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Jason got up very early in the morning purposely so he could see Nathaniel and take him to school. He was also eager to look at the appealing face of Kemi. Diana's face suppressed a huge frown as she saw Jason already dressed for work.

“Good morning love.” He said to her and leaned forward to peck her on the left cheek. “How was your night?”

“Good morning J. My night was fine.” She came down from the bed, and helped him to adjust his tie.
“It’s seems you woke up at the wrong side of the bed. Why that look on your face?”

Still with the scornful expression, she replied. “I had a bad dream.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Nah, it’s not important.” She smiled and relaxed her hands on his broad chest. “I think breakfast should be ready. You can go down and eat while I prepare myself for work too.”

“No problem.” He picked up his briefcase beside the dressing table and headed towards the door, he whirled to stare at her. “I will take Nathaniel to school.”

“I can do that myself.”

“I want to and besides, I need to discuss an important issue with the headmistress.”

She raised her right shoulder and offered cold eyes on him. “Whatever, just be careful.”

“I will.” Jason said and winked before he went down and saw his food set on the dining table. He peeped through the kitchen door and saw no one there. Kemi came inside from the entrance door. She never took notice of him seated as he ate. Her eyes were directed away from him. He cleared his throat as he watched the way she walked.

Kemi halted. “Good morning sir.” She smiled. She had the brightest smile ever and he hoped it never disappeared from her silky lips.

A grin cropped his refined full mouth. “Morning.”

“Thank you for the money.”

“Don’t mention, its nothing. Where is Nathaniel?”

“He is eating in the house and ready to go to school.”

“I will be the one to take him to school and you can join too. I can drop you anywhere you want.”

She kept jerking her head as she spoke to him. “I still have some work to do before I leave. Thank you sir.”

“No problem.” He said slowly and picked up a slice of bread to eat with sardine.

Kemi moved quickly as if someone was pursuing her. She had to avoid getting close to him. His scent, eyes and voice liquefied the speed of her heartbeat. Being an inch closer to his body alone had an abundant effect on her. Just one touch from him could definitely make her melt like an ice block. There was no way she could stay alone with him in a tiny room, she would be venerable on his appealing charms and she can never say no to him if he asked her to be his woman.

‘Stop being foolish Kemi.’ She said to herself inaudibly as she cleaned the kitchen sink. 
‘There is no way you can ever have him. You are certainly not his type! Why do I keep deceiving myself? He is married. He can never be mine. Do not act like a dummy! I have to focus on my exams and be a good mother to Nathaniel. Gosh! He is so handsome!” She gave her forehead a loud tap. “Shut up and clean!”

“Shut up and clean?” Diana asked as Kemi unknowingly uttered the words aloud.

She swerved at her direction with her mouth opened. “Good morning ma.”

“Good morning madam talkative. What did you mean by shut up and clean?”

“It’s nothing ma…I… I …. never.” She stammered.

“Shut up and focus on what you are doing.” Diana said and moved to the cabinet and took out a glass. She poured some juice from the fridge and told Kemi to drink her beverage. She was not in the mood for that. “I will take you to the bank. You do not need to come by at my shop today. Pay your fees and read for your exams.”

It surprised her but she dared not to show it. “I’m grateful.”

“Keep your mouth closed.” she said and eyed her. “I am just doing it because of God.” Diana hissed and left to join her husband at the table. Kemi finished her chores, went to stand beside her madam and carried the plates and teacups.

“Thank you Kemi.” Jason said.

“Why are you thanking her?” Diana asked as she looked at Kemi with disgust in her eyes. “It’s her duty to serve you healthy food.” Kemi simply gave them their privacy. She stepped away from their midst.

“Her duty or yours?" He asked his wife. "What are you even saying? Does it make sense to you?”

Her dazed big eyeballs rolled at him. “I was only trying to correct you. You can’t thank her for serving you the food. We are paying for the services!”

“And you think we should not appreciate our employees because we pay them? I thank my workers even up to my cleaner, security guard at the office for a job well done. I hope you do not treat your workers at your shop with disrespect. It is wrong and I must tell you the truth. You have to change.”

“Change about what?!”

“Failure never to apologize for your wrong actions.” he said without any sign of anger in his voice. He remained calm until he added. “You never apologize!” Jason stood on his feet. “See you later. I think I will check up on you at your shop on my way home.”

“I don’t think I will be around.”

His left eyebrow heaved up. “Meaning?”

“I have places to go to and Meredith and I need to talk about Denzel’s movie premiere. I need to look good on that day.”

He shook his head. “You can get me brown leather shoes from her. Send my regards.”

“I will.”

Diana called Kemi to bring out her son. She left and came back with Nathaniel who ran to give Jason a hug when he sighted him. Kemi waived at Nate as Jason drove away. She returned to the house to clean the table. Diana kept her eyes on her without saying a word.
Kemi thanked Diana for the money on her way to the bank. She went to her school, paid her fees and refunded the class rep money. She went to a quiet class and read for a while before she took a bus to Eniye’s shop in the afternoon. She had called her the previous night about the money. Eniye was excited for her and prayed for her boss. There were no customers.

“You see how God works.” She told Kemi. “May God bless that man!”


“I can’t believe his wife told you all those things you said on the phone. If only her husband heard so that he can know the kind of woman he married.”

“She is okay. I have never seen her hostile towards her husband.”

“Must you see everything that happens between them? You do not live with them. Don’t be surprise that your unfriendly madam is cheating on her husband.”

“God forbid! Haba! Eniye! Stop! How can a normal woman in her right sense cheat on a man I have never heard shout or raise his voice at his wife. He treats her well. Cheat on that cute man? Have you seen him?”

Eniye’s mouth spread apart as she placed her hands on her hips. She sat beside Kemi. “Since when did your boss look cute in your eyes?”

She blinked her eyes after realizing her tongue had slipped. She avoided Eniye’s eyes.

“Come on look at me.” She said and slapped her arm.

“Ouch!” Kemi exclaimed and glanced at her. “I didn’t say anything…I just feel his wife can’t cheat on him because he is a good man.”

“Hmmm! That is not how…”

“Oh God! Let’s forget about it. I have to read my….” 

The sentence was shortened as she heard loud music from a jeep that pulled up in front of the shop. Eniye stretched up her neck to peep through the window. Tina came out from the backseat. She waived at a man inside before the driver drove off.

Tina had this glowing look on her. As flashy as her makeup was, she couldn’t stop smiling as she approached her friends. She looked into the mirror to inspect her dress. She gazed at Eniye and Kemi and giggled. She stood opposite them.
“Hey girls! Miss me?” She asked and sat.

Kemi cackled and pointed at her. “Did you look at the mirror before stepping out of the house?”

“Were you blind when I checked Eniye’s own?”

“The red lipstick on your lips is harsh. You look like a drag queen!”

Eniye’s laughed mockingly.

“Is that a compliment or an insult?” Tina questioned Kemi with angry eyes gawking at her.

“I know if I advise you to wipe the paint off your lips you won’t listen.”

“Why should I listen to someone who loves poverty.”

Kemi smiled. “Old gist. That’s all you can come up with.”

“Why is this one still laughing?” Tina asked as her eyes fell on Eniye. She stopped and wore a straight face.

“That was your car you came with,” Eniye told her. “But who was that with your driver?”

She blushed. “That’s my husband’s son!”

She and Kemi appeared interested with the kind of demeanor on their faces.

“Both of you are friends now?” Kemi required from her in a surprised tone.

“Well, we haven’t tried to kill each other.” Tina answered and chuckled. There was this glow in her that they couldn’t apprehend. They were curious to know the reason for her cheerfulness. She added. “Chief is so happy his son David and I are friends.” She stood and stole a look outside to make sure no one was coming in. She said to them keenly. 

“Do you David is bisexual?”

Their jaws dropped.

“And he told you just like that?” Eniye asked.

“Of course!” she said happily. “He told me under the sheets!”

They widened their eyes, stared at each other and right back at Tina’s flushed face.

“Do not tell me you slept with him!” Kemi spat out and rapidly rose.

Tina’s life side of upper lip flew up. “What? What if I did? If I cannot get my pants scratched outside, I have found someone that could do that for me inside. Besides, Chief can never know.”

“I can’t believe this!” She said pacing around.

Eniye folded her arms across her chest and fixed her eyes on Tina. “Like Kemi said before, you’ never listen to anyone and I will not waste my saliva to do that. I will only tell you to be careful if not if Chief ever find out, you are finished!”

“And you think I don’t know that? We are extra careful and I have never felt so good! This is the first time I am having real sex ever since I got married to that old goat.”

“His son is bisexual!”

“Yes and he loves to explore. He was having an affair with a guy a long time ago, he ended things with David after he got married. He is going to see him now at the office. If the man is willing to rekindle their old flame, I might consider a threesome with them!" She clapped her hands.

“My eyes have seen, my ears have heard. It has suddenly gone deaf and brought back to life now.” Kemi said and stopped pacing. She faced her. “Am I in a dream? Do you know the meaning of shame?” 

Eniye was wordless.

“People do it and it’s not a big deal. It is one of my fantasies.”

“And that fantasy of yours would land you in deep trouble!”

“I didn’t come here to get bashed by any of you,” Tina said. “I never hide anything from you because you are my friends and family too but when both of you have choose to judge me, then I think I should call a cab and go home!” She swiftly moved on her feet. Eniye stood and stopped her from walking.

“I never said anything!”

“But the look on your face made me feel I am a devil.”

Kemi scratched the back of her head and sat down. “What you are doing is unacceptable but Even if I do not support the nonsense happening between you and your stepson, I can never stop loving you.”

“Awww darling!” Tina babbled, spread her arms apart, and hugged her. She pecked her on the chin. “Me too!” She looked over at Eniye. “Now let’s get down to business. Ever since I have been here, no customer has walked in but because I am in a good mood today, you will make my hair.”

Kemi began to laugh.

“I know you mocked me but I will make your hair.” Eniye said with a smirk.

Customers strode inside the boutique of Meredith. She was all smiles as her sales girls were busy attending to them. Despite she had an inner office, she choose to stay at the extreme end. She was seated with a table and another plastic chair in front of her. She went through her transactions and calculations on her notebook. 
Preye dressed gracefully with only lip-gloss on her lips entered inside. The handbag she carried was a birthday gift from Meredith last year. They embraced each other and sat down. Preye glimpsed around and nodded humbly.

“Today is a busy day for you.”

“That’s because I sent most of my buyers a text yesterday of my new stock. Some of them left their offices to be the first to see them and make their choice.” She closed her note pad.

“I saw the message this morning but that’s not the major reason I came. This is also not the right place to discuss but you are always busy. You have been distant. What’s happening?”

Meredith brushed the hair blocking her left eye. She managed to smile and licked her dried lips. “I think it’s the workload.”

“You should not be stressing yourself. I will always tell you the plain truth, you are down to earth and you are one of the kindest people I know. You’re my friend. I can’t keep quiet any longer. Do you have marital issues with Eromosele? I could talk to him.”

“No, never! We are doing fine Preye. I just think I need to reduce the amount of work on myself.”

“And don’t stop praying.” She lowered the volume of her voice. “Do not ever stop believing in God. He will give you the fruit of the womb.”

“Amen. I won’t believing Preye. We should spend some time together even if the men are busy. Diana is supposed to be here….” The entrance door made noise and she looked at it and saw Diana entering inside. She smiled hard. “Talk about the devil.”

“And that makes you an angel.” Diana said and hugged both of them. She stared at Preye. “I never thought I would see you here.”

She opened her hands. “Here I am!”

An employee brought a chair for her. She relaxed on it and crossed her legs. “I hope the shoes I want are not among what these people are collecting from?”

“No way! I kept yours at home.”

“At home?”

“I wanted you to follow me home and keep me company.”

“I never planned that. I had to cancel an appointment before I came here. How many shoes and bags?”

“Three each.”

“That’s okay. I might rest on Thursday. Why don’t you come over to my place and bring them along. We will eat and drink. My housekeeper cooks very well.”

“You still managed to touch the soft button of Jason to agree.”

“I do not think Jason has a hard button,” Preye said. “He is too nice!”

Diana said, “My husband does not have a choice. He is the best!”

If only Meredith could say the same thing about her hubby, she wondered. “Lucky you my friend! Anyways, have any of you heard from Hajiza?”

Two of them shook their heads.

Diana dipped her hand inside her bag and brought out her phone. “Let me call her.’ She called the numbers and listened. “Her numbers are switched off.”

“If I can make it to her house, I will.” Preye said.

“Do you have anywhere you are going to?”

“I want to buy a pair of shoes for Rume and present to him at the office. I want to surprise him.”

Diana frowned and instantly smiled when she noticed Meredith eyes on her as she spoke.

“I have some male shoes inside my office. Let us go there.”

“Better." Diana said. "I will get for Jason too.”

In the evening, Kemi returned home, made dinner and waited for Nate’s return. She left to her side, made a cup of tea and sat down. She tried to recollect all the things Tina said. She wasn’t going to judge. She also was guilty. It was a sin to think of her employer.
The emotions were uncontrollable but she would do her best not to see him even though it was almost impossible. Her exams would be an excuse to stay off the main house. Nate arrived and few minutes later, Diana came and ordered her to set dinner. She said Jason was on his way home. Kemi rushed everything; she decided to show Diana her school receipt in the living room.

“Okay, I will inform my husband about it.” She told Kemi.

“Thank you ma.”

“Have you finished what you are doing?”

“Yes ma.” As she was leaving, she stopped her. “Do you have papers on Thursday?”

“Yes, in the morning.”

“I will be expecting my friend in the afternoon. I want you to be back before 1pm.”

“It’s possible ma.”

“I never asked if it was possible or not, be here on time and make us some food!”

“Okay ma.” Kemi quickly said and ran out of the house as she heard the sound of a car.

On Wednesday night, Denzel sprayed some dollars at naked girls when he entered a strip club owned by him. It was managed by one of his cousins and he rarely visit there. Occasionally, he trooped in to have a nice time without informing his close friends. He went to the VIP section and started drinking. No one was allowed inside except he gave the permission through his bodyguard. Two strippers were led inside and they danced and caressed his body as their favorite music played noisily. 
After drinking himself to stupor, he asked them to leave and called his guard to get him a girl to bang for the night. A young lady dressed in a skimpy wear was brought to him. She was stunned to see it was her favorite actor. She wrapped her arms around him and whispered into his ear to eat her for the night.

Both of them went outside and he took his car keys from his cousin who told him to allow his bodyguard to drive him to the hotel due to his drunken state. He refused at first but when he entered his car and tried to turn on his ignition, and then he knew, he might be in danger. He was tempted at first to drive but the thought of his son made him to rethink. If he died, his wife would never have the time for their child or even mourn him. Sometimes when he was alone, he wished he was never a celebrity. Maybe if he was unknown, he might have fallen in love with his true better half and she would do the same. Hajiza only cared about the money and all of a sudden she seemed to worry he was cheating.

Nonsense! If she had protested when he began that type of life he was cruising, perhaps, he would have changed. It was too late now. Only a miracle from God could free him from the things of life that money would possibly buy.

Hajiza and Kalu had sex with each other in the living room. Kalu already knew Denzel won’t be returning home until the following day.

The next morning, Jason had to leave the house for an impromptu meeting. He was tempted to wait for Nate so he could take him to school but he told Diana to tell him, he would make it up to him. Before Jason left, he checked on Kemi in the kitchen but she wasn’t there. Diana never reported his message to Nathaniel.

Jason received a call from the family doctor that his mother was sick but not critical. She needed a relative to stay with her for few days, he called Diana and explained he won’t be returning home, he would spend few days with her and get back for them to attend the movie premiere together during the weekend.

“No problem my love,” Diana said grinning. “Send my regards to her."

“I will.”

“I hope you still have some clothes at her house.”

“Yes I do. Send my love to Nate.”

“I will do that my love.” She ended the call and dialed Rume’s number.

On Thursday, Kemi finished her paper and rushed home to cook. After she finished, she waited and waited for Diana. Diana called to inform her she was busy and won’t come back till midnight, that she should collect the things from her friend. Meredith arrived and met Nate and Kemi inside the compound. 
She introduced herself and asked, “You must be the woman working for my friend.”

“Yes I am.” Kemi answered.

“And who is this boy with you?”

“My son.”

“Diana told me about you but never mentioned a cute little boy you have.” She stroked his chin. “How are you?”

“I am fine ma.”

Meredith handed the package to her and gave Nate one thousand naira. They thanked her. Kemi requested she should eat before leaving. She obliged and followed them inside the house.

“I rarely eat alone, please let your son join me.”

Kemi gave permission to Nate and as they ate, Meredith asked her about her life and she told her she was writing her final exams.

“That’s good! I love ambitious women. I think nothing should stop a woman from achieving her dreams despite their home background. If you need any help after school, I could find a way to help you. I know a barrister, an old friend, he could guide you.”

“I will be grateful.”

“It’s nothing.” She collected Kemi’s phone number. “Just let me know when your result is out. I hope you won’t disappoint your son.”

“I won’t.”

“My mom will pass!” Nate said elatedly.

“I owe you and Nate an expensive outing if you come out in flying colors.” Meredith told her.

“I will!”

After they ate, Meredith left and as she drove, she wished she had a child that could not only eat with her but also call her mom. Kemi liked Meredith for the way she treated her. Not even her boss could be so free talking to her as if they were friends.

A day later, after Diana returned from work, her mom, Mrs. Ojo came to visit her daughter unexpectedly. She smelled of alcohol and instead of Diana to criticize her, she praised her. She directed Kemi to serve her some food with juice. As she ate, she spoke to her daughter.

“That your housekeeper is fine oh.”

She hissed. “So? In fact, I never noticed.”

“Who was the little boy playing with a ball in the compound?”

Diana told her it was her son and she was a single mother.

She dropped her spoon on the plate. “Have you met the father of the boy?”

“No, he might even be a bastard.”

“Then you can arrange her for your brother!” Mrs. Ojo tapped her lightly on the lap. “Why didn’t you tell me about her?”

Diana did a double look and thought for a moment. “I never thought about it! It never occurred to me!”

“You better do something about it. I hope you treat her well so that she can agree when you tell her.”

“I have been hostile but I can change because of that. I will have to be nice for some months before I can discuss such with her. We can offer her money just to have two male children for him.”


Diana placed her chin under her jaw and thought. If Kemi agreed to be a second wife, she would continue to control her to do things for her. She was going to act nice and be close to Kemi and her son. They could trust her too. Becoming the wife of her brother, there was a possibility they would remain in Nigeria with her and if it happened, there was no need for a new housekeeper. She grinned mischievously. It meant Kemi would still be under her claws.

To be continued……


  1. The thunder that will fire that Diana is doing press up. nice Update Carina, you just made my day

  2. The thunder will fall on Diana soon.crazy woman.

  3. Oh Diana!!!!
    This woman has got zero chills for evil. Keeping my fingers crossed. Can't wait for more. Weldone CKJ the great!

  4. This Diana is the biggest mumu of the year. Little does she know that Kemi and Jason are about to become a pair.
    Kemi is smarter than Diana thinks.

  5. This Diana, is a devil. Gosh I hate her so

  6. This Diana, is a devil. Gosh I hate her so


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