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After Mrs. Ojo left the house, Diana called Kemi to pack the plate and come back for a discussion. Few minutes later, Kemi came and Diana ordered her to sit down. She did.

She smiled at her. “I know we have not really talked about your family ever since you have been working here. I need to know about your parents.”

“My parents?” Kemi asked in a surprised tone.

“Yes.” Diana said, still smiling sheepishly.

She told her what happened to them.

“Awww.. I am so sorry!” She stood up, went to meet Kemi and wrapped her arms around her shoulders. “I never knew you are an only child. That makes you an orphan. I did not know.”

Even if you didn’t know I was an orphan, must you treat my son and I the way you do? Kemi asked herself silently. She managed to smile. “Thank you for your concern.”

She sat down back at her position. “What about the father of Nathaniel?"

Kemi could hardly hide the disgust on her face as she mentioned him. She thought of the answer to give her. Despite how noticeable her expression was, Diana was still interested to find out without bothering to ask if she was upset.
She swallowed a lump down her dehydrated throat as she rubbed her hands together.“He is dead.”

“Oh! Everybody In your life is dead?”

Her eyebrows rose. What a senseless question. “I have friends that are like my family.”

“That is not enough. Don’t you need a man to act like a father to your son? Don’t you think he is lonely?”

“For now, no. He has me. We have each other and that is more than enough."

“If you say so but I want you to think about it. Nathaniel may not tell you but he might be in need of a man to call a father. Take for instance, see the way he is becoming close to my husband.”

The mention of Jason made her heart pound faster that she felt Diana might hear the sound of her heartbeat. The previous night she couldn’t sleep, thinking something bad had happened to him, for him not to have returned from work, made her very anxious.

“Nathaniel wanted to ask why the boss is yet to come home for the past two days.”

“So he noticed. You see what I am talking about, that boy needs a father.”

Kemi only nodded. She was eager to know if Jason was safe.

“Anyways,” Diana said. “His mom is sick.”

“I am very sorry for that. I hope she is fine.”

“He told me it wasn’t serious so I think she should be fine.”

She offered a relaxed and honest smile. Silence covered the atmosphere until Diana cleared her throat and told her to go. Kemi rose on her feet. “Thank you ma.”

“Wait… if you need anything do not hesitate to ask me. Your son is always welcomed into this place to play and eat. Feel free in my home.”

Kemi thanked her and went to the kitchen. She had to pinch her hand to know she was in a dream. It was unbelievable to see her madam act nice to her. Was it angel Michael or Gabriel that touched her?

Hajiza had smashed all the electronics in the living room before Denzel arrived. She expected him to arrive home the previous day but he refused. He walked inside and met everywhere scattered. His PlayStation game was beyond recognition. She came out from the kitchen and began to scream at him. She pierced a finger at his face.

“Where have you been!” Her loud voice echoed inside his ears.

“What have you done!!” Denzel screamed. “Are you mad?”

She clapped her hands at his face to spite him. She wanted him to hit her. Kalu and her planned about it. That if he should beat her mercilessly, she should go to her social media accounts and post the scars he inflicted on her body or use it against him to collect any amount from Denzel. 

“It is you that is mad! Your family are insane!!”
“Watch your dirty tongue!” He dashed towards her. “Don’t make me lose my temper!”

“Lose your temper! You’re a bastard!”

He uplifted his right hand in the air, tempted to beat her for her to shut up her mouth. He felt even if he does that, she would continue to run her mouth. He put his hand down. “I am tired of you!”

It surprised her. “You have not seen anything yet! Tired of me?? You think you can leave me and go scot-free? You lie Denzel. You are a cheat and my son can’t stay with an irresponsible man like you, I will never accept it!”

“Are you threating me?” He asked moving towards the plasma television on the floor. The screen destroyed. This was not the first time she had behaved in such a way. She begged him she would never do such a thing again and he was merciful to still send some money into her account. 

“Threaten you?” Hajiza hissed. “You better change! For how long are we going to continue like this? Pretend to the outside world we are happy with each other.”

“Then leave!” he pointed at the door in anger. “Leave me alone so that I can have peace! There is no love between us anymore and I am sure there never was! You choose me because of my money, fame and look!”

“What about you? Are you not guilty of the same? Did you not come after me for my body?”

“Hajiza, why now?” he spread his arms apart. “Just tell me why you care now.” he dropped his hands. “Why!”

Tears flushed from her eyes down to her cheeks. She was crying noisily. “I have tried all my best to be a good and loyal wife. I have never cheated on you because I have a conscience.”

He shrugged. “What do you want from me Hajiza. Celebrity marriages are crashing and I do not want mine to be among them. I can’t promise you anything yet but we will work things out. After my premiere, I will be travel and when I come back, we will talk about us.”

“Why can’t we talk now?”
He looked at everywhere. “You can see what you have done. Do you know how much I will spend to replace all these?”

“I am sorry!"

“Sorry is not enough.” He said walking away. “don’t bother to serve me food, I rather sleep on an empty stomach tonight.”

Hajiza wiped off the tears on her face angrily as she was alone. “Stupid man!” She cursed him underneath her fuming breath.

For the past two days, Meredith had no idea where Eromosele was. He sent a text he won’t return home until weekend. She chose to stay at home and rest. She had finished eating lunch when she heard the door open and saw him with a cigarette in his mouth. She left the dining table and walked close to him.

“Has it gotten to this?” She asked.

“Is that how your mother taught you how to say good afternoon to your husband?”

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and opened them. “Good afternoon.”

“Better.” he said and removed the cigar from his mouth. He motioned to the kitchen and disposed it in the wastebasket. He checked the pots on the gas and nodded as he saw there was food. He went back to meet Meredith.

“I am hungry.” he said and sat down.

Her eyes were red. The anger in her was uncontrollable. Even if she had no power to beat him up, she had her mouth to express herself. “I am sick and tired of the way you treat me. You know what you have been doing to me is wrong but I always forgive you. You have never done this before. When did you start sleeping outside without giving me a clue where you were? What did I do wrong? Is it a crime to love and respect my husband? You treat me like trash and it is choking me. I am not a property Eromosele, I am your wife!”

He speedily jumped on his feet. It startled her but choose to stand erect In front of him.

“If you are my wife, give me a child!”

“Am I God? How will a child come into his home when you blame me for everything. You nag and beat me up for no reason whatsoever! You talk about me getting pregnant. How will I? When last did you even touch me! When last did you kiss my lips or told me you loved me!”

“I am hungry!!” He was enraged, as he got closer to her.

“So food is more important?”

“What else is important Meredith! Tell me what else!” He landed her a hot slap that made blood spill out from her mouth. She coughed and more blood came out. She cleaned her mouth and the tears she forced not to spill, spilled like raindrops.

He added. “I have lost my appetite. I hope you feel better!” Eromosele walked upstairs, entered the room and banged the door hard. Meredith had no other option, she headed to the visitor’s bathroom to take the first aid box and look at herself in the mirror. There was no way she could cover up the injury beside her upper lip. Moreover, the left side of her face was puffy. No amount of ice or hot water could make it deflate in a hurry. 

Diana took the shoes Meredith brought. She never had the time to check them out when Kemi gave her. She took them to the sitting room. She loved the bags and shoes and wore them but one of the shoes was very tight.

“Kemi!” She called her name. Kemi phone rang but she had to leave it, left the laundry room to answer her. She handed the shoes inside a fancy cellophane to her. “Take this to my friend’s house and inform her it didn’t fit perfectly well. If she has a bigger size, she should give you.”

“I don’t have know where she lives.”

“Get me a piece of paper to write the address for you.” She left and came back with the paper and a pen. After she wrote and explained how she would get there, she gave her transport fare. She stood and carried one of the bags. “I have to go out now. I am likely to come back late, don’t bother to wait for me. Cook and eat when you get back.”

“Alright ma.”

I hope you are going to check up on your husband and his mother. Kemi silently said to herself as she saw Diana opened the door and marched out. After ironing some clothes, she took Nathaniel to Eniye’s shop for him to play with her kids. Eniye left the hair she was making and excused herself with Kemi outside. They went to the corner of the building to talk.

“Why did you bring me here?” Kemi asked.

Eniye looked around her to be sure no one could hear what she was about to say. “Did Tina call you this morning?”

“I saw her missed calls but I don’t have credit to call back. Did she call you?”

“Yes. She finally did it.”

Her eyes widened. “Don’t tell me she slept with two men!”

“You are shouting.”

“Why won’t I shout! I thought she would change her mind about it! I never took her serious about the threesome shit!”

“You are still shouting.” Eniye said in a serious tone.

Kemi sighed and apologized. “That means the married man actually slept with Tina’s step son.”


“A married man? What a pity. I do not know him but I feel sorry for his wife.”

“Me too,” She said. “Let me check on my customer before she starts to complain.”

 Kemi explained why she was leaving. She promised to return on time. She took a cab and arrived at the residence of Meredith. She admired the house and knocked on the gate. When she got no response, she pushed the gate gently and it opened. She walked inside and saturated at the direction of the entrance door to knock. Meredith who was sleeping on the long sofa in the living room, woke up and looked into the mirror she kept on the table. Nothing changed on her face. She touched it gently and peeped through the window. She was surprised.

“Kemi.” Meredith said as she unlocked the door.

“What happened to your face!” She had to ask.

She smiled. “I fell. Come inside.”

She strolled in and greeted her. “You have a lovely home.”

“Thank you.”

They sat down on the sofa she was sleeping on. Kemi gave her the shoe and told her the reason.

“That’s not a problem. Although I have a bigger size but not the same color. I will send the shoes to her during the week.”

“That’s okay ma.”

“Call me Meredith. I am more comfortable with that.” Both of the smiled. Meredith left and came back with a glass of juice. “How is Nathaniel?”

“He is doing great.”

Eromosele climbed down the stairs with a stern expression on his face. Kemi greeted him. He didn’t answer or look at her way. He stormed out of the house.

“Is everything okay?” Kemi asked her in a concerned tone.

She heaved a tired sigh. “Everything is fine Kemi.”

“I do not think so. I am sorry to say, I do not think you fell. The right side of your face is swollen and there is a small cut beside your lip. Did someone hit you?”

Kemi touched her gently on her arm. “I know it’s none of my business and you might never talk to me after what I am about to say. No woman deserves domestic violence. If your husband did this to you, he doesn’t deserve to have you. You are a good woman and there is no doubt about that. Do not defend a man who shows you no respect. Just….”

“Stop!” Meredith uttered and covered her face. She erupted into a loud cry.

She moved closer and consoled her. “It’s okay.”

“I try to be a good wife. I do not even know if I love him anymore but I try, I try to save my marriage. I cannot divorce him. It is against my religion. I believe we can still work things out.”

“What if he does not want to work things out?”

She cleaned the tears on her face softly. She sniffed her nose. “You might call me a fool but I still believe he can change. I think he is behaving like because of our inability to have children. With the way he treats me sometimes, I forget I am still a young woman.”

“You are a beautiful woman. You have to look good for yourself.”

“Kemi all I want is prayers.”

“I will put you in my prayers.”

“Thank you.” She smiled and looked at Kemi’s foot. “It seems we are using the same size of shoe. “What’s yours?”


“Good, I have shoes I no longer wear and I have been searching for someone to give them out.” Meredith left and came back with eight pairs of shoes. Kemi was shocked and thanked her continuously. “It’s okay. I only hope you like them.”

“I love them!” She said and wore them. The shoes fit. “Although I hardly go out but I will surely wear them.”

“You would need them at law school and when you are called to bar. I contacted my old friend. He said when you are through with law school, he will offer you a job at his chambers but he never promised me. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I hope you understand what I mean.”

“Yes I do but thanks! I have met you twice but it seems I have known you all my life. I am so glad I met you Meredith. May God bless you!”

“Amen!” She laughed. Kemi boiled some water to massage her face. One hour later, Kemi told her she was leaving. “Next time you come here, bring Nate along.”

“I will!”

As they stepped towards the door, Meredith held Kemi’s hand. “No one, not even my family knows he beats me. You are the only one aware of this and I want it to remain that way.”

“Your secret is safe with me.”

As early as six in the morning, on Sunday, Jason drove and parked his car outside. His intention was get Diana to follow him to church. He led himself into the house, removed his shoes and tiptoed to the bedroom. However, he was not happy with Diana; he still wanted to surprise her. She expected him the next day. As he was about to open the door, he heard her talking on the phone. He waited and listened.

“I know you are not happy with me Rita but I can’t help myself. See Jason is a good man but I think he is just too good for my liking.” She paused and listened for a while before she spoke. “I know he is my husband and we are supposed to grow old together. There is no longer love between us. I will manage to stay with him. Just…. Stop shouting Rita, is he your brother? Must you always defend him? Please I just woke up, I will see you at your house, take care.”

Jason went back to the living room and wore he shoes. He had no idea why she was making such statement. Manage to stay with him? What does that mean? Was he going to have a failed marriage after his loyalty and commitment to her? He walked and met her at the doorstep.

“Jason! I didn’t know you would arrive today.”

“Morning.” he said and unlocked the door. He went inside. She followed him behind.

“Morning. How is your mom?”

“My mom? Is it now you are supposed to ask? We expected you to come over!”

“I was busy!”

“Busy? Is one hour too much for you to see how my mother was doing? Tell me!”

“Why are you shouting at me this morning?”

“Just forget it. Are you going to church?”


“Fine!” He had already taken his bath but he felt hot inside. He showered again, wore another outfit and went downstairs in anger.

“Good morning sir.”

He halted and the voice of Kemi suppressed the anger in him. He couldn’t help it, he had to smile as he saw her face but he detected it was filled with worrisome.

“How is your mother’s health? I hope she is better now?”

“She is better now.”

“Ah, thank God.”

He could feel how relieved she was. “How did you know?”

“I asked and your wife told me. I never knew you would come today. I have served your wife’s food, you can eat it and I will make another one.”

“I ate already.” he looked at her. “Are you going to church?”

“Yes sir.”

“Mr. Jason is preferable.”

“Okay sir.”

He gave her a look.

She giggled. “Okay Mr. Jason.”
“I will wait for you and Nate in my car outside. We should attend church together.”

To stay in the same car with you? “Don’t bother sir… Mr. Jason.”

“I insist except you want to keep me waiting.” He said and left her.

Few minutes later, Kemi and Nate joined him. She sat at the back while her son sat at the front. As he drove, she kept looking at Jason until she made eye contact with him through his mirror. She quickly looked away and felt embarrassed. After service, he drove to an eatery, bought some food. He gave them and they thanked him. On their way home, he asked after her exams. She told him it was going well and she would finish next week.

They returned home and met Diana watching a movie. Jason gave her the food he bought for her and motioned to the room to rest. He still could not get his mind off Kemi.

All through the week, Jason kept to himself, he avoided an argument with Diana and whenever he had the opportunity, he watched Kemi even when she worked. She never knew he was always staring at her.

On the day of the premiere, Jason and Diana met the rest at the cinema. They took photos, met other celebrities. Meredith was looking beautiful. Her face had healed and she wanted to have fun and chat with her friends. 

Denzel and Hajiza held hands in front of cameras. They couldn’t stop smiling and they kissed and acted as if they couldn’t take their hands off each other. An interviewer walked up to them.

“It appears both of you are still in love with each other after years of getting married.”

“Yes.” Denzel said. “She is my woman and my everything.”

“We understand you acted as a pastor in this movie. Are you trying to tell us you are born again?”

He laughed. “I am a good Christian and I did this movie to tell an inspiring story. I know I played my part perfectly well and everyone who came here to watch it would testify it is an interesting one.”

“Who is your inspiration?”

He gazed at Hajiza. “My wife here is my inspiration. Her love for me always drives me to work harder and be a hardworking actor, loving husband and a good father.”

“Thank you for your time.”

“You are welcome.

"You disgust me." She whispered to him with a smile on her.

"You disgust me too."

Preye, Rume, Eromosele and Meredith moved towards them. The women embraced each other while the men shook hands. Denzel gave a handshake to Preye and pecked Meredith on her left cheek, he observed there was something unique about her appearance. It was the first time he thought she was a pretty woman.

Denzel took some photographs with his fans, colleagues and friends. He also signed some autographs. Few minutes later, all of them watched the movie. After everything, the couples ended up in Jason’s abode for food and drinks. The aroma alone mesmerized into their nostrils. Kemi served and saw Denzel. He was one of her favorite actors. She acknowledged him and asked for an autograph. They ate, drank and laughed.
Later, Meredith assisted Kemi in the kitchen.

“You look amazing.” Kemi told her.

“I took your advice. If not that you did, I would have dressed anyhow without caring about what people would think. Eromosele didn't even care. Have you finished your exams?”

“Yes I have. All I have to do is sit and wait for my result.”

“I wish you all the best.”

“Thanks Meredith.”

Jason had this glow in his eyes whenever Kemi came around them to ask what they wanted.
Rume requested for another bottle of champagne. He followed Kemi to the kitchen and when she opened the fridge to get one for him, he leaned forward and whispered into her ear.

“Can I get your phone number?”

The look in her eyes made him step backward.

“I like you.” Rume said. “You do not belong here, I can take care of you.”

“I don’t like you.” She handed him the bottle. “One more word from you, I will scream.”


She said nothing and peered into his eyes. Rume became uncomfortable with her look and went back to meet his friends and wife.

“She could not even show me respect when it was obvious I am your wife!” Hajiza spat out in anger as Denzel drove away from Jason’s location at night.

He acted surprised and puzzled. He looked at her and back at the road. “What are you talking about?”

“Diana’s housekeeper of course!”

He blinked his eyes surprisingly. “I still do not understand you. What did she do?”

She glanced at him with furious eyes. “Is she supposed to ask for an autograph in my presence?”

He hissed. “Is she the first woman to ask for an autograph in your presence? Why are you not complaining about the others at the premiere of my movie?”

“Don’t start okay?”

“What do you mean I should not start? There is nothing wrong in what she did. She gave me her book for me to sign on top. Is that a crime?”

“I am sure if I was not there, you would have collected her number so that you can be able to smash her!”

“Oh shut up Hajiza!” He yelled and found a spot to park his car. He spoke to her. “Do you think I want to sleep with every woman I come across with? Yes, the housekeeper is beautiful I admit. I was even surprised to see someone like her working there but I never had the thought of sleeping with her! I noticed the way Jason kept staring at her.”


“Yes. You might not have observed it but I did.”

“I didn’t see anything like that!”

“How would you see when you kept pressing your phone! I do not know why we are having this conversation.”

“Jason was not looking at her. If he did, Diana would have noticed it.”

“Diana?” He called her name in an expression that she could not understand. “That one that was all over Rume, she purposely sat beside him.”

“Hmm! You have come again. Rume, Jason, Preye and Diana are becoming very close! They value friendship more than you!”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Apart from the men, who are you close with? Is it Diana, Meredith or Preye? Rume and Diana are close because of their cordial relationship with their spouses. Do not say what you don’t know.”

“I am not close to your female friends because of my work schedule. I travel a lot, attend meetings, go for interviews, conference I am invited to and I do other things to put money in your bank account. Even if I become close to any of them, you would still complain!”

“Complain of who?”

“You would surely say I am sleeping with them! That’s the truth!”

“Is it Preye that is a pastor, or Meredith that seem loyal to Eromosele or Diana that is so in love with Jason?”

Denzel started to laugh.

“What’s funny?” Hajiza asked in a surprised tone.

“Nothing,” He remembered how Eromosele accused Rume of cheating on his wife at the bar the other day. He was certain the accusation was true. Could Diana be the mystery woman? He planned to contact his cousin to get one of the bouncers at the club to follow Diana around. If it was true they were having an affair, it was bad and unfair. Jason did not warrant such treatment. He shook his head and turned on his ignition. “Something is going on between those two and I am going to find out.”


“It’s none of your damn business!”

Every part of him wanted Kemi. He had no clue on how to express himself to her. Diana had gone to the bedroom to sleep. He never knew she was chatting with Rume on the phone. He went outside and walked to Kemi’s apartment. She came out and was surprised to see him.

“Is everything okay Mr. Jason. Do you need anything? Are you drunk?”

He swallowed. “No I am not. I didn’t drink much. I am only tired.”

“Where is Nathaniel?”

“He is sleeping.”

Jason motioned nearer but she shifted back. “Are you scared of me?”

“No.” She said and looked away from his eyes.

“I noticed you don’t like being around me. Why?”


He took another step forward, she quickly moved her foot but he caught her by the left arm and pushed her towards his firm body. The bones in his body trembled. The emotions he sensed rushed inside him. Jason could feel she was shivering. “Are you cold?”

She couldn’t speak. She raked into his eyes and her heart wanted him to kiss her, hold her and never let her go.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me Kemi. I want to…” As he looked down at her lips, he covered her lips with his whole mouth. His tongue firing down her throat. She kissed him back. Deeply. She held onto him tightly. The universe paused as they held each other’s faces. He found his way under her blouse and fondled her right breast. He kissed her without mercy. The best kiss ever! The passion in them ignited. Jason was hard. Kemi was wet.

He quickly pushed her gently away from him. Tears had already gathered in his eyes. “I love you.”

The words shook her body. He sat at the doorstep. “I can’t be like my father. This is wrong."

“What?” she didn’t understand.

“You have to leave this house first thing tomorrow morning.” She was stunned. He added. “I know if you leave i won't be able to stop thinking about you. I will give you any amount you want, I just want you to go. I cannot be in the same house with you Kemi. I won’t be able to hold myself.”

She started to cry. “I don’t want to go. I want to stay with you.”

He gazed at her. “Why?”

“It because…” She inhaled. “I love you Jason.”

He was dazed by her answer. The heavy weight he carried inside him drained. He felt happy and sad at the same time. He rose and smiled with the tears in his eyes. “I love you, I want you Kemi but I can’t have you. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts so bad my heart aches. It’s late, go to bed.”


“You will have to leave my house tomorrow morning. Find a place I wont be able to reach you because if I do, I won't let you rest, I won't leave you alone. It's late. Your child needs you inside. Goodnight Kemi.”

To be continued……


  1. This episode is so lit.
    I'm sooo looking forward to the next episode.
    Thanks Carina.

  2. They better do quick and touch body sharp sharp. Before Diana pour sand sand for their garri.���� to you Carina

  3. Carina I love you. Can't wait for all the dirty secrets to be exposed

  4. Oh my God!
    This episode is amazing....
    Thumbs up dearie!

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  6. I can't wait for truth or dare. Or confession day, really I love Jason and kemi, and that Meredith woman should be bold to face the husband, ....abeg make Jason and kemi do

  7. I can't wait for truth or dare. Or confession day, really I love Jason and kemi, and that Meredith woman should be bold to face the husband, ....abeg make Jason and kemi do

  8. I can't wait for truth or dare. Or confession day, really I live Jason and kemi, and that Meredith woman should be bold to face the husband, ....abeg make Jason and kemi do


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