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Sunday, May 14, 2017


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Jason held Kemi from falling down as she continued to weep and exclaimed Meredith’s name continuously. The tears fell heavily from her weary eyes. He carried her and patted her back gently.

“I am very sorry.” He said in a soft tone.

“Sorry can’t bring her back! Oh my God! I warned her. I told her she should leave him. He killed her!"

“I still don’t understand why you insist he murdered her.”

“Meredith is a…” She swallowed hard and shut her eyes for more tears to drop. “Meredith was a victim of domestic violence!” She covered her face with her hands and cried uncontrollably.

“Domestic violence?  Eromosele used to beat her?”

“Yes!” She opened her eyes and looked at him. “She never wanted any of you to know. She confided in and I always advise her to leave him but she never listened. She thought he would change! Jason, I have to see her! I have to see Meredith!”

Jason who couldn’t believe one of his closest friends hit his wife, felt lost in thoughts.


“I am sorry,” he scratched his head. “What did you say?”

“Do you know how I can get to the hospital now?”

“Yes. He told me the name. I will be right back.” He went into his room, collected his car keys, a cardigan for Kemi and he wore his sandals. He wore the cardigan for her, touch her body and it felt hot. He kissed her hands and held her hand as they walked towards his car. It broke his heart to see her in pain. In a day, she found her rapist and lost a dear friend. He had no idea how he could stop her from crying as he drove his car. He called Jim and told him the bad news. Jim was shocked, promised to persuade Denzel to follow him to the hospital without letting him know the reason until both of them got there.

“Why?” Kemi said and folded her arms on her chest. “Let it be a dream. God, if this is a nightmare, let me wake up, I beg you.” Her body shuddered the moment she thought of her last conversation, she had with Meredith.

Jason hit his stirring wheel hard. He was deeply hurt and upset. He hasn’t gotten over the death of Aunty Juliet, now a friend was gone. He didn’t know how he was going to express himself when he saw Eromosele. His friend was a beast in disguise. How could he do such to a woman? A good woman with a beautiful heart.

Immediately he parked his vehicle at the car park. Kemi hopped out of it and ran towards the entrance door without looking back.

“Wait for me!” Jason exclaimed!

She never responded to his request, he ran after her. Kemi burst inside, searching for Eromosele. Visitors and patients waiting at the reception gazed at her.

“Please ma, who are you looking for?” A nurse asked her.

Kemi continued to search as she cried. She sighted Eromosele with a man wearing a lab coat. She speedily marched to meet him and as she raised her hand to lay a blow on his face, Jason gripped her hand. “Leave me alone! He killed her!!”

“Please lower the volume of your voice.” The doctor said. “Who are you?”

She stared at him as Jason let go of her hand. “Is Meredith dead? Is my friend truly dead?”

“I am sorry. She didn’t make it.”

Kemi cried out more. She couldn’t hold herself as she sat on the floor. Jason wanted to raise her up but she told him to let her be.

Within a blink of an eye, Jason gripped Eromosele. The doctor tried to get his hands off him but he couldn’t.

“You beat Meredith to death! You will pay!”

“I never laid a finger on her!” Eromosele screamed and shoved him away from him. “Are you going to believe her or me? I know she must have told you lies against me because Kemi never liked me.”

“You killed her!!” Kemi bellowed. She stared at him as an elderly couple came forward asking after Meredith. She concluded that they were her parents. The doctor broke the news to them and as their eyes flushed out tears, Kemi couldn’t hold it anymore. She walked up to them. “I am very sorry for your loss. Meredith was my friend.”

Meredith’s mother couldn’t talk. The pain made her lips numb.

“Who are you?” The old man managed to ask.

“I am Kemi.”

The woman looked up at her face. She spoke as she cried. “My daughter told me about you. She said you were like a sister to her.”

Kemi nodded and cleared her throat. “She was a sister to me.” She fell on one knee. “I am a lawyer and as the parents of Meredith, I want you to ask for an autopsy…”

“An autopsy?” Eromosele asked in a surprised tone and started walking to her way. “You have no right to do that!”

“Don’t you ever shout at her” Jason pointed a finger at him. “I am still mad at you! Don’t push me!”

“We don’t need an autopsy. I didn’t touch Meredith! I never did!”

“Then what are you afraid of?”

“Exactly,” Kemi said and cleaned her face with her cardigan. She said to Meredith’s parents. “You are the parents.  Both of you deserve to know what killed Meredith.”

“Meredith is dead?” His tone sounded confused.

All of them turned their back and saw Denzel with Jim. He quickly faced his cousin. “I thought you said your girlfriend is sick?”

“I didn’t know how to tell you.” Jim said.

“What!! I spoke to her some hours ago. It can’t be!”

“What were you discussing with her?” Eromosele asked angrily. “Were you sleeping with my wife?”

Denzel was dumbfounded.

“Shut up you this shameless man!” Kemi spat at him as she motioned to stand in front of him. Jason followed her. “I will take you to court and prove you killed Meredith!”

“You can’t prove anything! I didn’t kill her!”

“Meredith was a victim of domestic violence?” Denzel asked Kemi. “Are you sure?”

“Yes!” She uttered and started to cry again. “She went through a lot Denzel. She thought he was going to change but she called me some hours ago that she found something that has to do with him.”

“But she didn’t tell you what she found out?”

“No. She told me she would come to my place but she never did.”

Denzel took a deep breath and walked outside to receive some fresh air. He wanted to leave Eromosele’s sight. His friend disgusted him.

Kemi turned to the doctor. “How was she when he brought her here?”

“You have no right to ask such questions!” Eromosele shouted.

“She has the right,” Meredith’s father said. “She has the permission to ask any questions and act on our behalf. Whatever she wants doctor, I want. Our daughter is special despite that she is no more. How am I going to bury my child?” He began to weep.

“I am very sorry sir.” Jason said to him.

“The patient was already dead when her husband brought her here. He said she fell down the stairs.”

“But were they injuries on her body?”

“Yes. She had an injury at the left side of her head. They were damages on her face, legs and neck. We will carry out an autopsy to know the actual cause of death.”

“Thank you doc.”

Eromosele quickly said, “She inflicted injuries on herself to make me look like a bad person. She slipped while trying to climb the stairs and that is the truth!”

“You are a killer and I will do everything I can to make sure you rot in hell!” Kemi yelled.

“You can’t prove anything,” he said and faced the doctor. “Doc, I will like to see you privately concerning my wife.”

“You think you can get away with it?” Jason asked. “How can you be heartless? You don’t look like someone who is grieving or sorry for what you did.”

“I didn’t do anything, Jason.” Eromosele said and left with the doctor.

Kemi moved to the grieving parents and whispered to them. They agreed to what she asked of. She revealed to Jim what she wanted; he nodded and went outside to meet Denzel. Both of them entered the car and drove away.

“How can you win the case against Eromosele?” Jason asked Kemi after she made it known on her first plan to take Eromosele down. “Meredith is not alive to defend herself. You will need enough evidence to prove he is guilty.”

“Don’t worry love,” she said without a hint of smile on her lips. “Leave everything to me. I can’t sit and watch him walk freely. He is a murderer.”

Kemi and Jason sat beside Meredith’s parents and comforted them. Thirty minutes later, Jim and Denzel returned and came forward with three police officers. The moment Eromosele came to the reception he was arrested. He rained curses at his in-laws, Kemi and friends. The officers took him home to check his home for any foul play but they found the house clean and arranged. Not a trace of blood was seen. He was taken into custody, denied bailed until the result of the autopsy was revealed.

“How could you rape and arrest an innocent woman?” Rita questioned Fabian in their mother’s home. She made sure no one went to bed. She needed to know the truth as he continued to deny it. She already called her husband she won’t be spending the night at their home.

“How many times does he have to answer?” Diana asked.

“Please keep quiet. I wasn’t talking to you.”

“Even if you were not talking to me, I want to talk to you! I thought you are my sister. You have destroyed my marriage.”

“You destroyed it with your own hands Diana. I have advised you several times to change but you never listened.”

“You should have come to my rescue instead, you leaked out my secret.”

“A secret that could destroy a man when the truth comes out late,” he said. “I can’t open my eyes and be a part of your evil minded plan. I don’t know why you chose to follow us here instead of you to arrange your things and leave that man alone.”

“I won’t give up! We will still get back together!”

“That might be in your next life!” Rita uttered. “Did you see the way he supported Kemi. He loves her and that’s the truth!”

“I will continue….”

“Diana! I don’t want to listen to whatever you have to say about your broken marriage. I want Fabian to confess to me! I remember he left the country in a hurry but we thought he wanted to leave and start a new life over there but now I know the reason!”

“I didn’t rape her!” Fabian shouted.

“Don’t ever raise your voice at me again!”

“What if I raped and arrested her? What will you do? She has nothing to prove I didn’t such a thing to her.”

“She has a child you dumbass!” Their mother screamed. He appeared shocked.
“How old is the child, mother?”

“I think he should be between eight or nine years.”

He stayed quiet and opened his eyes as he looked at her. “He could be my child. What if she asks for a DNA test? I have to leave the country as soon as possible. Wait, did you say a he?”

“Yes, it’s a boy.”

“I have a son?”

“You truly raped her.” Rita said quietly. “What kind of family do I have? Whatever decision she takes, I will give her my support.”

“Then you are not a true sister.” Diana said.

“I will apologize to her. I have to get my child.”

Doctor Rita began to laugh. “You think that is easy? God! I wonder how you and Diana reason.” She stared at Fabian. “You will pay for raping her. Goodnight!” She walked out on them.

“How am I going to get myself out of this mess?”

“I will find a solution my son. Give me few days to think about it.”

Fabian smiled. “Thank you mom.”

Mrs. Ojo stood.

“Mom, what about me?” Diana questioned her. “How will I get Jason back?”

She didn’t answer her but started to walk away. Diana moved quickly to stand in her front but her mother pushed her away.

“Have you forgotten what I told you about getting pregnant for Jason? I will remind you Diana, I said, do not come and cry to me when you don’t do anything about it and it backfires into your face. I will push you. I have done that and if you dare come ask me again, I will disown you. Useless child!”

Diana’s eyes exploded tears.

The next day, Preye immediately called Rume after she received a call from Jason. She broke the news about Meredith’s death. He was speechless and told her he would return home. When he arrived, Preye told him she knew about the affair between him and Diana.

“You think that’s why I came?” Rume asked with a scorn on his face. “This marriage is not working!”

“So you will be with Diana now that Jason has left her?”

“He has?”

“Yes. I have cried and I am tired of your behavior towards me. We have children to look after, Rume. What do you really want?”

“I want us to separate.”

“What will people say? I will lose some of my church members.”

“That is not my business Preye. I have to talk to Eromosele. I can’t believe people think he killed Meredith.”

“Diana suspected he used to beat her but we never took it serious. Meredith never told us anything about it.”

“When is the burial?”

“I don’t know. Jason did not say anything about it.”

Rume sighed. “How are the kids?”

“In school,” Preye replied. “They have been asking after you.”

“Send my regards to them. I have to go.”

“So soon? Are we not going to talk about us?”

He shook his head and smiled. “There is no longer us. I am sorry Preye, this marriage is dead to me.”

Few days later, the police officer assigned to Meredith’s case said to Kemi and Jason.
“How can you say you don’t suspect a foul play? This man killed his wife and no one cares!”

“You will need evidence ma. You are the only one that came forward with the accusation.”

“Her parents knew Eromosele was beating their daughter.”

“Yes but she told them he stopped and she was enjoying her marriage.”

“She didn’t want them to worry! I want us to go to court first.” She sighed tiredly.

“It’s okay dear.” Jason said and spoke to the officers. “We will talk tomorrow.”

“Okay sir.”

After they left, Kemi faced Jason. “I heard the lawyer Eromosele is assigning is very good. That is what my boss said.”

“I have heard about barrister Jeremiah Okonta. You have to be prepared Kemi.”

“I know. Have you heard from Denzel?”

“Yes and he is not good. He still cannot believe it. He tried Meredith’s number yesterday. I was helpless, I could not do anything.”

She rubbed her eyes, forcing them not to flush out tears. Jason pulled her gently into his arms.

“I love you and I feel sad about it.”

“Maybe if I had gone over to her place without waiting for her, I could have saved her.”
“It’s not your fault baby.”

“I miss her.”

“I miss her too.”

“I am very sorry I have not seen you and Tina,” Kemi said to Eniye over the phone.
“It’s okay, I have explained to Tina. Meredith’s death is still a shock to me.”

“It’s a blow Eniye. I just came back from the hospital and the autopsy revealed she died from a head injury. There were visible scars on her neck. She was strangled but not for long.”

“Oh my God! Do you think that is enough to win the case?”

“I doubt that. We will be meeting in court soon.” Kemi began to cry over the phone. “I couldn’t help her Eniye. I won’t see her again. This is sad, I am sad.”

“I am sorry.”

She wiped her face with a handkerchief and sniffed her nose. “I hope you and Tina can come to the court.”

“We will. We will be there for you. How are you handling Nathaniel’s father?”

“He is not the father of my child. That animal can never get close to Nate. I don’t know who told him he is the father of my son and also gave him my number. He has been calling and asking after Nathaniel. The scum refused to say anything about the rape. I want to focus on the case before I handle him.”

“I understand. How is Jason?”

“He is fine and he is doing all his best to put a smile on my face but I can’t until I put that monster in his right place. He doesn’t belong in earth. He should be killed too and feel the pain.”

“Diana!” Her mom called her from the living room. “Your friend is here to see you!”
Hajiza stood beside Mrs. Ojo. Diana rushed to meet them in fury. Her mother excused herself by giving them privacy to talk when she noticed the look on her daughter.

“What are you doing here?” Diana asked her angrily. “Are you here to mock me about my marriage and asked if I have signed the divorce papers?”

“That is none of my business.” Hajiza said and smiled. “Won’t you offer me a seat?”

“No way! You think I don’t know that you are the one that told Jason about me and Rume? You think I don’t know?”

“Even I didn’t, Jason will still find out.”

“At least not now.” she said. “I will throw you out if you don’t tell me what you are doing in my mother’s house?”

She cleared her throat and rolled her eyeballs. “Are you aware about Meredith’s death?”

“Yes. What about it?”

“Barrister Kemi is taking him to court. She is claming he killed her. I remember you talked about suspecting….”

She cut her off. “I am not interested in this discussion. All I know is, Meredith knew about my affair with Rume and she told my elder sister. She betrayed our friendship.”

“Well, I will appear in court in favor of Eromosele."


“Yes. Meredith made sure Denzel fell in love with her. She also betrayed me.”

“That is your own concern.” Diana pointed at the door. “Now leave my house now!”

Hajiza laughed. “This is your mother’s house and not yours. Take care.”

“Go to hell!”

She opened the door and walked away to her car. Mrs. Ojo approached Diana and relaxed her hands on the waist. “Your friend is right. This is my house. You better go back to the house you inherited.”

“But they are tenants there.”

“You think I care? Give one of the flats a quit notice and move there. Your presence annoys me. If you had given birth for Jason, this would not have happened but you never listened but did what was on your dirty mind!” She spat on the floor and walked away.

Inside the courtroom, the Judge, a fat man with beards and hubby cheeks sat and looked over at the registrar talking to Eromosele. He asked him to repeat the oath of affirmation, which he did. The registrar left with the bible and barrister Jeremiah rose and approached his client at the stand. Kemi put her hand under her jaw. She glared at the defendant. Parents and few relatives of Meredith, Jason, Eniye, Rume, Denzel, Jim, and Preye were inside with other individuals.

“Mr. Eromosele,” Jeremiah said. “Was your wife happy before she died?”

Eromosele replied, “Yes.”

“Did she ever tell you she would leave you?”


“Can you tell the court about the kind of relationship you had with your late wife?”

“It wasn’t a perfect marriage but we loved each other. We quarreled and settled our difference between us and I showed her love. I never cheated on her and we were madly in love with each other.”

“I see.” he glanced at the judge, smiled and back at Eromosele. “I understand that you hit your wife twice. Am I correct?”

"Yes and she reported me to her parents. They called a meeting and I never hit her again because of the respect I have for her father.”

Kemi was boiling inside. She just wanted Jeremiah to stop asking stupid questions.

“Tell us what happened the day your wife died.”

He sighed. “I came back from work, I went into the room but I didn’t see her clearly because it was dark. I wanted to switch on the light when she told me she wanted to check the food on fire. She left in a hurry. When she didn’t come back on time, I left the room to check on her, only for me to see her on the floor covered in her own blood. She fell from the stairs. I tried to revive her but she was not breathing. I took her to the hospital and the doctor declared her dead.”

“No more questions, your honor.” He said to the judge and sat on his seat.

Kemi uplifted and spoke to Eromosele. “Are you aware that you swore to say the truth before everyone here?”

“Yes, I am aware ma.” He smiled.

She frowned. “On the night Meredith died, she made a phone call to her friend Kemi which happened to be me. She said she found something about her husband which she never revealed because you killed her before she could leave the house."

“Objection your honor!” Jeremiah looked at the judge. “It is an offence for barrister Kemi to give verdict on the case. There is no evidence to prove he killed her.”

“Objection sustained.” Judge Sola said.

“What did your wife find out about you before she died?” Kemi continued with her questions.

“I have no idea.”

“Do you have any secret that could have destroyed your marriage if Meredith found out about it?”


“How many times did you beat your late wife?”

“Objection your honor!” Jeremiah said. “Mr. Eromosele has already told the court he hit her twice! Must we go backward instead of moving forward?”

“Objection sustained. Barrister Kemi, kindly ask other questions."

Eromosele stared at Kemi with a smirk on his face.

“Have you ever inflicted injuries on her body?” She asked Eromosele.


Kemi went over at her desk, took a file, opened it and brought out pictures of Meredith battered face, arms and legs. She had printed them out and made photocopies “I will like to show the court evidence about the bruises Meredith once had before she die. She gave me the permission to snap her and keep them in my flash drive.”

Eromosele blinked his eyes and shrugged. Barrister Jeremiah remained calmed but he shook his head when Kemi gave him his copies.  The judge glanced through his own copies and asked Kemi to proceed with her remaining questions.

“Is this not your wife, Mr. Eromosele?” She asked him after he looked at the pictures.


“Didn’t you see these scars on her body?”

“Objection your honor!” Jeremiah objected. “The bruises seen on Meredith’s body could be done by a professional makeup artist. This must have been a strategy between the deceased and her friend to tarnish the image of my client!”

“Objection overruled. I will like to hear his answer.”

Kemi felt relieved. She repeated the question.

“No.” Eromosele answered.

“You never did?”

“I can’t recall seeing such scars on my late wife. It must be the work of a professional artist to inflict such on her body to make me look like a bad person.”

“Why would she do such a thing when you claimed both of you were madly in love with each other?”

“I don’t know why she did it. Maybe her friend manipulated her to do such to me.”

“How was it possible to find your house clean when the police got there?”

“I don’t understand your question.”

“You claimed your wife fell from the stairs and blood was seen on her body, how come there was no trace of blood on the floor in your home?”

“I must have used a rag to clean where she fell. I can’t remember what I did because I was in shock. I did my best to revive her but she didn’t look good to me. I carried her to my car and drove her to the hospital.”

“You said you can’t remember what you did but you gave a detailed explanation when the defense asked what happened the day your wife died.”

Eromosele kept quiet.

“Objection your honor.” Jeremiah stated.

“Objection overruled.” The judge said with a frown. He looked over at Eromosele. “May I remind you that you are testifying under oath, and it is unlawful to withhold pertinent information?”

“I am aware your honor.” Eromosele said.

“How come there was no blood seen on the scene?”

“I can’t recall your honor.”

Kemi looked at the judge. “Thank you. No more questions for now.”

A police officer took Eromosele away from the stand. Barrister Jeremiah called Hajiza.

“Do you think Mr. Eromosele killed his wife?” He asked her.


“Did you ever suspect your late friend was a victim of domestic violence?”

“No. She seemed like a happy person to me. She was always praising Eromosele for being a wonderful and faithful husband."

“Let us assume that the scars on the photos are real. Is it possible Meredith might have inflicted those injuries on herself to make my client look guilty?”

“Objection your honor!” Kemi said. “The defense should be asking relevant questions and not inappropriate questions. Miss Hajiza doesn’t live with the couple. If she gave a positive response, does she have evidence to prove Meredith could inflict such injures on her body?”

“Objection sustained.” The judge said. “Kindly ask relevant questions, Mr. Jeremiah. Don’t waste my time.”

“That will be all, your honor.” Jeremiah said to him.

“Do you have questions barrister Kemi?”

“No.” There was no need. Hajiza won't help.

Kemi, Jason, Denzel and Preye were disappointed in her. Jim wasn’t surprised.
The judge gave them a date for them to appear again in court. Before he stood to leave, barrister Jeremiah spoke.

“I will like my client be granted bail. He has not been proven guilty of the crime. He is an innocent man.”

“Granting him bail is unacceptable.” Kemi said. “If is he granted bail, he has the means to flee the country.”

“I can assure you your honor, nothing like that can happen under my watch. He will be here anytime you want him to appear in court.”

Judge Sola heaved a sigh and thought for a moment. “He is granted bail of five hundred thousand naira.”

“Thank you your honor. He will pay the bill.”

Kemi left angrily and went to meet Jason.

“I can’t believe Hajiza could say such things in court.”

“Me too. Rume have the guts to come here.”

“Just ignore him my love. He is not worth your saliva.”

He smiled lightly. “I have to talk to Denzel now. He is devastated.”

“Your friend is coming, you should see her.” He pecked her on the cheek and left.

She turned her back and saw Eniye. “Where did Tina go to? I thought I saw her but she left.”

“She is still around. We should meet her in her car.”

“Let’s go.”

Tina came out from her car. She wasn’t looking happy. “I am sorry I couldn’t wait in there.”

“Why?” Kemi asked.

“I don’t know if Meredith can ever forgive me where she is.” She said in a teary tone.

“What is it?”

“I wanted to see you because things have changed. I came back from my vacation and noticed some changes in my body. I am pregnant.”

They gasped.

“Who is the father?” Kemi questioned.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know the father of the baby.” Eniye said.

“Of course I do, I am not that actor’s ex-wife. My stepson is the father but I haven’t told him yet. He has gone back. I am planning to run away before my husband finds out. But that’s shouldn’t be discussed now, I know Meredith’s husband.”

“You do?”


“How?” Kemi asked.

“He is the married man involved in the threesome.”

“What!!” both of them exclaimed.

“It’s the truth.” She started to cry, “I am so sorry.”

“Could he be that Meredith found a tape of you, Eromosele and your stepson?” Kemi asked.

“It could be possible. He has a tape.”

“Oh my! Can I get one that you might not be inside?”

“Yes, I have the one I videoed myself. I will help you get it and you can use it against him in court.”

“Thank you. That could be the reason he killed her.”

Kemi and Eniye consoled her before she drove off.

The next time they met in court, to everyone’s surprise, barrister Jeremiah called Kemi to the stand.

“Any objection?” The Judge asked. Kemi has not heard from Tina. Her numbers were switched off. When she sent Eniye to her house, no one was at home.

“No your honor. I will like to represent myself as my own lawyer.”

“No problem. Proceed.”

 “Are you married barrister Kemi?” he asked her as she sat down.

Her left eyebrow heaved up. “No.”

“Are you in a relationship?”

She shrugged, made eye contact with Jason and glanced back at barrister Jeremiah. She didn’t know where his questions were leading to or why he was interested in her personal life.

“We are waiting for an answer except you are hiding something.” He said.

“I am not hiding anything, I am in a relationship.”

“I got to know that before you went to law school, a woman named Diana employed you. Am I correct?”


"I heard you stole her husband from her.”


Murmuring took place of the large room.

“You and the deceased planned to do the same to her friend named Hajiza. Well, Meredith eventually made Hajiza's husband drive her away so that she can move in after the divorce. She inflicted those injuries on her body so that she can lie against Mr. Eromosele and leave him for another man named Denzel Diobi. It was a plan between you and her. Isn’t that true?”

“That is ridiculous!”

“Meredith wanted to destroy her husband but her and your plan didn’t work. Am I not right?”

“Objection your honor! This is defamation of character and any more questions relating to such false accusations and baseless assumptions on me and the deceased, I will sue!”

“Objection sustained.”

“No more questions your honor.” Jeremiah said and walked to his seat.

Kemi rose up in anger and stood in front of the judge. “Sir, I will like to call on Pastor Preye. She is a close friend of Meredith.”


Preye sat and the registrar gave a bible to her before Kemi asked her questions.

“How long have you and Meredith being friends?” She questioned Preye.

“I don’t know how many years but it has been for a long time.”

“Can you tell me what kind of person she was?”

“Yes. Meredith was kind, beautiful, generous and amazing.”

“Do you think she is capable of inflicting injuries on her body?”


“Did you ever suspect she was a victim of domestic violence?”

“No but a friend of ours suspected. Her name is Diana. She told me and Hajiza that she saw some scars on Meredith’s body but she claimed she got them through falling.”

“How many times did she see scars on her body?”

“Many times.”

After she asked questions that could help the case, the judge adjourned the next hearing.

Denzel sat alone on a bench outside the court. He was thinking deeply. He burst out sobbing and saw Kemi coming at his direction. She looked at him, sat and placed her left hand on his back.

“She loved you.” Kemi told him. “Despite she was scared on the phone that day she died, she called your name.”

“Why didn’t she tell me what she was going through?”

“She didn’t want you to take the law into your hands. You would have killed Eromosele.”

“It would have been better.”

Denzel stared at her. “Please, win this case.”

“I will.”

She thought of the memories she had with Meredith. She swallowed a huge lump down her throat. She removed her hand and put it across Denzel’s shoulders. Instead of her to console him, Kemi broke down. She joined him to weep as the memory and loss of Meredith crawled into her mind.

To be continued….


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  2. I am short of words. Dont know what to say now. Carina is simply the best.

  3. AnonymousMay 15, 2017

    I knew Tina will not show up, her hubby is dangerous why would she want to implicate herself in court by releasing the video am sure she is miles away. Carina I still think you shouldn't have killed Meredith off, she should have been made to suffer the consequences of her action and decision to cover up for Eromosele by probably loosing her sight or some sort of neurological damage to her body since it was a head injury. This would have made more impact on us readers and also drive home the dangers of domestic violence. Her death kinda of gave her an easy way out the only people left to feel the pain and loss are her parents and friends who don't even have an inkling aside from Kemi. Also no matter how Kemi tries even if Eromosele is convicted it will be based on Circumstantial evidence. Even in cases where victim is alive it is hard to proof DV especially when the victim has been covering up. It will be more of a case of he said and she said e.g Mercy Aigbe and her hubby. It would have been nice to see the docile Meredith fighting and standing up to Eromosele in court. All the same nice one. Looking forward to see how you will resolve the case

    1. I am also looking forward to how I will resolve the case. Lol. You said well. Thanks!

  4. Awwww! Such an emotional episode.
    A very good read though. Well done dear, you are the best.

  5. what an emotioal episode...kemi forgot she placed some camera's in eromosele's place


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