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Jason words touched her. Kemi laughed and cried at the same time. She inhaled the pleasant scent reeking out from his warm body. They suddenly released themselves instantly as the horn of Diana’s car made rigorous noises. He moved his hand to her face to wipe the tears away but she stopped him and did it herself.

“I am sorry.” Jason said.

“It’s okay.” Diana quickly moved to collect some food ingredients from the refrigerator. “I am supposed to be cooking by now. Your wife won’t be happy with me.”

“Don’t worry, I will tell her I wanted to be alone and I gave you the permission to cook now.”

“Thank you.” 

He nodded, took bottled water and walked into the sitting room to drink and relax on the sofa. Diana entered with some shopping bags. She removed the dark glasses from her eyes and as she saw Jason.

“Can’t you help me?”

He shook his head, stood and went to meet her. He took one of the bags and placed it on the floor. “I guess that is ‘your good evening’.”

“I am sorry darling, I am tired and famished!” She kept the other bag beside the chair she sat. “I hope the food is ready.”

He stated exactly what he told Kemi.

“Did you have to do that? You are behaving as if you are the first person your father abandoned. Get over it! Are you a baby? If you do not want to forgive, good for you and if you forgive him, it doesn’t change anything. Don’t use your family issues to spoil my own, please. Think about me first before making a decision whether it is about food or anything that can affect me.”

The lower lip of Jason fell. Who did I marry?  “Why are you selfish?”

“Selfish?” she spoke in a disrespectful tone. “I came home hungry and I cannot eat because you and you call me selfish? Who is selfish among two of us if not you.” She rose and pointed a finger close to his left eye. “I have been so busy today and I couldn’t eat lunch and you expect me to come home and pamper you?"

“Pamper me?”

“Yes! Is that not what you want?” Diana asked still jagging her long nail close to his eyeball.

“Don’t blind me!” Jason shifted her hand away.

“Do you want to break my hand? Why didn’t you tell me to remove it away!” Kemi who had been hearing their voices came and begged them to stop. “Just shut Kemi and go back to where you belong!”

Kemi apologized and scrambled away.

Jason had already erected on his feet. “Is it Kemi that is meant to cook for me? If not that I do not want your trouble, she won’t be here. You know before she came, I mostly cook my food and even for you.”

“Then do it yourself as from today! I am not forcing you to eat her food. I am not begging you Jason! Whenever you are hungry, go to the kitchen. Kemi will continue to make my own meals. You are a coward if you don’t do that.”
He snorted, chuckled and shook his head. “Is it not my money you are using to buy foodstuffs? I am not complaining about Kemi’s food and I will continue to eat her food. The only time I will be a coward is if you enter that kitchen to cook and I eat it.”

Who is even going to cook for you? Don’t you have hands?”


Diana hissed. She saw Jason heading upstairs and she began singing mockingly and clapping her hands. Kate hated the way Diana was behaving towards Jason. She didn’t notice when Diana entered the kitchen.

“Why are you standing like a log of food?”

“I am sorry ma.”

“Sorry for yourself. I am going to the bathroom and when I get back, make sure dinner is ready.”

“I will try my best ma.”

“You better try your best otherwise this house will be hot for both of us!” She stormed out. Kemi put her hands on her head and wondered what a character. This minute she is nice, before you could blink an eye, she has changed into a viper.

Preye returned home from a meeting she had with her assistance pastors. She wasn’t looking happy and when she sighted Rume at the garden relaxing with a bottle of beer, the gloomy expression vanished and an angry one occupied her appealing face.

“Rume what is the meaning of this?” She asked him.
“If it is about the beer I am drinking, do not criticize me. This is my house and I have the right to drink what I want.”

“You were not into alcohol when we met. Your attitude has changed even before the incident about me. That’s not even the reason I came here to talk to you. I heard you collected the tithe the church members donated on Sunday. I gave instructions to the head of ushers to give it to one of the pastors and you went behind my back to take it from her using my name. Why are you doing this?”

“Preye you are disturbing me.” He sipped from his tumbler.

“We have planned to use that money to buy twenty bags of rice, wrappers and other things for the widows and the orphans in the church. I had to lie that I am aware the money is with you and its safe when I know it is not. How much have you spent? How much is remaining, please tell me.”

“Tell you what?”

“Don’t make me a laughing stock in my church. Do not humiliate me!”

“I am getting sick of you nagging!”

“How am I nagging? I am only asking you questions about the money from the church!”

“I have spent all of it!” He roared and that made her astounded. “Do you want to beat me?! I borrowed money for a deal that didn’t work. I had to pay back and do other things! What do you want from me!”

“What about the money from the people that rented shops at the mall? Do you know the amount I calculated they paid? I never asked for a dime from you. I expected you to save some of it, spend on our children and even surprise me with a gift. You did nothing! How long will you continue to punish me? A time will come when you will beg me and it will be too late.”

“Is that a threat?”

“No, it’s just life! It happens to people treating their loved ones bad because of one silly mistake. I have to pay back the money from own savings. Thank you Rume, thank you.”

He made no sound and he glared at her. Preye walked away with tears on her face.

Diana ate alone on the dining table. Although, Jason had lost appetite, he ate a little so that Kemi won’t feel bad. After he finished eating in his room, he washed the utensils in the bathroom, kept them beside his bed and he went to have his bath. He checked his drawer briskly and found what he was searching for; he took two sleeping tablets and positioned himself far away from Diana space on the bed.

Diana called Kemi to sit with her in the living room after she was through cleaning the kitchen. She appeared quite remorseful with the look on her. She tapped the chair and Kemi sat.

“I know I should not have poured my anger on you. It won’t happen again.”

“No problem ma.”

“My husband is the one to blame. I do not know why he wants to cause commotion between us. I am sure he is not happy with the way I have been good to you and your son. By way, when is he coming back?”

“Don’t really know yet. I am thinking of extending his stay at my friend’s place.” She lied. Nathaniel had left Tina’s place to Eniye’s house to stay and play with her children.

“I only hope they are not maltreating him there. Always check up on him and if you don’t have money for transport, do not hesitate to let me know.’’

“Okay ma.” Kemi had no strength to prolong the conversation.

“Back to my husband,” Diana said and made a sound with her mouth. “That man is a pretender. Don’t mind him if he is trying to be nice to you. Whatever he has done for your child, I am the master minder. I am always the one encouraging him to help you.”

“Thank you ma.”

“You’re welcome my dear.” She gave a bright smile. “What about your law school? Have you found information about it?”

“Yes ma. I will be applying very soon.”

“I hope you will be going from home after all their headquarters is here in Abuja.”

She shrugged. “I have not concluded ma. The law school is far from here and I will need time to prepare and read. Law school is not easy.”

The smile left her lips. “Didn’t you make first class?” She pinned her right hand on her waist. “Or did you bribe them with the salaries we have been paying you?”

Kemi eyebrows went up instantly. “Never. I read before I wrote my exams.”

“So, don’t play the innocent one here. I paid lecturers for courses I could not read or understand. There is nothing there; students do it all the time.”

She continued to stare at her.

Diana added, “You have to be going to your law school from here. Nathaniel needs you. Who will take care of the house and how will you pay your bills? Think about that before making your decision.” Another smile arose on her lips. “I have something important to tell you but not now. I will discuss it with you soon. I do not want to rush, I believe when I reveal it to you, it will make you and Nate happy.”

“What is that ma?” She asked in a curious tone.

She tapped her lightly on the arm. “Don’t worry, not now. You can go to bed now. Goodnight Kemi.”

“Goodnight ma.”

She returned to her flat, bathed and rested on the bed. The tried all her best to take Jason off her mind but his face, smell, lips and the way he usually kiss her continued to creep inside. Staying in the hostel was far better. Diana had become nice again and it will be a stab at the back to be intimate with her husband. A man she could never have, perhaps, only in her sweet dreams.

Two days later, Jason refused to see his father who came to his office. He left instructions to his secretary never to allow him in except he gave an order. Juliet found out about it and advised him to have mercy on the old man. Jason wasn’t in the mood to listen. Diana and he were not speaking with each other. It was better for him. Less arguments and complains.

Later in the day, he called his mother to ask after her welfare. She was doing okay and when she used the opportunity to beg him on behalf of his father, he hung up. He wanted to call Kemi when his office line rang. Rume and Eromosele were around.

“Hey my real guy!” Rume uttered when he and Eromosele entered and shook Jason’s hand.

“What a surprise!” Jason said happily. He hasn’t seen them for a while and at that moment he saw them, he felt a bit relieved and joyful. “I’m so happy you guys came. My office is boring and it’s not lunch time.”

His friends sat opposite him.

“We can go out and eat when it’s time but for now, we need to talk.”

Jason wore a serious face. “I hope all is well with Denzel?”

“You think it is about Denzel.” Eromosele said. “Denzel is fucking fine! He is making money from his new movie."

“I thought its about him because he is not with you, maybe you wanted to talk to me about him.”

“No. Your mom contacted.”

The seriousness in his face turned into hardness. “There’s no point talking to me about it.”

“Why didn’t you tell us your dad returned?”

“Because he is irrelevant!”

“Even if you do not want to forgive him yet, at least spend some time with him.”

“You are talking as if it is easy.”

“I don’t want to disrespect your mom that’s why I came here.” Rume said. “My only advice to give you on this issue is do what pleases you.”

Eromosele looked at him surprised. “I don’t agree. I never knew my father. He died when I was very little. I can give everything to have him back.”

“That is different!” Jason said in a fast tone. “He died. He never deserted you and left with another woman that got pregnant for him. Think before you talk, please!”

“I know you are upset but don’t put it on me.”

“I am sorry I yelled.”

“It’s ok bro, I do understand. How is Diana?”

‘She is fine and Meredith?”


“Please extend my greetings to her, although I checked on her in her shop few days back but she wasn’t there. Her girls said she was at home.”

“That’s true.”

Jason faced Rume. “What about Preye? I hope you are treating my sister well otherwise I will kill you oh.”

Rume gave a low laugh and shrugged. “I’m treating her well and she is doing great. We might come to your house and eat the delicious food of your housekeeper. How is she?”

“She’s fine.”

“Meredith and her are close.” Eromosole said. “Edith is always happy when she is around.”

“I am aware they are friends.” Jason said plainly and chose not to say anything more to avoid slipup. He wanted to avoid unnecessary questions that could throw him off balance.

“Really?” Rume asked in a dazed voice. “I think Preye and her should be friends too. She can visit anytime.”

He changed the subject. He rubbed his stomach. “I thinking I am getting hungry."

Eromosele glanced at his wristwatch. “Me too. JJ, I think it’s time to have lunch and guess what.”


“You are paying.”

Jason laughed hard.

Dr. Rita and Mofe, her husband, a short man with a good-looking face were in the living room discussing about the welfare of their children. They were thinking of transferring them into a boarding school because of their busy schedule. When he made a suggestion that, the kids should be going to school from their grandmother’s place, Rita's size of eyes expanded.

“You want them to live with my mother that loves to party?” She asked and chuckled. “Our kids will come back dull!”

Mofe laughed. They were not a perfect couple but he loved his wife and would do anything to make her happy. “Leave your mom alone. She has no husband.”

“So?” She questioned him without waiting to get a reply. “What about the mother of my brother-in-law? That woman respects herself to the fullest. I am not saying she does not like to have fun but she knows what she wants and she carries herself well. If my mom was here, she will be drunk because I know you will like to please her.”

“I have no choice.” Mofe said.

“And I am not blaming you. We will think of a way out.”

They heard a knock on their door and Rita checked. She was surprised to see Diana’s housekeeper. She allowed her inside and she took note of the fancy baggage in Kemi’s hand. She introduced her to her husband. He welcomed her and gave them their privacy.

Kemi came to thank her for the job and presented the package. It was filled with beverages, biscuits and other eatable items.

“This must have cost a lot.” Rita said. She was indeed grateful.

“You deserve it. I thought about you. I have been working with your sister and husband for some months now. If not for you, I might not have written my final exams and my son would not be in one of the best schools here.”

“We give glory to God.” Cheerfully looking Rita rose. “You will not leave without eating. You are always welcomed into my home.”

“Thank you ma,” Kemi said, smiling.

Rita turned into the direction of the kitchen. She carried her gifts along with her.

“Don’t tell me you have not forgotten about it?” Rume asked Diana over the phone in his office. He was alone.

“How can I forget about it?”

“See, it’s been months and I know he has no clue you are the one. I know Eromosele, if he knew you are the one I am banging, he will not hesitate to tell your husband. He is a talkative and he genuinely likes Jason but he is a piece of shit most of the time.”

“And that is the more reason we should get rid of him. I will find someone to do it for me if you continue to act like a chicken!”

“Don’t.” The tone of his voice thickened. “Meredith is young to be a widow and besides they have no child! He is my friend and I will not allow that. What about you? What are you waiting for? If you want to get rid of my friend, you do the same thing to Jason so that we can finally be together.”

“Jason is different,” Diana said angrily. “I know how I will deal with him and it is not now!”


“Forget it. If I ever find out that Eromosele knows more, I will crush him. I will find the time to watch his moves.”

“Just don’t hurt him.”

Diana heaved a sigh and licked her full lips. “It’s been a while, when are we seeing?"

“Tomorrow babe,” Rume said. “I want us to be more careful.”

“Ok. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

The next day, Kemi visited Meredith at her boutique. They were inside her office. Her employees were delighted to have her back. They missed her, especially her food. Meredith fed them thrice in a week. She gave a cheque to Kemi for the complete payment for her law school. 
Kemi offered her a plan to get a small video camera and place it in the living room without informing her husband about it, but Meredith declined. She also told her to take photos of the scars on her body in case she reported him to her family and close friends and he denied it. Meredith gave an excuse that Eromosele has not beaten her for a while. 

Denzel drove and saw Eromosele’s car in front of the boutique. He assumed he was there. He found a spot to park and entered to ask for his friend. He sighted Meredith and a spasm of enthusiasm glittered in his eyes. He noticed Kemi. Despite her beauty, he wasn't sexually attracted to her. He sincerely liked her.

Meredith was happy to see him. She hugged him and was about to introduced Kemi.

“I remember her. I signed an autograph for her. She works for Jason and Diana.”

“It’s nice meeting you sir.” Kemi said and shook his hand.

“Call me Denzel. I know you do when you watch my movies.”

The three of them laughed moderately. Kemi embraced Meredith and left. Denzel and her went back inside. He explained the reason he came.

“Eromosele took my car early this morning.” She elucidated.

“Oh I see. So how are you?”

“I’m good.”

“If I had known, I would have bought some snacks for us to eat.”

“That would have been nice but it’s not your fault but we can watch a movie with my laptop if you are not in a hurry to leave.”

“I am not in a hurry.” Denzel persuaded her to release one of her girls so that he could send her on errands. She did and he sent her to an eatery. Meredith and Denzel ate and laughed while they watched a comedy movie.

Few hours later, on his way home, he got a call from his cousin informing him the bouncer had information. They planned to see the following day after he was through with his sugar mummy. 

The next day, Jason came home from work. He went to the bedroom and met Diana painting her face. She greeted him for the first time they had a disagreement. He answered her and had his bath. Diana told him she wanted to discuss an important issue. He sat and listened.

“What!!” he exclaimed in shock after her narration. “You want Kemi to have a child for your brother? You must be joking!!”

“I am serious.”

“What an insult! What do you take her for?”

“What does that mean and how is it your business?” Her voice expressed anger. Her phone rang. If not that it was her sister, she would not have pressed the green button. “Hello.” Diana speedily rose on her feet. “What!! How? What happened?"
Jason seemed nervous.

“Is she okay?” She listened and spoke. “She was with her boyfriend? The press is there? For what?” She waited for answers and said, “You don’t know yet. What’s the name of the hospital?” She paused. “I am coming with Jason right now!” She ended the call and looked at Jason who waiting to know what was going on. “Get ready, we are going to the hospital. My mom just had an accident with her so called boyfriend.”

“Oh my God. I hope it is not serious?”

“Rita doesn’t know yet. The doctors in charge are not saying anything for now and the press are even there.” She was getting dressed.


“She has no idea.”

As Jason finished wearing his clothes in a hurry, he received a call from Rume. “You must be kidding!” 

Diana gazed at him.

“We are on our way.” He ended the call.

“Why did Rume call you?”

“Rume is at the hospital. I know why the press is there."

“What?” She asked with fear in her voice. "Why?"

He took his eyes off her. “The boyfriend with your mom is Denzel.”

Fear and anxiety no longer displayed on her. Rage filled her heart and she hoped Denzel died. If he survived, she would kill him.

To be continued…..


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