Saturday, January 28, 2017

CELEBRITY STYLE: 11 Times Rukky Sanda proved fashion belongs to her!

Nollywood actress and producer Rukky Sanda needs no introduction when it comes to rocking outfits with her sexy body. Yes, she's sexy and a beautiful woman. Her style, and smile is on point!
Whether she is rocking a dress, native attire, rugged jeans or bikini, she knows what suits her body and anyone who takes a good look at Rukky must admire her choice of clothing. Even if covers up or show some skin, she is always looking elegant.
She can dress and her hair, bags, assesories and shoes goes well too. She might not be seen on the red carpet often but when she steps out, there's no way you won't like what she is wearing. I don't think she can be compared with anyone. She is simply unique and different in a fantastic way! Take a good look at the photos I picked and yes I know you would agree with me. She rocks!
Sexy as always!
 Simplicity rules!
Ruggeddy Rukky!
Black looks good on her!


  1. I agree sha.Rukky sanda can dress to kill.

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