her and dropped her hands. “How can everything be alright?”

Omotola gave her a look and moved closer but Morenike shifted backwards. “Did I do anything wrong?"

She chuckled sardonically and inhaled. She said softly. “It is your entire fault.”

“Excuse me.”

Morenike focused her eyes on her. “Instead of you to pay attention on Odion a long time ago, you did nothing! You blamed Owokan for everything!!

Her face fell and she pointed a finger at her. “If this is about accusing him of what he did not do, I am truly sorry. I was wrong and I know it happened a year ago but I still feel guilty whenever I think of him.”

“Stop lying!” She yelled and burst out crying. “You wanted him gone!”

“Never!” Omotola’s heart crushed hearing those words from her. “I love him. He is my son!!”

Tears had already taken over Morenike’s face. “I do everything you want. I did not be with the one I love because I wanted to respect and obey you but tonight I am mad at you and I do not want you to come close to me!

Tears silently crawled from my eyes. “This is what Odion wants. We can’t fight. We have to stay together.”

“Not tonight mother.” Morenike said and sat down on the floor. “I want to think of a way out and I prefer to do it alone.” She wiped the tears off her face.

Omotola turned away from her direction and continued to cry. She knew she had made mistakes in the past but right at that moment, she would do things right. She loved her children equally but trusted her first son and that has put her into deep trouble.

Owokan felt disturbed that something was wrong but could not detect what made him like that. He lost appetite and choose not to eat anything. Ronke noticed and informed Udoka about it. Udoka told Ronke to excuse them. She left and went to the kitchen.

“Are you missing your family?” He asked and sat close to him. 

“I miss them every day but I think something has gone wrong, I really don’t know.”

“Don’t you think it’s time you go and see them?”

Owokan looked at him. “What will I tell Ronke? I lied to her in the past and the only way I have to leave without her suspecting anything is to lie again and I don’t want to anymore.”

“Then tell her the truth.” Udoka said and smiled. “Whatever decision you make I will support you.”

“Thank you uncle.”

“You’re welcome my son.” Udoka patted him gently on his back.

King Omorodion had a visitor from Oduwa’s Kingdom. It was chief Makun. He asked if his mother was around and he said no. He felt a bit relieved. Omorodion offered him refreshments but he declined.

“I am not here to celebrate anything but to advise you to be very careful.” He said to the King.

“Careful about what?”

He told her about having an affair with Adesuwa. Omorodion did not act surprised.

“You knew?”

He gave a one sided smile. “No but I know what my mother is capable of doing.”

“Then you should know she is not happy with you.”

“My mother is not always happy with everyone around her. Now tell me, careful about what?”

He cleared his throat and sighed. “I took a risk by coming to tell you this. I can never be involved with anything dangerous. I don’t know if you will believe me but I have to tell you. Your mother is plotting to eliminate you.”

He erupted into a loud laugh. 

Makun was shocked. He rose. “King of Udo. I am not joking. This is a serious matter.”

“Sit down chief Makun.” Omorodion said. He did. “I appreciate what you have done and I am grateful. Like I said earlier before, I know what my mother is capable of doing. She wants me out of this throne because she cannot manipulate me. I, King Omorodion Osaze will bury my mother. She will not see my end.”


“I have a guard monitoring her and you have to put your mind at rest, nothing will happen to me.”

“Thank you for believing me.”

He beamed and insisted he ate some roasted meat with palm wine before he left back to his Kingdom.

Adesuwa came back in the evening and told her son she was seriously sick. A native doctor came and offered her some herbs. She was advised to rest.

Sota was exhausted and had missed the way to Uzor Kingdom twice. It’s been two days he left Izieole and was very worried. After he rested for a while, and took another way, he met some old women walking together and enquired if he was close to Uzor. One of the women told him he was close and gave him proper directions.

Different Kingdoms in the south heard what happened to Queen Omotola. Some men felt she deserved it and claimed she was full of herself. Most women were sad to hear about it. 

The personal guard of Omorodion broke the news to him and he was stunned to hear the news. 

“What about the queen’s daughter?”

“She was captured too.”

He thought of what to do.

When Adesuwa heard, she felt the gods was answering her prayers. Despite her health issues, she called her spy to prepare her belongings. She was on her way to Izieole Kingdom to give Odion her blessings.

Odion decided to see Omotola and Morenike after his guard reported they were on hunger strike. It made him mad! His mother was supposed to be eating because he had decided the day he would challenge her and eventually be the one to end her life. History would be made and he if he did such, he would become the most feared.

“Where are my people?” she asked him in a weakened tone. Morenike squatted on the floor and placed her arms on her knees. “Where is Osato and her family?”

“Instead of you to be worried about yourself, you are asking me of irrelevant people.”

“I am still their Queen.” She said in a composed voice.

He snickered and shook his head. “You better eat, and save your strength.”


“Because you will fight me in two days’ time and I will kill you.”

Morenike looked up and sprung on her feet. “You will do no such thing!”

“You will watch me do it!”

“It’s okay.” Omotola said and glanced at Morenike. “I will fight him.”

“Mother, he will kill you.”

She removed her gaze from her and stared at Odion. “I will surrender to you if you will let Morenike, Imafidon, Osato and her husband live in Izieole without fear. You will also treat my people as your own.”

“No!” Morenike screamed and grabbed her mother’s right hand. “You can do this!! Don’t trust him!!”

“I have no choice my daughter.”

Odion thought about it. He had been killing the people of Izieole one after the other. He killed the men that were not ready to call him king. The women and children pleaded for their lives and he treated them like animals. He planned not to kill the men again. He would use them as shields whenever he went to war. As for the women and children they would be his workers. Omotola’s warriors were locked somewhere.

Odion gazed at Omotola. “You have made a wise decision.” he said and left.
“We have to find a way!” Morenike said to her.

“It is too late. I am sorry!!” Both of them cried in each other’s arms.

Sota arrived at Uzor and he was directed to Udoka’s house. Owokan, Udoka and Ronke were outside chatting when they saw him running at their direction. Owokan jumped on his feet and went to meet him.

"How did you find me?" He asked him.

“My prince.” Sota said tiredly.

“Prince?” Ronke asked confused. 

Owokan and Udoka quickly looked at each other and back at Sota.

“What happened?” He asked him. “How did you find me?”

“The queen needs you. The People, the kingdom is in trouble. Prince Odion has taken over.”

“Are they alive?” 

“Yes but there is no time anymore.”

Udoka purposely spoke. “Let me take him inside to rest.” He said and assisted Sota inside his house.

“What is he talking about?” Ronke asked. “Is Odion not the prince of Izieole?”

Owokan faced down. "Yes."
"So why was he addressing you as a prince?"

He did not say a word. 

“Talk to me!!”

He raised his head and peered into her eyes. “I am Prince Owokan Obayuwana. Queen Omotola’s son.”

Her eyes widened, and her mouth was opened wide. It was hard to believe.

Omotola and Morenike were eating dinner when they heard footsteps coming towards them. They stopped to eat and looked at the direction of the window. When the person came forward and showed his face, Morenike gasped in shock. Omotola scornfully stared at him and continued eating. 

Morenike stood up.

“Sit down Morenike.” Omotola said to her.

She still motioned forward to get close to him.

“How are you?” He asked her in a low voice. He looked at his left and right side to see if anyone was coming. He was wearing a-white attire.

“Omorodion,” she called his name. “How could you stoop so low to join forces with Odion?!”

He stared at her. “You have to lower your voice. I had no choice but come here and support him.”


“Listen. I tried to warn you about him. A year ago, he came to see me and asked to take my warriors. He never gave me any reason why he wanted them and because of that, I refused. He even offered to give me to you if I said yes to him.”
Omotola paused and wiped her hands. She listened.
He turned his back again and glanced back at her. “I will find a way to get you and your mother out of here but I need some time. The queen is meant to fight Odion tomorrow but is there any way she can fall sick and give me enough time to think of a way out?”

“We will try.” Morenike said sniffed her nose. “Why do you want to help my mum?”

“She is the mother of the woman I love.”

Omotola uplifted and motioned near her daughter. She peeped at his face and managed to smile. “I should have known everyone have their own destiny. You are different from your mother. You are a white bird.” She said and turned her back. “I am ashamed.”

"A white bird?" Morenike asked in a puzzled tone.

"You won't understand my daughter."
“You don’t need to be ashamed.” Omorodion said. “You were trying to protect Morenike and I understand.”

She rotated to face him. “Be careful.”

“I will.”

"We have not seen Imafidon. I dont know if you can help me check on him."

"Is Imafidon not your number one warrior?"

"Yes. Is he alive?"

"Yes. He was chained."
Omotola appeared unhappy. She walked away from Morenike and sat on the floor.

Omorodion was about to open his mouth when he heard loud footsteps. He started to laugh mockingly. “Your mother deserved the treatment she is getting!” He screamed and winked at her. She sighted Odion coming towards them.

“How could you join my beast of a brother!!” She yelled.

“He is a wise man!!!”

Odion burst out laughing and grabbed Omorodion by his right shoulder. “You are sensible for coming to show your support.” He looked at Morenike and brought out his tongue. “You can’t be with him anymore. I am delighted he is no longer in love with you!”

Two of them laughed together.

“I hate both of you!!” Morenike shouted.

Odion still laughing started to walk away. 

Omorodion lowered his voice. “I have to follow him.”

“I understand.” She said. “Don’t trust my brother. He wants to take over all the Kingdoms in the south. You are likely to be part of his plans.”

“I know and I am willing to take the risk to save you and your mother.” He said and turned his back at her. He was leaving. 

Morenike glimpsed at Omotola. The queen's face was soaked in tears.

To be continued…..


  1. I hope no one will die before odion is put in the right place.crazy fellow

  2. The prophesy is really coming to pass. I pity omotola but she no dey hear word

  3. Still in shock...I just pray no one die, even if anyone is gonna die. It should be odion, he has a wicked soul.


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