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Thursday, May 18, 2017


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Kemi assisted Jason to wear the jacket of his suit. She motioned to his front and smiled. “You look good as always.”

“Thank you love.” He pecked her on the lips.

“I should be the one thanking you for persuading your mom to allow Nathaniel stay at her place during his holiday.”

“I think it’s the best. I don’t want him to see you like this. He will be worried anytime you cry.”

“I know.” She heaved a sigh. “I don’t know why I am unable to get through to Tina. Her numbers are still not going and I can’t see the husband because he is nowhere to be found.”

“Maybe her husband found out about her promiscuous ways, she ran away and he is searching for her. If something like that happen, where do you think she would go?”

“I have no idea. She won’t leave the country because she promised to give me the tape. Someone like Tina loves comfort but she has changed. I will call Eniye later and ask if she has any idea where she might be.”

“Okay love.” He grabbed her by the waist and started to kiss her lips, she kissed back but stopped after a minute. “Why did you stop?”

“You know we will end up on the bed.”

“Is there anything wrong in that?” Jason asked. “I have waited and I can no longer hold myself around you.”

“You are still married. I allowed you to stay here in my house because I don’t want to be alone here. What is holding Diana from signing the divorce papers?”

“I really don’t know. She told me to hold on for a while, that she will sign them. I told her she could take everything I bought for her.”

“I wonder what is holding her. Will you be coming home after work?”

“No. I have to see my father. He was discharged yesterday.”

Her eyes brightened. “That is good news.”

“Yeah, it’s a miracle that he is still alive. He is currently staying in one of my houses. A nurse and a nanny are looking after him.”

“That is good. Why don’t you come over to my office in the evening, we can go there together.”

Jason grinned hard. “I will. Thanks babe.”

Kemi kissed his lips. “Anything for you.”

He directed his eyes on the bed and winked at her.

She chuckled. “Not that Jason.”

“I thought you said anything for me.” He pushed her closer to his body.

“You have a meeting,” she said playfully. “Go!”

Jason hugged her.

“How could you lie in court?” Denzel questioned Hajiza on her way out of her house. He drove to Kalu’s place and met her in front of the gate. She stayed inside her car and listened to Denzel. “Meredith was your friend. She never slept with me even though she knew you were a cheap slut!”

“Why don’t you clap for yourself? You are bold enough to barge into my presence and insult me. If you really want me to say nice things about Meredith in court, then you have to send money into my account.”

“I will not stoop low and listen to your ugly request. You are unbelievable. Meredith was a good friend to you and you repay her with your evil mind and lies. What will you gain? Even if I was not in love with her, I would have left you.”

“I knew it!” She uttered and came out of the car. “I know you fell in love with her. How could you cheat on me with my friend?”

“I never cheated on you with her and you know. Stop prolonging this conversation I intend to end now but I want you to know, you will surely regret your actions.”

“I have nothing to regret!” Hajiza exclaimed in an angered tone. She clenched her teeth as Denzel walked to his car, entered and turned on his ignition. She moved quickly to stand beside his vehicle before he drove off. “How is Bobby?”

He looked at her and shook his head. “Ever since he came back for holiday, you are just asking me about your child. Are you a mother?”

“I have been busy and I know you will look after him. How is he?”

He sighed, “Bobby is fine. He asked after you and I told him you travelled.”

“That’s better.” She smiled. “I will create time….”

Denzel didn’t bother to listen to her anymore. He drove away as if someone was chasing him with a weapon. Hajiza hissed and went back into car.

A day later, during the afternoon, the office assistant at Kemi’s place of work informed her she had a visitor named Fabian. She was shocked he knew where she worked. She gave her the order to let him inside her office. Before he came inside, she turned on the recorder of her phone and placed it on the table. She put a file on top of it.

Kemi rose and folded her arms when he entered. “What do you want?”

“You didn’t even allow me sit before attacking me with a question.”

“You are not allowed to come near me. If you try this again, I will put a restraining order against you, you rapist!”

He smiled. “It hasn’t gotten to that baby.”

“Don’t you ever call me that!” Kemi briskly walked towards him and pierced a finger on his chest. “If you think you can get away with what you did, then you must be a mad man.”

“I only came here to talk.” Fabian said in a serious tone. “I know you are going through pressure at the moment. I heard what happened to your friend and I am deeply sorry. Let’s forget about the past and move forward. You know Nathaniel needs a father in his life.”

She dropped her hand. “And who told you he doesn’t have a father.”

“You are a single mother, Kemi.”

“If I am a single mother that does not mean my son does not have a father.”

“I am the father and you know it.”

“And how are you the father? Can you give me an explanation how both of us planned to have a child together? I thought you don’t know me. Is that not what you told your family when I accused you of rape?”

“I didn’t recognize you, that’s why. I never forced my way into you.”

“Excuse me. You didn’t force your way into me? Then, why did I bring the police to arrest you?”

“What happened between us transpired a long time ago,” Fabian said. “We should focus on the future and forget about the past. Let’s move forward and plan on how to tell Nathaniel, I am his father.”

Kemi smiled gently and returned to her seat. “It seems all you care about is proving my son is yours.”

“I know he is mine.”

This time she laughed for a moment and completely wore a straight face afterward. “Why can’t you admit the truth and I will think about you getting a DNA test between you and my child. I do not want people to see me as a liar. Even if its just us here, at least tell the truth to my face. Just admit the truth. It is between you and I right here. You raped and arrested me.”

He turned his back to look at the door and glanced at her. “And I am sorry. I am sorry for raping you that day. It was the work of the devil. I did it because I was angry you rejected my advances. I offered you money and you refused. I felt insulted. Can you forgive me?”

“To err is human, to forgive is divine. I just wanted you to say the truth. I am relieved.”

Fabian smiled but Kemi didn’t reciprocate.

“Can we talk about Nathaniel?”

“Give me two days to prepare myself. You will hear from me.”

“Two days is far but I am willing to wait.”

“That’s better because I waited for many years for a rapist to own up for what he did to me.”

“I have never raped any woman apart from you. Don’t sound as if you know I rape girls.”

“So I am the only woman you raped?”

“Yes.” Fabian replied. “Like I said before, I am sorry. Bribing those police officers to arrest you was unfortunate. Such incident can never occur again.” He rose on his feet. “I will be going now.”

She remained seated and smiled self-consciously. “See you soon, Fabian.”

He winked and left the office. Kemi grabbed her cell in an enthusiastic mood and checked the recorder. She stopped and saved it. She took her handbag and headed out the door. As she hopped into her car to leave, Eniye called her.

“Have you heard from Tina?” That was the first statement she made.

“Yes. I am on my way to see her at the international airport. She is running away from the country. I hope you can make it on time before she boards her flight.”

“Of course, I am on my way.”  

Twelve minutes later, Kemi met Eniye outside the airport. She took her in and showed her where Tina was. She didn’t recognize her immediately because of the kind of attire she wore. Tina, dressed in an all-black outfit, red scarf. Dark sunglasses covered her eyes.

“Where have you been?” Kemi asked her. “And what is this Eniye told me. You are running away?”

“I am very sorry for not reaching you on time. I know I have disappointed you but I am here to give you what you want.” Eniye opened her bag and Kemi saw a disc inside a case. “I never knew my husband's son took it to travel. I had to call him and persuade him to send the video into my Whatsapp. I lied I wanted to watch it to pleasure myself.”

“Oh, okay.”

“That is not all.”

“What is it?”

“The idiot mistakenly sent the video to his father too.”

“For real?” She asked with her eyes enlarged.

“Yes, thank God Chief wasn’t at home during that period. When he realized his mistake, he told me. I had to park my belongings, and took his money. I forgot to take my phone along with me. I went to my village to think of what to do. I am also in the video but I have been able to cut off the part I appeared.”

“Chief must be searching for you now.”

“That is why I have to leave now.” Tina placed her hand on her stomach. “This child inside me has changed the way I used to think. I have to go far and prepare myself for motherhood. I will find a job, don’t care which one. I hope I will be a good mother.”

Kemi gave her shoulder a gentle touch. “You will be a good mother. Do you think I don’t ask Nate how you behave whenever he visited you? You always check up on him in the middle of the night, be the first to wake up and attend to him. You turn a different person whenever my son is around you and I believe you will show such attention and love to your own child.”

She smiled broadly. “Thank you.” A male voice made an announcement. “That’s my flight, I have to go. I will call you when I reach my destination.” She opened her arms, Kemi and Eniye hugged her. "I will miss both of you.”

“Me too.” Eniye and Kemi said.

“I am so sorry I will not be able to attend Meredith’s funeral.”

“It’s okay. You have done well."

“Don’t let that asshole get away with murder. Even if you have to act like a bitch in court to win the case, do it baby.”

Three of them laughed.

“I will.” Kemi hugged her again. Two of them watched her as she disappeared from their presence. “Are you crying?” she asked Eniye the moment she looked at her face.

Eniye wiped the tears from her eyes. “I will really miss her.”

“Me too.” She took her hand. “Come-on, let’s go home.”

“Who the hell is this?” Hajiza asked Kalu in shock. She met him with another woman on the bed in his bedroom.

“What kind of question is that?” He asked her angrily. He wore his boxers, told his new companion to relax and don’t panic. He moved towards the wardrobe and started to throw Hajiza’s things on the floor.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“You are leaving my house today!”


“I am tired of the relationship. I can no longer have you in my house. It is over Hajiza!”

“Over my dead body!” She hit him on the chest. “You lie!”

“What did you just do?”


“Did you just touch me?”

“The relationship is not over!” She pointed at the woman. “Tell this prostitute to leave our house now otherwise I will break her bones and…”

The slap he landed on her cheek sealed her lips. Kalu punched her on the nose and pushed her away from the room. The woman quickly wrapped a towel on her body, carried the bags, and went to meet them outside. Hajiza was crying and begging Kalu but he refused to listen. The relationship was over.

Hajiza took her bags in shame, kept them in the boot of her car and drove away to the nearest hotel.

Kemi dropped Eniye at her residence before she got home in the evening, and met Jason in the kitchen cooking dinner. She kissed his neck and looked at his face. “I am excited.”

He stopped cutting the carrot on the cutting-board and gazed at her. “What are you excited about?”

She narrated about Tina. He appeared glad. Kemi punched her phone and played the conversation she had with Fabian. Jason was astonished.

“You did it!” He said in a thrilled tone.

“Yes I did!”

He took her into his arms and squeezed her body tight. “That’s wonderful. His confession is more than enough. We will go to the police anytime you want. I hope you are prepared for tomorrow.”

“Yes. I can’t wait to show the court the video.”

“I can’t wait to look at the face of Eromosele.”

“That video will cause havoc in the courtroom.” She laughed and all of a sudden paused.

“What is it Kemi?” Jason asked.

She looked at him. “I can’t believe I forgot about the video camera in Eromosele’s house!”

“What video camera?” Kemi explained to him. “How are you sure she didn’t remove them. She deleted the video in her flash-drive and she might have done the same to the video recorder.”

“I know but what if she left it there and totally forgot to remove it. It will definitely capture the day of the murder.”

“But it will delete some videos on its own if it is full. What if it erased the day he killed her?”

Kemi heaved a sigh. “I hope it wasn't erased.”

“Ok… but how do we check his living room and get it?”

“You have to visit Eromosele.”

‘What!” Jason exclaimed.

“I cannot get a warrant to search his house for that. I do not have enough proof to search his home. The judge will disapprove it. I am sure barrister Jeremiah will oppose to that with a strong reason.”

He rubbed his chin and rested his hands on his waist. “That man is good but you are better. Eromosele will not be comfortable when he sees me. He might not let me in.”

“That is why you won’t appear in court to support me tomorrow. You will visit him, badmouth me and tell him you think I am exaggerating things. You want to be there for him after most of his friends have abandoned him.”

“You think he will believe me?”

“I don’t know but we have to try our luck. Tell him to get you something or find a way to check some of the picture frames in his living room and up where the dining table is. There are supposed to be two of them.”

“Are they tiny?”

“Small but noticeable when you look directly to where she positioned them.”

“I hope I find them.” Jason said.

“Me too.”

“Can you tell the court the relationship you had with your friend’s wife?” Jeremiah questioned angry-looking Denzel on the stand. It was on a Thursday afternoon.

“The relationship I had with Meredith was the same I had with her…” He hesitated and cleared his throat. “With Eromosele.”

“You haven’t answered my question Mr. Denzel.”

“Meredith and I were close friends.”

“How close?”

“Close enough to fall in love with her.”

The judge suddenly focused all his eyes on him with an interested facial appearance. Kemi had no idea why he made such statement. She had to stay quiet and listen attentively to him. Whispering ensued. Eromosele had a huge frown on his face. Barrister Jeremiah acted puzzled and moved closer to him.

“You were in love with your friend’s wife?"

“Yes but she chose Eromosele over me. Meredith never told me to leave my wife for her. Even if Meredith wasn’t in the picture, I would still divorce my wife. Meredith was a good and kind woman. I am sure she thought Eromosele would change that was why she stayed back in the abusive marriage and said no to my love advances.”

“Why should the court believe what you just said?”

“That is because it is the truth.” Denzel replied. “I would not have revealed my feelings for Meredith if I had something to hide or had an affair with her.”

“Did the deceased ever complained about her husband?”

“Meredith never complained about Eromosele to me but she told her….”

“That will be all, my lord.” Barrister Jeremiah said in a fast tone. He left to his armchair. Kemi had no questions. She called the father of Meredith. After the registrar read him the oath of affirmation, Kemi questioned him.

“Did Meredith ever tell you and your wife the reasons Eromosele used to beat her?”
As he opened his mouth…

“Objection your honor!” Barrister Jeremiah spat. “There is no confirmation or witnesses to prove my client beat his wife on the night she died. Answering that question could make Mr. Eromosele look guilty.”

“Objection overruled.” Judge Sola looked over at the elderly man. “Please, answer the question.”

“There was a day she came to the house with a broken nose. She said Eromosele kicked her because the food she prepared didn’t have enough salt.”

The crowd exclaimed.

“Order!” The judge hit his gavel. The room became quiet.

“Please tell us more.” Kemi suggested.

He gave details of the ones he knew. How Eromosele would beat her for not preparing his food on time, slap her for complaining she had a headache and chose to sleep.
After Kemi was through, Jeremiah sprung on his feet.

“Just one question for you sir before you stand up. My client never denied he didn’t raise his hand on your daughter. He told the truth about hitting her twice. After that ‘two times’, did Meredith ever praise her husband?”

“Praise? I don’t quite understand you.”

“Did your daughter ever told you her husband changed and he stopped hitting her?”

“Yes but…”

“No more questions. You can stand up.”

The bereaved man rose gently and went to sit beside his weary looking wife. The defense lawyer surprised Kemi by calling Diana.

“Did you ever tell your friends you suspected Eromosele beats Meredith?”

“Yes.” Diana said.

“Why did you suspect that kind of thing?” Jeremiah asked.

“Because of the scars I do see on her body but I have come to realize, I made a mistake. I only assumed. I didn’t have facts or evidence to prove my assumption. She never told me she was a victim of domestic violence but I know her kind of person now. She lied about me to my sister. I know her to be a big liar. She must have inflicted those injuries on her body.”

“Objection your honor!” Kemi said in a furious tone. “This is highly unacceptable! this is an act of slandering the deceased’s name. It is an offence and there must be concrete and materialize indication to justify her claims otherwise I will take legal action against the false witness and the law practitioner!”

“Overruled.” The judge called the lawyers to move forward and closer to him. They came and he whispered. “This case is getting boring. Bring witnesses that have facts. I am tired of both of you repeating questions.” He gazed into Jeremiah’s eyes. “Any more questions for the woman?”



“Anymore witness or questioning the accused?”

“Yes.” Kemi answered. “I will like to call Mr. Eromosele to the stand.”

He nodded. “Okay.”

Diana left the stand and a police officer led him there.

“Do you have any secret Mr. Eromosele?” She asked him with a smile on her lips.
The judge rolled his eyes and rested his hand under the chin. The smile Eromosele saw on her made him mad. He noticed Jason wasn’t in the courtroom and wondered the reason. His friend must have gotten tired of the bitch. 


“Can you tell the court if you are in support of gay marriage?”

“Objection your honor!” Jeremiah screamed. “The opponent is asking a question that has nothing to do with the case!”

“The court rules that gay marriage is irrelevant to the case. Please, barrister Kemi, request a relevant question from him.”

“Okay, your honor.” Kemi said and looked at Eromosele in his curious eyes. “On the night Meredith died, she must have found out something about you that made you scared. You do not only sleep with women, you like men too.”

The judge's jaw dropped. The courtroom wasn’t silent anymore.

“Isn’t that true?”

Barrister Jeremiah was confused. He didn’t know why she would make such accusation. He looked at his defendant and saw the fear in his eyes. “Objection your honor! This is not a guessing competition. The accuser is supposed to submit evidence instead of trying to taint the image of my client!"

“Do you have evidence Barrister Kemi?”

“I do.” She replied with a wide grin and walked to her desk.

“Objection your honor!”

“Objection overruled.”

She placed her laptop on the desk of the Judge and played the video for him and the defendant’s lawyer. They were flabbergasted. Jeremiah had a disgust look on his face and motioned to his seat after watching the video. The judge stared at Eromosele after the video was shown to him.

“Is that not you in the video?”

He scratched the top of his head. “Ermn…. “

“What is ermn… Speak up for me to hear clearly.”

“That is me my lord.”

“Do you have anything to say about this?”

Eromosele bowed down his head. “No, your honor.”

“You can go ahead with your remaining questions.” He told Kemi.

She nodded and asked him. “Did Meredith see this video on the night she died?”


“Did she ever suspect you were into men?”


“How long have you been in a relationship with the man in that video?”

“I can’t recall.”

Kemi turned to the judge and smiled a little. “No more questions.”

“What about you barrister Jeremiah.” the judge said. “Do you have any question for your client?”


He relaxed his back on his chair and stared at the legal representatives. “The final verdict of the case is adjourned to Monday. Both of you are to present questions and if more evidence and new witnesses comes up, present them on that day. Arise.”

Everyone stood up. Eromosele couldn’t make eyes contact with anyone, not even his lawyer. Kemi embarrassed him and he hated her with deep and intense passion. If he had a chance, he would beat her to death.

Eromosele was on the phone with his attorney in his bedroom on a warm Saturday afternoon. After the video was exposed, he has been worried and feared if he won the case against Kemi, he might go to jail for fourteen years for having sex with a man. He tried reaching Chief’s son but it wasn’t going through.  

“Do you think the judge will take a bribe?”

“Don’t even think about that.” Jeremiah said. “The judge is a disciplinarian and there is no record he has involved himself in fraudulent deals. I will continue to defend you and make sure you don’t go to jail but I can’t promise you anything concerning that video. What were you thinking? Why you didn’t tell me you had such?”

“I had no idea it would leak out. I can’t believe it myself when it was shown to me.”

“Did you really kill your wife?”

“What kind of a question is that? I thought you trusted me!”

“This isn’t about trust. When I took the case, I asked you if you did but you said no. Even if you said yes, I would still defend you. It is my responsibility to do that. I don’t want a situation where by barrister Kemi would surprise us in court again. If she would do such a thing on the last day, I am afraid it will be huge compared to what she showed us that day.”

“I didn’t kill my wife!”

“No problem. Be safe, see you on Monday.”

He ended the call and threw his phone on the bed. He rose and heard the doorbell. He went downstairs, opened the door, widened his eyes, and frowned as he saw Jason.

“What are you doing in my house?”

Jason was holding a small travelling-bag. “We have to talk and it is very important.”

“You think I will allow you into my house?”

“I know I deserted you when you needed me the most, I am very sorry.”

“You think sorry will solve it? I can’t believe you left Diana for that bitch called Kemi. She is a slut and I know she’s after your money! She was able to syphon money from Meredith!”

If not that Kemi needed him to do something for her, he would have removed the front teeth of Eromosele. “She is not only a slut but a thief. Ever since I have been in her house, my money has been missing. I need to stay in your house for the weekend before I can finally go home.”

“Why here?”

“Won’t you allow me in?” he asked. “We can talk better inside.”

He looked at him from head to toe and back at his face. He opened the door wide, Jason entered and Eromosele shut the door. “You can sit down and tell me why you want to stay here.”

“Thank you.” Jason said and sat. Eromosele remained on his feet. “If I stay here, Kemi, Denzel or Preye would think I am here. I want to stay away from them. I overhead Kemi telling Denzel they will be together after the case is over.”

“For real?”


“Denzel was bold enough to tell everyone in court he was in love with Meredith.”

“That guy can never change. You should know how he was before he had that accident.”

“That accident was a cover up. He deceived us. Denzel is a big pretender!”

“True! I don’t want them to know where I am. I lied I travelled.”

“Is that why you didn’t appear in court?”

“Yes!” Jason said. “I have to think and I find a way to stay away from them and clear my mind. Only God knows why Meredith did such a thing to herself, thinking she could implicate you. Thank God you have a great lawyer.”

Eromosele gave a broad smile. “I am happy you believe me. All my friends thinks Kemi is saying the truth. It seems you haven’t heard about the video that bitch brought to the court.”

“I heard but I thought it was a rumor.”

“It’s true but I don’t see why people won’t mind their business. My private life is none of their business.”

“That’s true. What will you do now?”

“Nothing,” Eromosele said. “My lawyer will do his best to win the case.”

“That is what I want too. Thank you for letting me in.”

He rose and approached the bar. “Feel at home. I want things to be normal like it used to be. You can take yourself to the guest room, freshen up and come down and have a drink with me."

Jason smiled and stood. “That would be nice. I will be right back.”

Diana and her mother met with the commissioner of police in his office. An officer called to inform them about the arrest of Fabian. Rita refused to follow them. She swore never to involve herself in the incident.

‘Is there anything we can do to get him out of prison?” Diana asked the commissioner.

“Nothing can be done. Your brother confessed to the rape case. He will be charged to court and sentenced. Nothing can save him right now.”

“But your wife is my friend commissioner.” Mrs. Ojo said. “Help us.”

“I can’t help. The woman involved is an attorney. She will sue if I try to play hanky-panky.”

“Can’t he be bailed?”

He shook his head.

“What was Fabian thinking?” Diana said. “Even if it was just the two of them in the office, he should have kept his big mouth shut! No wonder he can only produce girls.”

“He has a son!” Her mom said in a vexed tone.

She looked at her. “What makes you think he is the father? We guessed and we might not be able to go for a DNA test without Kemi’s permission.”

“What do we do now?”

“You tell me because I don’t know.” She got up. “Let us leave.”

“Leave just like that without finding any solution?”

“There is no solution is this matter, mom. Fabian will go to jail!”

“For how long commissioner?” She asked him.

“I don't know. The judge will decide on that.”

“I am finished oooo! The devil is at work. Fabian would have stayed back with his wife and kids. If he had done that, all these would not have happened.”

“Please, you are making noise in my office. Kindly lower your voice.”

“Mom, let’s go!” Diana opened the door and walked out. Mrs. Ojo caught up with her daughter, as she wanted to drive away. She quickly opened the passenger’s seat and sat.

“Were you going to leave me?”

“Of course! I have to be somewhere now. The place I am going to is quiet far. I will drop you at the junction for you to take a taxi home.”

“Why can’t you take me there yourself?”

"I am not Rita.”

She sighed unhappily and shook her head.

“How far?” Kemi asked Jason on the phone. “Any luck?”

“No. Eromosele has not left my sight. I am in the bedroom now. I had to lie I was tired.”

“You have not been able to check any of the frames?”

“No. Do you want him to suspect me? We are lucky he believed and allowed me into his house again. I have to act carefully so that he doesn’t suspect I might be up to something.”

“We don’t have enough time.”

“I know. I will check in the middle of the night.”

“Be careful my love.”

“And be careful too. I hope all your doors and windows are shut.”

“You worry about me all the time. I am fine. I am not alone, guess who is here.”


“Speak with him.” She handed the phone over to him.

“Hey bro.” He said.

“Denzel! Thanks for coming to check up on Kemi, I am grateful.”

“It’s nothing. I don’t trust Eromosele. Jim will be coming later to join us. Kemi’s place is beautiful. Thanks for taking good care of her. Maybe if Meredith had left Eromosele on time and didn’t want to be with me, I would have gotten a place like this for her to have peace, at least rest of mind.” There was pain in his voice. He shut his eyes as his lips trembled.

“We miss her Denzel. I miss her. We are still grieving and no matter what happen, Eromosele won’t go scot free.”

“I want death sentence for him. If the judge finds him not guilty of murder, there will be war.”

“Kemi will do all she can to win the case. Please, take good care of yourself. Where is Bobby?”

“I sent him abroad to spend his holiday with Jim's sister."

“That’s good.” Jason said. “I hope you have eaten.”

“I am not hungry.” He gave the cell back to the owner.

“You have to give him food Kemi. If he refuse, feed him!”

The tears she forced not to drop, failed her. It fell down to her lips and she cleaned them off. “Trust me on that, I will. Stay safe.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” Kemi ended the call, dropped her phone beside her and gazed at Denzel. “I hope you know you are not alone.”

Denzel managed to smile faintly. “I know. Thank you.”

“Madam I no trust you this time o.” A man with a thick voice said in an uncompleted building. He was with two other guys and a woman he spoke with. All of them were smoking weed. “You disappointed us the last time.”

“I am ready to pay you two million naira if you can do the job well.” Diana said.

His eyes brightened as he heard the amount. He looked at his phone screen. “Are you sure this is the person you want us to kill?”

“That is her! I hope you know the location?”

“Yes nah.”

“I will send you the time, just stay close to the place.”

“Okay madam.”

She dipped her hand inside her handbag, brought out an envelope and gave it to him. “That is seven hundred thousand naira. I will send the balance into your account when the job is done perfectly well.”

“Madam, that one na small thing.” one of the guys said. “We go kill her!”

Diana smiled. “That is good. I want her dead and gone. She should join her beloved friend.”

All of them burst out laughing.


Despite Kemi was nervous as she re-examined the old evidence, questioned Eromosele and the mother of Meredith. Denzel and Jim appeared tensed. Diana and Rume held hands in court despite Preye sat closed to them. Hajiza and Eniye were behind them. Jason was yet to arrive. On Saturday night, when he went to the living room at night, he met Eromosele still awake and watching television. He lied he needed water to drink in the kitchen. 

The next morning, two of his relatives from the village arrived. Jason was only able to spot the camera when he switched off the television without using the remote. He waited for them to go to their bedrooms in the evening before he took it. On the present day, Jason woke up very early and checked the painting frame upstairs. He saw the second video camera. He lied to Eromosele he had to be at his office for a quick meeting and he would join him at the court later. Kemi called before she went to court but his number wasn’t going.

After the cross-examination, judge Sola spoke, “Any more questions before we take a break?"

“No your honor.” Barrister Jeremiah stated.

Kemi looked back at the entrance. Her heart beating fast.

“Barrister Kemi, do you have any question?” The judge questioned.

“No my lord.”

“We will be going for recess before…” The door opened and Jason walked quickly to Kemi’s direction.

“I have a question your honor!” Kemi quickly said. Jason shoved a disc into her hand. 

“Where have you been?” She whispered.

He whispered too. “It’s a long story. I have been trying to transfer the videos into the disc for you. It has erased some recordings but it saved from where Eromosele came back from his trip. I merged the videos together. Play the video but don’t watch it. He killed her.”

“What is going on barrister Kemi?” The judge asked curiously.

Eromosele and his lawyer looked confused.

“I have new evidence to proof Mr. Eromosele killed his wife.”

“Objection your honor. She will be presenting a false evidence to waste your time! The pictures she showed us were not useful, what makes you think the new one will be?”

“I have a video to show what happened on the night of the murder.”

“Murder?” the Judge asked in a stunned tone. “Can you rephrase your last statement?”

“Yes my lord. I have a video to show what happened on the night of the murder.”

Eromosele began to panic and sweat. Jason had played him. Were they toying with his mind? How could they have a video? Was someone spying on them?”

He looked at Jeremiah. “Objection overruled. Let’s see it.”

Kemi inserted the disc into a laptop and played it. She fast-forwarded it to where she saw Eromosele grab Meredith by her hair. She didn’t look at it any longer but listened to their voices.

“Tell me what you saw!!” She could hear Eromosele yelling at Meredith. He hit her head continuously on the floor.

“Please, don’t kill me!” She begged.

“How can I let you go scot free?” He raised her up, put a blow on her face and hit her chest continually. He kicked her legs and grabbed her neck. “I will kill you!”

“Please, I won’t tell anyone what I saw. I will keep your secret.”

 Eromosele beat her up until she was very weak and unable to talk. He carried her up and threw her downstairs. She died instantly. He went over to check if she was still breathing, he left and came back with a rag to clean the floor before he took her into his arms and walked outside the door.

The Judge was unable to make a sound. Jeremiah covered his face in shame. Eromosele was fidgeting. Everyone felt cold. Kemi cried silently. Just the voice of Meredith cracked her heart. Denzel cried hysterically. Jim looked at Eromosele with furious eyes. Preye, Rume, Diana, Eniye and Hajiza were shocked.

Judge Sola went for recess and returned to pronounce his judgment.

“The court has found you guilty of domestic violence and murder. You have been sentenced to death by hanging.”

“You bitch!” Eromosele screamed at Kemi and promised to slit her throat before three police officers pushed him away.

Jeremiah congratulated Kemi before Jason came to hug her. Denzel, Jim and Preye seemed relieved and happy about the ruling. Diana sent a text on her phone the moment all of them came out from the court. Kemi and Eniye were speaking with each other. Denzel, Jim, Preye, Hajiza, Rume and Diana stood in front of the court too. 

Jason moved a bit away from the crowd to call his secretary to bring the new car he bought for Kemi as a gift for winning the case. He looked over at the road and noticed a stern looking man at the backseat of a black Camry staring at Kemi’s way. He saw him raising a long and black item. He widened his eyes as he noticed the rifle pointed at her.

“Kemi get down!” He yelled and ran to cover her. “Everyone get down!!” Some of them managed to duck and others ran for their lives. The place was in chaos.

The gunman fired twice and the driver of the car raced off.

Jason was on top of Kemi. His hands were all over her body to search if the shooter shot her.

“I am fine!” she said and fear gripped her. “There is blood on your face!”

Jason looked at himself. No bullet penetrated him. “It’s not my blood.” He glanced at his right side and saw a body jiggling, battling for life. The sight of the enormous blood that soaked the victim’s outfit sent fright into his veins. The two holes on the chest dripped blood. Jason never saw this coming. Who might have done this? He questioned himself. Kemi was the target but the killer missed.

“Someone should call an ambulance!” He shouted, speedily rose, and leaned closed to the helpless soul.  

People began to gather to check who was on the floor. Kemi fell on her knees and saw tears streamed down Jason's face. There was no way the person could survive the fatal shooting except a miracle happened.

Who do you think was shot between Preye, Denzel, Jim, Hajiza, Rume, Diana or Eniye??????

The first person who guesses right wins 500-naira recharge card.

To be continued…. Weekend!


  1. Diana was shot 😊....welldone carina

  2. Nuderess®May 18, 2017

    Let it be Rume please. Nice one Carina

  3. The witch herself was shot (Diana)

  4. I'm guessing Diana. And even if I'm wrong make sure the bullet deflected and hit her. What an irony😝😝😝

    1. Hahahaha. LMAO!
      Your comment cracked me up!
      My belle oooo
      Diana don suffer.

  5. I think its Preye!

  6. Carina !!!

    I am guessing it is Eniye

  7. I think it's Hajiza. it should better not be Diana. Being shot is an easy death. Diana should suffer for all her crimes. she should be charged for Aunty Juliet's murder. She should also pay for this crime. she shouldn't go scot free. Thanks Carina. You are simply the best.

  8. AnonymousMay 25, 2017

    I tink it's Denzel


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