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Saturday, January 07, 2017

QUEEN OMOTOLA! Episode 13.

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Ronke needed explanations why Owokan lied to her but he was in a hurry to leave. He told her he was sorry and wanted to protect her.

“How would you feel if I was the one that lied to you?” She asked and followed him inside his room. He was packing his belongings.

“I am sorry!” he uttered and took a glimpse at her. She had tears bouncing around her eyeballs. He was surprised and stopped what he was doing. “I never meant to make you cry.”

“I have lived with you for over a year and I didn’t know the truth about you. Now, you are just a stranger.”

“No.” he said and moved closer to her. “I never knew fighting was important until I felt insecure in my Kingdom. I knew my twin was planning something and I had no choice but leave and come here.” He narrated what happened between him and the queen.

She sniffed her nose and wiped her eyes. “I can’t believe she accused you of taking those lands.”

“She never trusted me, only my sister did.”

“I can’t believe you are Queen Omotola’s son. I have been training, and fighting with…” She chuckled. “Playing and falling in love with her son.”

Owokan eyes were stunned. He touched her chin. “You love me?”

“Yes and….”

He kissed her gently on her lips. He peered into her dazed eyes and whispered. “I love you too.”

“I know.” Ronke said and smiled. “And I waited for you to tell me.”

Owokan hugged her very tight. “I should have but I thought you would reject me.” He released her. “I have to go but I will surely come back for you.”

“You can’t leave now and it’s getting dark.” 

Udoka came inside to meet them. He spoke. “I have managed to give him food and herbs for him to gain back his strength.”

“Thank you uncle.”

“Thanks the gods for bringing him here safely. He is sleeping at the moment.”

He sighed. “I think I will leave him here.”

“Don’t tell me you are leaving now?”


“You have to stop him uncle Udoka!” Ronke said quickly.

“If you leave now, you will lose and Odion will capture you. You need backup because this is war against your flesh and blood. He won’t be happy to see you are against him.”

“Of course I will be against him. He can’t take the throne from my mother and kill our people! I must protect them!”

“Before Sota slept he mentioned the priestess passed a message that you have to save your mother, take your throne and bring peace back to the people! Have you always wanted to be the king of Izieole?”

He gazed into his eyes and smiled as he remembered late King Imafidon’s face. “I have never told anyone about this, not even my mother when she asked me. Few days before my father died, he called his children and spoke with us separately. When it reached my turn, he asked me what I cherished the most apart from the family.”

“What was your answer?” Ronke asked.

“The people and Izieole Kingdom.” he replied. “I told him I never wanted to see anything bad happen to them. He told me when he asked Odion, my brother said he wanted to rule many kingdoms even if it took the souls of his loved ones. He was weak to argue. I had to promise him that I would take care of my mother, sister and the people he would leave behind.”

Udoka heaved a sigh and shook his head. “I am proud of you. I have to alert the king to release his warriors to you.”

“Do you think the king will accept?”

“He has no choice. He benefited from your mother. We have horses that will take you and the rest warriors. It will be a day journey. You have to take your brother by surprise.”

“What if he kills my mother before we arrive?”

“May the gods forbid such and I don’t think he will kill her immediately. Men like your brother would love to watch her suffer before taking her life.”

“I should have gone home.”

Ronke held his hand. “It is not your fault. Maybe this is the best way to save them.”

Late in the evening, Adesuwa arrived at Izieole. A male guard that followed the king of Udo sighted her but made sure she did not see him. Adesuwa went to the palace and met Odion’s personal guard. He recognized her, told her to wait and went to inform his master.

“What does she want?” he asked.

“She said she wanted to speak with you.”

He followed him and they approached her. Adesuwa bowed down her head and addressed him as a king. He acted surprised and allowed her inside. 

“What do you really want?” Odion requested from her.

“I came here to offer you my friendship.”

“Your friendship won’t have a positive effect on me. I can kill you right now and nothing will happen.”

She smiled. “I am aware my son is here. Don’t trust him.”


“If he came here to show you support, he is pretending! He still loves your sister!”

“Really?” He asked in a surprised tone.

“The people of Udo kingdom will call you their king if you grant me my wish.”

“You want me to be the king of Udo? That means I have to kill your son.”

“You have my permission but I must watch Queen Omotola die.”

Odion laughed aloud. “I don’t like you but we might turn out to be good friends.” He ordered one of his guards to give her a room to stay and Omorodion must not know about her visit.

King Omorodion’s guard informed him of his mother. In the middle of the night, he sent his guard a message to pass across to someone from another Kingdom.

Very early the next morning, Omotola had to pretend she was sick. She began to scream as if she was in pain. Morenike cried to make it look real. Odion was notified but he didn’t say anything.
They thought of a way out but came to nothing. Mother and daughter refused to eat. In the afternoon, Odion came to inform Omotola that she should get ready, that people came to witness her die. He left and promised to be back.

Morenike burst out crying. Omotola moved towards her and held her sweaty hands.
“There are so many things we are supposed to talk about but my end is near.” She told her.
“No mother, you can’t die.”

“I have given up and I am sorry. If only your brother was here. I still need to see him one more time.” Tears flushed out from her eyes. “Whenever you see Owokan, tell him I loved him with all my heart.”

The mention of his name brought memories. Morenike recalled something. “I remember Owokan saying he could safe himself even if he never knew how to fight. He would use what he has to get what he wants.”

“What does that mean?”

“We can buy some time for Omorodion to help us escape. Is there anything you can offer Odion that he doesn’t have?”

Omotola thought and nodded. “I don’t think so.”

“Think.” Morenike said. “Maybe something that can benefit him when he becomes king!”

She widened her eyes and pointed a finger at her. “The northerners will never collaborate with Odion when he becomes king of Izieole. They must have heard he killed King of Eroma and when they find out about me too, they will never offer him horses for war. Your brother is desperate. He will need them.”

“He is not my brother.”

Omotola sighed and wiped the tears off her face. “I hope he will listen to me.”

“Let’s hope so.”

“Owokan is a wise man and I misjudged him. May the gods forgive me.”

“The gods will.” Morenike said with concern and hugged her very tight.

The King of Uzor Kingdom agreed. He offered Owokan his warriors and horses to save Omotola and avenge Osamudiamen’s death. They began to prepare. It hurt Udoka he was not able to follow. He was old and weak to fight.

When it was time for Omotola to come out, she asked to see Odion privately. He agreed and listened to what she had to say. She told him to let her live and help negotiate about the horses and after she had done that, he could kill her.

“Why do you want to help me?” He asked.

“It’s because I want to spend enough time with my daughter before I die.”

He scornfully looked at her. “I will agree to let you live but it won’t be for long. I will kill anyone I like and nothing you say can stop me.”

Omotola was thrown back into the prison. Morenike was happy to see her. Their plan worked but they began to get worried when Omorodion was yet to check up on them. They hoped he was all right.

Omotola felt the prophesy was not clear and the priestess must have made a small mistake. It was impossible for her other son to safe her. He probably had no clue to what was happening to her. She wished she could see him one more time.

In the evening at Uzor Kingdom, Owokan and the warriors were prepared to leave. The people stood, prayed and wished them well. Ronke was not there to wish him goodbye. No one knew where she went. As Owokan said his goodbye to Udoka, Ronke came from his behind and tapped him on the shoulder. She was neatly dressed with her weapon in her hand.

His eyes brightened. “Where have you been?”

“I was around the corner. Do you really think I will let you go without me?”

“You can’t follow me. It will be risky!”

“I might not be a fighter like you but still know how to use a sword and I am very fast using arrows. You can’t stop me.”

“You have….”

Udoka silenced his sentence. “You can’t stop her.”

He turned to look at him. “But it will be dangerous for her.”

“She can take care of herself.”

Owokan glanced at her. “Are you sure about this?’

“Yes.” Ronke smiled. He kissed her on her left cheek, carried her and put her on the horse. He joined her. As Udoka watched them leave, he remembered his late friend and smiled.

King Omorodion choose not to eat the food given to him. He would collect it and give his guard to throw away secretly. He pretended he knew nothing about his mother’s visit. He decided not to see Morenike to avoid suspicion. He had to be careful otherwise it would be the end for him.

The next day in the afternoon, Odion announced there was going to be a party. The front of the palace was decorated and dignitaries and important personalities were arriving. No one really knew what he was celebrating. The starved people of Izieole and warriors were sick and weak.
They freed them and some guards with swords took them outside to watch what was going to happen. Osato, her husband and chiefs were pushed to the ground and they sat on the floor. Osato searched around to look for her son but could not find him. She was scared.

Odion came and his friends clapped as he addressed them and declared something excited was going to happen.

A guard brought Omotola and Morenike outside. Omorodion was seated and he looked over at their side with a concern expression written on his face.

“I am here to entertain you.” Odion said and stood up. “All of you are highly welcomed. As you all know, Queen Omotola will no longer be the one to rule. I am proud to be a king of many kingdoms and I intend to add more when the right times comes but for now, I will like to shed some blood.”

Murmuring ensued and people looked at each other stunned and puzzled.

Adesuwa came out into the crowd. Two guards quickly went to stand close to Omorodion and placed their swords by his throat. The only Udo warrior with him was captured and struck on his stomach. He was left on the floor with his sword beside him. He was losing blood.
Morenike could not hold back the tears. Omotola gripped and consoled her.

Odion glanced at Omorodion. “Do you think I am a fool?”
“Do not believe whatever my mother has told you!”

Adesuwa stared at Omotola and smiled. Everyone acted shocked and speechless.

“You will be punished and killed but not immediately.” Odion said. “I have another problem to sort out first.” He looked at Owosa. “Bring him here!”

Owosa left and came back with Imafidon. Osato saw him, wanted to stand but she was threatened they would kill her. She started to cry as she saw her son with injuries on his body. Imafidon was beaten and wounded. He was on his knees. Some of the fighters spread his arms apart and held him. Odion carried a sword. He wanted to separate his arms from his body. 
Odion raised up his sword.

“No!!” Omotola screamed. “I beg you in the name of the gods, don’t do it!”

Osato wailed and begged. Morenike and the prisoners pleaded. Fear had gripped all of them.
Blood dripped from the lips of Imafidon. Odion gave a wicked smiled and raised the weapon higher.

“Take me instead!” Omotola yelled and released herself from Morenike. “I am ready to fight you!! I can never help you bargain with the northerners. You are an embarrassment, and I wish you died at childbirth!” She spat on the floor. "You are a curse!!"

His eyes turned red! He ran towards Omotola, she moved backwards and hastily collected the sword of the wounded Udo warrior. She blocked Odion’s weapon as he tried to hit her. People watched in amazement. They were fighting like longtime enemies. Omotola knew he would get her, she was getting weak and she could feel the rage coming from Odion. It scared her to the bones.

For some minutes, they watched them. Imafidon tried to release himself from their grip but couldn’t. He tried to fight back the tears. He failed. Omotola quickly took a glimpse at terrified Morenike and that was a mistake. Odion used that moment to strike her. She had seen it coming but it was too late to dodge it. The sword cut her by the left arm. He used his right leg to hit her on the knee. She lost her balance and fell on the floor. Her sword dropped from her hand.

Warriors stopped Morenike from running to lift her mother. Odion lifted his weapon higher; all of a sudden, they heard a noise came from a distance. He paused and looked at the direction where it was coming from. He saw men jumping down from their horses and entered into their midst and began to fight. Arrows pierced into Odion’s warriors. Omotola noticed Odion was confused at what was going on, she kicked him on the stomach, picked up the sword and stood up. 

Owokan and Ronke came forward and began to slaughter the warriors of Odion.
Adesuwa had carried a sword from a dead warrior and moved towards her son. The warriors were still holding Omorodion and he felt helpless. Adesuwa with an angry look on her face, raised the sword and wanted to strike him, an arrow pierced her on the back. The guards stood shocked and ran. It was Owokan. Omorodion smiled and collected the sword from his mother who had dropped on the floor, fighting for her life.

He stared at her.

“Pleases don’t kill me.” Adesuwa begged.

“My mother will not bury me!” He stabbed her stomach.

Imafidon raised his head and sighted Owokan. He closed his eyes tightly and spoke. “If the gods can hear me please listen, if I was born to be a warrior and given me the strength to fight, help me. Let me be free!” All of them heard the sound of a thunder. A  strong wave took over Imafidon's body. He was able to release himself, used his hands to kill the guards holding him and went towards Odion.

Morenike, Omotola were dumbfounded to see Owokan. They were stunned to say a word.

More warriors came on behalf of Odion and he smiled. His smile immediately disappeared when he saw another set of warriors. They were not from the south. The guard Omorodion sent in the middle of the night came with them. Warriors of Udo and Oduwa’s Kingdoms came together and overtook the enemies of Omotola.

The people of Izieole Kingdom ran to find a place to hide.

The way Owokan battled, the warriors were frightened. When he motioned towards them, they shift backwards. He slaughtered them like animals!

Omorodion, and Morenike took Osato, her husband and the other chiefs to hide somewhere.

Omotola joined them to fight. She was delighted to see Owokan again and grateful to him for coming to save her. For what he did, she was ruthless and showed no mercy to Odion’s men. 

Ronke partnered with her and fought together as if they have known each other for a long time. Imafidon and Odion were fighting each other.  Omotola’s warriors joined even though they were weak. They fought with the little strength left in them. Some of them injured, died and survived. 

When Imafidon knew it was hard to get Odion down, he gripped him by the neck and clutched it very tight. Odion could hardly breathe. Owokan noticed and raced to meet them. Imafidon was thunderstruck as he watched Owokan remove his hand from Odion’s neck. No one could ever do that but he did it. Owokan was powerful. 

Owokan choose not to kill Odion. He brought him close to him and whispered. “You are still my brother!” 

He hit him on his head and pushed him to the ground. Omotola, Ronke, fighters of Udo, Izieole and Oduwa stopped to fight. They had won! They watched what Owokan was about to do. The people of Izieole came out from their hiding place.

Owokan looked over at Odion and penetrated him on his arms and legs with arrows. Odion whimpered in pain.

“You will never be able to raise a sword and walk anymore. I will make sure you’ll never hurt anyone again!” 

“Nooooo!!!” Odion screamed as he was taken away and thrown where Omotola and Morenike were locked. 

Omotola burst out in tears. Tears of endless joy. She gestured to meet him and she could feel the love he had for her in his eyes. He moved closer and brought her close to his arms. Morenike ran to meet him and they embraced. She went back to meet Omorodion.

Queen Omotola fell on the floor and bowed down her head. “All hail the new ruler of Izieole Kingdom! All hail the son of Imafidon Obayuwana!! All hail King Owokan Obayuwana!!!”

Everyone obeyed. “All hail the King of Izieole. All hail King Owokan Obayuwana!”

Omotola rose.

The priestess suddenly appeared and looked at Owokan’s direction. “May the gods always be with you.”


“You have brought peace back to the people. You will be a great ruler.” She disappeared.

Omotola hugged him again with a bright smile on her lips. Everyone rejoiced and danced. Osato was happy to see her son alive. Omotola gave Omorodion and Morenike her blessings. Owokan introduced Ronke to his mother.

“It was a dream come true to fight alongside with you.” Ronke said. 

“I am glad you are the woman my son fell in love with. You’re going to be a wonderful queen.”

Happiness filled her heart. “Thank you your highness.”

“My pleasure.”

Odion prayed for death but he received enormous pain. He wept day and night.

On the day of Owokan’s coronation, Udoka, people from Udo, Oduwa kingdoms attended. Everyone was happy and there was peace in Izieole Kingdom. Morenike sat beside her future husband Omorodion. They appeared in love and happy. Ronke was beautiful. Owokan could not take his eyes off her. 

They were enough to eat and drink. They danced when he was pronounced King.

King Owokan called Omotola aside and said to her. “I will not be a king but a son to you. You will always be my Queen!”

The end.
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Waooh, God bless queen omotola, all hail king owokan, and the people of izeiole,kingdom...nice one...I love this episode..thank you so much carina j.

  2. Waooh, God bless queen omotola, all hail king owokan, and the people of izeiole,kingdom...nice one...I love this episode..thank you so much carina j.

  3. I love this episode. What a good way to end this series.
    Looking forward to the next story..

  4. Interesting as always. All hail king Owokan!


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