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“Someone help me carry him!” Jason screamed. “He is losing blood!”

“Rume!!” Preye bellowed as she fought her way through the crowd and sighted him on the floor in the pool of his blood. She fell on her knees and wept. Denzel, Jim, Eniye and Hajiza were astonished. Words could not come out from their mouths.

Rume’s lips and body giggled as he tried to open his mouth. He gripped Jason’s left hand. He struggled to speak. “Forgive me.”

“Don’t say a word. We will take you to the hospital.” He said.

“It’s too late… I…We… we killed Aunty Juliet.”

Jason quickly released his hand from him. “What did you just say?”

Kemi, Preye and the bystanders acted shocked. Diana who ran to hide beside a car headed towards them to see if Kemi already gave up.

“I held Aunty Juliet and… and Diana strangled her. She caught us in a hotel, I am sorry.”

“Why?” Tears dripped profusely from Jason’s eyes. 

“Take care of the kids.” Rume said to Preye. She told him he would be okay and then he whispered into her ear. The sadness in her face transformed into anger. His eyes closed. They heard the siren of an ambulance sounding close to the court.

Diana came forward and saw him. The size of her eyes enlarged. She gripped her chest and said. “What have I done? This isn’t supposed to go like this.” She had no idea she said it loud.
“You are the one that hired killers after Kemi?” Jason stood up and faced her. “You murdered Aunty Juliet. How could you? What sort of a human being are you?”

She began to move backwards. Some of the police officers in the courtyard plodded towards her and grabbed her as she made a move to run. “It was a mistake! I didn’t want to kill Aunty Juliet, believe me, Rume made me do it! I wasn’t the one that sent the killers after Kemi.” She looked over at the nurses taking Rume away. She started to cry. 

Jason motioned to her and grabbed the phone from her hand.

“Give me my phone!!” She yelled at him.     
Eniye and Kemi went over to meet Jason. He checked her dialed logs and found nothing. 

Kemi said, “Check her text messages.”

“You bitch!!” Diana stamped her right foot and moved towards her but the officers increased the hold on her. “You should have died! Husband snatcher! I will kill you with my bare hands!”

“She sent them.” Jason showed Kemi and the officers the text message she sent to one of the hit men.

“She will take us to their hideout.” An officer said.

“I will join you at the station later.

“No problem.”

“I will kill you!!” Diana continued to yell at Kemi as the police whisked her into their vehicle.

Preye came over to meet Jason and Kemi with tears in her eyes. “Rume didn’t make it. He is dead.”

“Oh my God!” Kemi hugged her. “I am sorry!!”  Jason ran towards the vehicle and saw the lifeless body. Rume hurt him but he was his childhood buddy and best friend. He was sad. He took a deep breath and thought of Aunty Juliet. Diana must face punishment. 

Kemi consoled Preye and Rume was taken to the mortuary. 

The next day, on their way leaving the police station, Kemi called Preye aside. “I don’t mean to be nosey but Rume said something to you before he gave up. You were not happy about it."

“I was going to tell Jason about it but now that you ask, Rume had an affair with another woman and she is pregnant for him.”


“Yes. She is the one he lived with when he moved out of the house. I am sure she is the one he spent his money on. I won’t be surprise if she hear the news about Rume’s death and claims to be his wife. I am not going to involve myself with her.”

“You don’t look saddened anymore, I hope you can forgive him.”

“The marriage was over. He said it himself. I am sad Kemi and I have forgiven him. I have to move on with my life and take care of my children. Just a twinkle of the eye, Rume is no longer with us. I hope he finds peace.”

“Me too. May his soul rest in peace.”


“Diana has killed me!!” Mrs. Ojo screamed in her home when Rita told her the news three days later. She sat on the floor with her hands on her head. She thought of how to tell her so that she won't have a heart attack.

“If she killed you, you won’t be alive right now.” She sat on a couch, crossed her legs and placed her purse beside her.

She pointed at her. “Why are you so comfortable? Your sister has been arrested with killers and you are doing nothing about it. They lied she killed a woman. How is that possible? My daughter is innocent and you are not bothered. You don’t even care!” Tears rolled down her cheeks.

“I cared when she was still married to Jason! I advised her several times but she bluffed me off. If she had listened to me, she would still be in her matrimonial home. Now, she has nothing! Her case court will be starting next week in court. She has no choice but to sign the divorce papers and guess what, she will be receiving nothing! Jason is no longer interested in giving her anything! It is over for Diana!!”

“How could she kill someone?”

“It was unbelievable. To have the heart and strangle a fellow human being is appalling.”

“What are we going to do?” She uplifted on her feet and paced around the living room.

“Nothing.” Rita replied. “Nothing can be done to help her.”

“What about Fabian?”

“I heard he will get nothing below fifteen years in prison. There is a restraining order for him never to go ten feet close to Kemi if he comes out of prison. He is never to contact her again.”

“I am finished oooo!! That girl is wicked!!”

“Wicked?” She hissed, rose and carried her purse. “He raped and imprisoned an innocent girl and she is paying him back for his hostility. I have to go to the hospital but I will pay Diana a short visit.”

“Let me follow you.”

“If you say so,” Rita said and walked to the door. “I will wait for you in the car.”

Mrs. Ojo quickly applied makeup on her face.

 “What are you doing here?” Jim asked Hajiza a week later. She drove to Denzel’s residence and met his cousin. She was looking untidy.

“Please, I have to see Denzel.”

“He is not around. Leave now!”

“Please, I am begging you in the name of God, I need money. I am ready to leave Denzel alone if he gives me money to travel. I am ashamed. I cannot continue to stay here. People are laughing at me.”

“Let them continue to laugh. It makes me happy.”

“I will never bother him again if I can leave this country.”

“You want to leave Nigeria?” He asked in a surprised tone and appeared interested in the conversation.

“Yes. I want to leave, I am begging you.”

“Leave to which country?”

Hajiza scratched her neck and avoided his eyes before she gave a reply. “Italy.”

Jim laughed at her mockingly and shook his head. “Wait here, I will be right back.” He came back some minutes later and handed over a cheque yo her. “That is five hundred thousand naira. Go and prostitute, I wish you good luck!”

“Thank you for the money. I am not going to prostitute there, I will find a job and…”

He banged the door. Her voice made his body quiver.

The police took Diana to meet her visitor and she saw Kemi. She had handcuff on her wrists. She lost some weight and her skin was dry. A warden stayed at the back of her.

“I heard your verdict is tomorrow and I decided to see how you are doing.” Kemi said.

She had a scornfully look on her face. “Jason has refused to see me after I signed the papers Why?.”

“I know and he told me not to come but I came here to ask you one question.”

Her eyes were surprised. “You came here to ask me a question?”


“What is it?”

“Why were you not satisfied when you had a good man for yourself? Don’t you regret what you did to Jason?”

Diana squeezed her forehead and stared down at her feet. “I regret treating Jason bad and killing Aunty Juliet.” She glared into Kemi’s eyes. “But I don’t regret sending those thugs on you!” The officer held her from approaching Kemi. “I wished they didn’t miss! It should have been you dead and buried. The bullets should have hit you on your forehead! I hate you!!”

“Stop backing like a dog! You are a fool! Rume played his wife and yourself!”

“What are you talking about?”

“The woman that he has been spending his money on is pregnant! You were not the only side chick in his life. He never cared about you but the money he received from you. I wish you what the judge will say tomorrow. You are mean!!”

“Rume will never cheat on me with another woman! Liar!!"

Kemi hissed and started to walk away. “Rot in hell.”

“I will kill you with my bare hands!!”

A police officer entered and said. “You better shut up. Take the animal away!”

Jason raised the car key above Kemi’s head very early in the morning. She woke up and saw the key dangling in his hands. She lifted her eyebrows and rubbed her eyes.

“What is that key for?”

“I wanted to give you the day you won the case but I think today is more appropriate.”

She sat immediately and did a double look at it. A smile on her lips. “Is that key meant for a car?”

“Yes it is.”

“No way!” Kemi snatched it from him and fell into his arms. Jason laughed hard. “Thank you! Thank you!!” 

She kissed his lips and cheeks continuously until he carried her and placed on the floor. She ran out of the room, went outside and saw a clean Cadillac. She screamed out of excitement, hugged Jason and opened the door of her vehicle. She entered and inhaled the fresh scent coming from the leather chairs. She looked over at the windscreen and sighted a small box. She came out with a puzzled look, glanced at Jason and back at it. She moved towards it, opened it and gasped. She turned and saw not only Jason on one bended knee but Denzel, Preye and Eniye standing behind him.

“How did you….?”

“They have been here since 6’o clock.” Jason said. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you, please do not deny me of my heart desire. I want you everyday. You are my treasure and finding someone like you is impossible because you are irreplaceable. No one can replace you Kemi. I want them to be present when I ask you to be the mother of my others kids. We have Nate already.”

Kemi had tears in her eyes. Tears of endless joy.

He took the ring from the box and peered into Kemi’s eyes. “Will you marry me?”


He slipped the diamond ring into her finger, he stood and she jumped on his body.

“I love you so much!” She said happily. “I love you!”

“I love you too.” He dropped her gently and kissed her lips passionately.

“I think that’s enough.” Denzel said. “I am jealous already.”

All of them giggled.

Kemi hugged and thanked three of them. They went in, Kemi had her bath and Jason assisted her in the kitchen to prepare breakfast. 

Preye and Eniye left at the same time after eating and chatting. When it was time for Denzel to leave, he told them his plans.

“Are you sure that’s what you want to do instead of going back to act?” Jason asked him.

“Yes, I might consider acting in future but right now, I intend to tour around the world, and live for my son. When I come back, I will get a job.”

“There is always a space for you in my company.”

“I know.”

“Don’t give up on love, please.” Kemi begged.

He smiled, looked at her and patted her right shoulder. “I think it is love that has given up on me.”

“Don’t say such. Meredith would want you to move on with your life. She wanted your happiness.”

“My happiness is with my son. I don’t think I can find any woman that can replace her.”

“The woman doesn’t have to replace her but fill the hole in your heart.” Jason said. “I believe, someday, we will celebrate with you.”

Denzel chuckled. “We shall see. Thank you. I wish both of you the best. See you at the funeral."

They shook hands and Kemi embraced him.

The judge sentenced Diana to life imprisonment with hard labor. Preye and Rume’s relatives organized a burial for him. Kemi, Jason and few members of the church attended. Most of the people that knew him and heard what he did boycotted the funeral.

Jason, Kemi, Denzel, Eniye, Preye, employees, old friends and sympathizers stood close to the burial site of Meredith The preacher preached and prepared to lay her inside the ground. If tears could wake the dead, Meredith would have woken up.

They were given the opportunity to say their last words to her.

“I knew you to be kind, selfless and beautiful. May you continue to rest in peace. Keep smiling, the angels are waiting for you.” Jason said.

“You were a friend and an angel to me.” Denzel said as he tried not to cry again. “The space in my heart is empty but the times spent with you would filled it. I don’t really know what to say next but I will miss you every day. I love you Meredith.”

“You were my pal, sister, companion and my earthly helper.” Kemi smiled as tears dripped from her eyes. “How can I ever forget you Meredith? How can I forget the good times and your beautiful smile? God sent you to me and he took you because he loves you more than I do. I will miss you. I will never forget you. Rest in peace my friend. We shall see someday and when I do, I will hug you and never let you leave my sight. I love you Meredith.”

The coffin was inserted six feet on the ground.

Jason wiped Kemi’s face and kissed her hair. She rested her head on his shoulder.

She whispered. "I love you Meredith. You are irreplaceable."

They escorted Denzel to his car and waived at him as he drove away. Preye promised to keep in touch and informed them to get married soon.

"Have you heard from Tina?" Eniye asked Kemi before she left.

"Last night. She said she went for scan and she is carrying a girl."

"Wow. I am very happy for her."

"Me too."

" Call me whenever you need me and Kiss Nathaniel for me."

"I will. He is excited about the wedding."

"Me too!" Eniye said in a happy tone. She hugged her. "Take care of yourself and Jason."

"Of course." Kemi watched her enter into a taxi. She joined Jason in his car and he drove away to his home. When they got inside the house, she wrapped her arms around him. "Let's go to the room. I want you now!"

"What if I am not in the mood." He threw his cars keys on the table.

"You have no choice!" She said smiling at him.

Jason smiled back and gazed into Kemi's eyes. "I don't want you, I want all of you, Kemi. You make me very happy and as long as I am with you, I will be happy all the days of my life."

Jason and Kemi munched their lips together. He carried her to the bedroom to make passionate love to her.

The End.

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  1. Nuderess®May 22, 2017

    Yaaaay!!!����. All's well that ends well. Well done Carina. Thanks for the airtime too. Mwuah

  2. Wow. Happy ending. Well done ma

  3. Wow. Happy ending. Well done ma

  4. My eyes are teary..Sweet happy ending....God bless ur hands Carina...

  5. My eyes are teary..Sweet happy ending....God bless ur hands Carina...

  6. Osheey baddest writer

  7. A beautiful ending for Kemi and Jason. Diana got what she deserved. Carina, you are too much. God bless you. Hugs and kisses.

  8. This story couldn't have ended any better. You are just amazing dearie!
    Thank you very much for all the mega entertainment.
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  9. waoooh i cant believe i finished all the episode, what a lovely story, and a lovely ending, welldone carina j..longtime no chat.


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