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Thursday, May 04, 2017


If there is any error its on me. She sent me the ununedited and edited. I confuse o! I posted one of it. Don't know which one, will check later. I posted for those eager to read this episode. Make Una enjoy!

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At the hospital, Kemi, Denzel, Meredith, and Jim waited for Diana to come. The doctor attending to Jason asked for his spouse or a relative. Twenty minutes later, they saw her cat walking inside with her bag crossed on her shoulder. She didnt look at Denzel, she faced Meredith.

What happened? Her voice was calm.

She explained and told her about the death of Juliet.

Aunty Juliet is dead?


Was she involved in an accident?

The police are not saying anything. They left with her children. I believe they will see Jason after he gets discharged from the hospital.

Diana glimpsed over at Kemi who was resting her back on the wall. And you, what are you doing here?

 She composed herself and motioned nearer.

She is with me. Meredith said. She followed me to the hospital that called the result of the paternity test before we got the call about Aunty Juliet.

Oh I see. She rolled her eyes at Denzel and looked at the both of them. Did Hajiza win?

Meredith grinned. Of course not! He won! He is the biological father of Bobby!


They turned to another direction when the doctor approached them. Diana followed him to his office. He explained to her that Jason had a minor heart attack. He needed enough rest and he should get his mind off work activities for a while. He gave her a list of drugs for her to buy at the pharmacy.

Thank you doctor. She told him. A male nurse took her to Jason. She met him awake and he was surprised to see her. Hey darling.

He sat on the bed. Who called you?

Meredith. She gave him a rigorous look. Dont you want to see me?

Where is Denzel?

He is still looming around the hall. I asked a question and I demand an answer!

You are screaming Diana and I dont need it. He looked over at the table beside his bed and sighted his phone. He stretched his hand over and picked it up. She grabbed it from him, stood up and faced him.

Who do you want to call?

He took a deep breath and lay on the bed. I dont need this Diana. When am I going home?

Tomorrow morning, She said and gave him his phone. That should keep you busy. I will come back tomorrow morning to take you home.

Better. He said staring at his phone.

It seems you dont want me here.

He chuckled and surveyed her from head to toe. He glanced at her face. You are the one that dont want to be here. I cant force you to stay here with me. Go home and have some rest, after all, you look like someone coming from an outing.

I went to see Hajiza.

Who cares if its Hajiza? You had better keep your distance from her. Shes bad news. You can see what she did to Denzel.

Is that my business?

Whats with you and Denzel anyways. Why does it sound there is bad blood between both of you?"

Diana shrugged and placed her long nails on his arm. You should call whoever you want to call. I want to go and ask the doctor if you need anything. He also gave me a list of drugs for me to buy for you. She sighed when she got no response from him. She took her hand off him. I will ask Kemi to wait behind. She will stay with you tonight.

Jason turned his face away from her and a faint smile flashed on his lips. She opened the door and walked away.

Its painful that I can't do anything to help him. Kemi said and inhaled fresh air. She and Meredith moved outside to talk. Why am I even with him when we cant be together. I think I am fooling myself.

Meredith rubbed her back. No you are not. It might take a while but believe me you and Jason will be together.

She looked into her eyes. Why are you in support of Jason and I. You have not given me a reason.

Do I have to?

Yes. Diana and you are friends before I met you. She folded her arms on her chest. There is something you are not telling me.

Kemi you need…”

There you are! Diana said. I have been looking for two of you.

They rotated, saw her and stopped their conversation. Diana told Kemi to wait behind and leave in the morning. She felt pleased but didnt appear so in front of her. Diana checked on Jason before leaving. Denzel, Jim and Meredith saw him before they planned to leave. When they left, Kemi sat on the chair in his room.

I think you should join me on the bed. Jason said, smiling.

She giggled. Its not big enough and besides I dont want to stress you.

Watching you on that chair alone stresses me. Come here my love. He extended his hand to her and she took it. He shifted a bit and she joined him on the bed. She turned her back on him and he wrapped his right hand on her body. His nose kissed her hair. You smell nice.

Kemi smiled. Thank you. Her face fell. How are you holding on? What might have happened to Aunty Juliet?

He rubbed his forehead. I dont know. Thinking about it makes me nauseates. Did the police say anything before they left?

One of them spoke to Denzel. Some fishermen saw the bag, thought it was money and when they opened it, it turned out to be a body.

She was definitely killed.

By the couple, She alleged.

He put his hand under her jaw and turned her face to him. You think so?

Why would they be seen in her vehicle and abandon it after they must have disposed the bag the police saw in the boot?

It doesnt make any sense to me. Who are those couple?

Only God knows.

Diana didnt say anything about it. God, who did I get married to?

Kemi was tempted to tell him that they should be friends. She did not. She didnt want him to worry under the circumstances they found themselves. I can never have him, she thought silently.


Denzel blocked the entrance door of his house as Hajiza tried to enter. Jim threw her remaining belongings outside. She had no makeup on her face and she had to wear a hijab to avoid prying eyes.

Please hear me out. She begged him.

There is nothing to hear Hajiza. Go back to the love of your life.

She pressed her two palms together. I am begging you in the name of God, let me in and let us talk.

So you can call Gods name with your flirty mouth?

I am sorry!

And I have heard you. I forgive you because God forgave me when I asked for his forgiveness. Who am I not to forgive you?

Cant we go back to how things were? I am ready to accept anything from you?

You want to come back into my life after humiliating in the presence of Kalu. You belittled me!

I know and it was a mistake!

What if the result came out negative on my own part? What if the doctor told us Bobby is not my biological son. Would you be saying all these to me? You would have frustrated my life and its the truth!

Hajiza started to cry.

Crying wont solve anything. Denzel said. You can keep the car, I know you dont save, I will send three hundred thousand naira for you to start a business?

Three hundred thousand is not even enough for me to spend in two days! More tears drained down her wet face.

You have to cut your coat according to you size. I am even nice. Jim must not hear I want to give you that amount.

The money is small Denzel. Give me something reasonable.

"That is what I can offer to you, he stepped backward and moved to shut the door. She placed her hand on it. What is it Hajiza?

I am ashamed for what I have done. The news is everywhere about my affair and the divorce. I am thinking I should relocate.

And abandoned Bobby? I know you would not have been there for him if Kalu turned out to be his father but I thank God Almighty from rescuing me from you! Go and meet you boyfriend, he should be capable of taking good care of you! Denzel banged the door hard.

She kept hitting it and calling his name.

The door opened. Are you deaf? Jim asked. Dont you understand simple English anymore?

Hajiza pointed at him. Stay away from me!

Stay away from my brother! He shut the door.

She continued to cry, carried her bags to the car and drove in tears.


I am so happy for you Kemi. Eniye said. Kemi and Meredith visited her in her saloon. Very soon, you would be called to the bar. I cant wait!

Me too, Meredith said cheerfully.

I hope you wont be a charge and bail lawyer oh!

Three of them burst out laughing.

Of course not! Kemi uttered. Merediths friend has been in touch with me. I am certain I have a job already.

I know you will do well my friend. Meredith said.

And thank you for everything you have done for me.

By the way, have you heard from Tina? Eniye asked.

Few days ago, she called me but didnt tell me when she is coming back.

She must be enjoying herself.

I will not call that enjoyment. When yawa go burst, nobody should call me oh! Her husband is influential and he will not forgive such betrayal from his wife and son. If not that she is close to us, I would have reported her. Sleeping with two men is unbelievable!

Tina is sleeping with two men? Meredith asked in a surprised tone.

Kemi didnt tell you?

She shook her head and gazed at Kemi.

I felt it was irrelevant.

Irrelevant ke? Eniye looked at Meredith. Tina is sleeping with her stepson and a married man.


That is it o!

What about the married mans wife? Is she aware that her husband is doing such a thing?

No! She doesnt know her husband likes men too!

I dont think I am ready to listen to more. I wonder how the wife will feel if she finds out about it. If I was the one, it will be the end of our marriage. I can never sleep with such a man again!

Well, lets thank God you are not the one. I dont wish such for my enemy.

Why cant you and Kemi tell Tina to change?

You think we have not tried our best to advise her to change her ways. She thinks she is enjoying life!

Meredith, Kemi said. We end up quarreling when I advise her. I hope she changes soon otherwise the end wont be good.


Their eyes fell on the door when two customers walked inside. They had no other choice but change the topic of their discussion.


Jason called a meeting between Diana, Doctor Rita, his mother in law and his mom to his house. They sat down at the living room sipping juice. Mrs. Ojo was no longer using crutches. She drank beer instead. Diana kept mute and waited for Jason to speak. She had no idea what he wanted to discuss with all of them. He came from his room, greeted them again and sat beside his mom.

I called all of here to tell you that Diana has not been taking good care of me like a wife should. I received good news from Kemi that she has been called to bar. She will no longer be working here.

Diana flew up from her chair. What!! How could you do such a thing without my permission?!

Diana sit down!! Rita shouted.

Why should I sit down? She stared at her angrily and back at Jason.  If you know you dont want hell in this house, you will call her back.

She has been dismissed from the job and there is nothing you can do about it. He stared at Mrs. Ojo. Diana does nothing in this house. All she cares about is going out. She doesnt even go to her shop anymore!

Are you spying on me now?

I dont need to spy on you. It is the truth!!

Calm down Jason. His mom said. This should not cause a misunderstanding between you and your wife. I will talk to her.

Even if you talk to her, she wont listen! Diana dont care about anyone but herself! I called all of you here to warn her, this is her last chance to prove to me that she is not what I think she is. If she doesnt change, I am afraid…”

Say no more my son. She looked at Diana. Come here and sit beside me.

She grumbled.

You see what I am saying. Jason said.

Diana, Rita said. Have you become deaf?

She eyed her sister and went to sit close to her mother in law. Madam Deborah advised her to be patient and take good care of her husband. Dianas mom spoke too. Rita chose not to say anything. Her sister would never listen to her. Jason left to his room.

Thirty minutes later, Jason mom went over to meet him and begged him to endure.

He shut his door and stood in front of his mom. He told her few details of how Dian behaved when she is angry. He mentioned about how Diana asked him to write her names in some of his documents, her eyes expanded.

Why would she ask of that?

I dont know mum.

You have to be careful but I dont think she is dangerous. Maybe she is desperate to have properties from you.

Thank you mom.

May God give you children?

Amen, She was about to turn and leave when he held her hand. Mom, there is something I want to tell you.

What is it son, you look worried.

Thats because I am scared you will not be happy with me.


I am in love with someone else.

Her surprise eyes stuck on his face. My maid told me about a woman you brought into the house.

She told you?

She tells me everything. I didnt want to ask you until after the burial of Juliet. I told her to describe the woman and it sounded like Kemi. Is she the one?

This is different from what father did. Kemi is the only woman I have been with. I was never in love with Diana, Aunty Juliet was aware of it. I married Diana because you wanted me to.


Yes mom. I didnt want to disappoint you.

But its your life! I thought I was doing the right thing! You should have told me and I would have waited for you to fall in love with the right woman!!

I am sorry!

Diana heard Jasons loud voice as she walked closer to the room. She paused and listened.

I was wrong mother. I should have told you I was never in love with Diana.

Diana eyes widened Her mouth was widely opened.

I will give her a second chance. Maybe she will change.

Even if she changes, your heart will still be with another woman. You are already in love and there is nothing your heart can do to change that but are you sure she is real? Are you sure she loves you and not your money?

I am certain mom. We love each other genuinely. 

There is another woman? Diana whispered and tiptoed to meet her family. She behaved normal and even cracked a joke. She assured her mom that she would change.

You have to my daughter. Do everything you can to have a child. Your sister is already pregnant.

She stared at Rita. You are pregnant? How many children do you want to have?

We didnt plan it. It just happened.

Hmmnn. Congrats sis.


Jasons mom came downstairs and bid them goodbye. When Diana was alone, she called Rume and told him Jason was in love.

We need to act fast!

If anything happens to him now, they might suspect us. Denzel will rat us out to the police. They will think we killed Juliet.

Should we kill Denzel?

For now, no. I know how to get Jason out of whatever relationship he thinks he has with the woman.

Do you know who that person is?

Not at all, she replied. I will do all I can to find this mystery woman and when I do, I will kill her.

Thats good baby. Do you know if anything has emerged concerning the investigation?

Nothing. They have no suspects except the unknown couple. Diana laughed.

Rume laughed too.


The funeral of Aunty Juliet was successful. Denzel and Meredith stood behind Jason and Kemi as they paid their last respect to her. Diana refused to follow him. She lied she was sick.

Denzel leaned close and whispered. Is Jason having an affair with her?

Meredith smiled. Why do you want to know?

Thats because it will be a thing of joy for me. Diana does not deserve him.

They are in love.

For real?


Thats good. He nodded and grinned when he saw Jason hold Kemis hand.

Kemi arrived at Jasons residence and noticed a man at the front of the house. She went there to collect her belongings. The taxi man parked his car, and she promised to add his fare if she took more time. She looked directly at the man, she recognized him to be Jasons father but he appeared lean and his skin very dry. She wondered what had happened to him.

She saluted him and he told her no one was home.

Why dont you call him?

He is not picking my calls. He said weakly.

Are you okay sir?

He looked at her and smiled. I met you the other day I came. You work in this house, right.

Not anymore but Jason is my friend and you can talk to me if you want.

But I will take your time.

Since nobody is around, we should go somewhere and talk.

I didnt bring a car.

My taxi is here to take us anywhere. She smiled. Come, lets go.


Jason took Kemi out on a romantic dinner in an expensive restaurant to celebrate her. They talked about her defending cases soon and their plans. He had gotten her a furnished apartment and he registered her in a driving school.

 I told my mom about you. he said to her.

What did she say?

She is not happy I married Diana because she told me to. She wants my happiness but she is in support of whatever decision I make.

What is your decision?

You have to tell me what you want.

I cant tell you to leave your wife.

He shrugged. We cant continue to play hide and seek Kemi. We have to be together.

I will be called a home breaker. I dont want that. We shouldnt even be talking about that. There is something I want to say and its about your father and you have to listen to me.

My mom said he is back but I dont want to see him.

She placed her hand on his. For how long?

I dont know Kemi. Can we talk about something else?

I saw your father and I was moved to ask him if he was alright?

What do you mean?

Jason, your father is sorry. He is sorry for what he did to your mother and you. He is sick.


Yes. He has prostate cancer and despite his illness, he still came down here to see you. He risked it all despite his doctor pleas. He said he might not live long to see his grandchildren but he will die an unhappy man if you dont forgive him from your heart.

He was able to open up to you about his health condition? He asked in a surprised tone.

Yes. I told him I was your friend.

Jason rested his back on the chair and covered his face with his right hand.

Are you okay?

He removed his hand and looked at her. Right now, I feel bad.

Its not your fault he is sick.

He sighed heavily. Thank you for telling me. I will call him but not now.


I know what you want to say my love. I dont hate him anymore, I just need a little time to face him. I wish him good. Allow me to be ready first and you will be there with me when I forgive him.

I hope it wont be too late then.

I hope so too.

At that moment, Diana visited Rita at her house. She knocked on the door and Rita opened.

What are you doing here by this time of the…” She stopped talking when she noticed the tears coming down from her eyes down to her cheeks. Please come in. She held her hand and used the other to close the door. What happened? Is Jason okay?

Are you the only one at home?

Not really. The kids are in their room but they are sleeping.

Diana placed her hands on her head. I am finished Rita! Jason called that meeting because he is seeing another woman!

Thats a lie.

She fell on the floor and began to roll over the rug. I have never cheated on him and he doing such to me. He wants to leaves me because I am unable to have children. I am not God. My sister, you have to help me, Rita my marriage is over!

Calm down! Are you sure he is seeing another woman?

I am sure! His mother knows about her. I saw text messages between him and her and she was telling Jason to marry the girl and throw me out! I need your help!

Throw you out? Jasons mother wouldnt want that.

She knelt down in front of Rita. She has changed her mind. She wants a grandchild as soon as possible. If Jason leaves me, people will call me barren. Is that what you want for me? Do you want your sister to be a laughing stock to people?"


You are the only one that can help me. Save my marriage Rita!!

She raised her up and took her to sit in the longest sofa. She sat beside her. I hope you do not want to manipulate me to do something for you?

More tears dripped down her face. Rita wiped them off. This is not about manipulation. If you can do this for me, I am ready to do whatever you want. Just help me. I do not want to be disgraced.

Rita sighed. She felt bad that her sister was under pressure. She hoped she would be able to help her. What do you want from me?

Diana told her.


Two days later, in the afternoon, Eromosele returned home and Meredith was surprised to see him. She wasnt expecting him because he never called to inform her of his arrival.

You are back! She stated quite unhappy. I didnt know you will be coming today.

You dont want me to come back to my house? He dropped his luggage beside the door and walked to sit on a couch.

Of course I want you back. This is your home. She remained on her feet. I would have prepared your favorite food if I had known you would come today.

He sighed. I am not hungry yet but you can do that before I go to bed.


He told her to join him, she did and he kissed her lips. I miss you.

Her eyes lighted up in surprise. I miss you too.

Eromosele rose up and took her right hand, "Lets go to the bedroom, I want to show you how much I have missed you.

To be truthful to herself, she didnt miss him at all. She never wanted him back. Even though she had been the only in the house for some time, there was peace and no broken nose or a scar on her face. She managed to offer him a pale smile and followed him.

Come back here Hajiza! Kalu yelled at her as she motioned to the entrance of his living room. Where do you think you are going to?

She turned her back and faced him. To Jasons office!


She moved closer to him. Since he has been in support of Denzel, I want to scatter their friendship.

That is not what I expected you to do when I told you about Diana and Rume's affair! I was Denzels manager at that time when he told his cousin and me that if anything bad should happen to him, we should reveal their illicit affair but he wasnt killed! Meet Diana, tell her you know and ask for money to keep their secret.

You think Diana will give me money? That bitch! I am sure she is happy my marriage is over! Shes always behaving as if she is the best! How could I not have known those two were sleeping together! Why didnt you tell me?

I was still Denzels manager and I could not reveal such despite our relationship. You should meet Diana, Rume, or Denzel. Tell him you will reveal the secret if he doesnt give you an amount of money.

Denzel will laugh at my face! For him not to have revealed the secret is because he doesnt want to be the reason they break up. I dont care if they do, I am no longer married and I will not be the only one! Diana will join me!

You are not thinking straight. You are making outrageous decisions because you are angry and self-centered.

Hajiza tightened her face. How dare you? She raised her hand and directed it over to his face but Kalu held her wrist tightly and gave it a hard squeeze. She groaned in pain and told him to stop. You are hurting me.

Dont ever raise your at hand me otherwise I will beat you up! He let go of her discolored wrist.

She rubbed it and gave him a wicked look. Whatever decision I make is my business and mine alone! She hopped on her feet towards the door, opened it and slammed it on his face. 

Kalu heard the sound of the car and shook his head. Hajiza been in his house was tiring him. Her irritabilities and ugly behavior sickened him. He thought it was time for him to find a new woman that could offer him the life Hajiza presented to him when she was able to recieve huge sum of money from Denzel. He never loved her. Kalu only wanted three things from her. They were cash, sex and luxury.


The secretary of Jasons knocked on his door and informed him he had a visitor. When he saw Hajiza walk in, he was surprised. It was the first time she visited him in his office. He welcomed her nicely and offered her a seat. He hoped she didnt come to ask if he could plead on her behalf. His hands were tied. He would not be able to do such a thing. He gazed at her with a puzzled expression on his face when she refused to sit. He rose up. 

Is everything okay?

How can everything be okay when Denzel has finally divorced me? I got nothing from him.

He stayed quiet.

Hajiza added and gave a one sided smile. I know you wont say anything because Denzel is your friend but does he consider you one?

What does that even mean? Denzel and I are not only friends but brothers.

She laughed at him contemptuously. Take a good look at yourself. If Denzel loved you like a brother he would have told you what your wife has been doing behind your back!


Who else?

His eyebrows flew up. What did she do?

Ask her what she has been doing with Rume your best friend.

He hit his knuckles on his desk. I am not here to listen to you if you dont have anything meaningful to say. I am not the cause of your divorce, you did not value…”

Shut up Jason and listen attentively to me! Her words stunned him. Diana and Rume have been sleeping together under your nose!

It didnt seem like a shock to him but a joke. Even if Diana truly have been cheating on him with a man but certainly not Rume. A man he cared so much about. Please leave Hajiza.

I am saying the truth! Denzel knew about it after the accident.

Its been a long time.

Well, its the truth.

Jason grabbed his cell on top of a file and dialed Denzels number. He picked after the second ring. He didnt even allow him to acknowledge him. Is it true?

Denzel sat on the dining table. He dropped his spoon on his plate and said, What is true?

Hajiza just told me something and I want to clarify it from you. Is Rume and Diana sleeping together?

His heart sank. I can explain.

Jason shut his eyes very tight. He could hear the sound of his heartbeat. The news that he thought was an expensive lie turned out to be true. He hated how he felt towards Diana. Instead of him to be mad, he felt relieved but the thought she did it with Rume was a betrayal from his friend. What explanation could he possibly give that could make him forgive him. How would Preye feel? No wonder Denzel friendship with Rume and Diana drained. Now, he knew.

You have known about this and you didnt tell me or Preye. He said gently.

Denzel speedily got up on his feet. Where are you? We shouldnt discuss this on the phone.

It doesnt matter where I am. He inhaled in and out. I am not mad at you. We will talk about this when we see. I know Hajiza and Kalu were having an affair before you found out.


Hajizas eyes widened in shock.

We will talk about it Denzel but I have to go home now. I will rip Rumes jaw when I lay my eyes on him! Pass my message across to him!

Dont go home Jason! Do not do anything funny!

Funny? I am happy! He started to laugh. We will talk better bro. See you later in the evening.

Denzels face brightened. I will be expecting you. If Hajiza is there, tell her I said hi.

I will pass your message. he ended the call and glared at her. Denzel said Hi.

Bastard! Both of you are the same!!

Get out from my office!

Hajiza hissed, walked out and left the door opened. The secretary noticed and moved to shut it but Jason told him not to bother. He carried his phone and briefcase and closed for the day. He was free at last! As he drove home, he called Kemi and broke the news. She was speechless and excited. They could finally be together. He planned to spend the night at her place and see his mom the next day.

When he arrived at his destination, he entered the house and Diana happily walked towards him.

Hold it Diana. I am not going to fight you, lay a finger on your body or curse the day I married you. I want you to take your time, I am willing to give you two days or more to park your belongings with your hands or you can tell Rume to help you. I want a divorce. Shock absorbed her body. Be prepared to leave my house! Hajiza finally leaked your dirty secret to me!

She rested her hands on her chest with her mouth extensively opened.

I dont blame you Diana; I blame myself for treating you like how a husband should. What did I do wrong? I never maltreated you, I took care of you, I gave you everything you wanted!

I am sorry!! She burst into tears. I swear we stopped sleeping together when Denzel found out. I have been faithful ever since that day!

And you expect me to believe you?

I love you Jason.

I dont love you. Now I know why I couldnt. You are a bad woman! I love another and we are going to be together whether you like it or not. This marriage is over!

No! It can never be over! I am pregnant!!

What? We have not been intimate. The last time we slept together was two months ago!

Diana walked to her handbag beside where she was sitting, took a long sheet of paper and a pregnancy strip from inside and gestured close to him. She handed over the items to him. He glanced at them. I am two months pregnant Jason and its for you except you dont want to be in our babys life.

Jasons mouth became paralyzed. He could hardly make a single word.

This is the time to settle our differences, make things work and be good parents to our unborn child. You are a good man Jason and you are going to be a wonderful father. You are nothing like your father.

He thought his head was going to explode. What was he going to tell Kemi? How would he be able to free himself from her claws? Jason peered into Dianas eyes. She smiled cheerfully. Instead of him to smile back at the unanticipated news, he frowned. Her smile infuriated him. It was the most annoying smile he had ever seen.


To be continued.....


  1. Jason must ask for a paternity test too. Dr Rita nor try at all. No matter who is involved you don't joke with things like this. Forging a positive pregnancy result. She might lose her licence. Hajiza better go find work to help yaself coz Kalu has moved on. Thanks Carina

  2. AnonymousMay 04, 2017

    if Jason believes Diana then he is a mumu anyway na Novel not real life. cos which sensible person go believe this kind talk when you know she was cheating. Abeg Denzel come and talk sense to your brother.

  3. Obobs see movie.. Telemundo

  4. AnonymousMay 04, 2017

    Please Jason mustn't believe Diana cos he's smarter than that. If he does then the story is predictable but we don't want predictable. Well done CK.

  5. Obobs see movie.. Telemundo

  6. Goodness gracious!!!
    This episode is awesome!
    I want to believe Jason is smart enough to see through that wicked witch of the west, if not,then he drops from being my best male character in this series. Welldone dearie! You never disappoint

  7. doc Rita is a big fool, for bringing herself so low to do this, abeg jason ask for paternity TEST oooh


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