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Episode 9 Title: The Surprise Twist.

Adebiyi and agent Tomi from BIA agency arrived at Benin with the jet and they boarded a taxi. He gave the address to the driver and they went to the residence of the Engineer. They met a crowd inside the compound and he asked one of the men for the wife when he couldn’t see the gateman. Tomi introduced himself to the younger brother of the deceased. They asked after the wife.

“We can’t find her.” He said. “Dickson had an accident close to the house and he was rushed to a hospital but  he didn’t make it. A mechanic called to the scene explained the brake was removed.”

“She is likely to be the cause of it.”

“That’s true. She took some of her belongings. We don’t know where she has gone to and I noticed most of his lands and house documents are missing.”

“She must have taken them to sell later.” Adebiyi said. “We have to find her before she runs away. There is still time to catch up with her. I need a picture of her. You and some relatives should go to the airport while I and agent Tomi will take the taxi and go to the nearest transportation lines to check.”

“Ok.” He alerted some of his relatives for them to leave.

“If you find her, make sure you take her to the nearest police station and call me.” He gave him his number and collected his own.

“I will.”

The cabman drove Adebiyi and Tomi to three transportation centers and she wasn’t seen. They showed her photo to everyone around and none of them saw her.

“What if she lodged in a hotel to hide?” Tomi asked.

“I really don’t know where she has gone to but I am sure she is on the run. I believe Tiwa and Genevieve coming here to see her husband made her jumpy and she put everything into her hands instead of her to wait for the exact time to go after her husband.”

“They made a mistake.”

“I agree.”

They got to the fourth center and approached a female receptionist. Adebiyi showed her the picture and she recognized her.

“She was here few minutes ago. The bus she entered has gone.”

“For how long?” he asked eagerly.

She thought for few seconds and answered. “Let me say two minutes ago.”

“Do you know the side she is sitting in the bus?”

“The front seat.”

“Please we need the direction of where the bus must have taken.”

She told them and they thanked her.

Adebiyi gave the driver more money for him to increase his speed, which he did. As he drove, he overtook some buses. They peeped at the front to check if she was there. It was when they got to the third bus they noticed her. The driver pressed his horn to distract the bus driver. He brought out his hand and waived him. The bus stopped.

Adebiyi and Tomi came out and opened the front door.

“Come out!” Tomi yelled.

Some of the passengers murmured and others asked what the problem was. They explained and she was taken away.

Few minutes later, Adebiyi called Tiwa and narrated what happened.

“It’s good news that she has been caught.” she said. “You have to bring her down to Abuja.”

“I know. We went to make a report about it at a police station.”


“Have the son of the other target been found?”

“Not yet.” she replied. “I have been waiting for a call from the kidnapper to tell Mr. Hector how he was going to present himself as the ransom. He is worried and the wife has been calling. Genevieve and the daughter are on their way home to meet the wife and explain things.”

“So where are you now?”

“I had to drive Mr. Hector to a prison facility to see someone that can help us with the investigation.”

Adebiyi glanced at his wristwatch. “It’s 6:15pm already. Will they allow him see the prisoner by this time?”

“That is why I followed him. Any information from the hacker?”

“Not yet but he promised to call me today or tomorrow.”

“When he calls you please let me know.”

“I will. I should be on my way back to Abj. I will take the Engr.’s wife to meet the inspector before going home.”

“Thank you.”

“I don’t think I will see you when I get home.”

“I do not think so. I believe I will come home late.”

“Okay babe.”

“Oh my God!” Renee said to Genevieve after she was told. She was crying. “Why is this happening?"

“I am a mother and I understand how you are feeling but I want to assure you that nothing bad will happen to your son. We are going to do everything we can to locate him.”

“What if Michael can’t help. What if it is not Ndidi that kidnapped my son?”

“Your husband is certain it is her. She swore she was going to separate him and the woman he would fall in love with and that is exactly what she wants.” She motioned to meet her and wiped her tears. “Don’t worry, don’t panic. Remember you are pregnant.”

“That is why I am trying so hard to be strong.” She glimpsed at the dining table side to watch her daughter eating dinner. She glanced back at Genevieve. “She doesn’t even know her brother is in trouble. She is still a little girl.”

“I know.”

“I should be with Hector. Maybe I should talk to Michael myself.”

“Your husband will do that. Just be strong for him.”

“Are you sure my son won’t be hurt?”

“No. It’s your husband life’s she wants and she will never get it."


Joseph had received a call from Genevieve about the death of Dickson. He was in the bedroom with Lucky. After the call ended, he told Lucky about it.

“This is unbelievable.” She said.

“She said Sebastian has to be careful. He shouldn’t go out. I hope he is still in the dinning.”

"Yes. He's eating.”

“Can you do me a favor by letting him know about it?”

“Of course.” Lucky came down from the bed, wore her slippers and left the room. 

Joseph knew why he asked her to inform his brother instead of himself. He had his plan and if she knew about it, she would stop him. His brother’s life was in great danger and he had to do something otherwise his mind won’t be at rest. Lucky who had gone to meet Sebastian found him walking towards the door with his car key in his hands. She told him to stop and listen to her but he bluffed her off. She raced to the window and called the gateman. He ran to the window side.

“Don’t open the gate!” She ordered him.

"This is not your house!” Sebastian told her.

“Then you have to listen to me! The contractor is no longer waiting for the exact date. Anything can happen. Who wants you dead maybe planning to eliminate you today!”

“And you expect me to believe that?”

Lucky looked at the gateman. “Don’t you dare open the gate.” She gazed at Sebastian. “Wait for me!” She ran back to the room, opened the door and sighted Joseph in the bathroom. He was holding a small sharp knife close his face and was about cutting himself.

“What do you think you are doing?”

The knife dropped from his hand. "What are you doing here?” He asked surprised.

She walked closer to him. “You have to answer my question first. Do you want to give yourself a scar?”

He picked the knife up. “Yes. I want to give myself a scar like the one on Sebastian’s face."


“To confuse the contractor or the enemy that wants my brother dead. This will not be the first time I will act like my brother. I have done it before and I will do it again.”

Her jaw fell. “You are not thinking straight. How can you think like that when you have a child, you have your mother and me? What if something bad happens to you?”

“I don’t think anything will happen if they see both of us together. They will not know who Sebastian is among us.”

“And they would surely guess just to carry out their plan. How do we even know if it’s a gun, knife or poison they want to use? Remember it was written in the paper that he would be killed by a set up. They will surely lure him into a place and eliminate him. The only way we can help him is stop him from making a big mistake instead of you trying to complicate things. Please don’t do it.”

He frowned and grumbled.

Lucky took the knife from him and touched his face. “I know Sebastian did a lot for you in the past, do the right thing and help him now.”

“He was ready to die in my place.”

“I know and you have always been over protective of him. He knows that too.”

There was a sudden depressed look on his face. “I don’t know what I will do if I lose him.”

“You will not.” Her face changed.

“What?” Joseph asked her.

“Sebastian! I hope he has not gone out!”

They ran to the living room and met him watching TV. Lucky inhaled and relaxed herself in one of the sofas.

“Who is chasing both of you?” Sebastian asked them.

“I thought you went out!” She uttered.

“You said I should wait for you and I did.”

She touched her chest. “Thank God.”

Joseph rested his hands on his waist. “I wonder what made you wait.”

Sebastian smiled and asked him. “Is it true about what Lucky told me?”

“Yes.” He said and sat beside him. “By the way, where were you going to this evening?”

“I received a text from one of the clubs I go to before. Its’ been a while I went there alone. Today is a special night and there will be strippers to rock the men’s laps tonight.” He said cheerfully.

“God have mercy!” Lucky exclaimed and stared at him with an expression he could not understand.


“Sometimes I wonder how your brain works.” Joseph said in an annoyed tone.

“What have I done? Can’t a single man have fun again?”

“You want to use your hands and kill yourself. Can I have your phone and read the message?”

“Sure.” he grabbed his phone and handed it over to him. “You can join me if you like. Two or three is not a crowd.” He said and winked at Lucky. All she did was shook her head. She believed whatever can change Sebastian was prayers.

Joseph hissed and read the text. “Can’t you see it’s from a number you don’t know.”

“So? I have received messages like that from different clubs before. There’s nothing there.”

“Today’s own is suspicious.”

“There is nothing suspicious about it.” He collected his phone. “I will prove you wrong. I will call the number to confirm.”

“Go ahead.”

Sebastian dialed the number and the jolly appearance on his face altered. “It’s not available.”

“You see!” Joseph spat out angrily.

“God saved you.” Lucky told him.

“I am beginning to get scared.” Sebastian said quietly.

“You better be.” Joseph said. “This particular club, is there anyone special you have taken there?”

“I don’t have anyone special except my family and that’s a no to your question.”

“You said it’s been a while you went there alone, who did you take there when you went with someone.”

He thought and said. “I can’t really remember… but I use to take Kate there.”

“That’s over five years ago.” Lucky said. “Don’t bring Kate into this because you broke her heart. I assure you, she’s not the one that wants to kill you.”

“How are you so sure?”

“She might be annoying and self-centered but she is not a killer.”

“Call her and tell her you want both of you to be friends again.” Joseph told her.

“That won’t help Sebastian’s case.”

“But you can find out where she is right now.”

She sighed and agreed. She went back to her room to get her phone. She came back to the sitting room and called Kate.

Kate had no idea that the contractor had mailed her husband in the afternoon to carry out his plan today.

“Hello Lucky! She said in an excited tone. “It’s so good to hear from you!'

“Me too and I am sorry for not keeping in touch.”

“No problem. How is your son?” Her voice was calm.

“He’s doing well. It seems you are in a quiet place.”

“Yes. I am alone in the house reading a book.”

“Ashley is not at home with you?”

Kate sighed. “He is not at home. He left in a hurry. I think he is going to a club.”

“A club?”

Sebastian and Joseph looked at each other.

“Yes.” Kate said. “We should hang out. I really miss you.”

“I miss you too. I will call you tomorrow to plan that.”


Lucky cut the call and stared at Joseph. “I do not think that is a coincidence. I cannot remember Ashley being a club guy.”

Joseph stood. “I have to call agent Tiwa and inform her. She and her team need a warrant to check his house.”

“Please do that.” Sebastian said. “I am too young and handsome to die now.”

He glared at him before walking away.

Michael was shocked when one of the prison guards told him he had a visitor named Hector. He appeared thin and he had grown some beard that covered half his face. They met in a small room. Tiwa didn’t go inside. She remained outside and received Joseph’s call.

“I can’t believe you came to see me.” Michael said as they sat down opposite each other.

“I know I have been selfish. I am sorry.”

“It seems you came here for a reason.”

Hector looked at him uncertainly. “Do you know why I came here?”

“No. What do you want?”

“I need to know the location of where Ndidi might be staying or be hiding.”

“Ndidi?” he asked surprised. “What’s going on?”

He told him about the threat to his life and the kidnap.

“I don’t care if she wants to kill you but the kidnap of your son bothers me.”

“Please, I am begging you. I need your help.”

“Renee really changed you. I am aware you have two children now.” he cleared his throat. “Ndidi came to see me some months ago and asked after you. I told her you had a family and you were happy. I didn’t know she had a hidden agenda.”

“How did you know about my kids?”

“You don’t care about me but Hillary still comes here to check up on me. I am her brother.”

“And you are my brother too.”

“That is because you want something from me.”

Hector shrugged. “I admit it to be quite true but whether I like it or not, you are my blood. I will do everything I can to make sure you out come from this place very soon.”

“There’s no day I don’t regret what I did to Renee’s mother. Revenge does not pay or change anything, it only makes you worse.” He heaved a sigh. “Ndidi’s grandmother has a building here in Abuja. It’s not completed. It should be where she might be keeping your son if she’s really the one that took him.” He gave him the address.

“Thank you. I’m grateful.” He rose up.

“Don’t be until you get your son back.” he extended his hand and they shook hands.

“I will check up on you after everything is over.”

“It will make me happy.” He was walking away when Michael called his name. “Hector.”

He turned back. “Yes?”

“I never wanted to put Renee in danger. I really liked her, a lot, but she loved you so much. I am happy she is happy with you. Continue to take care of her.”

He smiled widely. “I will.” Hector left and went to meet Tiwa outside. She had called the inspector of police to write a warrant and send some of his officers to invade Kate’s house and search his house for a laptop or the list with the target's name.
Hector told Tiwa about the address. She called the inspector to send a team down to the address while she and Hector would drive there. She also told Genevieve about it and asked her to join the officers at Kate’s house. Before Genevieve left Renee and her child, she promised her she would call immediately her son is found. Renee started to pray.

Tiwa had brought out her pistol as they got close to the scene. Hector parked his car three houses away from the uncompleted building. The place was quite dark but they noticed a faint light coming out from inside. The area was quiet.

“Don’t you think we should wait for backup?” Hector asked Tiwa as she stepped towards the building.

“Just wait here.”

“I have to assist you.”

“It is wrong. Just stay back here and wait for your son.”

“Be careful.”

She nodded and tiptoed to the house. She moved around the place gently and peeped through the window. She could hear a female voice arguing over the phone.

“I don’t want to call him myself. If I do that he would know I am the one after him.” 

Tiwa tried to stay mute to listen attentively. The voice continued. “I can’t stay in this place tonight. Call my target and tell him to surrender himself by 12 midnight. Tell him where he should go to and I will release the son.”

Tiwa didn’t bother to listen anymore. She entered through another door and brought out her phone for light to see. Her phone made a sound for a message alert. She quickly turned it off.

“Who is there?” the female voice asked.

Tiwa could hear footsteps coming her way. She turned to her left and stayed quiet. A woman came forward to check if there was an intruder. She was holding a knife.

Tiwa pointed her gun to her. “I will shoot if you make another move.” Ndidi halted. “Raise your hands!”

She responded and Tiwa pushed her to where the boy was. He was sitting and looking scared.

“Sweetie.” Tiwa said to him and smiled. “I am a friend to your parents. I want you to go outside and run to the right side of the house. Your father is waiting for you.”

“My dad?” he asked surprised.

“Yes. Go now!”

He ran and went outside.

“Tiwa dipped her hand inside her back pocket and took out handcuff. “You are under arrest for kidnap and attempted murder.”

Hector ran towards his son and carried him up. 
He was shedding tears of joy. He called Renee instantly to tell her the good news. All she did was fall on her knees and sang songs of praises.

Ashley who couldn’t see Sebastian in the club. He went back home. He thought something had happened to his wife when he saw people around his house and he drove inside. Genevieve had searched his room and found the jotter, the list and his laptop. He was arrested.

Ndidi, Mrs. Dickson and Ashley had no idea what the contractor looked like. It was still the same old story.

Quincy opened the door for Genevieve and noticed how exhausted she was. He hugged her gently. “I am proud of you. Gold called to tell me the news.”

She entered into the house. “Thanks but it is not over yet.”

“At least you have caught all of them except the contractor himself.”

It occurred to her she and Tiwa never contacted the target who would die by a gun. She called him. “Mr. Henderson!”

“Hello detective.”

“I hope you are okay?”


“Please I want you to be very careful. Do not let your brothers inside your house because we don’t know which of them wants you dead.”

“My immediate younger brother is coming tonight.”

“Don’t let him in! I will send two officers to your place this night. If they come before him, let him inside, the officers would search him. I and my partner will see you tomorrow.”

“Okay. Thanks very much.”

“You’re welcome.”

Genevieve made a call to the inspector and he sent three officers. She dropped her phone and was able to ask after Freddie when she saw an elderly woman coming towards her.

“Mother!” She hopped on her feet and hugged her.

“How are you Genny?”

“I’m fine.” She looked at Quincy. “Why didn’t you tell me she was coming today?”

“I wanted to surprise you and both of us have been busy these days. Freddie needs her company.”

Genevieve was excited and embraced her mom again. “I’m happy you came.”

“Me too. you should go and shower. I cooked.”

She clapped her hands, pecked Quincy and left to the bedroom.

Adebiyi carried Tiwa into the bathroom to help her scrub her back and bath her.

“You always pamper me.” she said.

“That’s because you deserve it. The hacker called me this evening.”

“What did he say?”

“He has a software that it is able to detect the location of the contractor whenever he is online.”

“That’s very good!”

“Well, he has not been online.”

“Ndidi spoke to him through her phone but when I checked it, it was a private number.”

“Whenever he is online and able to detect where he is, he would surely let me know.”


At 9:30pm, as Genevieve and Quincy were about to go and sleep, they heard a knock on their door.

“Who could that be?” Genevieve asked.

“I don’t know.” Quincy said and went towards his entrance door. “Who is that?”

“It’s Akin.”

He opened the door and allowed him in.

“I am sorry for disturbing you by this time but I had to come here and show it to both of you.”

“What is it?” Tiwa asked and stood.

“I was able to get into the mail of the contractor for few minutes and I saw the full list. I was able to print it out before it shut down.”

“Who is going to die by a bomb?”

“That’s why I came here to show you.”

“But you should have called me instead of stressing yourself.” Quincy said.

“I had to come here sir.” Akin said. “I don’t know the person personally but the name sounds familiar.” he brought out the list and gave it to him. They glanced at the name and froze in shock.

A loud knock on the gate woke Tiwa and Adebiyi up. They were confused at who was knocking on their gate at the late hour of the night. Two of them went downstairs. Adebiyi opened the door to go check outside. He was dazed to hear Quincy’s voice. He allowed him inside and saw Genevieve with him.

“I hope all is well?” He asked them.

“We need to talk.” Quincy said.

Adebiyi led them inside his home and Tiwa widened her eyes when she saw them.
Genevieve told them what Akin was able to do.

You should have called us on the phone.” Tiwa said.

“It’s not what should be discussed on the phone.“ Genevieve brought out the list for them to look at the last number.

8.   The guiltless one  Adebiyi Gold to die by a bomb (tomorrow )
To be continued…


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