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Monday, February 06, 2017

Review: ITEL 1408.

Hello guys. Are you changing your phone soon? For those that are interested in buying this phone, Itel 1408 is the worst phone I have ever seen and used.

I love Itel phones and that was why I persuaded two people to buy their products. I am currently using an Itel Tab and the previous one I had was Itel too. I used it for more than a year before giving it out and it had no fault. Itel has good phones and their prices are affordable. The only problem I have with their brand is the 3G network for only one sim. It's not cool.

One of the people using this phone is one of my younger sisters. She could be surfing through her phone and get tired of using it. I had to take it from her and told her I would use it for few days just to check it out. It didn't reach up to a day before I threw the phone back to her.

The Android phone has a small 4.0 inch screen size with 8Gb internal memory size. It comes with a plastic cover. You have options of white, black or red color.

What I don't like about Itel 1408.

1. It is very slow. You have to wait for a while before it becomes normal to use.

2. It hooks at any time.

3. The volume of the phone increases and reduces on its own.

4. If you click on a photo, news link or anything, it will take time to load.

5. Don't bother rebooting, otherwise you will have to wait for more than three to four minutes before it comes up for you to use.

6. When you turn on or off your data connection, the screen becomes blank.

7. You can be typing a message or trying to download a movie and automatically it will take you to another section in the phone.

8. The camera is poor. Remember it's a smartphone!

The positive thing about the phone is the long duration of battery. When you charge it full, it takes a long time before the battery goes down. It is cheap too. Apart from that, it is useless. Don't get me wrong, you can browse with the phone and have access to different social networks but why should I be sweating using it?

If nothing can be done to the phone to get better, it should not be in the market. It should be given out to people free of charge!


  1. Lolz. Any phone that doesn’t have good camera is a no no ma


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Lol
    That's why I still prefer Samsung phones over all of them.

  4. Hahahaha. Noted.Is your sis still using the phone?

  5. Heheheheeee... the manufactures know so well that it the phone has those limitations that's why they reduced the prize and shipped it all to West Africa - I meant to say Nigeria. SMH

    God help us.


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