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Sunday, April 23, 2017


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Meredith tried again to get her key from her purse, she managed to remove it but fell on from her shaky hands. Before she could pick it up, a man did and when she looked up at his face, she swallowed a huge lump deep down her parched throat.

Rume handed over the keys to her. “Are you okay?"

"Yes, yes!” She scratched her right eyebrow and wiped the sweat on her forehead. She was obviously anxious.

He put his hand on her shoulder. “Are you sure everything is fine?”

She shrugged his hand away. “Yes I am.”

“But you look nervous.”

“I need to be at my boutique, there’s an issue I need to sort out.”

He observed around and gazed back at her. “Have you seen my wife?”

Meredith cleared her throat. “No.” She looked over his shoulder and pointed at it. “That is Preye. She is coming towards us.” She opened the door of her car.

Rume rotated back and saw Preye. “Here you are. Where were you?”

“Denzel has been discharged.” she replied him. “I helped Hajiza to pay the remaining balance. She told me she wanted to escort Denzel’s manager to his car and discuss with him.”

Discuss with him my foot! Meredith said silently. If only she knew the truth. She told them she had to be at her place of work and would visit Denzel in his house. She left and as she drove away, she thought of Diana and Rume.

For how long have they been deceiving all of them especially their spouses. How long have they been sleeping with each other? Preye and Jason were not perfect but she knew they were good people. 

The man she had fallen in love with had an unfaithful wife. Was it karma? And what if Hajiza has been sleeping with Kalu a long time ago? How long has Diana been sleeping with Rume for Denzel to have threatened her nohave hurt Jason. Was Diana so heartless to have thought of hurting someone? She referred to herself as a black snake and for her to have made such a statement; she was definitely a dangerous person. She thought she knew her friend but no, Diana was a chameleon.

What was she going to do? Who could she talk to about this. Her husband was off the list. He might even blame her for their infidelities and beat her. She had to avoid his wrath and keep quiet. If only Preye was not involved, she would have been the right person to confide in. Should she talk to Kemi? Oh no, Kemi was fond of saying nice things about Jason and if she told her about her madam, she might let the cat out of the bag. She would not take such risk and destroy two marriages. Her own was even more than enough for her to handle. Meredith went home. Being the only one there, she had to get the secret off her burning chest. She decided to tell someone. There was one person on her mind.

“I will get off your back but you have to assure me that Jason will not here about this.” Diana broke the silence. Denzel had been staring into her eyes with intense animosity. She could tell he was angry with her.

“As long as nothing evil happens to my friend, your secret is safe with me. But what I cannot assure is, your affair with Rume won’t last. Jason will find out but it won’t be from me. I don’t want to be the one to come between you and your husband same goes for Preye and Rume. Have this at the back of your mind, bad things don’t last forever.”

“Whatever,” she said. “I know how to play my game well.”

“If you had played your game well, I would not have caught you.”

“I made a mistake. It will never happen again. Go to hell Denzel.”

He stayed quiet and watched her as she banged the door hard. She came out and saw Preye, Hajiza and Rume coming her way. She greeted them as usual and requested to talk with Rume for few minutes. Hajiza and Preye left them and joined Denzel to park his belongings.

Diana gave him the details.

Rume grabbed her by the arm firmly. “What! What were you thinking! How could you do this?”

She forcefully released herself from his grip. Visitors of patients and two nurses stared at them. They left their premises and walked to her car. “I thought I was doing the right thing! I was angry with Denzel for sleeping with my mother. He disrespected me and I wanted to teach him a lesson!"

“And killing him was a good idea? How could you get involved with people below your class? They might implicate you. Do you know how influential Denzel is? I know him more than you! He has people behind him. If his cousin Jim knows about this, we are in big trouble! He doesn’t joke with Denzel at all. Didn’t you think before making a meaningless decision to take his life from his family? He is a celebrity for Christ sake! His death will be investigated!

“Stop it! Do you want to crucify me for making one silly mistake? I am sorry, okay. I wasn’t thinking. I wanted to get those guys trust. I have not given them the identity of whom they are going to kill. The money I am supposed to pay them is still with me."

“How much?”

She told him how she was able to collect a million naira from Jason.

“We will split the money."

“But I have to settle them for their inconvenience."

“You can do that from your own share.” Rume said. “Are you giving me the money or not?"

Diana rolled her eyes and looked at him. “I don’t have a choice. I can do anything for you.”

“I know baby.”

“By the way, what are you doing with the money Jason loaned you?”

He shrugged and sighed. “I am working on a deal. I am trying to secure our future. Trust me babe.”

“It’s okay.”

“I don’t know how I am going to look at Denzel as from today.”

“You have to pretend that everything is still normal between both of you. Just don’t talk about it with him otherwise he will tell Jason.”

Rume surveyed their surrounding before he spoke, “Does that mean we will never get rid of Jason when we are ready to elope?”

“Leave that to me,” Diana said. “We do not need to kill him. I will get rid of his wealth. Everything he owned would be mine. It’s just a matter of time. I will sell his properties one by one and wreck him. I only need a year or two, maximum three years to plan and act. During that period I will have to behave like an obedient wife.”

He gave a one sided smile. “That’s my girl. I can’t kiss you here, go home, we will talk on the phone tomorrow.”

She smiled and hopped into her car. “Bye love.” She waived at him.

Rume entered into Denzel room. They shook hands and nodded at each other. Preye asked if Diana had gone, he said yes. The look Denzel shot at him was greater than a slap on the face. Jim came in and the five of them walked out of the hospital and got inside their individual cars.

“Why didn’t we follow Denzel and Hajiza home?” Preye asked after he cancelled it. “I thought that was our plan.”

“Well, I have cancelled it and there is nothing you can do about it.”

“I hope all is well between yourself and Denzel.”

He looked at her, raised his upper lip in an offensive way, and hissed. “You talk too much.”

“I can’t believe this.” Few days later, Rita rose on her feet as Meredith narrated what she heard. She excluded Hajiza’s part. She started to pace around her living room and thought of how her sister has been behaving towards Jason. No wonder she agreed to follow Rume at the hospital. “How can my sister, my blood do this to her husband. After all the love he shows to her, myself, my children, in fact my family, she went behind his back to betray him! Although we don't lack but he still assists us in his own way. Diana is sleeping with her husband’s best friend. What a shame.”

“I had to come to your house this morning before going to work.”

“Have you told anyone about it?”


Rita sat beside Meredith and held her hands. “Please, this should be between us. I am ashamed. I will talk to Diana but I won’t let her know it came from you. I will tell her I suspect Rume and her.”

“I think that’s better.”

“But I want you to inquire from her later, not now. I don’t want her to suspect anything. She might think you heard it from Denzel.”

“I know how to handle my sister,” Rita said. “I won’t ask her now. Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome.” Meredith said and drove to her window-shop.

Eniye and Tina laughed after Kemi made a joke about Eniye’s appearance. They sat at an eatery, close to the window side. They were eating lunch.

“Leave me alone Kemi,” Eniye said playfully. “Just because you are finally in your law school does not give you the right to talk to me anyhow. I will carry my children's cane and flog you on your buttocks.”

“If that is what you will do,” Tina faced Eniye. “I will get your husband to impregnate you again.” She burst into a loud laugh; Kemi threw her face to her right side and covered her mouth. Eniye didn’t find it funny. Three of them took a break off eating.

“Do you see why we always quarrel? Who is talking about pregnancy here? If you do not know how to talk, kindly keep shut or go back and babysit your old husband.”

“Hey,” Kemi said and stared at both of them. “We are in a public place and not at your saloon. Can we talk about something else?”

“Better. I am so happy for you and Nathaniel. God is on your side, just like that, he is in a boarding school. Your boss must really love you.”

“But we can’t be together and that’s the most painful part. Ever since I have been going there for weekends to cook, I don’t see him. He tells me he is unavailable but that doesn’t stop him from sending money into my account. I have called and sent messages for him to stop but he wouldn’t listen.”

“He cares about you.” Tina said. “I am still surprised a man as rich as that could take care of your son like his own child. You have to introduce us to him.”

“Leave Kemi and her man alone.” Eniye said. “Busy body.”

“Shut up, I wasn’t referring to your husband.”

“Of course you can’t refer to him. He is doing well now with his new business. He doesn’t even need a job anymore. I am so proud of him unlike you who can’t be sexually satisfied with her husband.”

She laughed while Kemi watched them and kept her mouth sealed. “My husband can’t satisfy me but his son and his friend are doing a very good job.”

“You are still sleeping with them?” Kemi asked in a shocked voice.

“Yes and we are planning to go for vacation.”

“What will you tell Chief?”

“Leave Chief out of this,” Tina said. ”He is happy his son and me are friends now. He agreed for us to travel but he will join us after he is through with his project at his company. By then David’s friend must returned back to his wife.”

“You mean David’s friend is following you guys on the trip?” Eniye joined the discussion.

“Yes. It was his idea.”

“Oh my heavenly father, save us from ungodly men.” She focused on her food.

“Amen.” Kemi pointed a finger at her. “You think you are enjoying but you are playing a dangerous game. I won’t say anything if nemesis catches up with you.” She held her right ear. “Do not call me when your fifthly adventures is exposed.”

“I can take care of myself.”

“Good to hear that.”

Eniye switched her gaze to Kemi. “I thought we will never hang out after spending more time with your friend that has taken you away from us.”

“You mean Meredith?”

“Yes. How is she?”

“She is fine and doing okay. I saw her yesterday.”

“I think when next we meet, before Tina travels, you should bring her along and let’s be the fantastic four.”

Kemi smiled. “I will see what I can do about that.”

“What kind of a question is that?” Diana asked Rita with a frown on her face. They were in her shop at the mall. Her salesgirls were attending to customers while they sat at the left edge whispering. “Instead of you to be at the hospital attending to your patients, you are here asking me if I am having extramarital affair. What an insult.”

“I see the way you treat Jason and I don’t like it. There’s more to it when women don’t display love to their husbands especially when their men treat them right. Does Jason not satisfy you sexually?”

Diana quickly looked to see if anyone was gawking at her direction. She glanced at Rita. “We shouldn’t be discussing such here.”

“Answer my question.”

“Of course he satisfies me and I am not cheating on him. I am a faithful wife.”

“I have also observed you and Rume are very close. If you recall, he was the one that was able to calm you down when mom had an accident.”

“Are we talking about yhat now?” She appeared surprised. “This happened few months ago. Let’s forget about this issue. Did anyone come to you?” Her voice was thick and angry.

“Come to me?” Rita had a serious expression on her face. “Come to me for what? What are you talking about?” If she was an actress, she was very good. The way she talked, Diana believed her.

“It’s okay,” she said with a low voice. “I swear, I am not cheating on Jason.”      
Rita heaved a sigh. “Even if you are, you will certainly deny it. I will only advise never to destroy your home. Jason is very nice and a man like that is irreplaceable. You will never find such even if you have all the money in the world.”

“Mrs. Adviser, I have heard you.” Diana said and offered to buy her a drink. She impolitely refused.

The loud footsteps from Hajiza’s made Denzel's heart to jump up. He thought something bad had happened and she was heading his way to inform him of the bad news. He felt relaxed when he noticed the file in her right hand. Her eyes were visibly red. They were the only ones at home.

“What is the meaning of this?” She raced to stand in front of him. She pushed him back on the chair when he tried to stand up.

For some months, he has been quiet, went to church regularly, stayed more at him alone and avoided Hajiza’s complains. He gave her any amount she wanted just because he did not want to hear her rants. They met with a marriage counselor for a month but it didn’t work. Whenever she went out, he never bothered to ask her of her whereabouts. The few times he appeared happy was during when he saw his son and the time friends like Jason or his cousin came visiting.

“Are you deaf? Answer me Denzel.”

“It is written on the document. You can read!”

“I know but I want you to tell me why you have done it!”

He dropped his phone beside his him. “You question me for my own property? I have sold the club and there is nothing you can do about it.”

She threw the file at him and some long sheet of papers flew out like a bird. “I curse the day I married you. After the accident you became a shadow of yourself.”

“A shadow of myself? Just because I no longer act, party, drink and fight you, I am a shadow of myself. We talked about this before. You didn’t want a divorce and I agreed. What else do you want from me? Leave me alone Hajiza. I am not in the mood for your trouble.”

“I will not leave you alone!” She yelled. “I have tolerated you enough! You no longer act, all you do is grant useless interviews claiming you have given your life to Christ! Kalu and I have tried so hard to beg you to return to Nollywood but you won’t listen.”

“I will act when I get a good script that defines my new life.” Denzel said calmly and took his phone when it rang.

“Drop that phone or I will smash it.”

He gazed into her furious eyes and cut the call. He put it down. “Are you happy now?”

“Who called you?”

He put his hand by the left side of his head and shook it. Her attitude already became a thorn in his flesh. The last time he talked to Meredith on the phone, she begged him to endure and put Hajiza in prayers. Prayers couldn’t work on her, Hajiza was allergic to it.

“Is it Meredith?” She asked.

“You can check my phone if you want, I have nothing to hide. Meredith is just a friend, nothing attached.”

“Nothing attached and you talk to her almost every day!”

“You are exaggerating, please! How many times will I tell you Meredith is a close friend? I can still refresh your memory if you have forgotten. You told me I wasn’t close to any of your female friends and I have done that now, it has become a problem for both of us. What do you really want from me?”

“Call the buyer of the club and tell him you want the club back. Pay him the money he paid and return back to acting…”

“Or else what?” He stood up. This time, he was mad at her. “If I don’t do what you ask me, what will happen?”

“I will show you pepper in this house. I will warn Meredith to leave my husband alone!”

“Do not try that!” He pointed at her. “Don’t embarrass yourself!”

Hajiza started screaming, smashing anything breakable. She carried his phone and crashed it on the glass table. She ran to the water dispenser and pushed it on the ground. Water drenched the tiled floor. Denzel couldn’t handle her anymore, this was the final straw. She made his life hell and if she could not change, it’s goodbye to the marriage. He moved towards his damaged phone to check if it still worked, it refused to turn on. He sighed, swallowed, and watched how Hajiza had scattered the dining table, chairs on the floor.

“Hajiza!” Denzel shouted her name.

“What!” She looked at him.

“I can’t take it anymore. If you continue like this, I won’t be able to handle you and it will push me to beat you up that you will not be able to walk again. I do not want that. Hajiza, we are getting a divorce.”

“You lie!” She raced towards him. “We will remain in this marriage together. It is for better and for worse!”

“Not anymore!”

She began to hit him on his chest, he held her hands tightly and dropped her on the sofa. “I am going out, I need sometime alone.”

“Go out, you will come back and meet me here! I am not scared of you. Which divorce?”

Denzel took few of his clothes, his car key and drove out to his cousin’s house. He called his lawyer to get his divorce papers ready.

On a windy Friday evening, before Juliet closed for the day, she walked into Jason’s office and saw him resting on his long couch. Beside him was a glass of scotch on a small crystal table. He stared at her and returned his eyes back to the ceiling. She motioned close to him.

“Are you not going home for the weekend again?”


“For how long will you continue like this?”

“I don’t know Aunty Juliet but it’s the best thing I have ever done!” He exploded into a sarcastic laughed, before she could open her mouth to talk, she heard him cry. Tears plunged from his eyes and he wiped them off and sat down. He finished the whiskey, dropped the cup and uplifted. “I do not feel like going to my mom’s place today. The office is comfortable for me. Go home. I am sure you are already tired of listening to me.”

“I can never be tired. You are like a son to me and I am not happy seeing you like this.”

“What do you expect me to do? Go home and see Kemi when I know I will not be able to hold, kiss or even tell her how I have missed so bad. I think about her every day! It’s been months now and I feel miserable! Diana is even making it worst. We live like strangers. This minute, she tells me she loves me and before I know what is happening, she nags, ask me for money and when I refuse, she threatens to hurt herself and put the blame on me. I no longer tell her when I have been awarded a contract. Apart from you, I can’t tell anyone how I feel. I have friends and I feel like I don’t know them enough. Sometimes, I want to tell my friend Denzel but at the end of the day, I keep shut. My mom is the least. She would hate me if I tell her I am in love with my housekeeper. She can never understand.”

“She will not hate you if you tell her the truth. You have to tell her you married Diana because you wanted to please her. Do you think she will support a woman like Diana over her son especially when she finds out the true color of her daughter in law?”

“It will break her heart to find out I have not been a happy man.”

“And you are the person that will amend the broken heart if you tell her your true feelings for Kemi. You are different from your father. You cannot compare your situation with his. He never treated your mother right, cheated on her, slept with your nanny under her nose and ran with her after she got pregnant. Tell me, is that what you did?”


“Then what are you waiting for?” Juliet said and gestured near him. “If you tell her and she doesn’t understand she will later. If you want me to be there when you tell her the truth, I will stand by your side.”

Jason smiled at her. “Thank you.”

“What are you going to do now?”

“Sincerely, I don’t know. If my mom supports me, what happens next? Will I leave Diana? I know she is unbearable but she has been faithful. Maybe if my dad never left, maybe I would have waited for love, true love. I found it late and the mere thought of it torments me day and night.”

Juliet sighed and wore a dull look. “Have you heard from your father?”

“He didn’t come back. He calls often but I hardly pick.”

“Have you thought of forgiving him?”

He dipped his hands into his pocket and bow down his head. “No.”

“I can’t tell you what to do. Whenever you are ready to discuss with your mom about it, just let me know.” He thanked her and she approached the door. When she got there and touched the handle, she turned her back and looked at Jason. “Do you trust her?”

“Trust who?”

“Your wife,” Juliet said tranquilly. “I mean have you ever thought she might be cheating on you?”

He scratched his left elbow and dimmed his eyes. “No. I give her anything she wants, why would she cheat on me?”

She offered him a broad smile. “Some women are never satisfied but it’s good you trust her. It’s getting dark, goodnight Mr. Jason.”

“Goodnight. See you on Monday.”

Juliet came out. There was one thing on her mind, an importune assignment. To keep an eye on Diana.

“You are what!”

“You heard me Meredith,” Eromosele said in their bedroom. She appeared shock when he informed her, his boss granted him a two months leave and how he intended to spend it.

“I know you have never asked for a leave but two months is long. How can you travel abroad. I can’t leave my business for two months.”

“Who says you are following me?”

“Excuse me?”

“I don’t need an extra baggage Meredith. I am tired except you want to argue with me tonight.”


Eromosele raised his hand on her. She quickly covered her face.
He dropped his hand. “Be lucky I am in a good mood today.” He took off his clothes and went into the bathroom. Meredith sat on the bed, and felt dejected.

After Kemi left to her school on Monday, she was tempted to call Jason. She dialed his number but cut the call before it rang. She kept thinking about him. She missed Jason a lot.

To take her mind off him, she decided to visit Meredith at her boutique. She informed her about her husband travel plans. She had deleted the pictures in the flash drive because she knew she was never going to use it against him.

“What about the video camera?” Kemi asked her.

“I erased the videos. There’s nothing useful in it.”

“But I hope they are still were you placed them?’

“Yes but he has not been beating me. He is hardly at home.”

“For how long will it continue to be this way?”

Meredith face fell. “I don’t know.” She revealed she was in love with Denzel, and how he has been caring, always calling to check up on her and they almost kissed each other the last time they met. “I have told him we can only be friends. I cannot betray Hajiza even though…” She stopped talking.
“Even though what?”

“Slip of the tongue.”

“It is not only slip of the tongue; it is slip of the ear. I heard you perfectly well. What are you hiding?”

Meredith tried to end the conversation but Kemi didn’t give up. She told her about Hajiza and Kalu.

“You have known about this for a while and you didn’t tell anyone?”


“I know Denzel has a rough past but he has changed. Why didn’t you tell Jason about it?”

"He will tell Denzel."

“I doubt that. Just tell him. What if Denzel finds out about the affair and discovered you are aware of it? He will not be happy. At least tell one of his friends. Jason is the one you should tell.”

“If you say so.”

Kemi returned to her school and Meredith drove to Jason’s office. When she told him, he was short of words.

Few days later, Denzel ended the call after Jason called to check how he was doing. Jim had been standing in his presence.

“What again?” Denzel asked his cousin.

“You have been in my house for God knows when. I am not tired of seeing you here but I am tired of you and Hajiza. Both of you should sort your problems out. Go on a vacation and spend more time together. I know she can be cr…. I know she is stubborn….”

“No, she can be crazy at times, in fact, she is a crazy woman!”

“Go home. She is not even expecting you, surprise her with gifts and offer her, an apology even if she is wrong. Do it because she is the mother of your child.”

“You are supposed to be on my side bro.” Denzel said.

“I am always on your side. Take my advice and go home. I can follow you if you want.”

Denzel thought for a minute. “Okay, get dressed. You will be the one to pick the gifts at the supermarket before we go home.”

“No problem.” Jim said and smiled. “As long as you are the one paying.”

He slapped him gently at the back of his head. Jim went to his room, wore his outfit and quickly made a call to the bouncer that worked at the club. He spoke on the phone. “Are you sure he is still there?” He listened and said. “Ok, we are on our way."

After they were through at the store, Denzel got home and noticed a car in front of his house. “What is Kalu doing here?”

Jim looked at him. “I don’t know.”

He decided to park his vehicle outside. They walked into the compound quietly. Denzel tried to open the door but it was locked. He used his spare key and entered. There was no one in the living room but Denzel and Jim heard a female voice moaning loudly. They looked at each other and gestured towards the direction where the faint noise was coming from.

The master’s bedroom.

Jason's heart skipped but he had to compose himself and be sure if he was in a dream. Jim purposely followed him so that he would be able to hold Denzel if he decided to pour his rage on Hajiza or Kalu.

Denzel opened the door and saw Kalu on top of his wife. If not for Jim, he would have killed his manager. He felt betrayed by a man he helped and paid his fees during his university days. Bringing a man to sleep with her on their matrimonial bed was intolerable. A divorce was the answer. Kalu pleaded and ran away. Jim drove Hajiza. She took her car, called Kalu on her way and they met in his house. She knew there was no way Denzel could forgive her. If he divorced her, she would take his number one priority, their son.

Denzel wasn’t a happy man. He called Meredith, Jason, Preye to brief them of what had happened. They acted shocked. Jason promised to see him the next day after work. He told Diana, all she did was laugh hysterically. Jim stayed with Denzel and both of them drank alcohol before going to bed. Early in the morning, Denzel contacted his lawyer to bring the divorce papers along with him.

Jason informed Diana he would visit Denzel and if he does not return on time, he was likely to spend the night there. She told him it was the right thing to do. He had to be there for his friend. She called Rume and they came to an agreement to see in the evening.

At noon, the lawyer of Denzel called Hajiza on the phone. They met and he handed over the papers for her to sign. She took it and went back to meet Kalu.

Few days ago, Juliet's assignment had taken off but there was no evidence to proof Diana was cheating or doing something wrong. Juliet had been trailing Diana during her lunch period. On the present day, she had concluded to end the snooping if she saw nothing suspicious. She waited patiently inside her car. At 3:55pm, she called the secretary to let him know she was through for the day. The moment she saw Diana coming out from the mall, she turned on her ignition and drove behind her. After one-hour drive, Juliet parked her car two houses away from the hotel Diana drove into. She unlocked her door and came out.

She made a gesture towards the entrance, walked inside the reception and sighted Diana taking the steps. She sat down, stood up and followed the same direction. She never bothered to ask the receptionist anything but pretended as if she came to see someone and knew the room number. Diana revolved her neck to the back to check if anyone was behind her, Juliet quickly tiptoed backwards. Diana felt assured her track was covered. She turned to the room she was heading to and opened it. Juliet peeped and saw it. She decided to buy a bottle of Malta Guinness at the bar, drank and approached the door. She knocked.

“Room service.” She tried as much as possible not to use her real voice.

Rume was wearing only boxers and socks. Diana had taken her clothes off. She quickly wore her pant and blouse and used the duvet to cover he laps. They were smoking.

“Have you ordered for anything?” Rume asked her and walked to the door.

“Not yet, maybe the waitress has the wrong number."

He opened it and shock absorbed Juliet's entire body. Rume recognized her and he became wordless. Words could not come out from his mouth. She moved inside and her eyes widened like an owl.


“Mrs. Juliet!” Diana rose on her feet, taken aback by her.

“Oh my God!” She touched her beating chest. “Oh my God!” She never expected such.

Diana could not find the words to lie and get away from the mess she has landed herself into, she glared at Rume. “Lock the door!”

Rume bolted it and when Juliet wanted to shout, he slapped her hard and covered her mouth firmly. “What do we do?”

Juliet did all she could to release his clutch from her but it was impossible.

“We have to get rid of her.” Diana said. Juliet eyes broadened with fright.


“Are you not a man? Strangle her or hit her head on the wall. We have to do something. I will go out and buy a big travelling bag. If she leaves here alive, Jason will know about you and I. Do you want that?”


Denzel, Jason, Meredith and Kalu were stunned to see Hajiza and Kalu walk into his house. She threw the papers at Denzel.

“I hope you are happy now.” She stated. “Hello Meredith, you can have him now.”

“Nothing is going on between us Hajiza. I am a married woman.”

She hissed and rolled her eyes at Denzel.

“You brought your lover into my house.” He glimpsed at the papers. She had signed it. “You have no shame. I will take you to court if you try to take Bobby away from me. The only thing you will get from me is the upkeep of our child and that is all.”

She snickered mockingly. “I will get more if you don’t agree on my terms.”

“What does that mean?”

The three men stood beside each other as they listened to her.

“I have been having an affair with Kalu before I got pregnant. Give me what I want and there will not be a paternity test!”

Denzel thought a bomb was thrown at his face. When he realized he was still breathing, his heart sank. He was finding air to breathe as he gripped his chest. Jim rubbed his back and told him to relax. Meredith was speechless. Jason whose mouth was opened, walked close to Hajiza.

“Why? Why? Why?”

“Jason,” she said. “This is not about you. Tell your friend to give me twenty million naira for compensation, a house and a new car, and three hundred thousand naira for Bobby’s monthly allowance.”

“You are a bitch!” Jim spat out. “I am sure you don’t even know the father of your son!”

She laughed. “I don’t care. Is Denzel willing to take the risk of a test and find out Bobby is not his son? If that’s what happens, he will lose custody to Kalu the real father.”

Denzel's gloomy expression had transformed into a rage. He gestured at Kalu wrathfully but Jason and Jim held him. “Leave me alone! How could you? Bobby is my son!”

“The choice is yours. A paternity test or what I want.”

“Take the test.” Meredith said with anger in her voice.

All of them stared at her.

“What?” Denzel rage had subsided. He had a puzzled look on his face.

“Take the test,” she repeated.

“What if he isn’t my son, I lose everything!”

She peered into his eyes. “What if he is truly your son? Take the risk and find out the truth.”

“If Bobby is the child of Kalu it will be difficult to get custody.” Jim said.

“It will also be a scandal.” Jason said.

“But what if Bobby is his son?” Meredith asked. “Hajiza would lose custody and don’t get a dime from you. If he isn’t your son, you will go to court and battle it with her after all, you have been taking good care of him.”

Denzel sighed miserably and stared at Jason and Jim. “I am scared. I will have to think about it.”

"No matter what happens, I will get you the best lawyer." Jason said.

“You have a month to think about what you want otherwise the money will increase.” Hajiza said.

“Get out!” Jim screamed as he pointed at the door.

Hajiza took Kalu’s hand and walked out. Denzel sat on the floor with his hands on his face. He didn’t want them to see the tears falling from his drenched eyes.

Jason had to go to the office from Denzel’s house the next day. He called Diana to check up on her. At noon, when he took note that Juliet was yet to arrive, he called her phone but it wasn’t going. She has never missed work and he assumed she was busy at home. He continued to try her number but remained unavailable. Jason went home and was surprised to see Justina, Juliet’s daughter at his doorstep at 9pm. She explained her mom didn’t return home the previous night. It was unlike her.

"I thought she missed work because she was busy." He told her. "I am sure she is fine."

"I am scared."

"Don't be."

“Maybe she went out with friends.” Diana said to them.

“My mom does not have friends.” The daughter said with a teary tone.

“Don’t cry,” Jason said. “I am sure she is okay. She might have lost her phone.” Deep down in his heart, he was worried. He didn’t allow her leave that night. Justina called her elder brother and relatives and none of them had seen her. She and Jason were unable to sleep.

Ten hours later, there was no response from Juliet. Jason took Justina to the nearest police station. Mrs. Juliet was declared missing.

To be continued…..


  1. Nice one Carina, thanks for posting.
    I know Aunty Juliet won't die.
    More secrets would be exposed.
    Diana and Rume are going down in the next episode.
    I'm convinced that Bobby is Denzel's son and Hajiza is loosing at the end.
    Thumbs up Carina.
    Next episode on Wednesday right?

  2. Nice one Carina ,I hope aunty Juliet doesn't die.

  3. Waoh.... First time to comment
    Carina you are an awesome writer. Wehdone

  4. Well done Carina, getting interesting with every episode

  5. Carina, this should be made into a movie. Very intriguing. Great job, well done CK.

  6. Weldone dear.. Pls don't let aunty juliet die

    1. Hmmm.
      Her life no dey my hands oh! Lol

  7. Oh So I was right after all about Eromosele. Damn Faggot, bisexual idiot always beating his wife. And as for this Diana, if she doesn't have even just a little portion of witchcraft i would be very surprised.

  8. Wow! What a fully packed episode. This story just keeps getting better. Please Aunty Juliet return soon.
    Aha!!! So it turns out Eromosele is the third person in Linda's threesome circle, Wonders they say shall never end.
    Patiently waiting for more.
    CKJ you rock!!!

  9. Oops I meant Tina's threesome circle.

  10. diana and hadija. and rume are devil. aunty juliet would have waited at the bar..i pray she is save please God dont let her die

  11. diana and hadija. and rume are devil. aunty juliet would have waited at the bar..i pray she is save please God dont let her die


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