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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Psychotic Abusers.

You won't believe the pain this man went through before he was killed! He was tormented and forced to have sex with a dog! Before he got murdered, he shared horrific photos of his injuries on Facebook before his death. During one of the attacks on Jimmy Prout, 43, he was forced by his abusers to have sex with a dog and they cut also off his testicle and made him eat it. His last posts on Facebook were photos of his bruised body and black eyes. He revealed that he was in so much pain!
"My muth hurt," he wrote in one caption, referring to his mouth.

"My bodie hurt. My cheak hurt. My sholder hurts,” he wrote in several others.

Ann Corbett, a former girlfriend of the victim who was also one of his abusers, ‘liked’ the picture of Prout’s broken smile on Facebook. The attack on the dad was carried out in Newcastle between February 5 and March 26 last year and was overseen by a man called Zahid Zaman, 43.
Zaman was described as the 'leader' of the cult-like group who assaulted Prout, slicing open his scrotum to put one testicle into his mouth. He also had teeth removed using a hammer and chisel, and was forced to have 'degrading' sex with a dog. Prout was attacked on at least four occasions before he died in February 2016.

The group began tormenting Prout over the alleged theft of £300 by a mutual friend. It doesn't seem like Prout ever reported to the authorities but on Nov 27, 2015, he visited North Tyneside General Hospital where a doctor noted bruises to his arms, head, face, legs and back, stab wounds to his left shoulder, left upper arm and scrotum. This happened before his testicle was removed.

CCTV shown to the jury showed Corbett pushing Prout in the back to get him to the house shared by Zaman and Rayworth on the same road, in the days before he was allegedly murdered. Images taken from the same camera later show all four accompanying Prout in the hours before they are alleged to have killed him. They dumped him on wasteland where his body was not discovered for weeks, Newcastle crown court heard.

After they had killed Prout, the abusers wheeled his mutilated body to a wasteland 100m from the home he shared with two of his attackers, Wood and Corbett, in North Tyneside, Newcastle, England. His body was not found until more than six weeks after.

Zahid Zaman, 43, and Ann Corbett, 26, have now been found guilty of Prout's murder and are facing life behind bars. Their accomplices Myra Wood, 49, and Kay Rayworth, 55, were also found guilty of causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable adult after a row over money. They return to court to be sentenced on June 27.

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