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Episode 1 Title: Partnership
Monday 7:20am
It turned out to be a safe flight. After stepping out from the plane, she went over to collect her luggages and waited at the lodge for her boyfriend. After visiting Egypt, she had been touring around other countries. She was back!
I have been gone for months and I miss Ade so much. My dad gave me all the time I needed for myself, I could resume anytime I wanted. I was still healing… The death of my mom was a big blow and if I could turn back the hands of time, I would have spent enough time with her.

Sometimes, I shiver when I see the scars on my arms and neck. I always try to erase the memories I had with a serial killer but it kept coming back to me. Although, I know I survived, it is not still easy to forget.

Rejecting Adebiyi’s marriage proposal still made me gloomy. It was a huge mistake. Whenever I thought of it, I get mad at myself. I am hopeful that he would ask me to marry him again. After my mother’s funeral, we travelled to Egypt and he did everything he could to make me happy. We spent a month there, visited Canada, and being with him felt like a breath of fresh air.

When we concluded to visit Dubai, I noticed he kept receiving urgent calls from his friend and I had to convince him to travel back to Nigeria and work on his new project which he refused to discuss the details with me. He went back home and we spoke at least four times in a week. I had fallen helplessly in love and craved to be in his arms every day.

I went to Dubai, America and Ghana. My dad threatened to send my sack letter if I do not come back to my senses. It was a way of letting me know he was seriously missing his daughter. Temidayo was working on his new album and he kept in touch. Hhads happy. Our father was happy too.

The major reason I returned was to be with Adebiyi. I sighted my man after I waited at the lodge for few minutes. He was smoking hot with his posh outfit and expensive jewelries. His gold accessories glinted.

Girls could not keep their lustful eyes off him but his eyes were all over me. His smile was as bright as a midnight star. As he came closer, the fragrance coming out from his body floated into my nostrils.

“You smell nice.” I told him as we hugged for a moment; he looked into my eyes and shoved his wet tongue into my mouth. We kissed passionately.

“How was your trip?” Adebiyi asked as he finally allowed me to breathe properly.

“It was boring without you.” I said and chuckled lightly.

He laughed and said. “I thought as much. You smell good too.”

“Thanks love.” He grabbed my suitcase from me and we headed outside.

We were on our way out of the airport and getting close to where he parked his vehicle when two men dressed in suit and in dark shades approached us in the sun. They came forward and stood in from of us and their direction was on me.

“Agent Tiwa Bankole?” The tallest one asked me.

“Who is asking?” I questioned him.

“I am Gabriel Otti.” He looked at the other man holding a briefcase. “And this is my colleague Dayo Oluyomi. We are from the minister of information and we were directed to bring you.” They showed their badges.

Adebiyi and I exchanged glances and laughed.

“Bring her where?” Adebiyi required from him in a sharp tone.

“We are not supposed to give that information to you sir.”

I stared at both of them. “I do not have any business with any minister of information. I don’t know and I do not care how you got to find me here except someone informed you about my present location.” My father crossed my mind. “I just returned from a long trip and I need some rest.”

“We understand but….”

“There is no but! I have better things to do. Don’t disturb me.”

I was about walking away when Dayo Oluyomi spoke quickly. “We need your help!”

“My help?”

“What kind of help?” Adebiyi asked him.

“I think its best she comes with us. This is what we are sent to do and we might lose our jobs if she doesn’t follow me and Mr. Gabriel.”

“You think I care.” I said to them.

“Hold on babe.” Adebiyi said. The look in his eyes showed he was serious. He spoke to them. “If you can give me a very good reason, I can persuade her to come with you otherwise we will leave and no one can force her to come with two of you. She knows her right and if you insist it’s impossible to tell us the purpose, we will walk away and none of you should dare stop us, I have a brilliant lawyer.”

My man was always prepared to defend me.

The men stared at each other for a while. They whispered between themselves and focused their gaze on me.

“It’s not only the minister that wants to see you, the inspector general of police too. There is a situation and it has to do with saving some people’s lives. Your help is needed to investigate a case.”

I was surprised and asked. “Why wasn’t my agency contacted in Lagos if they want an agent?”

“We have no idea. It will be explained in detail when you meet them.”

I sighed. I was tired but curious to know more about the case. “I will follow but my man has to come with us.”

“I’m sorry ma. You are the only one expected to follow us.” Dayo said.

Adebiyi warm hand touched me gently. I glanced at him. “Babe, don’t worry about me. If they can’t bring you home call my other number and I will come pick you up.” He gave me his mobile.

“We will definitely bring her home.” Gabriel said.

"Bring her without a stain on her."

Adebiyi collected their phone numbers and the address of the place we were going. I patted a kiss on his lips before joining the men into their vehicle.

Few months after the birth of Genevieve and Quincy’s child, the director of NIB in Abuja retired due to an illness. Quincy was assigned to take the position. He discussed it with his wife and both of them agreed he should accept it. Genevieve decided he should move first, and when their son is old enough to start school, they would join him. After Quincy relocated, he made sure he visited his family during the weekend.

It has been two days I arrived to join Quincy in our new home. The environment was calm and the neighbors were friendly but I was not searching for a friend or a gossip partner, I just wanted to put things in order and get back to work at my new office. I loved the house. The colors of the walls matched the tiles on the floor. My favorite place was the kitchen. It was large, the cabinets had enough space and the design was spectacular.

I was thinking of going out later for shopping. I needed to get the freezer stocked with food items. I had been to Abuja before but that was a long time ago, Quincy promised to send his official driver later to take me anywhere I wanted.

I was in the kitchen watching Quincy eat. He appeared to be in a hurry. He stopped me from taking his breakfast to the dining table. I sipped my coffee and asked him. “What about Leroy’s transfer?”

“I am still working on it.” Quincy replied and shoved some scrambled eggs into his mouth.
“You were able to bring Akin here when you took over as the director. I came here to be with you and I have been begging on his behalf to transfer him here but you keep on disappointing me.”

“And I am sorry for the delay.” Quincy gestured towards me, pecked me lightly on the lips, and held my chin. “I am still working on it. Leroy has a family and that requires a long process. I know you want him as your partner here but I can’t promise you that when he comes here.”

“I can’t work with someone I don’t know. I have not even met the other detectives.”

“You will meet them when you resume the office tomorrow.”

“Have you concluded Freddie will start the daycare too?”

“Yes. The school is not far from the office. We will be close to him and you can see him anytime you want.”

I smiled and he returned the smile too. He finished the eggs, drank his remaining tea, and adjusted his tie. “I have to go!”

I walked with him to the living room and we saw our eleven months and two-weeks old son crawling towards us. Quincy picked him up, raised him higher and shook him excitedly. Freddie giggled and that made us laughed. The loud knock on the door stopped the beautiful moment. We looked at each other.

“Are you expecting anyone?” I asked Quincy.

“No. Akin is the only one that comes to the house as early as this when I tell him and I did not. He should be at the office right now.”

I walked to one of the windows and peeped outside. I saw two men neatly dressed. I moved to the door. “Who is that?”

“We are here to see Detective Genevieve Cole.” One of them said.

I opened the door and corrected. “Now it’s Detective Genevieve Cole Arinze.”

“Don’t be offended,” The tallest one said. “I am sorry. May we come in?”

We refused until they told us who they were. They also showed their badges for verification. They entered and when I offered them chairs, they declined, and remained on their feet.

“How did you know she was in Abuja and lived here?” Quincy asked them.

“We have no idea but she can find out when she follow us.” He briefly explained the reason they came.

“You want her help and you couldn’t call her name correctly.” Quincy said, still holding Freddie whose eyes were closing bit by bit. I guessed he was offended.

“We are sorry sir,” he said. “We didn’t know she was married.”

“But I cannot follow you when I don’t have the full details of the investigation.” I said.

“The inspector will explain better ma.”

“No one contacted me about any case,” Quincy said. “They should go through the normal process. My wife works under me and I have the right to know what she is getting herself involved with.”

Both of them stared at him without saying anything. I glanced at Quincy. “I think I should follow them.”

His mouth opened. I wished I could dive mine into it without these men in our presence. “This is unacceptable. I am not in support of it.”

“Baby I don’t think it will take my time. I will be back very soon.”

“We will bring her home.” The other man holding a briefcase said.

“I was not talking to you!” Quincy fired back at him. I gave him a side eye. “You don’t even know what you getting yourself into.”

“When I get there, I will find out.”

“What about Freddie?”

I smiled sheepishly and pointed at our son. “As you can see he is already sleeping in your arms.”

He sighed and frowned at me. He was a little upset but at all times prepared to do anything for me.

“I will take him to the school and register him.”

“Thanks baby.” I said happily. I told the men to hold on while I set Freddie’s food, napkins, and pampers. I wore my jacket and joined them. We were good to go!

Tiwa was already fed up of waiting for more than twenty minutes. She had been alone inside a well-furnished office with no one with her. The cup of tea left on the table for her had gone cold. She rose on her feet and the door opened. Two men appeared to be in their late sixties introduced themselves.

“I am Inspector General of police Daniel Danjuma.” The dark complexioned man said and shook her hand. He held a file in the other hand.

“Nice to meet you sir,” Tiwa said with a smile on her lips. “I know you.” She turned to the short and pot-bellied man with a goatee. “You should be the minister of information.”

He smiled at her. “I am Dr. Chinedu Okeke.” The smile disappeared from his face. They heard a knock on the door. “Come in.”

Gabriel Otti entered with Genevieve Cole. She saw Tiwa and recognized her. “What’s going on?”

Gabriel left.

Tiwa thought the face was familiar but couldn’t place it. She stared at the men. “Someone needs to explain why I am really here.”

“We need your help and that is why we brought both of you here.” Daniel Danjuman stated and looked over at Tiwa. “This is detective Genevieve Cole.”

Genevieve felt insulted when he didn’t add her marital name. She let it go by keeping mute.

Tiwa swerved her gaze to her and smiled. “I have heard about you. Nice to meet you.” She extended her hand and they shook hands. “I am Agent…”

“Tiwatope Bankole.” Genevieve said cheerfully. “Nice to meet you too.”

They looked at the men, waiting for answers.

“Two weeks ago,” Dr. Chinedu said. “A respected socialite received a death threat.” he took the file from the inspector and brought out two sheets. He gave them to the ladies. They glanced through. "The mail was printed out for two of you to see.”

“This is a threat.” Tiwa said. “The person gave the target three weeks to live and wrote he would die by drowning.”


“If you look at the date it was sent, it means the target will be killed in a week from now.” Genevieve said. “And you want us to stop it?”

“Yes but there is more.”

“More?” Tiwa and Genevieve said at the same time. They made eye contact and glanced back at the men.

“Few days ago,” Inspector Danjuma said. “I received a mail too. I am not the target but three others.” He handed another sheets to them.

You have been paid to die by someone you offended. I am the contractor and I will end your lives.
1.   Mrs. Susie Ike to die by poison (two weeks)
2.   Socialite Ayodele Okoya to die by drowning (three weeks)
3.   Mr. Henderson Amusa to die by a gun (four weeks)
4.   Engr. Dickson Omere to die by accident (five weeks)
5. An unforgivable woman to die by a knife (six weeks)  
6    A heartbreaker to die by a setup (seven weeks)
7.   A former playboy  to die by a ransom (eight weeks)
8.   The guiltless one  to die by a bomb (nine weeks)
If you are bold enough to survive on your fateful day, you win and get to live.

“Is this a joke?” Tiwa asked after she read through. Genevieve was thinking.

“No it is not.”

“But the socialite you spoke about is number two. The first on the list should be dead by now. I think this week.”

“You are right,” the minister of information said in a saddened tone. “She was poisoned two days ago and the officials investigating the case have gotten nowhere.”

“She didn’t get the threat note?” Genevieve asked.

“Susie was my cousin and a government official. She got it, told her daughter it was a prank because of her upcoming birthday.”

“When is her birthday?”

“Two days ago. On Saturday.”

“She was poisoned on her birthday?”


“I need… We need to know….”

“Wait a minute.” Tiwa said. “We are really working together on this case?”

“That’s what they want.”

“Is that what you want?”

“Its not about what I want. These people’s lives are at risk and we have to do everything to save them.”

“I work for the BIA and you work for NIB if I guessed right.”

“You did.”

“What about your job?”

“I think my boss will understand if I accept this case. What about you?”

Tiwa sighed and folded her arms. She looked at the list and cleared her throat. “I think my boss will understand too.” She stared at the inspector. “But we have every right to consult anyone for assistance and advice on this case.”

Genevieve quickly said. “Me too.”

“Agreed,” Danjuma said. “But whoever you consult should not be a family member or a spouse.”

They accepted.

He continued. “Your bank accounts will be credited in case you want to travel or need anything.”

“Do we have to travel?”

“Engr. Dickson lives in Benin.”

Genevieve said, “That means the assassin or whatever he calls himself will have to travel over to the south and kill a man.”

“I think so.”

"He calls himself the contractor." Tiwa said. “He thinks he has control of everyone’s lives in this list. He is bold. This case has to be taken very serious. We might not know who he is on time but he might find out who we are.”

“That’s why we called both of you. We will give you the addresses of the targets.”

“That’s what I wanted to say earlier." Genevieve said. "We have to speak with the daughter of the first victim.”

“No problem.” the minister said. “She is still in shock and unable to control herself. I will call her today and inform her you are coming tomorrow so that she can prepare herself.”

Tiwa’s face collapsed. “I understand how she feels.”

Genevieve gave her a look and back at the minister and inspector. She glanced at the sheet and said. “Something bothers me. You wants us to stop the contractor from killing the government officials but none of you is saying anything about the four names omitted from the list. We only have clues.”

“We don’t know what it means or know the four people on it.” Inspector Danjuma spoke to her. “I think we should concentrate on the others.”

“That’s selfishness.” Tiwa quickly uttered. “I will not be biased. Detective Genevieve and I will have to find a way to know the names. Their lives are at risk. They don’t have to work for the government for us to help them too.”

“Do whatever you can but first focus on these four names first.”


The men gave them their complementary cards. They informed them they had their bank accounts.

“How did you get it?” Genevieve inquired.

“The MD of the NIB was contacted about this issue. He told us you had relocated to be with your husband. He gave us your home address.”

“What about me?” Tiwa asked him.

“Mr. Bankole did.”

She gave a quick smile and glowered. “I knew he was going to be the one.” No wonder he couldn’t stop calling for me to come back home! She said to herself silently.

Chinedu Okeke looked at Genevieve. “You are intelligent and inquisitive.” He glanced at Tiwa. “You are a risk-taker and courageous. If both of you collaborate, you will solve this case without anyone dying on the list.”

“We cannot promise you anything.” Genevieve said.

“And if anyone dies, don’t blame us.” Tiwa said.

The men laughed. They didn’t want to argue with the investigators especially Tiwa who was blunt as always. They escorted the ladies outside and the officials came to take them home separately. Genevieve asked for privacy to speak with Tiwa.

“I don’t mean to prey or get myself involved with your personal life, my husband knows Mr. Adebiyi Gold and I am aware you were kidnapped few months after I gave birth. I am sorry we were not there for him and you.”

“You don’t need to apologize. I understand. I survived.”

Genevieve chuckled. “I will inform Quincy about you. Ever since Quincy relocated here, he told me he has hanged out with your boyfriend.”

“He told me over the phone about it. I travelled and came back today.”

“Oh, then you should go home and rest. You are not made of steel."

“I will.” Tiwa said and gave her number to Genevieve. “I will turn on my cell when I get home.”

“No problem. I have to go and check up on Quincy and my kid. We will talk more about the case tomorrow. Just let me know when and where we should meet.”


“Uhmn… about the contractor, I think I might know someone that can try and hack into the email of the contractor. We have his email address. We might get the full list there.”

“Whatever you can to help hasten the investigation, do it.”

“I can’t believe I am about to say this,” Genevieve said with a bright smile on her lips. “Partners?”

Tiwa’s face brightened. “Partners.” They shook hands.

Genevieve and Tiwa called out the officials ready to take them home. The new partners hopped into the cars and were set to leave when they sighted the inspector running towards them. They hastily jumped out and motioned to meet him.

“What is it?” Tiwa asked.

He was breathing loudly. He managed to compose himself. “I just received a call from a politician. He’s daughter is back to Nigeria and she received the list. Her name is on it.”

“What number is she?” Genevieve questioned.

“Number five and she is known as Modupe Lawson.”

To be continued…….

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  2. Isn't modupe lawson the one that killed the husband and went abroad with the kids

  3. If I can remember clearly Modupe publicly disgraced her husband and ripped him off everything he had for impregnating another lady.

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  6. Waooh this episode will be bomb, so complicated, mix, omg, am twerking,for this new episode, nice one bae.

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