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Episode 7 Title: The contractor and number seven.
Tiwa and Genevieve rushed out from the car and ran towards Tijani’s house. They were lucky it wasn’t fenced and as they got closer to the building, they heard loud voices.

“Are you working for those women that called themselves detectives?” Tijani asked Tolu in an angered tone and motioned towards her. She shifted backwards but there was nowhere to escape except she passed through him. “When you knocked on my door, I peeped through the window because I was not expecting you. I saw the vehicle those women used when they came here to harass me. I knew you came with them!!”

“Stay away from me!” Fear had absorbed every part of her body. “How could you!! Despite our age difference, I thought you loved me genuinely.”


"What has my father done to you?”

“He killed my sister!”

“It wasn’t intentional and you know it! It was a mistake!” She started to cry.

“Urghh!!” He grunted and quickened his steps.

She ran and climbed his bed.

“Mr. Tijani!” Genevieve voiced out. He heard his name. “Surrender now or you will be charged for murder if anything immoral happens to Miss Tolu.”

He looked at her and grumbled heatedly. He threw the knife on the floor, moved towards his laptop, turned it on and clicked his mails and documents. Mr. Tijani wiped everything from his laptop that could link him up with the contractor.

Tolu was already at the entrance door and she opened it for the partners. They entered and pointed their guns as they marched towards Tijani’s room. He came out and saw them.

“You have nothing on me.” He said with confidence. “You have no evidence!”

“I think he has erased everything in his laptop.” Tolu said to Tiwa and Genevieve who appeared disappointed but when they notice a smile out of her lips, they believed there was hope. Tiwa banged handcuff in his wrists and scrambled him away.

Tolu removed the flash-drive and gave it to Genevieve. “Do you know he was going to drug me, invite my father and tell him to jump into his swimming pool?”

“Is that how he was going to drown your father?”

“Yes. There will be a knife close to my throat if he does not enter into the pool, he would slit it.”

“That’s really sad.”

“Yes,” she said. “I am thanking you and your companion for doing everything to save my father.”

Genevieve smiled and said. “Don’t mention. It’s not over yet but we are moving forward. You have to go home now and report to your father. Both of you should see the inspector.”

“We will.”

The partners and Mr. Tijani arrived at the station and Inspector Danjuma joined them in the interrogation room. It was still the same old story how the contractor sent him a mail and the grudge he had for his childhood friend made him to respond.

“Revenge won’t change anything.” Genevieve said to him. “It will only make it worst because you will turn into a murderer and there is no way it can bring your sister back.”

Tijani’s red eyes were bringing out tears. “Even though she was little, I miss her. I miss my sister.”

“I understand losing someone you love so much is hurtful.” Tiwa said. “I have been there.”

"Me too." Genevieve said.

“It’s not easy to forget.” Tijani said.

“I know but try and forgive your friend.” Tiwa told him.

He inhaled and shut his eyes. “Will he ever try and forgive me for trying to kill him?”

“I think so.”

Mr. Tijani opened his eyes and cleaned his face as tears dripped down.

“Is there anything you remember that can help us catch the contractor? We are aware he will still go after the targets even if you and the others are caught.”

“No,” he said in a saddened tone. “I wish I could help you.”

He was left alone while the inspector spoke with Genevieve and Tiwa in his office.
“It is a good development but I am beginning to get worried about number seven and eight. I know I was not bothered about them at first, but they are important. How do we locate them?”

Genevieve and Tiwa exchanged looks.

“We are doing everything we can to find the remaining names on the list.” Genevieve answered.

“Please continue and don’t give up. The sister in law of Modupe Lawson was charged to court today. You won’t believe she is pleading not guilty. Anyways she would surely lose.”

“We will be travelling tomorrow to see the fourth victim.”

“That’s good. I will inform him both of you are coming. Thank you for what you are doing.”

She smiled. “No need for that sir. We are simply doing our jobs.”  She glanced at Tiwa and took note of the angry expression on her face. Genevieve chose not to say anything until they came out of the station. “You don’t look happy. What is it?”

“Have you booked the flight?"

“No, I will book the flight to Benin when I get home.” She replied. “I am sorry for not discussing it with you before telling the inspector.”

“That’s not a problem but next time keep me updated first.”

“I will. What is really bothering you?”

Tiwa sighed. “Catching the people who wants to kill the targets makes no sense anymore. It won’t stop the contractor from killing the targets at the exact date. Two people have died on this case and we still don’t have any idea who he is or how to get him.”

“I thought so too but what are we going to do about it. We can't sit and wait for him to kill. The name of the last target will led us to him.”

She nodded. “Adebiyi was right. He said we have to know the last target before we can catch this mad man calling himself the contractor.”

“There is still time to save the targets.”

“But how? If we travel and catch the person after the fourth target’s life, what happens next? It’s still the same result we have been getting! In few days’ time Mr. Ayodele’s life will be at risk! How do we save him?”

“I know we have no idea what the contractor is planning after we caught Mr. Tijani but we will continue to try and work hard to find him.”

Tiwa told him about the laptop.

“As long as the person he is going to give the laptop is trust worthy then I have no problem with it.”

“What about this Akin of yours?”

“Nothing for now.” Genevieve said and touched her arm. “Cheer up. We need to eat lunch otherwise I might faint.”

Tiwa laughed. “And I might carry you up and pour cold water on you.”
“You wish!”

After Modupe spoke to her twins on the phone and ended the call, she checked her mother in the room and saw her sleeping. She wanted to talk with someone. She had never been scared before but it was diiferent now. She thought it would be best if she left without coming back.

She took her phone and scrolled the names of her contacts. She had no interest speaking with any of them. Tunde was still upset with her. She didn’t inform anyone she was leaving, she took her car keys and drove away.

Modupe came out from her vehicle and the sight of the psychiatrist home made her body shiver. She was tempted to turn back but her heart told her to move on. She walked up to the nurse she met the first time she came. The nurse flashed her teeth at her but she was not in the mood to smile. Modupe was taken to see Jude. She took a plastic chair and sat down not far from the bed he was lying on top. His hands and legs were tied.

“I know you can’t understand what I am about to say but I will say it. I am scared and I wished you were in your right senses to tell me everything will be okay. Jude, I miss you and I am sorry for everything I did. If I die tomorrow, I would go to hell for causing you and your mother pain. I am afraid to die. Forgive me.”

“Modupe?” A woman’s voice called her name.

She turned at the direction and saw Jude’s mother. She rose on her feet. “Mama!”

“What have we done to you? Why did you leave Jude?”

“Mama, I am sorry! It’s a long story.”

The elderly woman pointed at Jude. “My only hope is sick. I have nothing left anymore!” She began to weep.

Modupe moved nearer and touched her shoulder. “It’s okay ma. I want to move Jude out of this place. I want him transferred to a better facility and given the best treatment.”

She stared at her with stunned eyes. “You would do that for me?”

“Yes mama.” She wiped the woman’s tears and brought her close to herself. “I know people make mistakes and learn from them. Jude is still my husband and the father of my children. I have to take care of him.”

“May God be praised!” She screamed in joy.

Jude remained quiet. He had no idea why the celebration. Modupe glimpsed at him, felt sorry and was determined to help him even if it might be the last thing she does before she left the surface of the earth.

After lunch, Genevieve and Tiwa decided to visit the brothers of the third target separately. genevieve took a taxi. Quincy called her cell and told her to go home immediately she was done with whatever she was doing.

One hour later, Tiwa’s phone rang. Genevieve was the one calling.

“Were you to get any information?”

Tiwa shrugged and frowned. “Nothing. He said he was innocent.”

“Mine too.”

“He gave me his phone to check and I didn’t find anything discriminating. It’s a dead end.”

“I wasn’t showed anything. He told me he was angry with his brother for taking the land meant for the three of them but he would never plan to kill his elder brother.”

She shook her head. “I will be going home now, we will see tomorrow.”


“You are still very stubborn!” Joseph raised his voice at Sebastian who was dressed to go out. “Look at the time!”

“It’s only 6 in the evening,” Sebastian said calmly. “Stop doing this, I am not a baby.”

“I know but you behave like one!”

He glared at him. “I forgive you for making such a ridiculous statement and I will forget about it if you let me walk out that door.”
“To go and do what? To drink, meet women and spend money on them. I am sure you are sleeping with these women without protection!”

“Is it your body?” Sebastian asked.

“You are not safe.” Lucky said coming out from the kitchen. She was wiping her hands with a napkin. “Dinner is ready, we should eat together has a family.”

“Eating together does not prove we are family. We are family without food.”

“What is the matter with you?” Joseph asked him angrily. “Sometimes, your character disgusts me!”

“Hey darling,” Lucky said to him. “It has not come to that.”

“What do you want me to say?” He asked her and looked at his brother. “Do you know if someone will set you up today?”

“It’s not happening today,” Sebastian spoke. “I still have like a month and two weeks to party hard. I am calculating it. When the time reaches, I will stay in door with you. I know that is what you want.”

“I want you indoor today! The contractor might change and do something drastic. I will never forgive myself if anything happens to you!”

Sebastian stamped his right feet on the floor and grumbled as he walked to the dinning. When he got there, he turned to face them. "What are you guys waiting for? Is this not what you want? Let’s eat!”

Lucky smiled and went over to give him a peck on the cheek. “You made a good choice.” She left to the kitchen.
With an upset expression on Joseph’s face, he walked closed to his brother and slapped the back of his head.

“Ouch!” Sebastian exclaimed and snickered. “It’s quite painful.”

“That’s for stressing me.” Joseph said and grinned. “And next time it will be worse if you don’t listen to a word I say.”

He sat and continued to rub his head. Lucky came back with some food she placed on the table. When she was about to dish, Sebastian said to them, “I know I will miss your food but when are both of you leaving my house?”

Lucky only chuckled and shook her head.

Joseph replied with a smile on his lips. “We will leave when the contractor and the person that wants you dead is caught.”

“What!” He gestured his hand at Lucky. “Please tell your husband you miss your home.”

“This is also my home Sebastian.” She said to him cheerfully.

“You are not helping matters at all.” he scratched his head and stared at Joseph. “There’s something I left in my car. Can I go and get it?”

“No!!!” Joseph and Lucky spat out at the same time and the three of them erupted in a very distinct laugh.

Tiwa arrived home and met a Cadillac in her compound. She guessed Quincy had a wealty visitor and she got it right when she entered and saw him. He stood on his feet when he saw her.

“Detective Genevieve,” Adebiyi Gold said. “Good evening.”

Her left eyebrow went up and she wore a questionable look. “Good evening to you.”

“I am…”

“I know you and it’s a pleasure meeting you. Please call me Genevieve.”

“Thank you.” He said and shook his hands inside his pocket.

“Hello love,” Quincy said to as he stepped into the living room. He was holding a bottle of champagne with four glass cups in the other hand. He pecked her lips. “I am sure you have met your partner’s lover.”

“Yes I have. Where is Freddie?” 


The men sat down.

She felt relieved and took a sip from the wine Quincy gave her. She sat beside him. “You sounded urgent on the phone. What’s up?"

“Gold wants to talk to you about something but first I need you to think thoroughly about it before giving him your answer.”

“Okay.” Genevieve said softly.

“One more thing.”

“What is it?”

“Leroy is no longer working for the NIB.”

She stared at him speechless. She seemed confused and reached for her phone.

“There’s no need for that. There’s an explanation for that but I want you to hear Gold first.”

She glanced at him. “I am listening.”

“I have been working on a project for Tiwa and it’s been completed." Adebiyi said. "I have opened a bureau in her name and mine. GT Bureau. We have different sections for homicide, kidnapping, child abuse, human trafficking and others there. I have been allocating different detectives and a medical examiner to work for me in my new establishment. I would have done this without you but I want your partnership to continue with Tiwa and that’s why I want you to work for me.”

She was surprised. “I am honored but I am shocked. I will like to say congratulations on your bureau.”
“Thank you. Tiwa is unaware about this and I want to show it to her with you there. She might refuse but if she knows both of you will still be working together, she would surely accept it.”

"Wow! Are you okay with it?” She asked Quincy.

“I am okay with any answer. I will support you. I just want you to make a good decision.”

“But how does Leroy have to do with this?”

He explained about what his boss told him.

“You should have told me. So what happens to him now? Why did he quit?”

“He got a better offer from my friend.” Quincy smiled gleefully.

“You gave him a job so that he can come to Abuja?” She asked Adebiyi.

“Well, yes," He said with poise. “He has arrived.”

“Leroy and his family are here?” She asked eagerly.

“Yes. His family is in a hotel for now. They will move into their place in two days.”

“If his family is at the hotel, where is Leroy?”

“Right here dear,” Leroy said and came out from his hiding place. He was behind a curtain.

Genevieve jumped on her feet. “Leroy!” She raced to give him a hug.

He was still looking charming with his grey hair. “So good to see you Cole!”

“I miss you and Chisom. How is my goddaughter?”

“Jasmine is fine and getting bigger every day.”

“That’s my girl!”

Genevieve was excited to see him. She asked for the night to think about it. Adebiyi understood. He told him about his plans for Tiwa. In addition, how he planned to present it to her. They drank, chatted for a while before Adebiyi went home.

He met Tiwa already sleeping. She kept his dinner on the table in their room. He ate, showered and joined her on the bed. She woke up in the middle of the night to use the toilet. After she was done and entered back into the room, she saw him awake.

“How was your day?” He asked.

“Hectic.” She joined him on the bed and wrapped her cold arms around him. “Were you about to give the hacker the laptop?”


“Has he gotten back to you?”

“Not yet.”

She sighed disappointedly.

“Everything will be fine,” he said to her. “Don’t worry.”
The next day, before they boarded their flight, they quickly went to see Kate. She led them into her house. Genevieve and Tiwa sat down while she stood.

“I saw the news and I am aware Sebastian is on the list.”

“How did you know?” Genevieve asked.

“He called me and told me to confess!” Anger enveloped her voice. “You can imagine what that bastard said to me. He gave me three days to confess! Becausee of him I am no longer close to Lucky. He took everything from me!”

“You are still not happy he broke up with you many years ago.”

“He also broke my heart! See,” She tried to act calm. “I don’t want to waste your time, killing Sebastian won’t change anything because it will hurt me to see him dead. I am innocent.”

“That’s means you are willing to show us your phone and the content of your mails if you are not hiding anything.” Tiwa said.

“I can’t even remember my email address. I don’t work! Ever since my laptop got bad, I never bothered to repair it. My phone is my personal item and I cannot show any of you except you have a warrant to do that. I have better things to think about. Please leave.”

They rose up.

“We will come back.”

“You need a warrant!” Kate yelled. She was getting furious. “Get out!”

When she saw them leave, she ran to her bedroom and opened her husband’s drawer. She took out a long sheet and a jotter. She placed the sheet on the table, opened the jotter and read the dates and the name of Sebastian. She knew her husband was behind it but chose not to talk about it to anyone. If she revealed the truth, she would lose him and her marriage. Sebastian didn’t want her and if death knocked on his door, then no woman would have him.

Her husband found out about her affair with Sebastian after he took her back and that made him cheat on her with another woman which produced a child. He knew she wasn’t happy and he heard her call him a heartbreaker once and that must be the reason, he was number 6 and called the ‘heartbreaker’.

What was she going to do? Her husband was unaware she found the list and the jotter. Sebastian paid her with evil and she was only returning the same thing he offered her. She returned them back to the drawer and left her room to drink some whisky to cool her rage.

His skin remained spotless. His eyes still sharp. His handsome face glittered. He was dressed in a Dolce and Gabanna suit. He dropped his kids in school and drove off to see the Inspector Danjuma. He didn’t want to call the investigators because he sensed they would visit him at home and ask some questions. He did not want his wife to know his name was on the list. 

The day they watched the news about what happened to the first target, he could see how scared his better half was and how she prayed the contractor should be caught. She never knew her husband was among and he wanted to keep it that way. He felt if she didn’t know anything about it, she and their twins would be safe. 

She was carrying his third child and he had to pretend everything was fine before he bid her goodbye. 

He loved his wife so much. She was still the woman he fell in love with the day he saw her. She was still pretty, petite, loving, kind, a good mother and a devoted wife. What more could he ask of when he had everything. He drove in his automobile to his destination, came down and walked into the building. 

Admiring eyes peered at him. The fresh aroma from his Sean John perfume floated in the air. An officer took him to the office and he waited alone for few minutes before the door opened.

“I was told you wanted to see me.” The inspector said and motioned to him. They shook hands.

“Yes sir.” he said and gave him a long paper.

He took it and read it. “Oh my God! We have been doing everything we can to locate you! You are number seven on the list!”

“Yes, that is the reason I came here.”

Danjuma looked at his name. “Your name is Hector.”

“Yes.” his voice became thick. “My name is Hector Ebuka Henshaw.”

To be continued….


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