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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


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“I can’t believe this is happening!” Preye spat at Rume on his way to the office. He bluffed her and motioned outside the room. She followed him behind to the kitchen and watched as he made a cup of coffee. “Won’t you say anything?”

He sipped from his tea and dropped the cup on the table. He took his phone from his inner jacket and smiled. He returned it back, carried the mug and moved into the living room.

“I don’t like it when you give me the silent treatment.” She said to him.

“That’s what you deserve.”

She gave him a look and shook her head. “I can’t ask Denzel because of what is happening to him. You have not even gone to see him. Don’t you care anymore?”

“I called him Preye.” He had already finished his tea. He handed the cup over to her and smiled.

She took it from him and blocked his way when he tried to step out. “I have noticed you and Denzel don’t talk like before. When this incident between him and Hajiza occurred, he didn’t call you but the others. I have enquired from Jason but he said He doesn’t know anything, he is more concern about the paternity test."

“You talk too much! Parrot! Leave me alone! I do not have any issue with Denzel. Is it necessary to be close to him? What if I am tired of the friendship? By the way, is it your friendship? Can’t I make other friends and choose to spend more time with them? Tell me!”

“There is nothing wrong making new friends but your sudden lack of interest towards Denzel makes me feel there is more to it. Did you borrow money from him and you are avoiding him?”

“So I have become a borrower, right?”

“Tell me what is going on.” Preye said in a concerned tone. “If you have done something wrong and you want me to talk Denzel on your behalf, I will.”

Rume hissed, and pushed her aside before he walked outside. He turned his back and looked at her. “I might not come home tonight, so don’t bother to cook my food.”


“I am a busy man Preye. Pick up the kids from school; I won’t be available to do that.” 

He entered his car and zoomed off.

Jason dropped the fork he was using to eat spaghetti his mother prepared for him in her home. They were at the dining table and he had told her about Aunty Juliet. She stared at him and spoke to him.

“Try and eat.”

“I don’t have appetite mom. I am deeply worried.”

Mrs. Deborah stopped eating and she placed her hands on the table. “Did she tell you where she was going to on that day?”

“No,” Jason replied. “The secretary told me she left during her lunch period and called later she won’t be returning.”

“Only God knows what she was up to on that day. Do you think she was kidnapped?”

“I doubt that, if it was, someone would have called one of her children to ask for a ransom.”

“It’s almost a week now and no news from her. What about her car?"

“It has not been found.”

“Do you think the police are capable of handling the case? They can be incompetent at times.”

“Let me give them the benefit of the doubt. If I don’t receive any news from them soon, I will do everything I can to get a private investigator.”

“I hope she is alright wherever she is,” she said and smiled. “Please eat, and stop thinking.”

He carried an empty plate on the table and used it to cover his food. “I will eat later.” 

Jason rose up and went into his room.

Preye called Diana on the phone that they should meet over at where Hajiza was staying.  Who would have thought the perfect couple were breaking up and fighting for their child's custody? Dirty woman for her not to know the real father of her son. ‘Tueh’! Diana spat on the floor.

“I will see you there!” She told Preye.

Preye got there before she did. She preached, begged Hajiza to ask for forgiveness from Denzel and persuade him not to go for a paternity test but she refused. She said if he doesn’t give her a response soon she would increase the monthly allowance of Bobby.

“It is for better and for worse. Denzel might take you back if you are truly remorseful.” 

Diana came in, joined them on the long sofa and listened to their discussion.

“Preye, you keep repeating yourself. There is nothing you can tell me, that can make me change my mind. Kalu and I are becoming serious.”

“Do you think he is with you because he loves you?”

“Yes, he loves me and we will be together.”

“That man is after the material things and money he will get from you.”

“In as much I really don’t have anything to say about you getting back with Denzel,” Diana said. “I will talk to you as a friend and advise you to choose wisely. You can divorce your husband and live large but to involve a man that can’t offer you real money is worthless. Are you not older than Kalu?”

“So?” Preye said.

“Have you thought about the kind of life you would live with Kalu if you don’t get a dime from Denzel.”

“I am confident that Denzel won’t say yes for the paternity test. If not for that useless woman called Meredith he would have agreed on my terms. She spoilt everything for me that day but I don’t blame her, I blame myself for not ripping her ugly face off. Who gave her the right to talk into my marital affairs.”

“Is there a possibility that Denzel is the father of Bobby?” Preye asked.

“I don’t know but he is scared. He loves Bobby and finding out he is not the father will tear him apart. That is what I want.”

“I can’t believe you are the one saying all these. May God forgive you.”

“Let her be!” Diana uttered. “Hajiza should do what pleases her. That is how I see it.”

“So there is no hope for reconciliation?"

“Never!” Hajiza said.

A day later, at noon, Jason drove as fast as he could to his mother’s school. He promised Nathaniel he would visit him during his lunch break. He was heading towards the playground when he saw him but he wasn’t alone. Kemi dressed in a suit played with him. His face brightened and his smile shined. She saw him and beamed. Nathaniel ran towards him and they hugged.

“You came, you came!” Nate said excitedly.

“Yes I did.” He offered him the box of biscuit he bought.

Nathaniel thanked him and stared at Kemi. “Mom, can I call him dad?”

Jason was noticeably surprised and overwhelmed. He kept quiet.

Kemi took a deep breath. It was the second time he asked her. She told him she would think about it and give him a reply. “I am still thinking about it dear. Go and play with your friends.”

Both of them didn’t know if they should hug, peck each other or shake hands. Their eyes stuck and when Kemi seemed bumpy, she rubbed her neck and looked down.

“You look good.” He said smiling.

”Thank you.”

“Are you shy because I can’t take my eyes off you?”

Kemi chuckled and she finally had the courage to gaze directly into his own. “Thank you for creating time to check up on Nate. He told me you have been wonderful.”

“It’s nothing.”

“About Nate trying to call you dad, I would have told you about it but I didn’t know how to say it. He’s just a kid who doesn’t even know what he is saying.”

“He can call me dad if he wants to.”

Her eyes opened but she maintained composure. “But you have a wife who won’t be comfortable with that. I don’t want to pressurize you to say yes.”

“Take a deep breath Kemi,” Jason said. “He can call me whatever he wants.”

She licked her lips and heaved a sigh. “Thank you.” She glanced over at Nate sharing his snack with a friend. She turned to look at Jason and the beam on her face wiped out. “I would be very busy on the school visiting day that is why I came here to ask the head mistress if I could see him today. She agreed because of you. I am grateful.”

He didn’t say anything. “Why that sad look on your face and what will you be doing on the visitation day?”

“I will be writing my bar exams.”

“Wow! That’s huge. Looking at you right now, you already look like a lawyer. Success my love.”

“Thank you.” Kemi’ unhappy expression increased. “I planned to come see you at the office after I left here but now that I have seen you, I am so sorry about Aunty Juliet. I only hope nothing bad has happened to her. She’s a very nice woman.”

He wore the same facial appearance Kemi had. “Thank you.” He received a call from his secretary that two policemen were waiting at the office. “Please tell them I am on my way.” he ended the call and told Kemi.

“Can I come with you?”

“I would love your company.”

“Okay.” They went to meet Nathaniel before heading out of the school premises.

“How many times will I tell you everything is fine between Rume and I?” Denzel asked Eromosele. The three of them stood outside his house. He stopped Rume from entering his home.

“Then why do you want only me to enter your house?” Eromosele asked him.

“That is what I want.”

“Ever since you returned from the hospital things changed between both of you. I am travelling soon. I demand to know what’s going on.”

“Nothing is going on Ero!” Rume said angrily. “I have told you uncountable times that Denzel and I do not have problems.” He pointed at him. “Stop behaving like my wife.”

“You see, Preye even noticed.”

“If that is why you came to my house, you better leave. I have something else to think about.”

He sighed. “I am sorry about the issue between you and Hajiza. She has signed the divorce papers.”


“Have you come to a conclusion?”

“I am taking the test.”

“What if Bobby isn’t your son!” Rume was forced to ask. “Give her what she wants and have her sign an agreement that she would never ask for more again!”

“My decision is final.”

“I wish you what you wish yourself.”

“Do not wish me anything. Coming from you is bad luck!”

Eromosele grunted and glared at two of them. “I wonder what is eating both of you. Things better become normal when I get back from my trip.”

Rume told him he wanted to leave. He agreed without asking more questions. Eromosele followed Denzel into the house.

The police officers left the reception and followed Jason and Kemi into his office. One of the officers asked Jason if Kemi was a relative of Juliet.

“No but she is with me. You can tell me anything in her presence.”

“We have been able to locate Mrs. Juliet’s car.”


“Very very far from this place. We didn’t see her phone or anything that identified her except the vehicle. The key was in the ignition. It was left in a deserted environment. One of our patrol officers said he saw the car on the day before she was declared missing but she wasn’t the one driving.”

“Who was?”

“A couple.” he specified. “He said he stopped them at night to check their boot but only saw a big travelling bag inside. They claimed they were newlyweds and returning from their honeymoon so he didn’t suspect anything mischievous and he let them go.”

“That is strange.”

“Please,” Kemi said. “Did the officer ask where they had their honeymoon?”


“If she left in her car and was later seen with a strange couple at night, is there a possibility aunty Juliet might be in danger?”

“God!” Jason sat on the chair looking miserable. Kemi patted his back.

“We thought so too.” The other officer spoke. "Only God knows what's inside that bag."

“We have to start thinking in different directions. I hope what I am thinking is not true but why haven’t we heard from her? Why was the car abandoned if not that, those people who claimed they were couple were hiding something? They could be dangerous too. What is the way forward officer?”

“The bag wasn’t seen in the boot. There is a river close to the area. Our men are currently searching for the bag or a body.”

“Jesus Christ!” Jason’s hands were shaking. He prayed Aunty Juliet's safety. He wanted to see her alive even if she was badly injured. 

Kemi got a call from a schoolmate to return to the school. She told Jason to keep her posted and she felt bad she couldn’t take care of him. He belonged to another woman but she had only his heart.

“Are you sure it’s still going to work?” Kalu asked Hajiza. They received the news that Denzel was ready to take the paternity test.

“I never knew he would be foolish enough to listen to Meredith! I feel so stupid!”

“Is there a chance Bobby is my son?”

Hajiza groaned and stamped her left foot. “I don’t know!”

“What are we going to do if he is not mine?”

“I do not want to think about it. You are shouting!”

“How am I shouting? You are, I am only asking simple questions and I demand an answer that will not make me feel nervous anymore. What are we going to do?”

“Can the medical practitioner be bribed?”


“Can he?” Hajiza folded her arms in an anxious movement.

“That’s not possible. We should hope he is my son. How could you not know who the father of your child is?”

“Have you lost your memory? I was sleeping with you and my husband! Well, my ex now.”

“Are you it was just me and Denzel?”

Hajiza slapped him and he retaliated. His middle finger pierced into her face. “Don’t you ever try that nonsense again if not I will tear your body into pieces. Dog!!” He walked out on her, went into his bedroom and she heard him click the lock shut. The slap and his warning made speechless. She had an instant headache. She touched the side of her face he hit and it burned. She couldn’t believe it.

Jason came out from the bathroom, cleaned himself and slipped into his pajamas. he checked his phone on his table, saw a message from Kemi and looked at Diana who rested on the bed. She was glancing through a magazine. He made a move towards the door but she raised her hand up as a gesture for him to stop.

“Where are you going to?”

“I need a glass of water.”

She grabbed the bottled water beside her lamp table and extended it to him.  “Here, take.” She smiled. He smiled back, took it and drank from it.

“Thank you.” He gave her the bottle.

“You’re welcome.” She tapped the space beside her. “Come here baby.”

He glimpse at his handset and turned it off. He laid beside Diana and questioned. “What is it?”

“My brother will be returning to the country soon. I understand that Kemi will soon be through with law school. She can finally meet him and agree to his proposal.”

He frowned. “Is that why you… never mind.” he turned over to the other side but she hit him lightly. He rotated back to face her. “What is it again?”

“You didn’t say anything.”

He plainly stared at her. “What do you expect me to say? Do you think Kemi will agree to such a ridiculous deal? She is well educated for heaven sake! You and your brother are on your own.”

“You won’t help us convince Kemi to say yes?”

“God forbid. I will not involve myself. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and repeat what you have told me. Ask yourself does it seem right. Put you into Kemi’s position and see if you would say yes. She is not a baby making machine.”

“But other women are doing it. She isn’t going to be the first.”

“Then ask those women who are doing it.” He said angrily.

“Why are you angry?” Diana asked in a surprised tone. “She is not your sister.”

“She is not my sister but she is a human being just like you! What is the matter with you Diana? You haven’t said anything reasonable about Aunty Juliet ever since she disappeared. You just don’t care and it’s makes me mad!”

“Is she my relative or mom or aunt? You are the close to her and not me.”

“Thank God you said me. I am your husband and you should have showed me you care about people I care about!”

“But you simply do not care about what my brother wants. We are the same!”

Jason’s eyebrows lifted. “What your brother wants does not make any sense and you too.”

“Fuck you!” She speedily got on her feet and ran to his side of the bed. “It’s either you kill me tonight or I will destroy anything I lay my hands on!” She climbed on top him and began to hit him on his head. He tried as much as possible to block her blows. When he became fed-up, he pushed her on the bed. Diana screamed, wailed, and cursed him and his family. Jason stood and kept watching her tantrums. He folded his arms and opened his mouth in total shock. Diana’s attitude had become unbearable. He didn’t know to handle her anymore.

“What do you want from me Diana!!!”

She sealed her lips as she heard his thunderous voice. She erupted into a slow and silent cry.

“You don’t support me in anything I say or do. I love you Jason. Why do you treat me like an animal, like you don’t love me anymore? You dont show me love. Its unfair.”

His jaw dropped below his chest. “I do not show you love? Is that what you are saying?”


“After what I have done for you in the past?”

“What about the present?”

“What do you mean Diana?”

“Give me some of your properties to show me you care. Put them in my name.”

“We talked about this when we got married. The house we live in has our names on it. When we start having children, everything I own will automatically have their names on the papers. The company will not be mine forever. You already have a land I bought as your birthday present and I expected you to save part of the money and build something on it. You talk as if you don’t have anything. What about your inheritance?”

“But I share it with my sister.”

“Is that a problem. To avoid your outbursts, I will think of it. I will think of what to give you or buy for you but not now. Allow me deal with aunty Juliet’s disappearance first. I need to find out what really happened.”

“I understand.” Diana smiled. She spread her arms apart. “Come here my love.”

Jason sighed and hugged her. “Goodnight dear.”

“Just like that? No kiss?”

He gave her a quick peck on the lips.

“I want more. I want you tonight.”

“I am tired.”

“But I am not.” Diana removed her nightie and spread her naked body for Jason. He wasn’t moved but he had no choice but to comply.

Eniye and Tina waited for Kemi for more than thirty minutes at an eatery close to Eniye’s beauty salon. Tina checked her wristwatch and got impatient. She carried her bag and stood.

“Where do you think you are going?” Eniye asked her.

“Home of course,” she answered with an angered voice. “If she can’t make it, she should have called us or pick my calls.”

“Maybe she is close that’s why she isn’t picking your calls. It could be she is trying to persuade Meredith to hang out with us.”

Tina put down her bag and sat. “What’s so special about her? If she doesn’t want to come that’s her business. Kemi does not need to persuade…..”

“Shhhh.” Eniye placed her finger on her lips. “They are here.”

Tina turned and saw Kemi with a woman. Kemi apologized and told them the cause of their lateness was traffic. She introduced them to Meredith and they exchanged pleasantries and sat. Tina called the waiter and four of them ordered for their food. As they ate, they chatted, joked and talked about entertainment.

“Are any of you aware, Denzel Diobi is not only having a divorce but fighting for the custody of his son?”

Kemi and Meredith exchanged glances and looked back at Tina.

“Really?” Eniye asked. “How did you know about it?"

“I have a source.” She stared at Meredith. “You look familiar but I can’t remember where I have seen you?”

“Maybe you have been to my boutique before to buy shoes and bags.”

“I don’t think so. I think it’s a picture of yours I have seen or maybe… anyways, forget it, I could be mistaking you for someone else.”

“What about the love of your life Kemi?” Eniye asked. Kemi kept blinking her eyes for her to stop talking but she was focused on her food. “How is Jason?”

“Jason is the love of your life?” Meredith seemed puzzled and curious. “Which Jason?”

“O oh!” Tina said.

Kemi cleared her throat. She scratched the back of her head, her lips moved but no words could come out.

Meredith abandoned her food and faced her. “You are having an affair with Jason Muyiwa?”

“I am sorry Kemi,” Eniye said. “I thought she knew.”

“Tell me what is going on Kemi. Are you sleeping with your boss?”

“No! We haven’t had sex.”

“Point of correction,” Tina said and pointed at her. “Make love.” She began to laugh.

“Just shut up your dirty mouth.” Eniye angry voice boomed. “This isn’t funny.”

“Don’t tell me to shut up my mouth! Are you not the cause of it? Why did you bring up Jason if not that you are an enemy of progress!”

“I am sorry!” Eniye said to Kemi.

She managed to smile and bent her head.

“Stop!” Meredith yelled at them. A waiter came to ask if there was a problem. She apologized on their behalf and promised they would reduce the volume of their voice. The server left. She swerved her gaze to Kemi. “Please tell me everything. I want to know.”

“Jason and I are in love.” Kemi finally found her fragile voice. She explained everything and how Diana treated Jason when she was in their midst.

“Wow!” She started to laugh and it got them stunned especially Kemi.

“Did I say anything funny?”

She stopped laughing and hard a straight face. “Do you genuinely love Jason?”

“Yes and I can swear with my life.”

Meredith nodded and smiled. “I will keep your secret. You have my blessings.”

“Like seriously?” Tina asked. Eniye looked dazed.

Kemi whose mouth was widely opened still had her eyes expanded in surprise.

“Our food will get cold, let us eat.” Meredith laughed again.

Some hours later, Kemi got to her hostel. The woman she shared a room with was not around. She hated being alone. She sent Jason a text but he didn’t reply. She wanted to ask if there was new information about Juliet. She turned off her phone when she got no response from him. She picked up her book and read. The next morning, she received a text from him.

Jason: ‘I was asleep when you called. I took some sleeping tablets for me to be able to sleep. I am disturbed. I really need to see you.’

Kemi: ‘Send me a location. I need to see you too. I can’t get you out of my head.’

Jason: ‘I will. See you in two days’ time.’

Kemi: ‘Okay love.’

Jason: ‘Love you teddy bear.’

Kemi: ‘Love you too teddy werewolf.’

Jason laughed out aloud.

Two days later, Meredith took Eromosele to the airport and bid him goodbye. She called Denzel who told her she should meet him at the hospital in the evening. The paternity result would be ready by then and he wanted her there with him.

Kemi called her later that she was on her way to see Jason at his mother’s house. His mom had travelled and won’t be returning for weeks. She arrived there and a maid led her into the house. She gave her the direction of his room. She went there and knocked. Jason opened. He winked at her and she shut the door by herself. He was on the phone. The room smelled nice of perfume, flowers and Jason himself. He was dressed casually and he sat on the bed. She dropped her bag on the glass-centered table.

She surveyed around and saw his childhood pictures on a beautiful and well-designed shelf. She smiled and turned to look at him. She noticed some gorgeous flowers beside him. She remained on her feet and fixed her eyes on him. Jason ended the conversation and kept his phone on the table.

“That was Denzel’s cousin,” he said to her. “I want him to find information about a very competent detective to look into Aunty Juliet’s disappearance. The police are slow. I have not been sleeping well and I feel sick.”

“I hope he will find a good detective."

“Me too.”

“Have you taken drugs?”

“Yes I have and there was no improvement. But now that I have seen you, I feel better now.”

She smiled but remained where she stood. “Do you think it’s a good idea coming here?”

“It’s my house Kemi. I didn’t want you to come to a hotel to see me. I want you to see you here.” he picked up the flower and extended his hand. “Have it. I hope you like it.”

She took few steps, took it from him and inhaled the nice fragrance. “They are lovely. Thank you.”

“I can’t wait for you to be called to bar.”

“Me too. I cannot wait to start defending cases. It will be a dream come true.”

His eyes and smile admired her. “Come here and hold me. Tell me everything will be fine.”

Nothing could stop her. Kemi put her arms around his shoulder. “Everything will be fine.”

He wrapped his hands around her waist. A surge of lightening penetrated inside her. She made a move to step back but he held her tightly. As he raised himself up from the bed, he pushed his lips into her succulent mouth and they kissed insanely. Very deep. 

Both of them removed each other’s shirt and Jason carried her and cuddled her with kisses. Hot kisses.

He dropped her down and fondled her breast. They had no idea how they ended up on the bed. He raised himself up, removed her jeans and undressed himself. He peered at her whole body and his eyes fell on her face.

“You are beautiful.”

He caressed her body as he kissed every part of her. Kemi touched him below and stroked his cock. Jason groaned and sucked her left breast with his juicy mouth. He used his right hand and played with her other breast. She was eager to suck him.

He whispered. “Not today, this is all about you my love.”

When the sensitivity in them became abundant, Jason penetrated her wetness with his hardness and their bodies vibrated. He entered her slow and steady. He watched her as she moaned and muttered his name. He loved her. What Jason felt for Kemi was real. He would surely tell his mother about her. There was no way he could let her go. No man would love her the way he did. As he made love to her, he soaked her mouth with his tongue. Kemi rubbed his back and buttocks gently.

“I love you Jason.” The words she said resonated into him.

“I love you Kemi.”

Hours later, Jason woke up and stared at Kemi as she slept. In less than a minute, she gradually opened her eyes and smiled as she saw him. He kissed her lips.

“You look like a baby.” He said to her.

“Don’t flatter me. Are you going home tonight?”

“Nope.” He uplifted from the bed, reached for his phone and checked the screen. He saw eleven missed calls. Five from Denzel, three from Jim and Meredith called twice. His body jerked. Kemi saw his movement and requested if all was well. He told her about the calls. His phone was on silent mode.

She glanced at her phone and saw five missed calls from Meredith. She told him.

“She sent me a text message.” Kemi said and read it silently.

“What did she say?”

“She is asking after you. She said Denzel needs you at the hospital.”

He stood up. “Hospital?” He paused and touched his head. “I totally forgot about the test! Let me call him!” After apologizing and talking with Denzel on the phone, he spoke to Kemi. “I want you to follow me to Haven’s care hospital. It’s not really far from here.”

“No problem.”

“We will not bath together. I have my reasons.”

She smiled. "Good idea."

"Use mine and I will use another bathroom.”

“Okay. Have the result been called?”

“No. They are still waiting.” He took one of his towels and approached the door. He turned back. “Why did Meredith ask of me through you? Does she know you are with me?”


Jason widened his eyes and moved close to her. “You told her about us?”

“Yes. She knows about us. Try and relax your mind, she gave us her blessings.”

“But she is Diana’s friend.”

“She is also my friend too.”

“I can’t believe Meredith is in support of us. We will talk about this later, let’s get ready and go to the hospital.”

After they had a quick bath, they dressed and left in Jason’s car. When they got there, Denzel was puzzled to see Jason and Kemi together. He greeted them and sat down nervously. Hajiza kept her distance from them. She had been praying the child belonged to Kalu. Kalu sat on her left side. Kemi and Meredith hugged. Jim tried to calm Denzel down. Thirty minutes later, the doctor approached them. All of them hiked to meet him.

“The result is finally out.” He said and stared at Denzel and Kalu. He gave them the result individually.

“I don’t want to read it." Denzel said. "Who is the father of Bobby Diobi?”

Hajiza heart beat faster. Meredith and Kemi held hands. Jim prayed silently.

“The results show that Kalu is not the biological father of Bobby. Congrats Mr. Denzel."

Joy and excitement took over Denzel, Jason, Meredith, Kemi and Jim. They rejoiced and hugged each other. Hajiza screamed and fell on the floor. She was crying. Kalu left her angrily and walked out. The five of them left her there and went to their cars.

Jason got a call that changed his mood after he ended it. “I was told a body has been found but they don’t know if it’s Aunty Juliet.”

“God have mercy!” Kemi exclaimed.

He added, “Her children are at the mortuary to check if it’s her. I can’t drive.”

“I will drive you.” Denzel said.

Jason and Kemi stayed at the backseat. She didn’t take her eyes off him. She held his hands very tight. Meredith and Jim drove behind them. As they reached the hospital and sighted where the policemen stood, Jason saw Judith running towards him in tears.

“Uncle Jason! My mom is dead!! Oh my God! My mom is dead!!”

It was the first time he lost someone to death. He felt awful. He had no idea the kind of shockwave that hit his chest. Before all of them could blink their stunned eyes, Jason collapsed on the floor.

Kemi knelt beside him, crying and screaming. “We need a doctor! Someone should help me call a doctor!!”

To be continued….. Saturday or Sunday.


  1. Oh noooo! Aunty Juliet didn't make it, this is on such a sad note.
    Having mixed feelings right now.
    Very happy Denzel won,and Hajiza got exactly what she deserved,and so sad dear old Aunty Juliet couldn't make it. I hope Jason gets better soon.

    1. Yeah. I hope he gets better. Lol

  2. I knew aunty Juliet will die. There's no way Diana and Rume will allow her live with their secret. Weldone Carina. After your initial gragra you allowed Jason and Kemi meet alone😘😘😘

  3. Oh no I hoped she survived but rume and dianna are heartless ,I just hope nobody dies again, well done Carina u are amazing.

  4. Carina... U r a genius. Tnx 4 letting Jason & Kemi...

  5. Carina is a well doer. Kudos babe, God bless your hustle.

  6. so painful Aunty juliet have to die.


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Her large heart was shattered! The people she adored betrayed her when she lost a loved one. Everything she owned was taken from her. She would have to pick out the pieces of her broken heart, place them together and lock it with a key. She was prepared to plot for vengeance, fight back and get what rightfully belongs to her. Revenge was her only mission. Would she be able to love a man?

Ultimate Betrayal!

Samantha will have to go back and reconcile with her family to save her new boyfriend from the hands of her powerful father and ambitious brothers. She had no idea she would have to save herself first.

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