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Episode 1 Title: The missing girl.

“Don’t you think employing more staffs will cost you?” Tiwa asked Adebiyi in his office at the GT Bureau. The navy blue trousers suit she wore suited her figure. “Recall, you are still saving for our elaborate wedding even though I have told you our friends, employees and few family members are more than enough for me. You spent a fortune on the equipment’s at the GT lab. Remember, we are going to be paying the workers at the end of every month. I know people are paying us to help them catch whoever killed their loved ones but a time will come when crime rate will reduce. Don’t you pray for that to happen?”

With his left hand cropped on his jaw, he kept a smile on his lips that made her grimace. He wasn’t giving her the response she wanted. He saw the look on her face, the smile increased and he took the teacup on his table and sipped the remaining liquid. He pushed his neck higher to glimpse at Tiwa’s tea and then he glanced at her straight but lovely face.

“Finish your tea, my love.”

“If you call me your love one more time, I will leave your office.”

Adebiyi in his usual casual wear and gold accessories on his neck and wrists laughed and dropped the cup on his desk before standing on his feet to stand behind Tiwa. He rubbed her shoulders meekly and pecked the back of her right ear.

“We have discussed about this at home, we will never mix business with pleasure.”

He turned the swivel chair for him to be able to pierce his eyes into hers. Tiwa looked away from Adebiyi but he put his middle finger under her jaw and swerved it to the earlier spot.

“I never said I was going to employ more workers. I only mentioned a person and you blew it out of proportion. I am only trying to help the friend of my friend to secure a job here. I don’t want to think people working for us are only here for the money but for the passion they have to solve cases. It doesn’t have to be about only murder. People are missing every day; lazy and greedy people are kidnapping the rich. You and I, including Genevieve and even Quincy will not stop doing the right thing. As long as humans are not perfect, the world can never be perfect. Bad things will surely happen but the grace of God and the pureness in our hearts will pull us through.”

Tiwa smiled cheerfully and touched his face softly. “You always know the right thing to say.” She moved forward and surprised him with a wet kiss. She released his mouth and stood on her feet.

Adebiyi said teasingly, “I thought we agreed to never mix business with pleasure.”

She laughed aloud and motioned towards the door. She put her hand on the handle. “That is why I am leaving right now.”

“Admit it that you find me irresistible!” 

As she saw him move closer to her, she quickly opened the door and found Popoola about to knock on it. He was with the male receptionist, Joey. Tiwa’s eyes brightened. Popoola and her exchanged pleasantries and he entered into Adebiyi’s office. 

Tiwa shut the door, glanced at the large hall of investigators busy on their respective desks. They also had large offices that contained detectives working in the same unit. She heaved a comforted sigh and walked at the direction of Genevieve’s office. She knocked twice and entered. Her partner was talking on the phone. Tiwa walked closed to the desk and remained standing. 

“Thanks dear.” Genevieve spoke through her iPhone. She made eye contact with Tiwa and smiled. “Okay, no problem. Kiss him for me whenever you get there. Bye, love you.” She ended the call and cautiously threw the phone on her table. “Any case?”


“Thank God. At least no one has been murdered.”

“I hope so.”

“Have you finished discussing that issue with Mr. Gold?”

“Not really. I think he wants to help someone that Mr. Popoola knows. He is here and I am sure they must be discussing about it now.”

Genevieve gave her a side eye. “Are you sure you are not worried about another woman in your bureau.”

Tiwa shrugged. “You think I am concerned about other women working here?”

“Most of the female employees here are married. What if this new one is single, sexy and searching?”

“Triple S. I am more than enough for my man.”

Genevieve laughed in jest.

Tiwa continued to talk as she rested her hands on the desk. “No woman can steal him from me. We love and trust each other. You should be the one afraid. You are no longer working with your husband; another woman might be seducing him with his eyes…”

“And I will pluck them out if I find any woman doing that.”

This time around, it was Tiwa’s turn to laugh as she pleased.

Genevieve shook her head. “I meant every word I said.”

“I hope I will be there to watch you get the eyes out.”

“You will but I hope you won’t arrest me.”

Both of them laughed together. Genevieve stared at her wristwatch.

“Are you going out?” Tiwa enquired.

“It’s already one pm. Leroy and I planned to have lunch together but he hasn’t checked up on me.”

“Maybe he is busy.”

They heard knocks on the door. Tiwa removed her hands from the desk, threw her eyes on the entrance and folded her arms.

“Come in.” Genevieve said.

Leroy entered. Leroy operated in the ‘missing persons’ unit. He was holding a file. Tiwa and he greeted each other, while Genevieve stood and snatched her cell.

She said to him, “I have been waiting for you. Are you ready to go now?”

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I can’t make it to lunch.”

“Is everything okay?”

He looked down at the file and wore a solemn facial countenance. “I won’t call it a case yet but I want to look into it.”

“Anything we can do to help?”

He gazed at her. “No, don’t bother yourself. A couple reported in the morning that their daughter was missing. I told them to go home and return when it is up to twenty-four hours. I took their numbers and I decided to call and check on them by 12pm. I did, their daughter has not returned home.”

“When was she supposed to get home?”

“She was supposed to return home by 5pm yesterday.”

“Is her number switched off?”

“She didn’t take her phone with her. She was charging it at home.”

“How old is she?” Tiwa asked.

Leroy replied. “Fifteen years old.” He opened the file, took out a photograph and passed it to her. “Her mom gave it to me. She was devastated. She could not stop crying. I hope this girl is okay wherever she is.”

Genevieve enthused near Tiwa to look at the picture. “She seemed older than her age.”

“That’s true.” Tiwa extended the pic back to him. “Where did she go to yesterday?”

“She was meant to attend a church to submit her form to join the choir. The father of the girl said they contacted some members of the choir group who said they never saw her. And the choir master did not show up too.”

“He should be questioned.”

“I haven’t talked to him yet but we have no evidence she was with him.”

“Maybe she went to visit a friend before going to church and the person persuaded her to stay behind and forget about joining the choir. Anything is possible.”

“We don’t know if she went to see someone and decided to sleep over but her mom said she has never slept outside, except at a relative’s place during the holiday.”

“She’s quite big for her age,” Genevieve stated. “Maybe she has a secret boyfriend.”

“I didn’t ask but the mother mentioned she is a v.”

“A virgin?”


Genevieve and Tiwa exchanged glances and focused their eyes on him. “If you need any help, Leroy, let us know.”

“Thanks, I will be going to the church to speak with the choir members. They are practicing now. I hope you enjoy your lunch, Cole.”

“Don’t worry, she will.” Tiwa said and smiled.

Leroy nodded at them and went away.

“I was really looking forward to have lunch with him.” Genevieve said. “I wanted to catch up on old times.”

“How many times have both of you catch up on old times?”

“He is my brother from another mother.” She glanced at Tiwa. “We have come a long way. I am very happy he is here.”

“You can say that again, come, let’s check up on Dr. Omoni, she should be waiting for me.”

She hesitated and flung an eyebrow. “The medical examiner is following us to have lunch?”

“Yes. She wants to show me a new eatery. She said their food is very delicious.”

“Can we go without her, please?”

She gave her an ironic mien. “It’s a capital N and a big O. I know why you don’t want her to coms with us.”

“Everyone around her should know. With due respect, I don’t know the difference between her and a parrot.”

Tiwa was forced to chuckle. “There’s a huge difference, she is human and a parrot is an animal.”

“But she behaves likes one sometimes.”

She rolled her eyes and stared at Genevieve. “I agree but we will pretend we are listening whenever she talks.”

“Christ! That woman can talk! I almost ran mad when she talked about her messy divorce.”

“She told you too?”

“Of course she did. I am convinced her ex-husband left her because of her inability never to keep quiet when required. Someone needs to tell her the truth!”

Tiwa gripped her tommy as she laughed. ”I fell asleep when she told me about the divorce. I think she chose to talk about it to forget she might still be in love with her ex. Let us not blame her. Do as I say, she talks, we pretend to listen and always nod.”


They move together to the door and Tiwa opened it. Both of them saw Omoni standing with a grin on her tiny lips. She was a woman with a petite stature despite in her early forties. She wore medicated glasses on her oval face.

“Detectives!” Omoni said with enthusiasm and gazed at Tiwa. She was holding a black handbag. “I was about to knock when you opened the door. A detective directed me here. He said you are here. Time is no longer on our side. We should be going now. I am very hungry and I hope we get there on time! I don’t want to miss their yam pottage with snail, it’s my favorite! It seems your partner is tagging along with us. Do you mind if I sit in the front seat? Who is driving?”

Genevieve and Tiwa pointed at each other.

“How good is this person you desperately want me to employ?” Adebiyi Gold questioned his longtime friend, Popoola after they chatted about their personal lives.

“I don’t want to exaggerate because she might not be as good as what you expect. You can put her under your wings, be a guide to her. Her elder brother is my friend. I think I like her but I haven’t told her yet. Getting into a relationship now, is still quite difficult for me.”

“You better tell her before she finds someone else.”

“I will try my best.”

“If your best isn’t good enough, you will lose her.”

He nodded, “I know.”

“What unit should I put her?”

“Probably tech if you have.”

“We don’t but I can set up a desk for her. She should give you a list of the things she wants as long as I can afford them.”

“You can afford anything.”

He let out a low sigh and rubbed his eyes before looking back at Popoola. “I am broke.”

His jaw dropped. “Broke?”

“Yes and I don’t know how to tell Tiwa.”

“Wait, I mean being broke, you mean, you still have close to twenty million naira if I put all the money in your accounts together.”

“Of course,” Adebiyi said. “I have more than that.”

Popoola blew out a sigh of relief. “You almost gave me a heart attack.”

“Thank God you didn’t. No hospital is close to this place. Ever since I became wealthy, I don’t know how to manage.”

“Have you forgotten you have investments? Your other businesses might not be booming as usual because of the recession but things are already getting back together. I believe the gold chain on your neck is new. I know you spent a fortune on it.”


“You don’t need all these things.”

“I am expecting a huge amount of money soon but I don’t know how long…”

“Spare me the details, see cut out your budget. You don’t need anything new for now. The only time you have to spend hugely is when Tiwa ask for it. I know her, she won’t, she is not that kind of person and thank God for that. If both of you were alike, there will no longer be money in your accounts again!”

“You say it as if it’s a bad thing to spend money.”

“That’s when it’s unnecessary!” Popoola uttered. “I think you should talk to Tiwa about it so that she can help you save! Immediately you marry that woman, get a joint account!”

“You say it as if I can’t control myself.”

“Yes! You are a lousy spender.”

“And you are a lousy motherfucker. You are very boring.”

“I will take that as a compliment.”

“I never saw it as an insult but the truth.” Adebiyi gave one of his delightful smiles. “Why can’t you be angry with me?”

“You have done a lot for me so I overlook your unpleasant attitude.”

He smiled sheepishly. “I am sure Tiwa saw that but chose to still love me.”

“She saw beyond that, Adebiyi.” Popoola said in a serious tone. “Tiwa saw the good in you.”

The hard knock on the door stopped Quincy Arinze from writing further. His skin was looking sleek and the expensive glasses he wore suited his face. He raised his head to look at the doorpost.

“Come in.” He said.

Akin entered. He has added more weight and the choice of attire he put on, someone could mistake him for a medical doctor. He walked forward to the desk.

Quincy added. “Please, sit down.”

“Yes sir.” He sat on one of the chairs positioned opposite Quincy.

“I want to leave to check up on Freddie but I want to talk to you first. I won’t beat around the bush but go straight to the point but first of all, I want you to know, I appreciate you. I admire your dedication to your work. I cannot compare it to that of your colleagues. ”

“Thank you sir.”

“I can’t forget how you risk your life to follow me during the abduction of my wife. Despite you lost someone you love on that day, you still chose to work under me.”

“I can never blame you for what happened, sir.”

“I used to think maybe I should have allowed her stay inside the car that day. It wasn’t supposed to end that way.”

“Sir, please don’t talk like that.”

“I have to because I cannot continue to keep it inside. If I do, I might blow up. I can’t tell Genevieve, it will surely bring back sad memories.”

“It was our job to be there on that day.” Akin said. “We got what we wanted. Oscar did not escape or got away with what he did. When you feel bad about that day, think about this, Jasmine did not die in vain.”

He sighed but kept his not-too-happy look. “I am worried about you.”


“Yes. I have never seen you with a woman.” Akin smiled a little. “I want you to focus yourself and not only on the job. You are not getting younger.”

“I know sir.”

“So what are you waiting for? Have you not seen any woman you like?”

He scratched his head gently and dropped his hand. “I have not been looking, sir.”

“You see what I am saying. Do me a favor and move on with your life. I can talk to my wife on your behalf to search for a nice lady.”

Akin brightly smiled. “Don’t bother her. I am capable of doing that. I have listened to your advice and I thank you for putting me in mind. Thank you, sir.”

Quincy stood and extended his hand. “Thank you too, Akin.”

Akin rose on his feet and shook his boss’s hand before walking out of the office.

“This food is really delicious.” Omoni said as she finished her lunch.

Before they got there, she spoke as Tiwa drove down to the restaurant. In the car, Genevieve simply nodded or made a sound with her mouth whenever Omoni looked back at her. Tiwa focused her eyes on the road as the medical examiner chitchatted about the place she worked before joining GT Bureau.

“Did you enjoy your food?” She asked Tiwa and Genevieve. They responded with a ‘yes’ answer. Tiwa already paid the bills immediately the waiter brought their orders. “I was thinking we should do this often, just the three of us. It will be fun. We can also hang out during weekends if there is no work to do. Is that okay?”

Genevieve was tempted to tell her she was a talkative but Tiwa quickly responded.

“We will think about it. We rest when we have the chance during weekends. Can we go back to the office now, it's three O'Clock?”

“Sure but I have to use the ladies room.” She got up. “I will be right back in a jiffy.”

“We will wait for you in the car.” Genevieve said.

Omoni with a smile on her face and her bag in her hand, scrambled away from them. Tiwa and Genevieve stood and walked side by side to the vehicle.  

“I am still surprised at you, Tiwa.” Genevieve said as she entered into the passenger’s seat while her partner took her rightful position. “It’s so unlike you not to criticize Dr. Omoni. It seems you were enjoying her long conversation as we ate. There was a time she almost choked on her food. Thank God you quickly gave her her bottled water. If she was younger than me, I would have smacked her buttocks.”

She laughed lightly before she spoke. “I am surprised at myself but what can I do to stop her from talking. She loves it. I respect her, talking is her hobby.” She pointed at Genevieve. “Have you forgotten she sat here before?”

“I don’t care. You are driving and you don’t need distraction. I like her but she talks all the time.”

They kept quiet when Omoni approached the car. She saw Genevieve and carefully opened the backdoor. She sat. “You changed your position.”

“Yes, I did.” Genevieve said without glancing back at her. Tiwa offered her a side look and turned on the ignition. Genevieve switched on the radio and a Nigerian music came on.

“You love music?” Omoni asked as she directed her eyes to Genevieve.

Without looking back, she replied. “Yes, I do.”

“You see, music is a spiritual….”

Genevieve increased the volume.

Omoni raised her voice to talk to her. “It seems you are enjoying the music!”

“Yes, I am!” She continued to nod her head as the music blast the stereo.

Omoni stayed mute while Tiwa drove and sang to the songs. As they got to a certain point, she slowed down and pointed at the next road she was about to turn to. Tiwa lowered the music volume.

“There is traffic there and I don’t see it moving.”

“I haven’t mastered the road here in Abuja.” Genevieve said. “I don’t think there is another route to take.”

“There is!” Omoni said with excitement. “My ex-husband…,” Genevieve and Tiwa speedily peeped at each other and looked away. “once had the same issue but he took another road and came out on a street before bursting into the main road. That day we were coming from a hotel. He took me out on a treat and I had the best time of my life. If only I knew we would divorce, I would never have…”

“Followed him there, right?” Tiwa asked in a fervent tone.

Her eyes opened in delight and surprise. “Yes! How did you know?”

“I guessed. Can you show me where your ‘ex-husband’ passed?”

“Sure! How can I forget when I had a wonderful…”

“Time with him,” Genevieve completed her statement and turned back to look at her face. “Can you show Tiwa where to pass now?”

“Oh, sure! Reverse back and take the next turning to your left.” Tiwa did as she said it. “Now, drive inside and turn to the second street on your right. You will drive to the end and we will come to the road you want.”

“Okay, thanks.” Tiwa said and zoomed off.

“You’re welcome. What if I never followed my ex-husband on that day, we would have joined the traffic…”

Genevieve increased the volume of the radio.

“You still want to listen to music?” Omoni asked her in a loud voice.


Omoni rested her back on the leather seat and peered through the window. “What’s going on?” She asked as she saw a crowd on their right side. There was a bushy spot there. “Stop! Let’s find out why they gathered.”

“They could be watching a magician or listening to a preacher.”

“I don’t think so.”

Tiwa did not say anything but parked the car and switched off the ignition.

“I see someone lying on the ground.” Omoni said and hurried out. She maneuvered her way inside the crowd; she inhaled at the sight of what she saw and ran back to the car. “A girl is on the ground. She looks dead to me!”

Tiwa and Genevieve rushed out and showed their badges to the gathering. Some of them gave way for them and the rest began to leave. Omoni already took hand gloves from her bag and wore them. She returned to check the body. The girl was putting on a multicolored shirt and a knee length black skirt. Her feet were bare.

“What happened to her?” Genevieve asked the small crowd.

No answer.

One young man came forward and spoke, “We met her like that when we came to work this morning.”

Tiwa surveyed the area and noticed they were more shops than houses. She turned her back to look at the left, a woman roasting corn stood closed to her little kids. The trader quickly looked another direction when she made eye contact with Tiwa.

“What time does shop owners resume at their shops?” Tiwa asked the man.

“Most times, 8 or 9 but rain fell this morning. I came here by 11.”

“And the body was already here?” Genevieve asked.


Tiwa pointed at the woman, “What about her? What time did you think she come?”

“Definitely before us.” he replied. “She always comes here very early in the morning. If she is not roasting or boiling corn, she is selling fruits.”

“What time does the shops close?” Genevieve inquired.


“This girl wasn’t here yesterday before you closed?”


“Does the corn woman close at the same with you?”

“No. She stays behind because of people driving along this street. They stop to patronize her.”

“But why didn’t anyone report about this girl?” Tiwa chipped in.

“We thought she was mentally deranged, homeless and she decided to sleep here. We suspected something was wrong when she didn’t stand or move her body after a while.”

“Is she really dead or unconscious?” Genevieve asked Omoni when she stood up and stepped an inched away from the body.

She sadly shook her head. “She is dead.”

“Could it be a hit and run accident?”

“I have no idea until I take her body to the lab for further examination. She probably died more than nineteen hours ago considering the body fluids.”

“She died yesterday.”

“Yes. I would say between 5pm to 7pm. The rain fell on her. There are bruises on her wrists which I can’t say are defensive wounds until I look thoroughly at the body.”

Genevieve looked at the face of the lifeless girl. “Why does it look like I have seen this face before?”

“Really?” Tiwa gazed closely at it for few seconds, and gasped. She stared at Genevieve. “She is the missing girl.”

Genevieve’s eyes broadened and she glanced at the face again. “Oh my God, it’s true!“

“Can you help me check her shirt pocket?” Tiwa asked Omoni. “It looks swollen to me.”

Omoni did and brought out a folded paper soaked with water but it was still visible to read some of the words when she unwrap it. Tiwa looked at it diligently and faced her partner. “It is the form for the choir. She never got to her destination.”

“How do I tell Leroy that the girl he is looking for is dead?” Genevieve asked.

Tiwa said. “I have no idea but he will certainly not be happy about it. With the way he spoke about the girl’s mother, I wonder how she will take it when we break the news to her.”



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