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Saturday, May 20, 2017

(Synopsis) Turning these into scripts...

Hey guys!! I hope my plan works out. I have sent two mails already about these. I will still send to some movie producers to see of they are interested so that I can start writing the scripts. Love and Justice' and Complicated' won't take time.

If anyone decides to keep mute and use my idea, God dey. If nothing can be done to stop such, no problem. There will still be a HUGE difference between my 'OWN' comcept and him/her/them that decides to make a movie using any of the synopsis.

I still have other ideas that I am saving for myself to produce in future or collaborate with a producer. May God help me. Kindly check them out. *Kisses*

Mystery, suspense and dramatic.
A dreadful murder occurs and the national investigation division (NID) arrests a witness, a lady with a particular tattoo and a scar. They bring her before an investigator she hates with passion. He needs some vital information’s about the massacre to help hasten the investigation. 

She declines at first but agree if he does something for her too. An offer he cannot refuse.   

Rebecca, Quinn and Dabota are close friends right from their university days. Despite their age difference, they act like sisters. Rebecca is young and she is in an abusive marriage with an egocentric man. 

Successful Quinn is a well-known Nollywood actress with a wealthy boyfriend, and sociable Dabota is a proud runs babe.
Their lives are complicated as they search for true happiness and peace. It is a story about domestic violence, secrets, love and murder.

The story revolves around a humble and kindhearted man named Joseph. He meets and falls in love with a beautiful and rich woman named Lucky. 

Joseph encounters with a lookalike, Sebastian, whose twin brother died when he was a baby. They become close friends despite the huge difference in their kind of lifestyle and status.

Enemies will plan to tear Joseph and Lucky apart and the police will persecute him for a crime he didn’t commit. With another identity, he will seek for justice and fight for the love of his life.

Last born of the family, Titi is excited and able to persuade her single mother and three siblings to attend dinner in their father’s new mansion. She believes he wants reconciliation with his ex-wife.

They arrive and what Titi expects is not what it look like. As disappointment, grudges and resentment takes hold of them, secrets will spill, and a twist of fate comes knocking on them. 

After Guinevere’s thirtieth birthday turns into a disaster, her mother tries to use her daughter’s misfortune to rekindle their estranged relationship. Guinevere pretends she is okay, goes home and contemplates suicide. She still feels abandoned after her mother remarried another man some years ago. 

Guinevere writes a suicide note. She is about to poison herself when her phone rings. She decides to pick one last call and that changes her life for forever. A call from beyond.

A single mother runs away with her daughter after finding out the man she loves is not what he seems to be. 
Not only is she trying to save herself and child from him, she is also running away from ruthless men from her past.

Monalisa believes she has the perfect marriage and her friends persuade her to snoop. Her twin brother advices her not to but she goes ahead with it. She finds nothing suspicious but continues to spy on him until an unknown woman trails and threatens her life. 

On a particular day, her husband, Bassey, leaves home in the morning and returns at night with blood in his shirt and an injury on the back of his head. He gives Monalisa an explanation but the next day a detective questions him about the killing of a woman and his whereabouts of the previous day.

Bassey informs him he knew the victim but he was with his wife when the murder occurred. Monalisa will have to choose between supporting her husband and going against him. 

A woman wakes up and finds herself on top of her husband in the pool of his blood and a knife in her hand. She is confused, startled and traumatized.
Just as she wants to think of a way out, the police walk in.

1. After Dinner.
2. The witness.
3. A call from the dead.
4. Love and justice.
5. Monalisa.
6. Complicated.
7. Saving us.
8. An organized blackmail.


  1. AnonymousMay 20, 2017

    This is such great news.. happy for you girl.


  2. All these from one person? Wow Carina you are the real deal. Thumbs up.

  3. Apart form Complicated and Love and Justice which you have already published on your blog are the rest coming up soon?

  4. Awesome dearie! Would love to watch your creation on screen. You are amazing and deserve the very best.

  5. I pray you succeed as a Screenwriter. You're gifted and deserve to succeed. Always remember this: if at first you don't succeed dust yourself off and try again. Never give up and soon we'll see your stories on our screens. I'm really rooting for you

    1. Thank you!!!!
      You are amazing..

  6. Wow!!! You are such a blessed Lady. Great job dear

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Wow indeed great talent exist!


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