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With tears covering all over her face, she said, “I do not want to leave.”

“I won’t be able to control myself. You have to understand that I cannot cheat on my wife.” He heaved a sigh and touched his face by rubbing it gently. He sniffed his nose and looked at her, “I do not know why it felt so right when we kissed even though it is wrong. We cannot be together, don’t stay here, do not make it worse for me.”

She wiped her face carefully. “Then allow me to continue to do my job here.”

“If it’s money you want, I will give you.”

“Money isn’t everything. I have to think of my son too. How do you think he will feel when I tell him we won’t be staying here anymore. It will hurt him not to see you again and his new friends in school.”

“I will miss him too and about his school I will arrange something.”

She continuously shook her head as she spoke. “No, this is not what I want.”

Jason motioned closer and she felt cold as she could hear him breathing. He touched her hair and she trembled. He leaned to give her a peck on her lips and as he did, a peck transformed into a kiss and from that, they gripped each other and both of them devoured every part of their lips. “I want you, I need you Kemi.”

Kemi released her lips from him. “I am sorry.”

“What? Sorry about what?”

She moved backwards and patted her lower lip. “I think you are right. Maybe I should leave. This is not supposed to happen. I criticized my friend for what she did behind her husband’s back and yet I am committing a sin. This is wrong even though it feels right. I think I will need few days to prepare myself and break the news to Nate we will be leaving.”

“But you said…..”

“it does not matter what I said earlier. it will break my heart I will be far from you. Goodnight Mr. Jason.” She rushed inside and closed the door behind. She rested her back on it, she bent down and cried silently.
Jason stood there like a lost lamb trying to figure what had happened to him. He was confused, unhappy and crushed in his heart. Looking at the door tempted him to knock and beg her to open but if he did, she would likely obey him and that would surely lead to something he might regret later. He heaved a long sigh and said to himself. “I will never be like my father.”

“They can’t leave!” Diana screamed at Jason when he revealed he wanted Kemi to leave. “How can you wake me early this morning to tell me such rubbish! Your reason is not good enough. Just because you think the workload would distract her from going to law school does not make sense!”

“I am ready to do the house chores in the house.”

“So that your mom will accuse me of not playing my role as a wife well?” She asked. “Do you want us to be the discussion of everyone in this estate? I need Kemi in this house, period! I employed them and i am the only one that have the right to discharge her.”

“Do not forget that I built this house myself.”

“Do not forget you married me and the pastor ordained us as one. This house belongs to you and I or are you trying to insult me because I do not have a child for you yet?”

He gestured his right hand at her. “Don’t make this about that, please Diana. I know God gives children, I do not blame you!”

“Then why do you want to take my joy away. Kemi’s son is a blessing. I know with him living in this house, God will answer our prayers. I need to hit the bathroom and get ready to leave this house. The sight of you is becoming irritating!” Diana walked out on him. She went to Kemi’s apartment and knocked on her door. She came out and was surprised to see her. She greeted her and apologized for not waking up on time. “It’s nothing, just forget whatever my husband said to you. We came to a conclusion, you can stay as long as you want. You and Nathaniel won’t leave.”

Nate who was standing behind her, asked in a dazed tone. “Mum, are we leaving this house?” It was obvious he wasn’t happy. 

She turned to him. “No my love, we are staying.”

He smiled cheerfully and said good morning to his mom and Diana. Kemi helped her son get ready for school, she prepared breakfast but Jason stayed in his room even when he was dressed for work. He thought of something and went downstairs to see Kemi in the kitchen. Diana was making up her face.

“Good morning Mr. Jason.” Kemi said, avoiding eyes contact with him.

“I understand you are staying but I have to advise you on one thing but first, my plan is to avoid seeing you and you know why.”

She looked at him. “And the advice?”

He took a deep breath and swallowed. “Make sure we do not end up in the same place alone.” Jason chuckled lightly. “Truthfully, I am likely to eat you up. Good day Kemi.” He swerved and walked out.

She felt chilled. It made her smile and made her miserable too. She heard the entrance door opened and shut. Kemi knew she would be serving breakfast for only Diana.

Meredith was stirring the pot of ogbono soup she was cooking when Eromosele stormed into the kitchen with a phone in his hand. His raging appearance startled her. She dropped the spoon beside the gas and faced him.

He pointed the phone at her. “Why have you been calling Julian?”


“Don’t lie to me you this slut! You are sleeping with Julian. How many times have I warned you never to call or see him?”

Her mouth spread apart in total shock. His accusations were ridiculous.

“Have you gone deaf?”

“I have never cheated on you…”

“Liar!” He moved a step forward and indicated to carry the pot. “I will pour the soup on your body!”

Her body jerked. She shifted away from him. 

"Why have you been calling him? Didn’t I warn you about him?”

“We have not been in contact with each other ever since you said I should stop communicating with him. I stopped because of the respect I have for you. You know Julian is married with kids and we were classmates. I contacted him recently because I want him to help Kemi.”


“Diana’s housekeeper.“ She said. “She wants to be a lawyer and I want Julius to help her.”

“Why do you want to help her?” He placed her cell phone on the table.

“She is my friend.”

Eromosele folded his arms across his chest. “Since when did you become a charity organization?”

“I just want to help her and that is all.”

He slapped her and jagged his finger at her shocked and sore face. “Stay the hell away from Julian. Don’t ever call him again!”

Preye, Diana and Hajiza laughed at a joke Hajiza made in the pastor’s home. They paid her a visit. They ate and drank some fruit juice.

“I was thinking few days ago that we should organize on how to travel together.” Diana said. “I want us to have fun.”

“What about Meredith?” Preye asked.

“Of course, she would join too. Recently she has not really been going to her boutique.”

“Why? I never knew.”

“I think she needs enough rest.” Hajiza said. “You know someone looking for the fruit of the womb should not stress herself. She has employees capable of handling her business for her. I think she is very lucky to have those girls. Meredith has never complained about any of them giving her issues. They love her.”

“Who wouldn’t love someone like Meredith?” Preye said. “I am not surprised that those girls are handling her business as if it is their own. I pray for her and I wish she has not given up on God.”

Diana adjusted on the sofa and drank some water. “I don’t know if it’s me but I think Meredith is not happy.”

“Meredith not happy? She’s always smiling!”

“That does not mean she is happy inside. I used to suspect that her husband beats her.”

Hajiza and Preye widened their eyes in surprise.

Diana quickly stated when she noticed the look on their faces. “I am not sure o.”

“Do not say what you don’t know Diana.” Hajiza said.

“I doubt Eromosele would lay a finger on that woman.” Preye said and questioned Diana. “I doubt that but what makes you think so?”

“I do notice some faint scars on her body and whenever I ask her the cause of it, she is always telling me she fell. Does she fall almost every day?”
“Why would Meredith lie?”

“I don’t know.”

“Domestic violence is evil. Meredith don’t deserve such but I doubt Eromosele is capable of hitting a woman.”

“Well, I am not saying I am hundred percent sure, I only hope what I am thinking is not true.”

“I hope so too but if it’s true, Meredith deserve better.” Hajiza said.

It’s been two weeks and Jason made sure he was never alone with Kemi. On his way to his home from work, he would call Diana and asked where she was. If she was at home, he would drive to meet her but if he received a negative answer, he would remain in his office or check up on Rume or Eromosele at their offices or they hang out in a bar. Sometimes at lunchtime, he would drive over to Nate’s school to see him.

There was a night he called Diana to join him in the bedroom to discuss about Nathaniel. When he told her his intentions, she wasn't happy.

“You want to give Nathaniel a scholarship?” She asked him.

“Yes but it will be done anonymously.”

“Why don’t you want the mother to know? She is supposed to be indebted to you and I if it happens.”

“It will happen. I just want to let you know.”

“Is that why you went to see the headmistress the other time?”


“You are not a bank. Use your money wisely. Use your money for better things and don’t spend so much on a boy that is not your child. I do not think it is a good idea…”

“Whether it is a good idea or not, I will give him a scholarship. I do not intend to gain anything from him. His love is enough. Do you know he is one of the brightest students in that school?”

She eyed him and hissed, “Who cares!” Diana hissed again and left him.

Meredith opened the door for Denzel and led him inside. She wasn’t expecting him but Eromosele had called her to give him new shoes. He would pay for it. Denzel happened to be around their area and decided to collect them by himself.

She smiled widely at him. “Please sit down.”

“Thank you.” He said and smiled back at her. He was looking dashing in a suit. She left and came back with water and offered him. He took it and drank.

“I’m coming.” She said, left and returned with the shoes in the box. She handed it over to him. “This is the first time you are came here.”

He was surprised. “No. I have been here more than once but you are always at your boutique.”

“Oh I see, that’s true.”

“I was surprised when Eromosele told me I will meet you at home.”

“Well, I am taking a break for now.” Meredith said and sat down on a single sofa beside him.

“You need it.” he dimmed his eyes as he looked closely at her face. “Wait, is that a mark on your face?”

She touched her face. “What mark?”

“Hold on.” Denzel moved his hand to her face and pressed it gently with his finger. “I hope it doesn’t hurt?” He removed his hand.

“It quite painful but I will be fine.”

“But the last time I saw you there was nothing like that. Did anyone hit or fight you?''

She laughed and he admired the way she laughed. “No! Don’t worry DD, I am fine!”

Denzel shrugged. “If you say so but if you need anything do not hesitate to let me know.”

“Thank you.”

He surveyed around and glanced at her. “So what were you doing before I came in?”

“I was watching a series but I turned it off when you arrived.”

“Which series?”

“The originals.”

He opened his eyes and appeared interested. “What season?”

“Season three.”

“Can you turn it on? I have been trying to watch it but I do not have the time!”

“Sure.” She rose, took the remote control, and turned on the television and DVD. She played it, they watched it, laughed and they felt comfortable with each other.
Denzel left when it was 6pm. He expressed gratitude. Meredith thought she was in big trouble the moment Eromosele returned home and found out Denzel kept her company.  Meredith slept like a toddler when her husband sent her a text he would be returning home after two days.

Kemi seemed excited as she shared the good news with Diana. She had received a letter from the school about awarding her son a scholarship. She wanted to celebrate with Jason but she had not seen him for a while except when she saw he drove in or away from the house.

“Congratulations to you and your son.” Diana said.

“Thank you ma. If only they could tell me who is behind it. I am so happy!”

“Your son deserves it.”

“I don’t even need to pay a dime even when he gains admission into the University!”


“Yes, this is a miracle! I am so happy!! I need to call my friends and tell them!” She excused herself, and went to her apartment. She dialed the numbers of Meredith, Eniye and Tina. They were delighted to hear about it.

“What’s up!” Denzel said when he picked up his phone as he drove. He was speaking with his cousin. “As Biggie started following my friend’s wife?”

“Yes but for now she ends up in her shop, relative’s place or her house. I don’t know why you would think she might be cheating on her husband.”

He frowned. “It’s none of your business. Let him continue trailing her and if he doesn’t see anything suspicious after a month, then I will call it quit. Understood?”

“Yes boss. Where are you by the way?”

He turned the phone to the other ear and smiled. “I am on way to see someone. I just left my son’s boarding school. Today is their visitation’s day.”

He sensed his cousin smiled. “How is Bobby?”

“He’s doing well, thank you,” Denzel said with a good natural smile on his lips. “I can’t wait for him to be on holiday.”

“I am so proud of you bro. Whenever Bobby is around, you always create time to spend with him but why did you go alone? What about Hajiza?”

“I decided to go alone Jim.”

“I hope there is no problem between both of you.”

He shook his head as if his cousin saw him in person. Jim asked him the same question when he got no oral answer. “No, everything is good between Hajiza and I. Thanks for asking. We will talk tomorrow and do not forget to provide money to Biggie to fuel his car.”

“I won’t forget. Drive safe and I hope you won’t be drinking today.”

Denzel glanced at the passenger’s seat to admire the Saint Remy’s bottle he wanted to drink immediately he ended the call. “You know I cannot lie to you, I will be drinking soon.”

“I can’t count how many times I have advised you to cut the limit of the intake of alcohol.” He said with anger in his voice. “You do not need it. Think about your son!”

“Please don’t sound like a broken record, booze can’t kill me.”

“But it can affect your health and that can lead to death. You are my family and I do not want anything bad to happen to you.”

“Thanks Jim.” he said. “I am capable of taking care of myself. I am not a child.”

“I know we shouldn’t be having this conversation on the phone but I can’t help it any longer, you need to change your way of life. You can fool your fans and friends but you can’t do that to me. You drink and womanize excessively. It is not right!”

“But I don’t smoke and that is a good thing!”

“DD, you have to change. I am not a saint but you and I know the kind of person I am. I might be the manager of your nightclub but I try to live a decent life. I am not married but I am in a serious relationship and when I get to tie the knot, things will change for me.”

“That’s your business bro. Just inform me when you want to quit so that I can find a bubbling manager to look after my club and have fun with me. Take care, it is getting boring talking with you.” He pressed the red button and flung his phone on the other seat. He grinned as he took a quick glimpse at the bottle. He positioned his left hand on his wheel and carried the whiskey to open and drink as he drove with rap music blasting iniside his Range Rover.

Ten minutes later, he noticed a supermarket before the street he was driving to. He wore a cap to avoid unnecessary attention. Denzel parked at the parking space, got out and headed to the entrance. He went in and bought different types of whiskey and a pack of condom. After he paid for his items, he went back to his car, deposited the things at the backseat and moved to open his front door. A young woman dressed in a shirt and a long skirt hurriedly moved to tap Denzel on his back. He turned to look at her, he frowned when he noticed she was holding a bible. She greeted him.

“Yes, can I help you?”

“I am coming back from the church and I noticed you sir. I want to preach to you.”

“If I want to hear God’s sermon, I will go to church.”

“No, this is not only hearing God’s words. I am here to tell you to give your life to Christ.”

He looked at her with disgust. “If it is money you want, I will give it to you.” He dipped his hand in his pocket and brought out his wallet. She pushed it gently.

“I do not need your money sir.” 

Denzel removed the cap on his head. She gave him a blank stare. “Don’t you know who I am?”

“No sir.”

He shrugged and wore back the cap. “You have two minutes to say whatever you want.”

She smiled and preached about the gospel. She also advised him to be careful and be born again. He had God’s grace and the will to achieve more if he became close to God. He didn’t allow her finish preaching when he thanked her and entered into his vehicle. He drank on his way to a hotel to see his older woman he was sleeping with.

Few days later, Kemi came back from school in the evening. Her final year result was finally out and she made a first class. She promised to visit Meredith to celebrate. She went to see her son and gave him the things she bought for him. Her salary had been paid into her account few days ago and she wanted to spoil Nate with some clothes and toys. She thought about going to law school. She went into the main house, saluted Diana and moved into the kitchen to make dinner. Diana left to the bedroom and few minutes later, Kemi heard loud voices and she knew they belonged to Jason and Diana. She had no idea what they were arguing about.

Diana insulted Jason for not giving her his full attention when she asked him if she could visit her elder sister and spend three days with her. He declined her request but she remained persistent on leaving.

Kemi heard a knock on the door and walked to answer the person. She opened it and met an older man with grey hair. She greeted him and asked who he was looking for.

“Jason Olabisi.” He said.

“Who is that?” Diana said walking down the stairs. She motioned towards them and Kemi stepped aside.

“He is looking for your husband ma.” Kemi told her.

“Jason!” Diana shouted his name.

“What?” He hiked down to meet her, saw Kemi and quickly diverted his eyes to the door. He recognized the man standing close to his wife. He became paralyzed in the mouth. Shock consumed him from speaking further.
The man stepped forward and smiled weakly. “Hello son.”

To be continued….. Sunday!


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