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Saturday, December 03, 2016


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“Princess Adesuwa in my Kingdom?” Omotola asked in an angered tone.

Her guard bowed down her head to avoid looking at her ruler’s raged eyes. “Yes, my Queen.”

“Where is she?”

“Outside the palace.”

She turned her back and moved closer to her beside. She grabbed her sword and marched towards where Adesuwa stood with two of her male guards. Both women glazed straight into each other’s eyes for a moment. Then, a mischievous smile aroused on Adesuwa’s lips.

“What do you want?” Omotola asked.

“I am sure you are not happy to see me alive.”

“I was disappointed when they told me you survived. I thought nemesis actually caught up with you but I was wrong.”

She snickered and pressed her lips against each other. “It’s so good to see you.”

“It’s not so good to see you princess of Udo.” she said in a serious tone. “What do you want?”

Her left eyebrow moved upwards. “Won’t you invite me in?”

“Say whatever you want now and leave!”

Adesuwa gave a long laugh. “I need to sit down because what I am about to discuss with you is important and it has to do with your family.”

“My family?” Her sweaty hand holding the sword was shaking. She had the urge to tear Adesuwa’s and her guards apart.

She glanced over at the hand and stared at Omotola. “You cannot kill me except you want Izieole and Udo Kingdoms to go to war. You have no right to take the life of a princess when you know I come in peace.”

“I don’t care!”

“Let me come inside. We have to talk.”

"I banished you!You have no right to be here."

"I am still a princess."

Omotola took a deep breath and pointed her weapon at the guards. “If they follow you inside, I will not hesitate to cook them alive.”

The princess smiled and turned to face her guards. “You heard the queen. I will be right back.” She followed Omotola inside and the Queen dropped the sword and sat on her throne. 

“I thought you wanted to sit.” Omotola asked Adesuwa as she paced and glimpsed around.

“Things have really changed.”

“Did you expect the place to remain the same after many years?”

“I think it was twenty three years ago you banished me and my son from this Kingdom.” Adesuwa said and stood opposite her.

“I did the right thing. How could you sleep with your husband’s guard, and get pregnant for him. You had no shame at all!”

“What was I supposed to do when my husband found confront in the arms of his brother’s wife! passersbyhim but he betrayed me and I paid him back!”

“I never found confront in him. I was disgusted.”

“He humiliated me and made you Queen! You took my position and I have never forgiven you for that!”

“Even if you were made Queen,” Omotola said. “I would have taken it back after my husband and I won the war. You did not expect to remain the wife of a King the moment Imafidon came.”

She sneered. “But where is he now? Is he not dead?”

Omotola exploded into laughter that got Adesuwa confused and angry. “Imafidon died a year ago. He died a hero and it was the will of the gods to take his life because it was his time to join his ancestors. What about the man you loved? He died like an animal and I am certain he is not with the gods. Osazuwa’s spirit should be lost in the land of lost souls. And you know what that means; he will never, ever be with the gods.”

“How dare you!” If looks could kill, Omotola would have slumped and died.

She continued to laugh. “You think you can make me angry? I have nothing to say to you. if you do not have anything to say, please leave.”

“I know you have three children.”

Omotola stopped to laugh and concentrated her eyes on Adesuwa.

She added, “I have only one child and my eyes and ears are everywhere looking out for him. I will do anything to protect the future King of Udo and if it means wiping out an entire family, I am ready to do it.”

“How does that affect me?”

Adesuwa decided to have a seat. She sat upright and peered at her. “Queen Omotola,” she said. “I want you to caution you daughter. Tell her to stay clear away from my son!”

“This is an insult!” She hopped on her feet and walked directly to Adesuwa. “My child bluffed him off when he approached her. There was a witness that saw what happened.”

She stood up. “I do not think that witness was with her when she and Osamudiamen met yesterday.”

”That is a lie. Morenike will never do such a thing behind my back.”

“My son does not have an idea I have a spy that follows him. He left Udo and came to Izeole.”

Her eyes widened. “He was in my Kingdom and no one told me about it?”

“There is nothing you would have done to stop them from seeing each other. You daughter is manipulating my son and I will not take it likely with her if she meets him again.”

“Get out!”

“Warn your daughter.” Adesuwa said and turned to depart.

Omotola’s eyes had turned extremely red and no one could change how she felt until she heard Morenike side of the story. She hoped Adesuwa lied.
Morenike was with Imafidon when a guard informed her, her mother urgently wanted to speak with her. She could see the apprehensive look on him and requested if he knew the reason. He only told her the Queen was seriously angry with her.

“Should I come with you?” Imafidon asked.

“Don’t worry, I can sort myself out.”

She followed the guard and on their way home, she could see the people looking at her awkwardly. She commanded the guard to reveal the truth and he spilled it out that Adesuwa had visited the palace. Shock and fear gripped her hard. She began to get worried and prayed that her brother were at home to save her from the wrath of their mother.

Morenike got to the palace, went into the queen’s room and found her standing, looking at the window, and her hands on her back. Fear flew out of her system, as she would not be able to see her mother’s eyes.

“Is it true?” Omotola asked. Her voice was thick and stern.

“I don’t understand your question mother.” Morenike said in a shaky voice. Her hands were trembling.

She told her what Adesuwa insinuated. Morenike gasped as guilt and anxiety consumed every corner of her body. Her lips stumbled as she tried to say the truth. Her voice was low. Omotola heard nothing but only a sound.

“Speak Morenike!”

“Mother!” Morenike uttered as tears flushed out from her eyes. She fell on her knees. “It’s true! I am sorry!!”

Omotola inhaled. She couldn’t believe what came out from her daughter’s mouth. She turned to face her daughter and Morenike quickly bowed her head and continued to shed tears. “How could you!”

“I am sorry!”

“I trusted you. I believed in you. After what I told you about that family, you went ahead and met that nonentity! He is bad blood! How many times will I tell you!”

She raised her head, and looked at her mother with watery eyes. “I love him.”

“You what!”

“I can’t help the way I feel about him mother. I believe he is a good person.”

“How can a good person come out from the womb of Adesuwa and Aigbe. His parents are betrayers and their son will do the same to you if you ever give him your heart. May the gods forbid that! It cannot happen!”

Odion knocked on the door and entered. He gestured towards his sister. “So it is true you have decided to choose an enemy over your family.”

Owokan was outside the room listening.

“Never!” Morenike said. Her eyes were still coming out with tears. “I can never choose an enemy over my family. Prince Omorodion is not an enemy of Izeiole Kingdom. He means well. He wants to make peace when he becomes King!”

“No way!” Omotola yelled. “Do not provoke me Morenike or I will punish you!”

Owokan motioned inside and stated. “You will do no such thing. Did she kill anyone?” 


He moved closer to his sister, held her arms and raised her up. “What has she done to deserve this? Does she not have the right to love again? How can she control the emotions of her heart. What if it is the will of the gods for her to fall in love with the future King of Udo.”

“You don’t know anything!” Omotola said in a furious tone. 

“I might not know everything but I know my sister has done nothing wrong.”

“Did you advise her to follow her heart?” Odion asked.

Owokan looked at him. “Yes I did.”

How could you?” Omotola asked him.

Morenike who was crying silently stopped Owokan from speaking further. She sniffed her nose and wiped away the tears from her face. She stared at her mother. “Remember when I told you in times of trouble, I will be there for you. I will never cause you pain?”

“Of course I remember.”

“I will never break that promise because I do not intend to bring trouble to you.” She sighed tiredly. “If you insist I should not be with Omorodion because of his parents and where he comes from, then I will never see him again.”

“Morenike.” Owokan called her name in a surprised tone. He gazed at his mother with his mouth opened. He appeared disappointed.

She added, “I will stay with you no matter what. You are my mother. You brought me into this earth. If it’s the only thing I will do to pay you back for the love you have shown me, then I will not be with the man I love.” Morenike face suddenly changed into a serious one. “But I will never forgive you if Prince Omorodion actually is nothing like his parents.” She stormed out of the room and Owokan followed her behind.

Odion went to stand beside Omotola and wanted to speak.

“Please leave my room,” she said. “I want to be alone.”

The King of Udo rested on his bed. He appeared very sick and weak and he held the right hand of Omorodion.

“I heard what your mother did.” he said in a weakened tone. “Has she spoken to you about it?”

“Not yet grandfather. My aim is to get the spy that followed me. I will not be a victim of my mother’s past.”

“Do you want to disrespect her?”

“I will continue to show her respect but when I become King she will never see what I have stored for her if she insist I can never be with the princess of Izieole.”

“You don’t know your mother. She will continue to control you.”

“I will never let that happen.”

King Osaze swallowed. “I know I have done a lot of bad things in the past and I never regretted them. But one thing I regret every day is when I never fought for the woman I truly loved. I loved the grandmother of the princess you love. She choose the late King Obayuwana over me.”

“Maybe that is the will of the gods. If you had married her, Morenike and I would never have existed. Both of us might be the way to make Udo and Izieole come together.”

“I am too old to argue with you but I know you would make a great King.”

Omorodion smiled cheerfully. "Thank you for believing in me."

For the past three days, Morenike has been sad and no matter what Owokan said to cheer her up, she refused to be happy. He was in her room trying to put a smile on her lips. After Odion came back from the forest, he went to meet them and presented an antelope to Morenike.

“I don’t want.” She told him.

“So you are refusing your brother’s gift because of a man? Our enemy!”

“Do not make this about yourself.” Owokan said angrily. “Morenike has been through a lot and what she needs right now is our support.”

“She can never get my support.”

“Then why are you here? To mock her?”

“Mind your business!” Odion shouted.

“I should mind my business?” Owokan said and gave him a look. “You would have been in trouble if I actually minded my business. Don’t make me spill. You leave her alone or I will go to the queen.”

“For what!!!”

“You know what I am talking about.” He said and stood on his feet.

“What is actually going on between both of you?” Morenike asked in a concerned tone.

Odion scornfully looked at her, he threw the antelope on the floor and left the room.

Owokan glanced at her. “Nothing my dearest, I think you should rest.”

“Are you sure everything is okay. Did Odion do anything bad?”

He gave her a smile. “No.” He pecked her on the chin and strolled away.

Queen Omotola narrated what had transpired in the palace to Osato. She asked if she was doing the right thing.

“I cannot give the right answer my Queen.” Osato said. “I think you should visit the priestess.”

“She would definitely speak in parables and I am not ready to listen to such. I have taken my decision. Two of them can never be together while I am alive.”

“Do not say that my queen. What if the gods say otherwise? Will you go against the gods?”

“You are aware Morenike is a singer.”

“Yes, everyone knows.”

“Do you recall I told you what the priestess said about a humming white bird in the nest of a bird she could not see the color?”

“Yes, I remember.”

“I believe that humming bird is my daughter. She also did not know if the other bird is black or white. Prince Omorodion represent darkness. I am sure the actual color is black!”

Osato sighed and peered directly into the queen’s eyes. “What if he represents white? You will actually be making a big mistake if the love he has for your daughter is real and pure.”

Omotola snorted. “I don’t believe that. I will not take that chance. Princess Morenike can never be with prince Omorodion and that is final.”

To be continued……


  1. Owokan character is hard to explain. Omotola should think well about her daughter and udo prince.

  2. Interesting and suspense filled. See you soon Carina, extend my regards.

  3. omotola shuld free them. he might turn out to be good

  4. Oh well, Omotola is just like every other mother but this issue is knotty which requires wisdom and patience.
    Owokan is just a one man mopol.
    Thanks carina


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