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Episode one Title: Justice.
On a warm Monday afternoon, an unpleasant odor oozed out from the living room Tiwa Bankole Gold motioned in and that made her sweat from her forehead down to her jaw. With the use of a handkerchief, she wiped the dampness off her face. She covered her nose and walked inside. At first when she hopped out from her car, she met Omoni’s female assistant, Debra. The young woman greeted her. Tiwa saw a woman in tears and a new officer working at the GT bureau consoled her.

The small house was a mini flat with no fence. The two-storey building opposite it was not finalized. The road on the street wasn’t tarred and it appeared quite deserted. They were few houses and one kiosk. The rest were bushes, a farm and uncompleted houses.

Tiwa’s eyes were covered with a transparent glasses. Genevieve Cole Arinze and Doctor Omoni stayed cropped on one bended knee beside a decomposed body. They heard footsteps coming their way; Genevieve was the first to turn back. She looked surprised, stood on her feet and opened her arms for a hug. Tiwa raised her hands and shifted backwards. The diamond ring on her finger shimmered.

“Don’t hug me now!”

They were dressed in a suit.

Genevieve smiled graciously. “The smell is not that bad.” She removed the gloves off her hands. “By the way, what are you doing here? Your honeymoon is not yet over.”

“Two weeks in Brazil is more than enough for me.”

“You are supposed to spend a month with your husband. When did you get back and how did you know I was here?”

“We landed one hour ago and decided to check the office before going home. I changed my mind when Miss Effiong gave me the details of your whereabouts and I am here to solve the case with you.” A smile awakened from the corner of her lips.

“Welcome back partner.” Genevieve said.

“Thanks.” Tiwa finally hugged her.

Omoni rose on her feet. She happily smiled at Tiwa. “I would have jumped on you if not that my gloves are covered in dry blood. It’s so good to see you. I missed you. How was your honeymoon?”

“Good to see you too and I had a nice time.”
The victim was a male appeared to be in his early thirties. His living room was in a mess. It had only three white plastic chairs and one of them was upside down. The top of the wooden table cracked. The books and laptop-bag on top of the reading table was scattered. There was no television or a disc player. A brown wallet and a phone were on the ground.

Tiwa removed her glasses, and peeped at the deceased. “What happened to him?”

“He was shot four times to death on his torso.” doctor Omoni said. “But before his killer pulled the trigger, they fought.”

Tiwa moved a step closer to the body. Debbi walked in and enthused to stand beside Omoni.

“There was a struggle between the victim and the killer." Omoni got down on one knee and jagged a finger at his wrists. “These are defensive wounds.” She turned his right hand to show them his knuckles. “He fought, but it wasn’t for long. I am still trying to figure out what caused the deep bruise on his middle finger. He must have given his killer a hard blow somewhere that is sharp.”     
Tiwa looked closely and Debra gave her white gloves to wear. Tiwa wore the gloves, fell on her knees and took the injured hand.

“I will check around to see if I can find something.” Genevieve said.

They nodded and she left and went into the bedroom.

“Is it possible he missed the face of his attacker and hit something like a sharp object?” Tiwa asked.

“I checked around, no broken bottle or window.”

Tiwa sighed and looked up. Her eyes toured around the four walls of the living room. She gazed down on the floor to survey it. A small pale item caught her attention. She uplifted and sauntered to retrieve it under a plastic chair.

“I think I know how he sustained that cut on his finger.” Tiwa said and stretched her hand forward to Omoni. “This must be the killer’s teeth.”

Omoni opened the mouth of the victim to check inside and she dazzled a satisfied smile at her. “It’s definitely from the killer. The victim is not missing a tooth.” She took the tooth, gazed at it meticulously before she pulled out a small transparent container from the bag with Debra and kept it inside. “I will examine it and use it to match the dental record of the killer when you get him or her.”

“You think a woman can pull this off?” Genevieve asked.

They swerved at her direction.

“Anything is possible.”

Tiwa said. “The killer was still able to take control after getting hit by the teeth.”

“Don’t forget to add it is the canine.” Omoni said. “It’s one of the teeth in front of the mouth. The killer might have fixed it with an artificial one.”

“Doctor Omoni,” Genevieve said. “Are you certain that tooth is from the killer?”

“I checked it thoroughly. Judging from the surface of it and the time it has been here, yes, it is.  In addition, the victim died three days ago. I can’t determine exactly the time of death.” 

“How did you know the victim was dead?” Tiwa asked Genevieve in a puzzled tone.

“A neighbor called the office.”

“Is the woman outside the neighbor?”

“No. She is the ex- girlfriend of the victim.  Her name is Patricia. She said she came in to talk to him for breaking up with her two weeks ago. She gave him some days to think about getting back with her. She came today to pay him a visit.”

“What time did she get here?”

“She said after eleven in the morning.”

Tiwa glanced at her wristwatch. “It’s 1pm already. Was the door opened?”

“She met it locked.” Genevieve replied. “She used her key. The victim did not ask for it when he called off their affair.”  

“The door was locked?”


“How?” Tiwa asked in a confused tone. “There is no way a dead person can lock the door from inside.”

“She said she didn’t see his key.”

“It is possible the killer shut the door and took the key along.”

The officer came in and Tiwa ordered him to store the phone into an evidence bag.

“Yes ma,” he said, wore gloves and picked it up. “There is no battery and sim inside.”

Tiwa and Genevieve looked at each other.                                                                                               
Tiwa returned her gaze to him. “What’s your name again?”

“Officer Lanre.”

“It seems there is information in the phone that is why the battery and sim is not in there. When we leave here, I want you to go to the computer village and buy the particular battery of the phone. We never can tell, we might find something stored inside the phone.”

“Yes ma.”

“What about the wallet?”

“Nothing inside.”

Genevieve had walked towards the reading table. She turned the laptop-bag downwards. “There’s no laptop inside. It's empty.”

“This person is not only a murderer, but also a thief.”

“Could it be a robbery gone wrong?”

“No way,” She said. “The killer might want to make us think it was a robbery.” She looked over at the body. “Beaten and shot four times is murder. How come no one heard the gunshots?”

 “I wonder.” Omoni said.

“Did the neighbor not say anything about gunshots on Friday?”

“He said he travelled two weeks ago and returned on Saturday.” Genevieve said. “The room I checked is neat and all his clothes and shoes are stored inside one big luggage. Could it be he was travelling on Friday before he met his untimely death?”

“I have no idea.”

She looked at the reading table and searched the books. She found a brown envelope, peeped inside and brought out a white sheet of paper. She read it. Her expression changed into an unhappy one.

“What is it?” Tiwa took the letter from Genevieve when she could not get an answer. She read it too. “Shit!”

“What is the letter about?” Omoni asked curiously.

Tiwa sighed sadly. “It is an employment letter. He is supposed to resume work today at Harold’s Oil Company as the assistant manager.”

“Harold’s Oil Company? That is huge!”

“Today, they are to give him a three bedroom apartment in Lekki, an official car, a driver and two hundred thousand naira wardrobe allowance apart from his salary he will earn monthly.”

“This is unfair.” Genevieve grunted and walked towards the door. “This is unfair!!”

“Like you said earlier detective Tiwa,” Omoni said. “This is murder. The victim was leaving this place to a better one. Why would it be taken from him? He was only able to afford plastic chairs!  Now that he wants to taste the better things of life, a monster denied him of that.”

“Very sad. You and officer Lanre should take the body to the lab. I will speak with the ex-girlfriend before I and Genevieve will go to the Company.”


Tiwa took the letter from her. She walked out the door with an angry look on her face, and met Genevieve talking to the victim’s ex. They stood behind the van they came with. She motioned closer to listen to their conversation. The woman put her arms around her body and answered questions with tears running from her eyes.

“When both of you were still together, Genevieve asked. “Did he ever tell you if anyone threatened him?”

“No.” Patricia answered. “Why would someone threaten him? He was managing himself. He didn’t have money.”

“And you coped managing with him?”

“Of course I did. I loved him.”

“Are you aware he got a job recently?”

“Not really. He only told me he would get a job soon.”

“What do you do?”

“I am a hair dresser.”

“How did you feel when he broke up with you?” Tiwa asked her.

Patricia looked at her. “I felt weak and broken, and that’s why I gave him some days to think about us coming back together. I have been trying to reach him since yesterday. I had to leave my shop in the morning and come here to talk and check on him.”

“Did you specifically tell the neighbor to call the bureau?”

“No. He did it on his own when he saw the body. I was crying. He said he must have been killed.” She shut her eyes tightly and more tears gushed out. “I can’t believe Danny is gone!”

“Can you tell us the reason or reasons he broke up with you?” 

She opened her eyes. “What does breaking up with me have to do with his death? You should be out on the streets finding his killer!” She wiped under her eyes with the back of her right hand angrily.

“If you have nothing to hide, just tell us.” Genevieve told her.

“He met someone else.” She chuckled mischievously. “Danny and I dated for a longtime. He left me for another woman.”

“Do you know how we can reach her?” Tiwa asked. “His phone is inaccessible.”

She frowned extensively. “How should I know? She snatched my man!” her voice echoed.

“I think you should calm down,” Genevieve said. “My partner is only doing her job. Is there anyone that we can talk to, like his family and friends?”

Patricia sighed. “Danny has a younger brother, but he is in the village with their mother. His father is dead. He has an aunty here. I will give you her phone number and home address.”


She dipped her hand inside her pocket to fish out her phone.

“And yours too, in case we come up with more questions for you." Tiwa said. "Include the address of your shop too. After the case is over, I might patronize you.” She honestly liked her weave.

She concentrated on her phone and spoke softly, “No problem.”

They thanked her again after she gave them the details. Patricia told them to find the killer and she left in tears. Genevieve went inside and informed Omoni she was leaving with Tiwa. Genevieve was walking with Tiwa to her car when a lady inside a taxi stared at the detectives inquisitively and told the driver to stop. She came out, paid her fare and strolled to meet them. She was dressed in a skirt suit with blue heels on her feet.

“Please, what’s going on?” She asked them.

“And you are?” Genevieve inquired.

“I am a neighbor from the next street. Did anyone die here?”

Tiwa and Genevieve exchanged glances and returned their gaze back at her.

“Are you a friend of the occupant of the house?” Tiwa asked her.

“No, but we do say hello to each other when we see. Is he al…Oh my God!” She covered her mouth at the sight of seeing Debra and Lanre carrying the victim on top of a slate into the vehicle. A white cloth covered him. Omoni walked behind them. “Is that Danny?”

“I thought you said you were not friends.” Genevieve said. “How did you know his name?”

“Is that really Danny?” Her body shuddered.


“Oh my God!” As her lips trembled, she answered the question. “Sincerely, we were not friends. I got to know his name when he stopped me and asked if my firm needed new employees.”

“What did you tell him?”

“I couldn’t help.” She let out a sigh and erupted into a noiseless cry.

Omoni notified them that they were leaving. The officer drove the van.

The lady added. “I should have reported it. Did he die on Friday?”

The partners stared at each other again.

“How did you know he died on Friday?” Tiwa asked her.

“I did not know someone died because I was scared to check. On Friday, I left the office early and went for a church program. When I left there and reached the junction of the street, I didn’t see a taxi on time. I decided to trek, I was eager to get home before 9:30pm. My favorite soap opera starts at that time. I walked down this street and when I was about to turn to my own, I heard four gunshots.”

 “You heard the gunshots?” They both asked at the same time.

 “Yes. I was afraid. I didn’t know exactly where the gunshots came from.”

“You did not see anyone when you passed this street?”

“It’s a bit lonely as from 8 in the evening. And whosoever was outside must have gone inside when the gunshots happened.”

“Did you see anything?” Genevieve questioned.

“When I peeped in the dark, I saw two people running to a car parked at the left side. They entered and drove in speed.”

“Are you sure they were two?”

“Yes, but I can’t tell if they were men or women.”

They glimpsed at the right side of the road.

Genevieve said, “It means they parked their car away from this house. On Friday, can you remember the kind of cars you saw around here?”

“I didn’t take note, but I am sure, I saw a small red car not far from this house.”

“Do you know the name of the car?”

“I am sorry, I don’t know.”

“That’s okay.” She touched her gently on her left shoulder. “You did well and thank you.”

"You're welcome. I hope you find his killers."

They watched her leave their sight.

Tiwa let out a low sigh and looked at Genevieve. “Doctor Omoni mentioned the killer lost his tooth and he was still able to have control of the situation and shot the victim. What if the other person had the gun and pulled the trigger when the victim punched his accomplice.”

Genevieve nodded. “That’s a good theory. It's possible."

They turned their eyes to the other side of the road. The noise coming from a black G-wagon as the driver drove in full speed made them edgy. Tiwa hiked to the left side of her car to join Genevieve and glanced at her. Tiwa put her right hand inside her jacket to hold the handle of her gun. Genevieve felt hers at the back of her waist.

The driver of the jeep stopped in front of the two-storey building and the sound of the engine went off. A tall man with an appealing face, nice haircut and muscular body in a fitted expensive suit came out, and rushed towards Danny’s apartment. Tiwa and Genevieve lowered their weapons.
“Stop there!” Tiwa shouted.

He halted and looked at them mystified. He raised his hands up with a smirk on his face. “Am I in trouble?”

“No.” They moved closer to him. She introduced herself and her partner. “The house is locked. What are you doing here?”

He dropped his hands, “Why will his place be locked? I came to see my friend.”


“Danny Ajala. Was he arrested unlawfully because if he did, I will fucking sue everyone involved in his arrest!”

“Why would you think he was arrested?”

“That’s because two detectives are stopping me from going into his house. I had to come here during my lunchtime to ask him why he has not resumed work today. The managing director has been calling my phone! Danny’s number is switched off!”

“You work at Harold’s Oil Company?”

“No.” he said with confidence. “My name is Peter Harold and I am an attorney. My uncle is the owner of the Company.”

Genevieve lifted the envelope and showed him the letter.

“That’s Danny employment letter!” he uttered. “Where is he?”

“I am sorry to break the bad news,” Tiwa said. “Danny is dead.”

Peter widened his eyes and lifted an eyebrow. “Are you trying to tell me that Danny who suffered for a long time and finally got his dream job is fucking dead?”

She sighed loudly. “Yes. He was killed.”



“What the fuck!” He spat on the floor and barked. “That fucking bitch!”

“Who are you talking about?”

“His fucking ex-girlfriend or girlfriend or whatever the fuck he called her!”

“Can you explain why you suspect her?”

A scorn arose from his face. “I have every right to suspect that fucking bitch! Before I travelled to Canada to further my education, Danny was my friend in the university. He was fucking brilliant! He wasn’t even in my department, I paid him to do my fucking assignments whenever I was busy or travelled. We lost contact after we graduated and I left the country. After many fucking years, I met him two months ago at a filling station and he looked like a sick fucking cockroach! I didn’t hide my feelings, I fucking told him. I gave him money to buy enough foodstuffs to feed himself and look presentable before I could introduce him to my fucking uncle. I fucking got him a fucking job in the fucking Company!”

Genevieve and Tiwa were speechless. They continued to listen to him. Perhaps he had vital information to help them solve the case.

“I never knew he was still in a relationship with that fucking girl he dated in school. I never liked her. Patricia always claimed she loved Danny, but she banged my rich friends and had nothing to show for it. I would have banged her too, but I fucking have a type and I respect for my fucking friend, Danny and guess what? Patricia is a fucking dumb school dropout that ended up in a fucking shop. She is a fucking dummy! If she had listened to Danny, she would have graduated. With my fucking kind heart, I would have helped her with a large sum of money to start a business. I would not have offered her a fucking job, because she would have fucked the job!”

 Tiwa heaved a sigh. “You have not told us exactly why you fucking suspect her.”

Genevieve munched her lips tight as she fought hard not to erupt into a loud laugh.

“I am getting there.” He said. “Two weeks ago, I invited Danny to my fucking house. I was giving him some of my clothes when his fucking china phone rang and almost burst my eardrums with the fucking ringtone! He picked and spoke for few minutes and ended the call. He started to explain shit! He said Patricia is pressurizing him to get married to her after he received his first salary.”

“She knew about his job?” Tiwa asked surprised.

“Yes, she fucking did! The day he received the letter, he called her in front of me and narrated everything. I didn’t know it was Patricia then until he opened up about the fucking marriage proposal. That day she called him several times, he broke up with her when she started to insult his family. I fucking hate that. She called again, I suspected she asked where he was. He lied he was at home. Before I knew it, Danny pressed the loud speaker and I heard the fucking bitch threaten to fucking kill him if he didn’t marry her. He ended the call and refused to pick her calls again. She sent him threat messages. I wanted to take it up, but the fucking lover boy refused! He said she was bluffling." Peter shook his head sorrowfully and looked into their eyes. The first time the partners saw sympathy on his face. “She never knew Danny was pretending.”

“Pretending how?” Genevieve asked.

“He didn’t really break up with her. He lied to her. He didn’t have a new girlfriend. He fucking loved her stupidly. He had plans to engage her, but first, he wanted to use his first salary to rent a better apartment for his mom, open a shop for her and bring his younger brother to live with him in his fucking new house! I promised to pay the fees of his brother while he safe money for his wedding. I will fulfill the promise and take care of the boy.” Peter bowed his head. “I am supposed to fucking hate Danny right now, but no, I will fucking miss him.” he smiled faintly and stared at them. “Do you know he had a wonderful smile? Well, I don’t think you did, you fucking met him dead.”

“I am sorry for your loss.”

Peter’s voice was calm. “Thanks. I lost Danny, found him and lost him again, but this time, it’s fucking forever. By the way how did he die?”

Genevieve hesitated.

“He was shot four times.” Tiwa said.

“Four fucking times!!” His mouth opened wide.

“Yes.” She said. “We believe the killer has an accomplice.”

“Damn it! You must fucking arrest her! I need justice! I will pay any amount to catch her red handed!”

“It is possible she killed him. She must have taken his phone and laptop to wipe out things she didn’t want anyone to see. “

“I don’t know if it’s true because I never confirmed it from Danny.” Peter said. “I heard Patricia’s fucking brother was arrested for robbery when we were in school. Philip used to beg me for money whenever he heard I was around. He is a fucking illiterate and I was not shocked when I heard he is still driving his fucking rickety car.”

“What is the color of the car?” Tiwa asked inquisitively.

“Fucking red!”

“Do you know where he lives?”

“He lives with his fucking sister!”

She tapped Genevieve on the hand. “We need to go!” They ran to the car.

“You are leaving without fucking telling me the reason?” He asked as he followed them. They both hoped into the car. Peter marched to Tiwa’s side and tapped her glass. She lowered it down.

“We have to arrest Patricia and her brother.” She said to him and gazed at her partner. “Send the address of Patricia’s house to officer Lanre, her brother could be there. He should take some officers with him. They need to be armed in case he is carrying a weapon. Lanre should check for the battery, sim and laptop.”

“How would they be able to identify him?” Genevieve asked her.

Peter quickly answered. “The fucking brother of a bitch is fair, very tall and has a long scar on his forehead. He always stinks of weed!”


“You are welcome.”

“Anyone occupying that house should be arrested too.” Tiwa told her. “We are going to Patricia’s shop.”

Genevieve agreed, sent the message and made the call.
Peter brought out his complimentary card from inside his jacket and handed it to Tiwa. “Please, call me. Let me know when you arrest her for murder.”

“I will.” She turned on the ignition and zoomed off. Peter looked over at the house, shook his head and swerved back to his car. The partners arrived at the location of the salon ten minutes later. They walked into the small caravan and saw Patricia braiding a woman’s hair.  She glanced at their way and appeared startled.

“Detectives!” She abandoned the hair and motioned to meet them. “Have you caught Danny’s killer?”

Genevieve turned her around, slammed handcuffs on her wrists and curved her back to face her. “You are under arrest for the murder of Danny Ajala. You have to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in the court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you!”

“I didn’t kill Danny! I loved him!”

“Where were you on Friday between 7pm to 9pm?”

“I was with my brother in my house!”

Genevieve pushed her to the car. The woman with her hair half-done acted shocked and could only watch them. Tiwa looked around the salon and saw a black handbag on the long couch.

“Is that bag yours?” She asked the customer.


Tiwa angrily emptied the contents of the bag on top of the couch. She searched through the things and sighted a battery and one sim card. She muttered. “She’s really a fucking dummy.”

She took them along with her and drove. In the car, Patricia maintained she was innocent. Tiwa and Genevieve said nothing to her until they got to the bureau and whisked her into the interrogation room. Adebiyi checked on them, and Genevieve welcomed him back from his honeymoon. He left. Patricia sat and placed her hands on the desk. Tiwa and Genevieve remained on their feet.

“You shot Danny!” Genevieve yelled at Patricia. “You took his sim, battery and laptop to cover up your act! You threatened him!”

“I did not! I loved him!”

Tiwa dropped the sim and battery on the table.  “I saw them inside your handbag! This is the battery for the victim’s phone.”

She shrugged and put her hands on her laps. “I don’t know what you are talking about. Someone must have planted the sim and battery inside my bag.”

“You think lying will save you? I don’t think so. You went to Danny’s house this morning so that you won’t be seen as a suspect. I am sure you never knew his neighbor would call this bureau and I am very glad he did!”

Officer Lanre knocked, entered and he whispered to Tiwa. She turned to Patricia and smiled.

“Your brother has confessed that he beat Danny and you shot him four times.”

Patricia positioned her hands on her chest. “He is lying to you. He didn’t do such a thing. We were together on Friday at home.”

“He said Danny pulled off his teeth while you shot him. He gave us the laptop. With the help of an officer he is currently writing his confession!”

Patricia furiously fled from her chair. “How could he? I will kill him! I will kill Philip! He betrayed me! After all I have done for him, he betrayed me!” Lanre held her down as she cursed her brother. "I didn't kill Danny!"

Genevieve whispered into Tiwa’s left ear. “Did he really confess?”

“No. Her brother was in front of the house trying to sell the laptop to a guy for a ridiculous amount. There is a password. Miss Effiong is trying to unlock it. All I need is her confession. When she does, I will tell her brother what she said and he will confess too.”

“Is he missing a tooth?”

“Yes. They identified him with that.”

“He didn’t see a dentist to replace it?”


“He is also a fucking dummy.”

Tiwa chuckled and murmured. “I agree. As the normal procedure, Kevin will run a test to check if it is a match. I thought why do we have to wait for the result when we can get her to confess?” She looked at Patricia and increased the volume of her voice. “With the evidence we have, we will offer you a life sentence with hard labor if you confess and write your confession, but if you want a lawyer, fine. We will battle it in court and at the end of the day, when you are found guilty; the death penalty will be your only option.”

“What! Please, I don’t want to die. I didn’t mean to kill him.” She started to cry.

“Confess your crime.” Tiwa said.

Genevieve turned on the recorder.

Patricia sniffed her nose and cleaned her face. “Yes, I killed him, but I loved him. On Friday, I told my brother to beat him up. I wasn’t going to kill him.”

“Then why did you carry your brother’s gun along with you?”

“It was to scare Danny. I lost my temper when he pulled off my brother’s teeth with a blow. I shot him to weaken him.”

“You shot him four times!” Genevieve spat. “Four times on the chest! How would that have weakened him if not to kill him? You planned to eliminate him. Did you even give him a chance to explain the breakup to you?”

Patricia’s eyes drastically changed in a hostile way. “There was nothing to explain! I don’t regret killing him. He left me for another woman! I gave him my life! I will be thirty years old in four months’ time!”

“Age is nothing, but a number.”

She hit her hands on the table. “Bullshit! I am getting old and Danny got a fantastic job! He didn’t want to include me after dating him for almost eleven years! I could not take it anymore. I was patient with him, and he took that for granted!”

“You were not patient enough because he wasn’t dating another woman. He loved you!”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

Tiwa narrated what Peter told them.

“What! Peter Harold helped him with the job? How come he never told me he had his contact? Is this a joke?”

“It is not a joke and even if he truly left you, he didn’t deserve to die. Danny only needed time to assist his mother before putting a ring on your finger.”

“Please, tell me it’s not true.”

“It is nothing, but the truth!”

Patricia covered her face with her hands and cried endlessly. After some minutes later, she wrote her confession and they charged her for murder. Genevieve and Tiwa spoke with her brother and he had no choice, but confessed. He was charged for assault, battery and conspiracy to murder. Omoni gave Tiwa the report revealing the missing tooth belonged to Philip. Officer Lanre left to break the news of the death of Danny to his aunt. Idara was able to crack the password. Patricia did not only send threat messages to his phone, but also to his email. Genevieve followed Tiwa to her office to write their report on the case.

Tiwa finished writing and yawned. “I am fucking hungry.”

Genevieve looked up at her and laughed. “Peter Harold amazes me. What a strange character. We have to call him.”

Tiwa laughed. “That man is fucking impossible. I wonder how people close to him tolerate his vulgarly attitude. I am tired of hearing him speak. You can call him later.”

“Do you think you are the only one that does not want to hear him talk? I couldn’t count how many times he mentioned ‘fucking’.” Both of them burst out laughing. After a while, she gazed at the wall clock in the office. “It’s 4:35pm. Before we go home, let’s eat at the cafeteria.”

“Okay. I will tell Miss. Effiong to call Peter Harold before I leave the office.”


They rose up and someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Tiwa said.

Adebiyi’s secretary entered. “Mr. Gold needs both of you to come and see him.”


They left and walked inside his office. They met a woman seated on a chair facing Adebiyi. Her beautiful and innocent face didn’t cover the sadness in her eyes. 
She looked quiet older than the partners. She wore a lovely shirt, blue jeans and brown sandals. Genevieve admired her natural hair.

Adebiyi smiled at Tiwa and stood on his feet. “This woman came here to see you and detective Genevieve. I want you to hear her out.”

The woman rose and turned to them. “Thank God I finally got to meet both of you today. Looking at the two of you right now, gives me hope. My husband was arrested for the murder of his friend. He will be appearing in court soon.” Her eyes were becoming teary. “Please, I need both of you to re-investigate the murder case and find evidence to help him win his case. It will mean a lot to me and my family if you help me.”

“He wasn’t granted bail?” Tiwa asked.

“No.” She shook her head.

“Did his lawyer not do anything to get him out?”

“My husband and I didn’t know on time. We believe the lawyer is working for those that framed him. I was not in the country when the police arrested him. One of his friends assigned the lawyer to him. The police officer in charge must have been bribed because I don’t believe he is truly investigating. When you speak with my husband, he will explain better and tell you everything you want to know.”

“When is his case starting in court?” Genevieve asked.

She looked at Adebiyi and gazed back at them with tears in her eyes. “One week from now.”

“One week?” She asked in an astounded tone.


Tiwa inquired. “How do we get evidence in a short period of time? If the police officer was bribed, I don’t think he will give us anything to help on the case. We are left with nothing to start with.”

“I know, but my husband didn’t kill his friend. He can never hurt a fly. Our children miss him. I am ready to pay any amount for you to help me get justice for my husband.”

“It’s not about the money.” Adebiyi said.

Tiwa and Genevieve exchanged glances and moved away from the woman. They whispered to each other and marched closer to her.

Genevieve spoke. “We will take the case only on one condition.”

“If we find out that your husband is lying to us and he is guilty,” Tiwa said. “We will make sure he rots where he is right now.”

“I agree.” she said. “When you meet him, you will believe him. You will like him too because he is a nice person. Someone is framing him.”

“We will take the case.”

Adebiyi’s face beamed. The woman jumped up excitedly and surprised them with a tight hug. She cleaned her face and smiled cheerfully! She thanked them over and over again. They had to beg her to stop.

“I hope you have gotten him a better lawyer.” Genevieve said.

“Oh yes! He will be speaking to my husband tomorrow. You will meet him and work together. He will need the evidence you find to use in court. Barrister Peter Harold is prepared to win the case.”

Tiwa and Genevieve’s facial expression changed.

“Did I say anything wrong?” She asked when she noticed their astonished faces.

“Not at all,” Tiwa said. “Peter Harold is the new attorney in charge of the case?”

“Yes. You don’t want him on the case?”

She forged a smile. “Of course we will work with him! Are you sure he is good?”

“Yes! He is one of the best!”

“We will talk with him and your husband tomorrow morning. We need the location of the station.”

“I will definitely give you. Thank you very much.”

“You haven’t introduced yourself to us.” Genevieve said and extended her hand to her.

“Oh! I am so sorry!” She shook her hand. “I am Mrs. Rebecca Smith. My husband’s name is Brown Smith.”

To be continued on Wednesday.....
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  1. Okay I had a fucking good laugh
    Imagine this line.. ." You have not told us exactly why you fucking suspect her.”

    Peter Harold is the barrister...i love him fact I am in love with his character

    Carina Bae come and chop kiss jare...your story continuity is top Notch 💋💋💋

    1. Chop kiss too... Muahh! 💋
      I'm glad you fucking had a good laugh. Lol

  2. Oh my God R-e-b-e-c-c-a!!! Rebecca has suffered so much already in the hands of that bastard husband. Just as she found happiness this happens. Why now? Oh God! Carina pleeeeeeeease save Brown. Abeg abeg.

    1. Jolly Jolly!
      I hope the detectives and Peter Harold can save Brown.

  3. Waooh carina j.i love this episode so are fucking the Best mehn..i can't believe ...rebecca's Smith that was one of the episode and I fucking love bar; Peter H...nice one dear..God bless ya hustle

  4. Beautiful!!!
    Reading this episode just made my evening. Thank goodness i have more to read ahead.
    This season is going to be fucking awesome i dare say!

  5. Beautiful!!!
    Reading this episode just made my evening. Thank goodness i have more to read ahead.
    This season is going to be fucking awesome i dare say!


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