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Monday, March 13, 2017

AMVCA: My favorite looks, worst outfits, best look, and the dress that turned me on!

The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award is over but I cannot let it go without sharing with you the clothes worn by female celebrities that attended the show. The women slayed! This is my best Naija red carpet event so far. The ladies must have prepared themselves so that they can rock the carpet as if they owned it. Enjoy!

My favorite looks:
Funke Bello look stunning. Congrats on her awards.
I really love what Tiwa Savage is wearing. 
Don't know her but the yellow jumpsuit is lovely.
I like the dress. Period!
Kehinde is beautiful with the black dress.
All the way from Ghana to slay. You did. The dress is fabulous! 
Pretty green dress! Linda should take a light peck 'muah'
Chika Ike wore the dress like a real princess! 
I love this beautiful gown on Ufoma. It was definitely made for her!
Simplicity is sexy!
Rukky Sanda the fashionista look amazing.
This stunning gown made Chioma Akpota different in a sexy way.
I love Beverly's gown! 
See mother of three children. Instead of Mercy to have mercy on her outfit, she murdered it. Pretty woman!
One word for Rita Dominic. Queen!
Bimbo Akintola is awesome! I Love her dress.
The dress looks good on Lolo 
The lady in red with a pretty smile! Blessing Effiong is bae. 
This is Toyin Abraham's best look so far. See dress! She should cut down on what's making her lose weight. Her legs and hands are getting tiny.
Uche Jumbo knows what suits her curvy body. I really like her gown. If only I can steal her natural hair! Hehehehe
Purple is a beaitiful color. It fits the color of Ejiofor's skin.
 Worst outfits:
Helen Paul is not an old woman nah. She shoud try and look hot! Short gown, or fitted long one with small cleavage won't be bad on her. Is that a tail on her back? LMAO!
Eniola knows how to carry her body well but she should lose weight. She knows she is fleshy, she does not need to wear a bigger outfit. This gown did not make her look big but PLENTY. Where is her neck???
What was Simi thinking? This is an award show and not a club!
My Best Look:
I can't stop staring at this black and white gorgeous gown. God bless Lilian Esoro for wearing it. Her hair, jeweries and smile goes well with it. I smile whenever I stare at this picture. It's my best look.
 The Dress That Turned Me On:
Toni Tones needs a big kiss MUAH! The dress is out of the world! I opened my small mouth the moment I saw it. Check out her tiny waist. Is she human or a mermaid? TT should stop tormenting us with her gorgeousness! Too much sauce! Yes, I was turned on. True story! Come and beat me! hehehehehe


  1. Turned you on? Haha

  2. Beautiful women and outfits. Everyone talked about toni tones gown.


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