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Saturday, December 17, 2016


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"What!!” Omotola bellowed in total shock. The words from her mouth ceased and her world came crashing down before her eyes. “No! It cannot happen!!” She was turning her back to run inside when Owokan came out with his belonging he wrapped and placed across his shoulder.

“Where do you think you are going to?!” Odion asked with anger written entirely on his face.

“It’s none of anyone’s business!” Owokan screamed back at him.

“Master,” Sota called him and fell on his knees. “Please don’t leave.”

“I have taken a decision to leave and no one can stop me. I have to go and you cannot follow me. You are needed here.”

Omotola ran to stand in front of him with her hands spread apart. “You can’t leave my son! I am sorry for accusing you of what you did not do. You can’t leave!” Tears gushed out from her eyes. 

Osato who was weeping moved to console her. “You have to plead on my behalf. Beg him to stay.” She did not want to let him go.

Osato moved closer to him and was going down on her knees when Owokan quickly raised her up. “You are old enough to be my mother. Don’t. Nothing on earth can stop me from leaving this Kingdom.”

“This is where you belong.”

“I know but and I also know what I am doing.”

“At least tell us where you are going to.” Morenike said. Her face was soaked with tears.

Owokan smiled faintly and motioned towards her. He touched her gently on the chin. “I can’t. Just know I will be safe. In the future, you will understand why I had to leave. Always remember I have you in mind.” He pecked her on the forehead. “Take good care of yourself and follow your heart.”

Morenike cried more. Owokan was always in support of anything she involved herself with but now, her only hope was saying goodbye to her. She looked at Imafidon and he came closer to hold her. The departure of the prince saddened him. Even though, they were not close, he liked him and believed he was a good person.

Some of the people and the old men were speechless and despite what they said about him behind his back, they didn’t want him leave. He never caused trouble or take what does not belong to him.

Owokan glanced at Odion with a blank facial expression. “Goodbye brother.”

Odion turned away and walked into the palace.

Omotola stared into his eyes. Even though she thought her first son was her favorite, right at that moment, she knew she loved her children equally and had no favorite. Owokan’s look always blinded her judgment about him and she prayed silently to the gods for judging him. The prophesy come to pass and if Owokan returned to fight and betray her, she would surrender. She was never going to fight him. The price she had to pay for judging him wrongly.

“Will you ever come back to Izieole?” She asked him.

“Only the gods know.” Owokan replied and turned away from facing her. He began to walk away.

Sota ran after him and asked if he should tag along. “No. I think you will be useful here.”

Sota remembered what the priestess told him. ‘The gods will always protect you. The queen should be your number one priority and not Owokan. He can take care of himself when the time comes’  “Goodbye my prince.”

“Goodbye my loyal guard.” As he was bouncing away, Imafidon ran and stood in his front. “Prince of this noble Kingdom, if you cannot stay because of the queen, consider your sister and stay.”

“You’re here to look after her. I know she will be in great hands.” He tapped him on the shoulder and walked without facing back. Tears were already popping out from his soggy eyes.

“You do not have a choice!” Adesuwa spat at her son. “You will do this for your mother.”

“The queen of Izieole has never offended me. How can I start a war with her when I have no reason?” Omorodion asked her.

“This is a woman that swore you will never marry her daughter. Is that not enough reason to go to war?”

“And if I do that, will Morenike marry me? Absolutely no!”

“Then do this for me.” Adesuwa said to him pitifully. “This woman humiliated me and this is the time for me to revenge. Help your mother.”

“I can’t.” he said in a serious tone. “I am no longer a kid. You think I believe Queen Omotola seduced your late husband? I am a King and I know the true story. You cannot lie to me about it anymore. I am older and wiser. I will never allow you to manipulate me to do wrongful things for you.”

She frowned.

Omorodion continued. “Instead of you to concentrate on your health, you are talking about plotting to kill a woman that did not do anything evil to you. You were not ashamed to sleep with your husband’s guard. You should be thankful she spared your life.”
Her eyes sparkled and she pointed at him. “If you were not a king, I would have taught you a lesson!”

“Now that I am a King," he said and smiled. “I cannot get involved with you. I command you not to take my warriors to war. We are not with you on this. You’re on your own.”

Adesuwa was very furious with him. She did not say anything but sauntered out of his chamber. She had a plan B.

Owokan got to a certain point and changed from his royal attire into a simple outfit. After trekking for hours, he was yet to reach his final destination. He found a dry spot to relax with palm trees everywhere and he ate some coconuts with boiled corn. He knew exactly where he was traveling to and what his mother said to him gave him the opportunity to leave. It was the appropriate time. 
He missed Morenike, Odion and even his mother. He was hurt that is mother accused him of what he did not do. When he recalled how his mother lifted her sword and the words that ran out of her mouth, he threw the coconut and corn. He lost appetite and felt bad that the woman he loved and wanted to protect never trusted him.
He thought of Odion and quietly asked himself what were his reasons for taking those lands from those men. He was not a farmer but a hunter. Did he want to go into farming or needed enough space to train new warriors he might be recruiting? He sighed loudly when he had no answers. 

He said to himself, ‘I know you are planning something Odion but I don’t know what it is. I have no clue if it will benefit or destroy Izieole Kingdom’ 

He rested his back on a palm tree and closed his eyes. He needed to reacquire enough strength for the long journey. 

Omotola asked Odion to refund back their lands but he gave an excuse he only wanted to make use of it and give it back after he was through. He purposely dodged answering her question when she requested to know the reason for taking the lands. She was falling sick and the native doctor advised she had to rest. Despite her sickness, she prayed for the protection of Owokan.

Morenike avoided everyone. She would lock herself inside her room. Nothing anyone said mattered. She wanted her brother back.
King Osamudiamen of Eroma Kingdom sent a message through one of his chiefs. He sent some beautiful robes and herbs to her and wished her well. That made Omotola happy. She was grateful that he cared for her. 

Adesuwa travelled to Oduwa’s Kingdom and visited chief Makun. After sleeping together, she told him of her plans.

“I do not know if the king is willing to release his warriors for war especially when it involves the Queen of Izieole.”

“Is he sacred of her?” she asked irritably. She was jealous.

“No. They have never met but he has heard great stories about her. My king would rather make peace than become someone’s enemy.”

She thought of plan C. “The prince of Oduwa does not have a woman in his life. His birthday is coming up, invite the daughter of queen Omotola to sing at the occasion.”


“I am sure prince Dayo will like her and even make her his wife.”

Chief Makun looked at her curiously. “News travel far and walls have ears. I know your son is interested in her but you refused. Why do you want to break your son’s heart?”

“That’s because he deserves it! If my son hear about the prince and Morenike, I am sure he will go against the queen by blaming her for giving away his true love."

"Will he not come after this kingdom?"

"I doubt and if my son is still not ready to help and wants to stop me from destroying Queen Omotola, I am ready to take his life!”

He shuddered in shock. “You are ready to eliminate the King of Udo Kingdom?”

“I gave him life and I have the right to take it from him!” Adesuwa said bitterly.

The chief scratched his head and gave a shaky smile. “I will see what I can do to persuade the king to pay the princess to sing.”

“That’s better.” A naughty smile appeared on her lips.

Omotola stood in front of the priestess. She already knew why the queen wanted to see her.

“Go back home Queen Omotola.”

“But I want answers.”

“I have already told you what I know.”

“Is he safe where he is?”

The messenger-of-the-gods smiled. “Do not be afraid. The second prince of the Izieole is safe. The gods will protect him. Go home and be the leader the people cherish. Be watchful. Sleep with only one eye!”

“That means danger.”

“Remember what I told you that a war would come and it won’t be an easy one. The rate of you wining is very low. It is likely to cost you someone close to your heart.”

"Is it my personal maiden?"

"I do not know!"
“You also said one of my children would save me.”

She smiled brightly. “Have faith in the gods, Also, do not forget, a time will come when you will give up and surrender completely but the whistling bird remembering the words of a wise man would save you, your family and Izieole Kingdom. You’re a Queen and so shall it be until the rightful ruler is ready to sit on the throne and bring peace back to the people!”

“I know the whistling bird is my daughter.”

“Yes, she is.”

“Is she still the same child that would save me?” Omotola asked.


“How is that possible?”

“When the time comes you will understand.” The priestess answered.

Odion left Izieole and travelled to Udo Kingdom with his most trusted guard Owosa. Adesuwa was not around. King Omorodion was dazed to receive the surprise news. Odion was highly welcomed. Two of the maidens served him refreshments. After eating and drinking, Owosa and the King’s guards left them alone.

“What brought you to my Kingdom?” Omorodion asked.

“I can give you my sister if you are still in love with her.”

He widened his eyes and cleared his throat. “You’re prince Odion and I remember your sister told me you were not in support of our relationship. It was your twin that gave us his blessings.”

“I know.” he said. “I have changed my mind.”

“I still love your sister and I want her to be my queen of this kingdom. My people have heard good things about her enchanting voice. But why now, why have you changed your mind?”

“That’s because I want your support.”


“Yes.” Odion replied and grinned. “Give me what I want and I will give you what you want.”

“Am I capable of giving you what you want?”


“Tell me what I can give you.” Omorodion said.

Odion beamed.

Two days later, Omotola called Morenike and Odion into her room. 

“Is it true you have not given them their lands?” She asked him.

“I have negotiated to pay them to use their lands and I will return them later.”

“But what are you using the lands to do? The lands are very far from this place."

“Trust me mother,” Odion said. “It is for my benefit and you don’t need to worry yourself.”

She heaved a sigh and looked at Morenike. “I know you are not over the fact that Owokan left us. I want you to know he is alive and safe.”

Her eyes shinned brightly. “Do you know where he is?” Morenike asked excitedly.

“No but the priestess assured me he was okay.”

Her face fell.

“But that is not why I called you. I want you to go back to your normal self. Many kingdoms are inviting you to sing. Get busy.”

“Thank you mother.”

When Owokan arrived at his destination, he was exhausted and relieved after a long journey. He entered the kingdom and he felt as if he was home, a place he would find quiet and the people not judgmental. 

As he tried to walk majestically with the little strength he had, he asked for the residence of who he was searching for. Although he came to this place few years ago with his father but he totally forgot the location. The man was popular and the first person he asked described the house.

He surveyed around and he could sense the warmth of the people of a Kingdom he was not part of. He smiled as he sighted the house. He was about to step forward when he noticed a young and an attractive woman targeting a spot of a tree using arrows. 
An impressive smile jogged on his lips. He was eager to know her but first he must meet his father’s longtime friend. The last time they saw each other was at the burial of king Imafidon.

He motioned towards the house and knocked on the door.

A man appeared to be in his sixties opened the door and his breath seized as he saw him.

“Uncle Udoka.” Owokan said with a smile.

“The son of my wonderful friend,” Udoka was able to release himself from amazement. “Prince Owokan Obayuwana. Is everything alright with your mother, brother and sister?”

He looked by his left and right side to see if anyone heard. No one was staring at their direction. He glanced back at him with a serious expression.

“My family are doing well and they are unaware I am here.”

Udoka looked at him puzzled. “Then what are you doing in Uzor Kingdom?”

“I am here because I want you to teach me how to hold a sword.” Owokan said with seriousness from the sound of his baritone voice. “Teach me how to fight!”

To be continued…..


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