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Thursday, December 08, 2016


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“Are you really sure about this?” Imafidon asked Morenike as they took a stroll around the market place.

“I have no choice,” she said to him softly. “I can no longer be with him.”

“Are your brothers not doing anything about convincing your mother to give the prince a chance to prove his love for you?”

She stopped walking, he halted, and they each other. 

Morenike looked into his eyes. “Do you believe he truly loves me?”

“He never knew you were the princess of Izieole when he approached you and I am sure he felt something genuine for you. I can never blame him for his grandfather’s or his mother’s wrong doings. We are different but the queen is actually looking out for you. I don’t blames her, she wants to keep you safe.”

She managed to give him a weak smile. “I know. As for my brothers, Owokan is not happy with me for listening to our mother and Odion has threatened to go to war if I ever be with Omorodion.”
Imafidon gave her a face. “Does that mean Owokan believe you should be with the prince of Udo?”

She nodded.

“Wow! That your brother is strange, he is unpredictable.”

“Even though some thinks he looks like my late uncle, he reminds me of my father.”

“Really?” Imafidon asked her in a surprised tone. “I never saw that coming.”

“I know.”

“Don’t get me wrong. Don’t you think he is supporting you because the queen and him are always disagreeing on so many things? I know about that.”

“No!” Morenike said defensively and touched her neckpiece. “I know they always quarrel but Owokan is a peaceful and straight forward person. He is misunderstood.”

“I will not argue with you about him,” Imafidon said. “You should know him better than I do.” He pointed at a woman selling some ripe mangoes and he asked her to follow him so he would buy for her. 

Queen Omotola was leaving her room and going to meet two of her chiefs when she heard an elderly man crying and screaming in front of the palace. She called one of her female guards to inquire what was happening. The guard informed her Owokan was talking to the person.

“Call Sota for me.” She said and sat down on her throne.

Chief Eghe and Eghosa saluted her and took their respective seats. She kept quiet and waited for him. He came and she spoke with him.

“What is going on between the man outside and your master?”

Sota bowed down his head and answered. “I do not know his reason my queen but Prince Owokan is attending to him.”

“Outside? If the man has a problem he has every right to report to me.” She said and sighed. “Tell Owokan to allow him inside. I want to know the reason for disturbing the peace of this palace.”

“Okay my queen.” he said and left. He came back with Owokan by his side.

She peeped over them and saw no one behind. “Where is the man?”

“He has gone.” Owokan answered and placed his hands at his back.

“Why was he here?”

“You do not have to bother yourself mother,” he said. “I have sorted it out.”

“And I demand to know the reason he came.”

Owokan glanced at the chiefs, smiled, took his eyes off them, and looked at her. “The man’s suffering was mine to handle. He came to see me and not you.”

Omotola knew no matter what she said there was nothing she could do to convince him to tell her and if she insisted, Owokan would willingly embarrass her by walking away without an answer. She told them to leave. She focused on her guests.

“I called two of you to inform you about my journey to Eromo Kingdom.I have sent their king a letter and he will be expecting us soon. I do not know how long I will stay there because I might travel with him to the north. My first son will stay back and look after the Kingdom and I want both of you to assist him with anything he needs.”

“Have you consulted the priestess?” chief Eghosa asked.

“Not at all.” she replied. “I don’t have to. I believe this journey will favor me and this Kingdom.”

“Is prince Owokan following you?”


The chiefs exchanged glances and looked back at her.

She noticed. “What was that for?”

“Nothing my queen.” they said at the same time.

Omotola smiled. “None of you should worry. My son means well.”

“We know that my queen,” Eghe said. “In fact, I respect prince Owokan because of his straightforwardness but both of you don’t get along well. How will you stop the king of Eroma from noticing the relationship between you and your son?”

She gave a nod. “I understand. Like I said before, none of you need to worry. I will make sure this journey we are going together for the first time will bring us very close.”

“Okay your highness.” Eghe said.

The news of the death of Udo King spread across different Kingdoms. Adesuwa was overjoyed her prayers were answers. It was the time to fight back and no one could stop her. 

Prince Omorodion was in total shock when Ese gave him Morenike’s message. His facial expression changed into a depressed one. He looked away and Ese thought he wanted to cry. He sniffed his nose and inhaled.

“I am truly sorry about it my prince.”

“Why didn’t you convince her?” He asked Ese in a sad tone and stared at her. His eyes were weary.
“I tried but I could not.”

“Pass this message to her.” Omorodion said. “I know she does not want to see me again because of our mothers but they should not tear us apart. I am willing to do anything to make peace between our Kingdoms. Tell her she should come over as my guest on my coronation day and sing and we can use that opportunity to discuss about our future. I want her to be the mother of my unborn children.”

“I am sure she would love that but your mother and the queen of Izieole will never agree to that.”
“Morenike and I will discuss about it when we see. Thank you for coming.”

“Thank you the future King of Udo.” Ese said and smiled.

The queen entered her carriage with Owokan as they were ready to embark on their trip. Most of her female warriors joined her. They equipped themselves with weapons in case something went wrong. They also took new swords with them. Morenike refused to go.

“The King wants you to sing for him.” Omotola said to her. “You will be rewarded abundantly.”

“I am no longer interested.” She told her.

“Are you still angry with me?”

Owokan turned to look at her without saying anything.

“I am not in the mood to travel anymore.” Morenike said. “I want to stay with Odion.”

“If you say so.”

She motioned to Owokan’s side and smiled at him. “I will miss you.”

“Me too.”

Omotola watched her daughter as she walked away without telling her goodbye. She turned to where Imafidon stood. “I leave Morenike in your care. She must not leave this Kingdom until I come back.”

“Yes my Queen.”

“This is not a matter of yes my queen. I have spies looking at both of you.” She told him.

Few hours after they left, Ese visited Morenike and informed her the prince message. She was tempted to go but she changed her mind. She didn’t want to disobey her mother even in her absence. She turned down the offer.

“Where do you think you are going to in this time of the night?” Morenike gripped the hand of Odion as he took a step outside the palace.

He quickly released his hand and pointed at her. “Leave me alone! Go inside, I will be back at midnight.”

“It’s getting late and coming at midnight is dangerous. You can’t leave me.”

“What is the matter with you?” he reduced the loud sound of his voice and moved closer to her. “I am going to an important place. The guards are around to protect you and nothing bad will happen to me. Go inside!”

She looked very worried and moved backwards. “Can’t you tell me exactly where you are going to?”

“No.” He said and sauntered away from her presence.

The following day, Omotola and her crew arrived safely at Eroma Kingdom. King Osamudiamen was very happy to see her. She was highly welcomed with her people. Omotola and Owokan were treated nicely and with respect. The King was a bit disappointed Morenike could not visit. He was looking forward to hear her sing in front of him and his people. He was sure they would love her captivating voice. The people admired Omotola's beauty.

After some alcohol and food, the King ordered everyone to leave. He needed some privacy to speak with Omotola. He told one of his subordinates to bring two ladies for Owokan. Owokan declined and told him he wanted to stay with his mother.

Omotola didn’t want drama. She simply agreed and persuaded Osamudiamen to say whatever he wanted in front of her son.

“If that’s what you want no problem,” he said. “I need to know your decision.”

She smiled at him. “Of course, I am willing to work with you.”

He seemed exited and ordered more drinks. They chatted and concluded they would travel to the north in two days’ time. Owokan decided to leave them and took a stroll around Eroma with the company of a guard. Omotola and Osamudiamen walked around the palace, talked and laughed together. They appeared like old friends and some of the guards guarding them wondered if they were romantically involved.

Later in the evening after Owokan came back. He was offered two women to satisfy his sexual needs but he still refused. He wanted everything to be over and go home. It was becoming boring and he missed his siblings especially Morenike. 

King Osamudiamen and Queen Omotola went to bed late after a long talk. The next day, after breakfast and training with their warriors, they sat down together and discussed about politics happening among Kingdoms.

After a while, one of the King’s male messengers ran towards them in fright and informed the King disturbing news.

“How can you tell me Ito Kingdom are coming to fight us today?” Osamudiamen asked him furiously. “We did not agree to that!”

“What’s going on?” Omotola asked in a concerned tone.

“The King of Ito demands I offer him the land my brother promised him. He was not supposed to do that because that particular land is huge and I intend to allocate it to the farmers in my Kingdom. I have promised them and I cannot fail.”

“So the King of Ito wants to take it by force by fighting you?”


Omotola looked at the frightened messenger. “Inform the warriors of this Kingdom and mine that they should start getting ready to go for war.” 

Osamudiamen and the messenger looked at her amazed. “You would do that for me?”

She glanced at him and smiled. “I cannot let you promise and fail your farmers. They deserve that land.”

Omotola left him and motioned to meet her female warriors. After she spoke with them, she went to her room to dress in her combat attire. 

“How can you agree to go to war with him,” Owokan asked Omotola the moment he entered into her room without knocking. “I demand an answer!”

She held her sword and moved to face him. “I have no choice! I agreed to help him in times of trouble.”

“But we didn’t come here for that. Yes, I am beginning to feel King Osamudiamen means well but you cannot risk your life for him!”

She stared at him curiously. “Since when did you start thinking of my safety?”

“I always wish you well mother and it hurts I cannot stop you because your decision is final.”

Omotola cleared her throat, gave him a long stare before she spoke. “I am also doing this for the farmers too. I am sure he would have done the same for me if I were in his shoes.”

“I see the way you look at him and I think you like him.”

“What is the matter with you Owokan? I did not bring you here to monitor me.”

“Admit it for once. You like him!”

“Yes I do but it is against the tradition. I cannot be with another man except I turn down my throne. I am a queen!”

“If you were given the chance, go back to the past and choose between father and him. Who would you choose?”

“What kind of a ridiculous question is that?” she asked angrily.

“Answer me mother.”

Omotola sighed and threw the sword on the bed. She stared into his eyes. “Your late father is the love of my life, my first love and I will choose him over and over again! But if your father never existed, I would have given king Osamudiamen a chance. Also do not forget, I will never choose any man above my hero Imafidon.”

“I believe you.” Owokan said. 

Her eyes had swollen up in tears. She moved closer and wrapped her arms around him. “Thank you for believing me.”

He smiled brightly. “May the gods of Izieole protect you and make you victorious.”


Warriors of Ito were stunned to see the Queen of Izieole and her female warriors fight alongside their new enemy. They never saw it coming. One of them advised they should turn back and report to their King but their leader insisted they fought.
Heads rolled, blood spilled and brains were smashed into pieces. It was a great moment of success for Eroma Kingdom after a long fight. The fighters hailed their King and the Queen. 

After the successful war, Owokan joined King Osamudiamen and Omotola on their trip to the north. It took them three days to reach there. Transactions were made and they exchanged what they had to get the horses. Queen Omotola decided to take another route that would lead them to her Kingdom instead of following Osamudiamen back to his own. He tried his best to convince not to do that. He explained it was a longer journey. Omotola missed her family and her people. She had made up her mind. He bid her goodbye and promised to send her some gifts. 

“Take care of your mother.” He told Owokan.

Omotola, Owokan and her warriors rode in horses back home. Immediately they stepped into Izieole, they noticed everywhere was quiet, most of the grasses, plants and trees had dried up. The market was empty. The queen got the shock of her life as she approached her palace and saw people wimping in pain. Huge sores on the foreheads of men, children sick and women groaned in pain. All of them came down from their horses. Omotola hastily moved towards one of the children.

“Don’t touch any of them!” Odion yelled as he came outside to welcome her.

“What’s going on?” she asked in a shaky tone.

“This is what we have been passing through. People are dying mother and there is no hope for the cure. We have never seen anything like this before.”

“Have you spoken to the priestess?” Owokan asked as he looked around.

“She is not speaking with anyone.” he replied and looked at his mum. “You are the only one she can give answers to.”

Omotola gasped and touched her chest.

“Where is Morenike?” Owokan asked.

Odion quickly stood in front of him. “You can’t see her for now.”

He pushed him away but Odion grabbed him by the arm. “You can’t touch her or you will fall sick! There’s no cure yet!”

“I do not care!!”

Imafidon and Osato came outside and saluted the queen. She did not answer. Two of them appeared sad. 

“Morenike’s condition is getting worse.” Osato said and began to cry.

Tears had already filled Omotola’s eyes. She turned her back without a word. She was on her way to see the priestess. She entered into the sacred place and fell on her knees. The priestess turned to face her.

“What do you so long to come?”

She tried to explain she was not around but her explanation was cut short.

“You brought this upon yourself!” priestess of Izieole spat out.

“What have I done?”

“Why did you allow Adesuwa Osaze enter into the palace? You banished her and she had no right to enter such place.”

“I had no choice wise one. She is a princess of Udo Kingdom.”

She shook her head and pointed at her. “You are above her! You are a queen and you had the right not to have allowed her inside the palace of Izioele Kingdom. The gods have not forgotten what she did. The gods are angry with you!”

Tears flushed out of her eyes. “It will never happen again! If I had known, I would never have allowed her inside. I promise never to do that again and my daughter will never be with her son.”

“Your destiny is different from your children’s own. Same goes to Adesuwa and her son.”

“What does that mean?”

“I don’t have answers to that but I have a solution to the calamity befalling this Kingdom. You should thank the gods for reaching here on time. If not, you would have lost a child!”

“Does that mean everything will go back to normal?”

“Yes. The gods loves you. You are a woman with a large heart.”

Omotola felt a bit relieved and rose up. “Thank you the eyes of the gods.”

The priestess eyes suddenly turned white. “Curing the sick will not stop my revelation! This is just the beginning.”

Her eyes were scared, hands and body shaking. “Are you talking about my children?”

“Yes!! I see one of them leaving this Kingdom soon.”

To be continued.


  1. Interesting. waiting to see who leaves.

  2. Carina isnt this supposed to be episode 7? Please try and correct it. I almost got confused.

  3. I smell trouble,too much problem everywhere,can omotola handle this.nice one ckj.

  4. Real trouble! Interesting as usual.


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