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Thursday, April 20, 2017


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“What? What did you just say?” Hajiza thought she mistook hearing his words. She moved closer to be sure of the shock that zoomed out from his mouth. Denzel had no strength to fight or defend himself if she attacked him. He knew she was capable of doing something dangerous to him but nothing could withhold him from repeating what he said.

"I want a divorce Hajiza. We do not love each other and we are not a happy couple.”

“I thought you do not want to be among the celebrities with a broken marriage.” There was anger in her voice. “You do not want a divorce, we talked about it.”

“But it’s not working. We pretend to friends, family and our son. He does not deserve to live in a lie. We can’t continue to be like this, I am tired of this fake union we call marriage. I am ready to leave the house for you and give you an amount of money to start something for yourself. Bobby’s upkeep is my full responsibility.”

It wasn’t enough. Her color of her eyes inflamed and she pointed a finger at his face. “Listen to me attentively. We are not going to divorce and if you persist on it, the world will know you were a scam, a serial cheat and a man who does not deserve a second chance.”

“I am sorry for my past behavior. I know God loves me for saving my life and that is why I will serve him with all my heart.”

Her left eyebrow moved up. “What?”

“I am ready to give my life to Christ, to be born again.”

She burst out in a mocking laugh. “And you think it’s easy. You of all people? How?”
“Stop lying. You think it will make me accept the divorce.”

‘I am not lying, Hajiza.”

“Then I do not care because I know you won’t change. If you divorce me, I will relocate far and take our son with me!”

She turned her back to leave.

“Hey! Hajiza come here!” Meredith and Jim heard their loud voices in front of the door. They stepped back and waited for them to finish their conversation. Meredith was close to her car to drive off when Jim ran to her that Denzel wanted to see her. She appeared surprised and followed him.

“What?” Hajiza asked as she looked at him.

He inhaled in and out. “You are not going to carry out that threat. You know how I feel about our son. He is my number one priority.”

“And I don’t care! Carry out your own threat and you will never see him again! Try me and I will show you hell!" Hajiza stormed out of the room. She was fuming. She met Jim and Meredith and passed them without saying anything.

Both of them entered and Jim asked if everything was okay. He nodded and told him to give them privacy. He promised to return very early in the morning with items for Denzel. They shook hands and he left.

Denzel smiled at quiet looking Meredith. She seemed relieved to see him talking and looking quite healthy despite he was on a hospital bed. She moved closer and held the handle of the bed.

“You look good.” She said with a smile.

He chuckled lightly and said with a sincere reaction in his voice. “I am sorry.”

“Sorry? Sorry about what?”

“I know you must have heard about my ill relationship with Diana’s mom. I disappointed you, right?”

“You shouldn’t be sorry. You did not offend me but your wife. I thought you required to send a message across to Eromosele through me?”

“No. I wanted to see your face.”

Meredith sighed. “But you don’t really look happy. Hajiza and you are fighting, I think whatever is going on between you two should be sorted out before the doctor discharge you.”

He felt getting a divorce from Hajiza won’t be easy. He might stay back and see if the marriage would work but deep down inside him, it was untrue. “I will do everything I can to sort it out with her. I just hope the way you felt about me won’t change.”

“It would if you continue to have an affair with other women.”

“Never, not anymore.” Denzel said. “I will change. I promise.”

“I thought you had the perfect marriage. Both of you made us think marriage is amazing, real and very beautiful. I used to wish….” She closed her eyes, opened them and shut her mouth.

“You wished what?”

She shook her head. “It doesn’t matter. I have to go home.”

“I hope we can still be friends.” Denzel said ruefully.

Meredith gently placed her right hand on his arm, smiled and whispered. “Always.”

“Nothing will change?”

“No,” she replied. “Our friendship can never change.” She gave him a light peck on the forehead and came out. She walked with tears in her heart. Meredith had fallen in love with him but on the alter she made a promise before God to love and never cheat on her husband. She wasn’t going to break such promise. No matter what, she would continue to have hope that Eromosele would change just as Denzel promised.

Some hours later, On the bed, Jason turned his body to the right side and saw Diana awake. Her arms crossed on her chest. She was mumbling to herself.

“Still awake?”

“I can’t sleep.” She replied.

He raised his upper body and tried to touch her but she shoved his hand away. “How long are we going to continue like this?”

“Leave me alone.”

“I know you are upset about the accident but your mother is fine.”

She glanced at him scornfully. “You talk about my mother but you haven’t said anything about your friend Denzel. What he did, how he has been sleeping with my mother behind our backs!”

“What did he do that he should take the blame alone? I am going to see him in the morning but that does not mean I will not confront him about this. He is my friend and he will not continue to be that if he does not become a better person.”

“And if he becomes a better person, what happens next?”

“I will give him a second chance.”

“Damn you! Damn all of you!!”

He sighed and moved to sleep back but she continuously hit him on his shoulder.

“What is the matter with you this night?”

She stopped hitting him and spoke, “After laughing at me in my face, you think you can have peace tonight?”

“How did I laugh at you?” Jason asked in a baffled tone. “What do you want from me!”

“Money! I need money!”

“Money for what?” he asked surprised. “Before we left the hospital, your sister mentioned she will pay the bill. So what do you need the money for after I have given you your monthly allowance?”

“So because you give me monthly allowance, I have no right to ask for an amount from you?”

“How much do you want?”

Diana heaved a loud sigh. “1 million naira.” She answered and turned her face away from his shocked eyes.

“To do what?”

“I need it for something important.”

“I don’t have such money to waste for what you can’t tell me.”

She looked at him without fear. “Really?” She came down from the bed, took one of her high heel shoes and smashed the dressing mirror. Jason’s heart skipped and he jumped on his feet and raced to stop her but it was already late for that. She had taken a part of the broken mirror and set it on her left wrist.

Jason’s mouth spread apart.

“I will slice my wrist and put the blame on you!” Diana screamed.

Kemi suddenly woke up from her bed and ran to her living room. She paused and listened.

“Don’t do it!” Jason yelled and took a step forward.

“Step back!! Stay clear away from me or I will hurt you too!”

“I give you more than that amount of money but your sudden request for such an amount is ridiculous. I can't give you when there is no explanation for it."

She pressed the glass hard on her wrist.

“Wait!” Jason was breathing fast. “I will transfer the money into your account tomorrow morning!”

She threw it away and fell on the floor. She started to cry. “What if I lost my mother in the accident? Instead of you to support me, pet me, you are hostile towards me. It’s not fair. I love you Jason and I have never cheated and you pay me with blames, you hurt my feelings whenever I ask you for something I need.”
“I always give you what you want. You are the one blaming me and I still care for you.”

Kemi no longer heard what they were saying. The little she heard, she knew they were arguing over money. She returned to her bed and slept off.

Jason was confused and tired but he couldn’t abandoned her on the ground and go back to sleep. He added, “Can I come over?”

She nodded, and continued to cry. He wrapped his arms around her body and raised her up. He turned her to face him. Jason wiped the tears off her face and begged her to stop crying. She gazed at him and smiled a little.

“I want you to make love to me.”


She nodded.

He never saw it coming. It’s been a while they had sex and those words coming out from her  mouth felt like if he did it, he was cheating on Kemi. He looked at her. This was his wife, the woman he married. It was his obligation to grant her desire. He rubbed her arms and smiled.

“Okay dear.” He kissed her lip and placed her on their matrimonial bed.

The next day, Jim was the first person to say good morning to Denzel. Hajiza was yet to arrive and she wasn’t picking their calls. Jim brought new underwear’s, provisions and food to eat. He paid the bills and stayed with him for a while before Jason walked in. He was dressed in a suit and planned to leave to his office after he saw his mother in law.

“Hey bro.” Denzel said quietly.

Jason walked near him and stared into his eyes for a while before he talked. “I am not happy with you at all but I am grateful to God that you are alive.”

“I know you are disappointed in me. I apologize for it and I am ready to do anything for you and Diana to forgive me. Where is she?”

“She has gone to see her mom."

“Is she okay?”

“Yes but she will be using crutches for a while.”

His face fell. “I tried to stop her.”

“Stop her?”

Denzel explained.

“You mean you wanted to end the relationship and she took over the wheel of your car?”


“How did it happen? I mean when did the relationship start?”

“After your wedding.” he answered.  “I met her at your wedding. Remember she drank so much that day. She asked for my number and I thought it was because she was drunk but she kept on calling me for a month before I went to see her.”

“I see.” Jason said and heaved a sigh. “I am not Diana and whenever she is ready to see you, whatever she says to you just continue to apologize.”

“Thanks.” They shook hands before he left to join his wife.

“How is he?” Mrs. Ojo asked Jason when he told her he was coming from Denzel’s room.

“Why are you asking how is he?” Diana asked her angrily. She was seated on a plastic chair beside her mother’s bed. “Please don’t embarrass me in front of my husband.”

Her mom started to explain how the accident happened. Diana appeared shocked and Jason told them he knew.

“What kind of a mother are you? Why can’t you just shut your mouth and allow me do what’s on my mind!”

“Don’t talk to your mother like that.” Jason eyes flashed with anger. “She is telling you the truth!”

"And who asked for your own opinion. She is my mother and not yours!”

Jason looked over at Mrs. Ojo’s sober face. “I will be going to the office and I will check up on you in the evening.”

“Your mother is on her way here, won’t you wait for her?”

“It’s not necessary, I will call her later.”

He took out some money from his wallet and gave it to her. She thanked him, he gestured to put a peck on Diana’s cheek, she shifted her face away and Jason marched out. Diana’s attitude had started to irritate him. He went into his car and drove to the direction of a bank.

“Are you not pregnant yet?” Mrs. Ojo requested from Diana. “The way I see your husband he is getting tired of you.”

She hissed. “If you don’t have better things to talk about I better leave.”

“Will you see Denzel?”

“Not yet. I am not ready to pour out my rage on him.”

“Please take it easy. If I had known, I would have allowed him be and give up on the relationship.”

“You call that a relationship? I can’t even believe he was cheating on Hajiza and they looked so perfect in my eyes. I thought I was the only one having issues in my marriage. Wonders shall never cease to end, fake couple.”

“You have issues?”

“No. I want to leave now.” she rose up. “I believe Rita will check up on you when she is less busy."

“By the way, have you discussed that matter with your housekeeper?”

“Soon. She was supposed to follow me here but I told her not to worry. I will have to call her later to cook a special lunch for Jason. He will be sending me some money into my account.”

“Money isn’t everything my daughter. He needs an heir.”

Rita opened the door and entered. She motioned to touch her mother’s temperature and smiled. “How are you mom?”

“A bit better, she said. “The pain in my legs has reduced.” She gave an instant frown. “I heard you were happy when the doctor said I will be using crutches. You said I won't be able to party. You must be very stupid for that statement.”

She gave Diana an evil eye. “Parrot.”

Diana grinned. “Thank you.”

Hajiza came later with Bobby to see Denzel. He told her they should try to see if the marriage would work because of their son. She agreed. When she took Bobby to the restroom, Denzel asked Jim about the bouncer and the information he had.

“He didn’t tell me what he found but he mentioned he is still following Mrs. Diana.”


“He is in the better position to answer your question. Just relax and be patient. I am sure he wants to give you the best response of your request.”

“Do you think she is cheating on Jason?” He asked in a concerned tone.

“I really don’t know but I never liked the way she has been treating that man. You need to have seen her last night. She is really mad at you. I don’t like her, never liked her. Do not worry yourself about that woman; do not stress your body.”

“I know.” He kept shut and focused his eyes on the wall.

“Stop thinking my brother” Jim said. “Focus on your health.”

“Thanks bro.” Denzel said. “I hope Kalu is handling the press well.”


At noon, Kemi paid a visit to Jason’s office. She wore a lovey blouse and knee length skirt that revealed her shape. He was on his way out but cancelled it just for her. She brought his food and placed it on a small table. He remained seated. She was on her feet, she never planned to make herself comfortable on his chair. She was eager to leave but had to speak with him on her plans.

“I want to talk to you about myself but I wanted to ask if everything is okay between you and your wife.”

“Why do you ask?”

“I heard your voices last night. It actually woke me up.”

“Did you hear everything?”


He shrugged and rested his back on his chair. “We have sorted it out. Thanks for asking.”

She smiled. “You are welcome.” The smile faded. “I want to discuss something with your wife tonight but I want you to hear it first.”

He moved on his feet. “What is it?”

“I paid my fees for my law school yesterday and….”

“How did you get the money?”

“Meredith helped me with the balance.”

He smiled hard. “She is a good woman and I respect her. I will thank her later. You can continue.”

“I will be staying at the school hostel but I can be coming home weekend to cook in bulk and store in the fridge. My salary can be reduced because I won’t be staying full time.”

“What about Nate’s school. They will be resuming next week.”

“I know and I am confused about it. The school is far from the law school. I am thinking of speaking with the headmistress, and ask if I can withdraw him, and put him in another school. I think the scholarship covers that.”

“He can stay in the school hostel. It’s also a boarding school.”

“But he is a day student. I think I will have to pay for the accommodation.”

“No you don’t have to,” Jason said quickly. “The scholarship covers anything that has to do with his education. I promise to check up on him for you. He is safe there. You can take him to your friend’s place during the holiday.”

The size of her eyes reduced as she thought of something. “Are you the one that offered Nathaniel scholarship?”

He chuckled and dipped his hands into his pocket. “Of course not.”

“I should have known.” Kemi said and walked to stand close to him. “The person wanted to remain anonymous.” She peered into his bright eyes. “Look into my eyes and tell me you are not the one. Lie to me.”

He sighed and bowed down his head. “I just wanted to help.”

She offered him a surprise hug. “Thank you!”

Jason removed his hands from his pocket and gently hugged her back. Her body was soft. Both of them could hear their heartbeats. When she pulled herself away, he held her hands.

“Does that mean I won’t be seeing you often?”

“I think it’s the best for you and I.”

He held her hand very tight and raised her chin up with his other hand. “Don’t stop me.”

Jason carried her and put her on the desk. He drove his hot tongue into her misty and hungry mouth. The kiss was intense and passionate, very strong to let go. They pushed almost everything on away from the table. Kemi rapidly unbuttoned his shirt and he removed her own and fondled her breasts at the same time. He kissed her neck, chest and played with her nipples with his tongue and teeth, she enclosedher arms around his firm shoulders. Jason caressed her thighs, dragged her skirt up and took off her pant. He dipped his hand into her wetness to feel and finger her; Kemi gripped him hard and moaned helplessly. The feeling enthralled her. When she moved to touch him below, he was hard as a rock.

His office phone rang. He threw it against the wall.

“Damn! I love you.” Jason whispered.

“I love you too.” She unbuckled his belt, took it off and unzipped his trousers.

A loud bang on the door. “It’s me.”

A woman’s voice. Mrs. Muyiwa.

Jason’s eyes widened. “My mom.” Denzel said. “That’s my mom!”

Fear absorbed her. Kemi and Jason rushed to wear back their outfits and arrange the desk. It was still a mess. He checked his briefcase for his perfume and spray in the air. He noticed how apprehensive Kemi looked. He felt bad for what he had done. His mom continued to knock.

“I’m coming ma!” he stated and moved to Kemi. “Please stay calm.”

“She would suspect me. This is my first time I will be meeting her. What do you think she would think of me?”

“Don’t worry, just stay calm.” He gave her some money for transportation, she refused. Jason forcefully kept it inside her bag. “Be with your phone tonight. We will chat.” He pecked her lips and opened the door.

“Are you all right, Jason?” Mrs. Muyiwa asked.

“Yes mom.” She entered, saw Kemi and surveyed his office. “What happened here?”

“Nothing really, she was trying to help me arrange my files. This is our housekeeper Kemi.”

“Good afternoon ma.” Kemi said, she couldn’t make eyes contact with her.

“Oh. Afternoon dear.”

“She is on her way home.” Jason said.


“Bye bye ma.” Kemi said and walked out the door. Jason shut it.

“She is beautiful and I hope nothing is….”

“Mom, I don’t need a lecture from you.” he said and walked to his desk. He opened his food flask. “I am a grown man.”

“I know. I came here to tell you that your father has travelled for an urgent matter. I don’t know when he will be back but try and hear him out when he return.”

He didn’t say anything. He sat down and started to eat.

“About your housekeeper,” she said. “Has she made any attempt to sleep with you?”

“Mom,” Jason said without any expression on his face. “I am not my father.”

After Jason and Diana returned from the hospital, Kemi served dinner and waited for Jason to leave for his room. She told Diana her plans. She was upset about it but had no choice but to agree. She insisted her salary should remain the same. Kemi was surprised.

“I think this is the right time to discuss what I wanted to talk to you about. It will benefit you and your son. I have an elder brother abroad and I and my mother want you to have a son for him.”

Her mouth dropped.

“Listen attentively Kemi. We will pay you a huge amount of money. You can set up your own chamber after law school. You will be your own boss and have employees working under you.” She smiled widely.

“I can’t believe it.”

“It’s real. All you have to say is yes!”

“I mean I can’t believe you would discuss such with me?” Kemi frowned. She felt insulted and belittled. “No is my final answer.”

“You can name your price.”

“I can’t do it.” She stood up. “I will like to wash the plates and go to bed.”

“Fine. You can go.” Diana went to meet Jason and narrated their conversation. He laughed at her. “You think it’s funny. I won’t give up on the matter. Her law school is making her feel important. When she comes out, I will see how she will get a job. When lack of employment frustrates her in this country, she will come begging on her knees to take the offer!”

Jason remained quiet.

“Won’t you say anything?” Diana said after the silent treatment.

“I have nothing to say.” He cleared his throat. “Rume called me this evening to ask for a loan from me, two million naira. He is to pay next year.”

“Are you going to give him?”

“What do you think?”

“Thank you.”

“You do not need to thank me on his behalf. I will be giving him the money because of Preye and his children. I wonder why he is broke. Only God knows what he has been doing with his money.”

Diana wondered too. He wasn’t spending on her. It was the other way round. She had asked him for money once and he gave excuses. He only bought her food, drinks and paid the hotel bills. He said Jason might suspect she was cheating if he bought her gifts.

At night, when Diana fell asleep, Jason picked up his phone and chatted with Kemi.

Jason: I am sorry for what happened today.

Kemi: It’s Ok.

Jason: I miss you

Kemi: I miss you too but we can’t continue to see. I am helpless whenever I fall into your arms.

Jason: You are irresistible. Can we see alone before you leave, please?

Kemi: You know what will happen if I agree to it. I don’t want you to cheat on your wife.

Jason: If only you came first, if only I met you before I said I do in the church. I would not have showed up at the wedding. You are the first woman I love. I will be a sad man when you leave.

Kemi: Don’t. Be happy because my heart belongs to you.

He beamed.          

Jason: When are you leaving?

Kemi: This week.

Jason: I will send you money for your upkeep. I wish you well and make your son proud.

Kemi: I will make you proud too.
Two days later, Kemi met Meredith in tears. Her face had swollen up. Visible scars on her neck, hands and legs. Kemi asked her what had happened. Eromosele beat her with his shoe because she saw hotel receipts in his pocket and she asked him if there was another woman.

“You can’t continue like this.” Kemi said. “If you are not ready to leave him a time will come when you will regret it and I don’t want that.” Kemi took her phone and began to snap Meredith.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“I will keep the photos and when you are ready to expose him, I will give them to you.”

“Please don’t show anyone!” Fear took over the tone of her voice.

“I promise I won’t. I will transfer the pictures into two flash-drives and give you one. You and I will go out, buy a tiny camera, maybe two or three, and place them around your living room and upstairs. There are different types and I think you can put them close to a photograph or a place where it is not obvious. Eromosele does not need to know about it. You can use it against him in the future if he raises his hands on you again. Don’t say no to me, I beg you.”

“There is no need for that Kemi. I don’t think I have the heart to use it against him.”

“Even if you don’t have the heart, just do it.”

Meredith sighed. “When do we go?”

“Tomorrow,” Kemi replied. “I think by then the size of your face must have reduced.”

She stimulated her lips to laugh but stopped. The pain was unbearable.

The next day in the evening, Meredith arrived at the hospital, dressed in a gown that covered her body from head to toe. She used makeup to cover up a scar beside her nose. She was heading into the ward when she saw a woman with a protruding stomach. It was her friend’s wife. They hugged and exchanged pleasantries. Meredith escorted her to her car and they chatted.

Diana was with Denzel. He had begged her and almost fell on his knees but when she continued to blame him and curse his family, he got angry and sat on the bed. Preye had gone to pay his remaining bills. The doctor had discharged him.

“I think it’s time we talk.” Denzel said.

“There is nothing to talk about.”

He took out five pictures under his pillow and gave it to her.

“What is th…?” The sight of the content of the photos did not allow her finish her statement. The bouncer came in the morning and offered him the information he gathered. The first picture contained her with Rume coming out from a hotel. They kissed each other in the second one. The third and fourth one, she was seen talking with two men dressed ruggedly and smoking weed. The fifth, she was entering into an unknown building.

The shock robbed her of talking.

Meredith waived at her friend as she drove away. She turned to her right and saw a couple kissing. The man hopped into his car and she looked closely at the woman and noticed it was Hajiza. Her eyes enlarged
The man she was kissing was Denzel’s manager. It was unbelievable. She turned away and started walking back into the ward.

Diana finally had the courage to talk. “Where did you get this photos from?”

“I don’t have an answer for you. You criticize me but you are worse. You are not a green snake under a green grass. You are a black snake!”

“My life is none of your business.”

“Jason treats Rume like a brother. Why?”

“Get lost!”

“You can keep those pictures as a reminder I know what you are doing.”

“Beware.” Diana said. “The black snake might bit you from the back.”

“Do not ever threaten me. Tell your traitor of a boyfriend to never mention your ungodly escapades to me otherwise I will spill!”

“Fuck you!”

“I know you are dealing with the wrong people. Whatever you are doing, stop it or I will expose you. Do not ever try to hurt Jason.”

Diana stirred a bit closer to his face. “What makes you think it’s him I want to hurt?”

Denzel gave her a face. “If anything happens to me, your secret will leak. The internet will buzz over your dirty romance with Rume.” He leaned very close to her face. “I will keep your unclean secret, but there is something I want you to know, Jason’s life is priceless. Don't push me. Nothing bad must happen to my friend. That is an order!”

For once in her life, Diana was terrified.

Meredith heard it all. In a day and in few minutes, she knew the secrets of Diana, Rume and Hajiza. Her hands were shaking as she dashed back to her car. She reached for her keys from her purse but she was unable to, the scandalous revelations had made her complete body weak and motionless.

To be continued…..Saturday or Sunday oh!


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