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Episode 5 Title: Searching for answers.
She went to visitor’s bedroom, locked the door and dialed her husband’s number. She narrated everything to him.

“I saw the news online. Are you sure about this?” He asked. “Are you sure he is number six on the list?”

“Yes!” Lucky uttered. He could feel the panic in her voice. “Joseph I am scared.”

“Don’t be my love. I will take tomorrow’s flight and please contact the detectives about this. Do you have their number?”

“No,” she answered. “But the news will be reported again and I will get it. Won’t Sebastian be mad at me when he finds out?”

“I will tell him I persuaded you to call them. He wants to prove stubborn as usual. He saw the list and never called to discuss it with me and even you! He might think the contractor can’t kill him. Seven weeks, that's a month and two weeks. There is still time. Where is he right now?”

“He went out to have fun!” Lucky stated.

“What!” Joseph exclaimed. What is wrong with him? I won’t call him to let him know I am coming and my mother must not hear about this. I am even glad she travelled to Dubai to rest. How is Roland?”

This time the fear in her disappeared. She wore a bright smile. “Our son is doing fine. He asked after you.”

“Don’t let him know I am coming tomorrow. He will tell his uncle. I want to surprise both of them.”

“That’s better.” She said and sighed. “Who do you think is after him?”

“He is called the heartbreaker. He must have hurt a lot of women but the ultimate was Kate.”

“Kate?” She sounded surprised.

“Yes Kate. She thought he was going to marry her and she got heartbroken. She got back with her husband five years ago and up till now, she is unable to conceive and her husband impregnated another woman.”


“Are you not the one that told me she blamed Sebastian for that? And that if he had married her all these won’t have happened.”

“And I clarified things with her. He is not the cause!”

“And ever since then you are not close to her again. She must be hurt and ready to revenge.”

“Sebastian didn’t do anything! Whatever she is going through in her marriage is her fault! I warned her. Her husband must have found out about the affair. Maybe her past is catching up with her.”

“Also with my brother!”


“What? It’s the truth. Just wait and see what Sebastian would say about this. I will call you first thing tomorrow morning. I love you.”

“I love you too Joseph.”


I thought of what I had done to Jude and I felt a little regret. I should have divorced him and collected enough to last me for a long time without causing damages. I begged my mom to accompany me to the psychiatrist hospital. She made it clear to me that she wasn’t going to step out of the vehicle when we got there. I agreed. It was my cross to carry.

We got there and I prayed for courage to face Jude. Even if he was ill, I wish he could tell me how to make him come back to his right senses. I want answers. I really need to know if he told anyone what I did before he lost his mind.

The nurse I saw took me to the ward they kept him. I was not myself when I saw other patients expressing erratic behavior and I wonder how Jude would act when he saw me.

I managed to move closer to Jude when I saw him. He was resting on his bed and his arms and legs were chained. The pressure in me reduced. I looked at his face and he was staring at the ceiling.

“Jude.” I called his name but no reply.

I called his name louder and he quickly faced me. I thought he was going to shout or accuse me of his problem but I was shocked at what he did. He stared at another way, glanced back at me and started to laugh fitfully.Then it occurred to me Jude was indeed a mad man and he couldn’t be the one after my life. All I did was leave. I had nothing to say to him. If I was still married to him because he couldn’t sign the divorce papers, I remain the unforgivable housewife.


After Kelvin and I dropped Genevieve in front of her husband’s office and zoomed off, I received a call from a woman, informing me her brother in law was number six. I promised to see them with my partner the next day. I sent Genevieve a text message about it. As Kelvin drove, I felt exhausted, famished and ready to hit the bed. Although, I was a bit relieved to know we had only two names to find out and there was still time. What bothered me was the second target. His time was close and we don’t even know how to stop him from drowning. I wonder how the contractor intended to carry out his plan. Mrs. Susan Ike was killed by her own daughter and that was quite easy. What about Mr. Ayodele Okoya? Was he going to be lured into a swimming pool or captured and thrown into a river? I have thought of so many things and came up with no solution or new ideas.

I heaved a sigh when the car stopped and I saw myself home. I was happy I was home with the man that made me feel safe. As I approached the entrance door, it opened and Adebiyi came out. He was grinning as if he won a jackpot. He gave me a light peck on my forehead and I inhaled the smell of his favorite vodka.

“You have been drinking.” I said and looked around. I noticed there was a car in the compound that was unfamiliar. I glanced back at his face. “Do you have a guest?”

“Yes we do.”

“That must be Mr. Popoola!” I said elatedly and sauntered inside. Adebiyi shut the door and walked behind me. I saw two men. One was familiar and the other was a stranger to me. Mr. Popoola rose and moved towards me. He was smiling and he extended his hand for a handshake but I pushed him closer for a hug. “I am so happy to see you again!”

“Me too!!”

“We saw you on TV. You did the right thing.”


I turned to the other man. He was dressed casually, wore a military cap, and he was holding a drink. I guessed he should be age mate with Ade. He stood up and Adebiyi went to stay by his side.

“This is Dotun Jalade an old friend,” he said to me and he looked at him. “This is the woman that has captured your friend’s heart.”

Dotun came closer and shook my hand. “It’s my pleasure and I am grateful for taking care of him.”

“I think he is the one taking good care of me.” We laughed. I was very tasty, I excused myself and promised to be back. I went to the kitchen to get myself chilled bottled water from the fridge. I have finished drinking when Adebiyi’s arms wrapped me. He kissed the back of my neck and turned me around to face him.

“Are you celebrating something?” I asked suspiciously.

“Yes!” He said in a thrilled tone.

“And would you like to tell me now?”

He shook his head. “Not yet.” he winked and smiled.

“So would you tell me how you knew Dotun?”

“Of course! He was nice to me when I was abroad. He worked with my late boss.”

My mouth opened. “Is he not among the people that were arrested?”

“No! He left before it happened. He wanted to join the military and when he had the chance he left, kept in touch with some of us and before we knew it, we lost contact. He came back to Nigeria after a long time. He wants to find his mother’s people, find a job and go back later.”

“That’s nice. Now I know why you are happy.”

“Oh babe, you have no idea!”

“But I am hungry.”

“Dinner is ready,” he said and walked towards the gas. “We were waiting for you.”

Everyone at the office had gone. It was Quincy, Freddie and the security man there. Before we got home, we ate at an eatery. 

I told him everything that happened after we were able to put Freddie to sleep. We were in the bath tub.

“By next week both of you have to be at alert. Number two has to be saved.”

“I know. It’s just frustrating that we have gotten nowhere.”

“You think it’s easy?”

“I thought after arresting Sandra we would find the contractor.”

“You will.”

“He must have seen the news and he knows who we are.” I sighed tiredly.

“Yes and he will underestimate you and agent Tiwa and when you catch him red-handed, he will never see it coming.”

I smiled at him. “Thank you for believing in us.”

Quincy kissed my hair. “You smell nice.”

I grinned. “I know what you are thinking.”

He laughed and caressed my body under the water. He whispered into my left ear. “I miss you.”

I looked up at his face and muttered, “I miss you too love.” I locked his mouth with my own and kissed him for long before he gestured his right hand below my abdomen. He fingered me and as I moaned, Quincy became harder and all set to make love to me.

The next morning, the two partners met and agreed to visit the Akande’s family before checking up on Ayodele’s friend. Popoola and Dotun slept in the guest rooms and left before Tiwa woke up. Genevieve could not follow Quincy to drop Freddie at school. They woke up late and had to dress up very fast.

“It seems someone had a nice time last night. ”Tiwa said to Genevieve when she saw her.

She looked confused. Tiwa searched the pigeonhole and took out a comb.

Genevieve smiled and collected it. “Thanks and yes, I had a nice time.”

When they got to their destination, they met Sebastian. Tiwa asked after Lucky.

“I can’t believe you called them without letting me know first!” That was the first thing Sebastian said to his sister in law when he allowed Tiwa and Genevieve entered into his home. He left the door opened. Without introducing themselves, he recognized them and spoke angrily at Lucky. The partners remained on their feet and watched.

“I had no choice and besides Joseph gave me the order to do that!” She told him.

His eyes quickly turned red. “You told Joseph?”

“I had to.” Lucky replied him. “We love you and we don’t want anything bad to happen to you!”

“And you think I can’t take care of myself! You and my brother worry too much. Give me space to breathe. Now I know why he sent you to stay with me when he travelled. Am I a baby? If I need a nanny I will get ten!”

“I am not here to babysit you but spend time with my brother in law. Is that too much for you?”

“The love I have for all of you is more than enough! You and Joseph’s own is beginning to choke me.”

“We are not here to watch both of you yell at each other.” Tiwa finally said. “We don’t care if you can take care of yourself; we just want to know who you suspect that wants you dead.”

Sebastian gave her a look and strolled towards her.

“Agent Tiwa Banks.” he said and smiled. “I have read things about you and you are the kind of woman that suits me. Are you seeing someone?”

Genevieve’s eyes rolled at Tiwa’s face and she swallowed.

Tiwa’s eyebrows travelled up and her forehead turned rumpled. She gave him a straight answer. “Yes.”

“That’s bad. You and I would have made a perfect couple.”

A massive frown swallowed her entire face. “You are wrong. We won’t.”


Lucky appeared frustrated about his reaction to the major problem.

He asked again after he received no reply from her. “Why won’t we make a perfect couple?”

The frown on Tiwa’s face reduced. Her voice became solid. “That’s because one of us would eventually kill the other.”

“Awww…. but I like you.”

“I don’t like you.” It sounded like a sincere answer.

He smiled and shifted backward. “There’s nothing to say then.”

“This is a serious issue.” Genevieve said with a straight face. “I really don’t know why you are taking it like this.”

“That’s because I am not scared of death,” he pointed at the scar on his face. “This is my story. If I was able to cheat death then no human can take my life!”

“That’s if we help you find out who wants you dead.”

“Kate,” Joseph said and walked inside the living room. 

They had no idea he has been standing and listening to them. Genevieve and Tiwa saw the resemblance and knew they were twins. Lucky ran to meet him and he kissed her cheeks. He moved towards the partners, introduced himself and apologized on Sebastian’s behalf. “I have tried my best to make him change but he won’t.” He gazed at Sebastian.

“What?” Sebastian asked him annoyingly.

“We are doing this because we care. I can’t fold my arms and watch you act this way. It was a miracle you survived, me too and I believe your life will be cut short if you don’t give these women a chance to help us catch the heartless human that wants to take your life. You know Lucky and I went through a lot in the past, please don’t add yours.”

He folded his arms and grumbled.

Tiwa was able to smile. She had no idea about their love story or what really happened but she sensed true love flowed through the Akande’s family. “We need the address of this Kate and please tell us why you suspect her.”

Lucky narrated Kate and Sebastian story. She gave them her home address and phone number.

Genevieve brought out a small piece of paper and biro from her jacket. “We will also need the names of the girls you broke their hearts.”

Sebastian began to laugh. He pointed at the paper. “And you brought out that? You need a notebook!”

“Are you Solomon in the bible?” Tiwa asked in an irritated tone.

He stood up. “Maybe but I might change if you give me a chance.”

“In your dreams.”

“I would love to see you there.”

Tiwa got angry. “And if you are not ready to cooperate, see you at your funeral!” She stormed out of the house and this time she helped them close the door and it was very loud. Joseph ran after her and hiked to stand in front of her.

“I am very sorry!”

“You have to stop apologizing for him!” She said. “He knows what he is doing!”

"I know."

“I read people. Someone like your brother is afraid of getting hurt. He can be nice if he wants to and be a pain in the neck too. He puts on this character to hide his real personality and true feelings. He might not listen to you all the time and make you angry purposely but I think he loves you and ready to do anything for you and your family.”

“You are right. He saved my life once and I want to do the same.” He gave her his complimentary card. “Call me if you need anything.”

“You are welcome.” She smiled. He left and she saw Genevieve walking towards her. “Let’s go.”

Genevieve stopped her from moving. “Are you okay?”


“That was intense in there. I think Sebastian is frustrated about what is going on.”

“No, he is annoying!”

“But seriously, both of you would have made a lovely couple.”

“I doubt that.” It was funny to her. “It’s either I kill him or he’ll kill me.”

The partners jeered into a stimulating laugh.

Tiwa added. “Christ! What a character!”

“I agree,” Genevieve said cheerfully. “he is annoying but kind of funny too.”

“I wonder who he will eventually end up with.” Tiwa said.

“I think I have an idea who suits him.”

“Who?” She asked curiously.

“Modupe Lawson!” And the partners laughed so hard their ribs almost froze.

A young and fair complexion lady who happened to be Quincy Harvey Arinze's secretary informed him he had a visitor. She was blushing when she opened the door for the guest to enter.

“Thank you.” He said politely.

Quincy rose and spread his arms. He walked up to him and they hugged each other. “Adebiyi Gold! You didn’t tell me you were coming to see me. I would have prepared for you! Please sit.”

“You don’t have to and besides I am not a celebrity.”

Quincy sat down. “Well you are to some people. I could see the way she looked at you.”

He balanced on one of the chairs opposite him. “She must be dreaming!” They exploded into a long laugh. “It seems destiny brought us together again and this time very close. Our women are working together.”

“That’s true! I am happy about it. My son’s birthday is coming up soon. Although we haven’t prepared. I am using the opportunity to invite you and agent Tiwa.”

“We will be there. I will personally introduce you to her and I am sure you will like her.”

The smile on his lips was radiant. “With the things I have heard about her, I like her already!”

They laughed again.

Adebiyi continued to speak and this time he looked serious. “I hope your wife absence here at the office is not causing any misunderstanding at home?”

“Not at all,” Quincy said confidently. “It has become interesting. She comes to the office after work and we go home together and talk about what happened. I won’t lie, I miss working with her but as you can see, my job here is time consuming and I don’t have enough time to investigate any case. I am their boss here and I give orders, attend meetings and I am involved with others things. Genevieve and I are doing fine but I think we are going to have a problem soon.”

He frowned. “Why?”

“I am been trying to work on the transfer of Genevieve’s best friend Mr. Leroy. He is a very good detective and she wants him here. Right now, the workers here are more than enough. This place is full. In the last meeting I had with the overall boss he mentioned there are not going to be transferring detectives anymore.”

“That’s quite unfortunate.”

“Yes it is. I have no idea how she is going to react.”

Adebiyi shrugged, rubbed his chin gently and dimmed his eyes. “What if I can bring him here?”

“Bring him here?” Quincy asked in a confused tone. He leaned forward and placed his hands on his desk. “I don’t understand. Enlighten me.”

“My main purpose of coming here is to discuss something important. It involves your wife. I have to let you know first and see if you are okay with it and if not, there’s absolutely no problem.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Remember I told you about the project I was working on.”

“Is it the one that involves your girlfriend?”

“Yes.” He answered.

“I have finished it and we are putting everything in order.”

Quincy eyes brightened and the glow that arises on his face showed he was genuinely happy. He stood on his feet and shook Adebiyi’s hands for long. “Congrats my man! You have finished the project in a short period. Money is good.”

“It is good when you use it wisely.”

“I am happy for you!!” He said excitedly. “This calls for celebration!”

“But I will celebrate after what I intend to do succeed. I haven’t told Tiwa about it. I want to surprise her.”

“And that involves Genevieve. I think I know what you are going to tell me. It is not in my position to tell her what to do. If she gives you a positive answer, then it’s good news.”

“So you are okay if she doesn’t work here anymore?”

“As long as she is my wife, I don’t care where she chooses to work. Create time and discuss it with her. If she agrees, I know you will pay her generously.”

They laughed again.

He added. “You will be doing me a big favor by bringing detective Leroy here.”

“But Tiwa remains detective Genevieve’s partner.”

“Genevieve is used to it, love it and she doesn’t have a choice.” Quincy said jokingly and what they did was laugh, went for lunch and had a nice time.

They went over to see Mr. Ayodele's friend house Mr. Tijani and they got the shock of their lives when he referred them to his lawyer. He told them he was innocent and if they had evidence to prove he wanted to kill his friend, then they should arrest him.

Genevieve and Tiwa were on their way to see the married daughter of Ayodele when the detective received a call from Mr. Femi. He sounded nervous on the phone and insisted they see him in his home. Two of them had no choice and Kelvin drove them there. They met him and he was sweating profusely and biting his fingernails.

“I can’t believe this.” He said repeatedly.

“Tell us what is going on.” Genevieve said.

“Please follow me.” He said.

The partners looked at each other and nodded. They touched their weapon positioned underneath their jacket and followed him behind. He reached the door of a room and opened it. 

"This is the visitor's room." He said and entered. Genevieve first peeped inside and saw nobody there. She and Tiwa entered, and noticed the things on the bed. Genevieve and Tiwa moved closer to take a good at them.

“Where did you see these items?” Genevieve asked.

“I was searching for some old documents in one of the wardrobes when I found them.”

“Who do you know is the owner of all these?”

He shut his eyes trying not to cry. He told them.

Tiwa dialed Modupe’s number and when she answered, she said to her. “You are needed in your eldest brother’s house. Come right now. I think we know who is trying to kill you!”

To be continued…..


  1. I was smiling reading this episode. Carina you made me laugh! See the way genny and tiwa yab sebastian. Modupe is heartless ,u left us in suspense

  2. If it isnt Kate then i suspect Sebastian's former secretary whom he used and dumped.Suspence- filled episode.

  3. Waooh, this is unbelievable, could it be the girt that got pregnant for modupe,Husband....I can't wait for the next episode,thanks babe.


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