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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

'Some mumu Nigerians are calling me gay' - Charly boy

Charly Boy wrote about his views on gay and lesbian rights, click here to read. He is a proud supporter of many rights including gay rights. He has been insulted and called a gay man by Nigerians. Area father has responded. 

"Kai, I know for many Nigerians their mumu never Do. 
Sometimes we dey reason like say we no get brain.
Any wonder we are still prehistoric, myopic and lack depth.
As I vocalised my thoughts on Gays and Lesbians
Come see stone trowing, like say dem no know say Na the stones dem trow me I take build house.
Mumu people.

So make I ask dem,

As I fight for okada people because our useless government wan kill their business, 
does that make me an okada rider?
I been fighting for the right of the poor common man, 
does that mean I am poor and hungry?
I fought against the abuse of drugs by youths, 
does that make me a drug addict.

Now that I wan speak up for some young gay people who are committing suicide because they are not only confused about their sexually, 
the environment/stereotyping has made their lives miserable. 
And some mumu people are calling me Gay.
Obviously dem mumu never do.

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