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Monday, January 09, 2017

Joro Olumofin: How to identify a RunsGirl.

Who is a RG? : A runsgirl is any lady who is blatantly lazy or not content with her salary, income, allowance because her personal income can't get her to her destination.

She uses her beauty and physical attributes to gain monetary favors, promotion, land , cars , jewelry from any man who is willing to pay.

How do you identify a RG : This may be stereotypical but.....

1) Any lady who doesn't have a 9-5 or functional business and yet lives a lavish lifestyle.

2) Any lady who is always in a private jet or luxury hotel apartment 7 times a year is a RG.

3) Any lady who owns more than 15 designer bags without an income.

4) Any Lady who has more than 15k followers on IG or Twitter without any media portfolio or Makeup / Model business.

5)Any lady who is "Yellow skinned" and constantly moves with 5 or more other "yellow skinned" ladies is a RunsGirl (Yellow Gang).

6) Any lady who has 9-5 job but the mathematics of her salary and her lifestyle don't add up.

7) Any lady who owns a shop and yet has less than 3 customers and is paying rent is a runs girl.

8) Any girl who goes to polo club Lagos by herself without being invited is a Potential RG.

9) 60% of Bank marketers.

How do RunsGirls affect us ? : 

RunsGirls spoil the name of Nigerian ladies. They ruin the term courtship or love. Men are used to throwing material things and getting their way within 2 days. So when men meet a decent girl who is giving them rules or a process they cut these decent girls off. That's why Runs girls get married more than decent girls because they are easy, understanding to the needs of men and are willing to take anything. Decent girls are too rigid and boring.

Location & Origin of RG:

( THEY ARE EVERYWHERE) but most likely below middle class, 3rd class or pass degree students)
The Origin of RG, based on research and observation. They emanate from bad economy, laziness, greed, separated families, hard times, Social media pressure, low self esteem, designer bags syndrome.

It is well.


  1. Though i do not support them but Carina, I don't agree with you that RG are lazy ladies... No, they are not lazy...

    Let's see this way, do you think its easy to risk your life to meet some ''potential clients'' you do not know from Adam? That's hustling..

    Being a runs girl comes with lots of risks just like taking risks in your business.

    On contentment, also even our leaders aren't contented with their income.

    Almost everyone wants to get higher pay, more connected, ride the best cars etc.. So being contented is a grace only few people can exercise.

    Dangote keeps expanding his business, if he is contented wit what he has achieved, he wouldn't open more opportunities to rake in money for himself.



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