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Monday, January 02, 2017

'My boyfriend is obsessed with my armpit!'

This is serious!
Carina I have neva seen anything like this before not until I met my new boyfriend. Me that thought I would get married this new year, I don’t think it will happen. Whenever I visit him, the first place he will touch is my armpit. The only way he will sleep is when he put his hand inside my armpit and rubbing it. It is irritating me. Sometimes he smells it. I told him recently I don’t like it, he said I should bear with him,that when he was a little boy he use to suck his thumb and put his other hand inside his siblings armpits. He is used to it already but I can’t deal with it. He is nice and I use to wonder why his exgirlfriends left him. ?Now I know. I am leaving him ending of next month. I must collect valentine’s gift.lol if it was you will you stay?

*scratches head* Nope! 
Ladies, If you were in her shoes, would you stay??


  1. Yup, nd stay nd try to change that bad habit.

  2. bahd habit is not out of him

  3. lol... so you must collect vals gift before you leave? Omasheee ooo!


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