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Episode 3
Episode 4 Title: Motive
Genevieve opened her mouth and eyes wide. She was in extreme shock. Lost his job because of her? “Oh my God!” She gestured towards him, but he stepped back. “I am sorry!”

“Sorry is not going to solve the problem! I thought you had it under control! If I had known, I would not have gotten my boss involved. He is very unhappy with me!”

“What do you want me to say? I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

“Well, it happened. Are you happy now?”

She covered her face as she shut her eyes with tears streaming down her face.

“Crying won’t solve anything, I have lost my job. I failed my father and our son!”

Her body shuddered and she gazed into his eyes. “You didn’t fail your father, I did. I am very sorry.” She motioned nearer.

“There is no need to come closer, I am angry right now and I want to be left alone.”

“But I never knew he would blame you for my actions. He promised to shoot our legs if we don’t leave his house and we left immediately. How would I have known possible? I am very sorry, forgive me!”

“Forgive? Is not as if I cannot get another job, I can, but you know how this one means to me. It means a lot considering the history how I got it and how far I have come. We lost Jasmine and I almost lost you.” Quincy grunted and stayed calm. He took a deep breath and exhaled. He peered directly into her wet eyes and he could see how hurt the news penetrated her. He wanted to touch and pet her, but it was impossible to control the anger steaming inside him. He spoke with no hint of emotion. “Just wipe your tears and go to bed.”

Tears fell more from her eyes. She knew he wouldn’t listen to her. She left him, dashed to the kitchen and picked up her phone. She dialed Tiwa’s number. Tiwa and Adebiyi were in the living room, about leaving to the bedroom when her cell rang. She picked it up, and before she could say a word, the cry of Genevieve made her to panic.

“Quincy has been sacked!”

“What!” Tiwa exclaimed. Adebiyi quickly turned to her direction and requested what happened. “Why?”

Genevieve explained what her husband told her.

“Because he is influential, he had the guts to make Quincy’s boss sack him?” 

“Yes! I can’t believe it. I don’t know what to do!”

“Quincy has been sacked?” Adebiyi asked in a stunned tone. Tiwa nodded and continued to listen to Genevieve. He moved and stood in front of her. He needed an explanation. She pressed her loudspeaker.

“Quincy is mad at me. I don’t know what to do. I’m so confused!”

“Tell her we are on our way.” Adebiyi whispered to her.

“I need you to calm down.” Tiwa told her. “Just relax, we are on our way.” She followed Adebiyi behind as he picked his car key and walked towards the entrance.

“You are coming?” Genevieve wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Yes, we are.”

“I’m so sorry for disturbing you,” she said and that moved her to cry more. “I should have left you alone.”

“You did not. What are partners for? I will end the call now. Be expecting us soon.” Tiwa cut the call.

Adebiyi drove away from his abode. Tiwa narrated about the incident regarding Sammie Nzeribe.

“Why didn’t you inform me first before approaching him?” He asked her.

“We didn’t know he would react that way.”

“How did you expect him to react? Is it to welcome both of you with opened arms? His son was murdered!”

“We know, but if he was angry at us, he shouldn’t have gone after Genevieve’s husband. Why didn’t he come after me?”

“How can he come after you when he must have found out who you are married to? Besides, we own GT Bureau and no one can take that from us. Quincy is still under a man that can easily be manipulated. These greedy political figures think they are on top of the world and can do anything they desire. There are people in this country richer and more influential. Moreover, it is not as if they do not want to be in control, they do not act like these dumbass politicians.”

“If he wanted us to write an apology letter, we would have given him a thousand. I wonder what he thinks of himself. How do we solve this issue?” Tiwa said in a concerned tone.

“I will think of a way out.”

Adebiyi pressed the horn of his car vigorously to alert the car in front of him. The driver of the Toyota Camry was pressing his phone as he drove slowly. Adebiyi gazed behind and noticed cars were far from him. He overtook the driver, yelled at him and zoomed off in speed.

Genevieve remained in the kitchen and poured little quantity of water into an electric kettle. She was in need of a cup of hot tea. She peeped through the door and glimpsed at Quincy who sat down, thinking deeply. She made Lipton tea and drank.

Few minutes later, Quincy looked up and rose when he heard the sound of a car. Genevieve hopped on her feet and opened the door. Quincy refused to ask her any question, but he wondered who could be the guests. He was surprised to see them.
Tiwa pulled Genevieve into her arms.

“What are you doing here by this time?” He asked Adebiyi as he walked towards him. They shook hands.

“I heard what happened.”

“And Genevieve called you to come here by this time?”

“We came on our own.” Tiwa said, releasing herself from Genevieve. “We are very sorry.”

“Thank you, but I am not happy at all. I cannot pretend that all is well. Genevieve never told me I was putting my job on the line for her.”

“How would I have known he would make you lose your job?” She wanted to start crying, Tiwa told her to stop.

“Then give me some space and let me think!”

“Don’t put the blame on her alone, I was part of it.” Tiwa said.

“And that is why I must do everything to get your job back.” Adebiyi said.

“You don’t have to bother yourself,” Quincy said and sat down. “My boss… my former boss informed me he would be looking for my replacement before the week runs out. I know he is capable of doing that. I tried to persuade him, but he has already made up his mind. He isn’t giving me my job back.”

“The politician doesn’t know Brown Smith is not the killer.”

“He does not believe that. I heard from a reliable source that, very soon the police would be questioning Amos Kanayo about the death of Clement Nzeribe.”

“Isn’t that the opponent contesting for the same post of Sammie Nzeribe?”


“Is he a suspect?” Tiwa asked.

“I have no idea.”

“I don’t see the connection between Mr. Brown Smith and Amos Kanayo. If Sammie Nzeribe is very certain that Brown killed his son, why try to bring your opponent into the murder investigation. This is not politics.”

“Don’t say that,” Adebiyi said. “It is also a strategy to tarnish the image of Amos Kanayo and rub his name on the mud. It is not good for his political ambition."

“Who is your source?” Genevieve asked Quincy.

He frowned at her and replied hostilely. “Akin.”

She looked at Tiwa. “I will talk to him about it. Maybe he can find more information for us.”

“That will be good.”

“What did barrister Harold say when you told him both of you would be questioning Sammie Nzeribe?” Adebiyi questioned Tiwa.

Tiwa stared at Genevieve before she offered him an answer. “He wasn’t in support of it.”

Quincy glared at Genevieve and pointed at her furiously. “Why didn’t you listen to him?! You decided to do what was on your mind!”

Adebiyi stopped Genevieve from talking by holding her hand. He shook his head. “Let him be. He has every right to be angry.” He freed her and gazed at Quincy. “I will get your job back.”

“You owe me nothing.”

“Yes, I do. My wife is involved too. I have done my research of barrister Harold and I believe he will win the case. They are certain Brown Smith didn’t kill his friend. I will talk to your boss because he is still your boss. No one has taken over your position as the director. I will offer him a deal. He will leave your seat vacant until the case is over. If Harold wins the case, you get your job back and an apology.”

“What if he loses?”

“He won’t.”

“There is no way Engr. Silas Oluyomi of the NIB won’t ask. What if he loses?’'

“I will give him thirty million naira.”

The three of them acted extremely flabbergasted and lost for words. Quincy rose and gestured towards Adebiyi. Tiwa composed herself. She didn’t want Genevieve and Quincy to notice the outraged look on her face. She thought it was a dumb idea. If he had discussed it with her, she would have declined.

“I can’t allow you do that.” Quincy said.

Adebiyi stated. “There is no going back. I will make an appointment and talk to him.”

“Thirty million naira is a lot of money.” Genevieve said.

“I know. He is greedy, he will surely agree. What he doesn’t know is that, Harold will win the case.”

“What if something goes wrong in the case?"

“He will fix it and win. I will call him to see me in my office tomorrow.”

“I am confused! Let’s be real here. What if he does not win the case even if Brown Smith is innocent?”

Adebiyi gave Tiwa a look.

She let out a sigh and swallowed. “Peter Harold will win the case.”

He smiled. “Thank you my love for backing me up.” He turned to Quincy. “We will leave now.”

“I don’t know what to say.” Quincy said.

“Say nothing. All I want from you is talk to your wife. Goodnight.”

The moment Tiwa and Adebiyi got to their residence, she blurted out. While he drove, she pretended everything was okay. At the comfort of their home, she told him how offended she was, that he could not consult her before he made such outrageous decision.

“At least he will get his job back.” He told her, walking to the bedroom.

She followed him. “You blew my mind when you mentioned that amount of money. The director will also find a way for us to lose the case. What were you thinking?!”

“I am sorry.”

They entered into the room.                                                                                                                              
Tiwa sat on the bed. “There is nothing to be sorry about. The deed has been done. You can't back out. You have assured Quincy he will get his job back.”

Adebiyi rushed to stand opposite her. “Tiwa.”

She looked into his eyes. “Yes?”

“Peter Harold will win the case, right?”

Tiwa answered him with a long laugh.

“What’s funny? I am asking a serious question.”

“And I am laughing at you. Peter Harold is the only one that can give you an honest answer. Will he win? I have no idea!” She laughed more and started to sing Davido’s song. ‘🎡🎼Thirty billion for the account ohhhh... Versace and Gucci....🎢🎼

Adebiyi frowned at her and pushed her on top of the bed. Tiwa didn’t care, she continued to laugh and sing.

Genevieve checked Freddie before she went to bed. Even after her partner and husband left, Quincy still snubbed her. He stayed in the living room, ate a little and left to his room. He showered, dressed and lay beside Genevieve. She was half-asleep.
He called her name four times and she purposely refused to answer. She wanted to cry, but it wouldn’t solve the hurt she felt inside her bones. If only Quincy knew how his actions crumpled her heart.

There was no way she would do something to jeopardize the well-being of Quincy. She loved and benefited from him. He was the father of her son.

“I know you can hear me,” Quincy said softly. “I am deeply sorry.”

She shut her eyes and remained muted.

“I don’t want to force you to come over to me. I only want you to look at me in the eyes, please.”

Genevieve turned over with her eyes away from him.

He moved closer and touched her face and her eyes travelled to his face. “I love you. I overreacted, I am sorry.”

“I am sorry too.”

“It’s okay love.” Quincy kissed her and she kissed him back by digging her wet tongue into his moist mouth.

No one would know she was still the same person Peter met inside his car. If only Peter had seen her on Thursday morning, he would be proud. She was very beautiful and her skin appeared better and lighter. Whiskey had freshened up and wore one of her old suits she had before hard drugs became her best friend.

She was tired of seeing Peter nag at her. If only he could let her be and allow her continue to do what pleases her. Ever since she met her current friends, her life never stayed the same. She quit her job, ran away from her home and chose to live with them.

She enjoyed life. Her money gone and the only one that always came back to check on her was Peter. Most of the times, he needed a request, act as if he was a gentleman and sometimes, he could be an asshole, claiming to be worried and kindhearted. She didn’t ask for that. How she lived, was nobody’s business. Whiskey was good at finding people. She was smart and stubborn.

She wore her shoes, glasses and carried the file. She left her untidy room and left to the living room. Her friends were smoking and drinking different brands of whiskey.

“Whiskey!” One of them called her and extended a bottle to her. “Join us.”

"I hate whiskey."

"Your name is Whiskey."

“I know and that's was why I named myself that.”

“That’s strange.”

“I like being strange. Where is Skeleton? He is supposed to drive me today, I have work to do.”

“Lawyer refused to come in yesterday. I hope he doesn’t think of us as animals.” A man in a very thin figure came out from the kitchen’s door.

She faced him. “He will never think like that, Skeleton. Also, remember, most times, it is the money he gives to me that we use to survive in this house. Peter is a good man, but sometimes he acts in a fucking way.”

“I know.”

People meeting Skeleton for the first time would think breeze could carry him. He was so lean, he did HIV test every three months. He had taken different drugs he thought could make him fat, but they failed. His doctor told him it was his nature. He advised him to eat healthy food and stop smoking. He would smoke weed and not eat for two days.

He told her he was ready and they bounced into his worn-out Volkswagen's car. After ten minutes of driving without coming across traffic, they reached Clement Nzeribe’s house. She came out and ordered Skeleton to stay put. As usual, he took out a cigarette and a lighter.

Whiskey surveyed the houses, took a deep breath and approached the house opposite the victim’s own. She knocked on the gate and got no answer. It seemed no one was inside. She left there and advanced towards the smaller house beside it. It had no gate. The owner decorated the terrace with different kinds of flowers. It was beautiful. She moved to the door and knocked. She heard a slow song playing inside.

A young woman looking in her mid-twenties opened the door.

“I am Dr. Tracy and I came to ask you a few questions.”

“Questions about what?”

“It’s about your neighbor that was killed.”

“I didn’t know him personally.”

“It doesn’t matter and it won’t take time. Can I come in?”

She heaved a sigh and allowed her inside. They sat down and the lady turned off her radio.

Whiskey said. “I am the doctor that examined the body of Clement Nzeribe. He was shot on the 17th of this month. It was on a Saturday and can you tell me where were you on that day?”

“But you are a doctor, why are you asking these questions?”

“I am only trying to help catch the killer.”

“I thought the killer was captured that day?”

“That tells me you were at home.”

She sighed. “I went to the market and came back. I normally look at the building of Clement. I saw three vehicles outside his house and I knew he was at home.”

“Why do you normally look at his building?” Whiskey asked.

She smiled a little. “I used to have a crush on him. I wanted to be his friend, but I never got the chance or had the guts to introduce myself to him. After I cooked, I peeped through my window and found out that one of the cars was no longer there. I saw a man rush out of Clement’s building and entered into a car.”

“Was he holding anything?”


“After he left, it was just one car outside his house.”


“You didn’t hear any sound of gunshots?”


“After the man left, what happened?”

“It didn’t take long before the police showed up to arrest the killer.”

“Alleged killer. The murder case is still under investigation.” Whiskey showed her a picture of Solomon. “Does this person look like the man that ran out of the house?”

She looked closely at it and nodded. “Yes. I have seen him with Clement before. He is the one.”

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

Whiskey left the house and was unable to talk to any other neighbor. She called Peter and told him. 

“You are not a detective, you had no fucking right to interview anyone!” He was pissed. “I did not send you to do that! I don’t know the people involved in the setup. I do not want you to be in danger!”

“I did it because I wanted to help you.”

“But you don’t want my fucking help!”

“This is not about my drug problem, but a murder case. I am on my way to Solomon’s residence.”

“I don’t need a fucking explanation from you. Find him and let me know! His mother’s address is there too. I understand that, there is no one in that house. Talk to the people staying around the vicinity.”

“Whatever. How come no one was able to hear the gunshots?”

"The killer used a silencer. Whiskey, I have detectives investigating the case, I don’t need you to fucking do their job. Get me what I want and stay away from crime scene.”  
“I will find Solomon. I hate you.”

He chuckled. “I love you. Did you eat before...”

Whiskey ended the call.

Peter checked his phone and shook his head.

Genevieve arrived at the office in the afternoon. She went straight to Tiwa’s office.
“Was Akin able to give you more details?” Tiwa asked.

Genevieve sat down. “Few days ago, the boss of NIB sent Akin to Sammie Nzeribe’s house to give him a parcel. He overheard him talking on the phone about his son’s death. He mentioned his opponent’s name. Akin got to know we are investigating the case when Quincy was sacked yesterday.”

“I see. How is Quincy doing?”

“He is managing. He took Freddie to school and called he was with Mr. Gold.”

Tiwa nodded. ”I went around the neighborhood of the victim to ask questions. A neighbor said a doctor came over to her house to ask the same questions. She said the woman showed her a photo of one of the friends of the victim.”

“That’s strange. A doctor?”


“Have you asked barrister Harold?” Genevieve asked.

“Not yet. He will be coming to see Gold later in the day.” Tiwa narrated what the young lady told her. "We have only three days left.”

“I know.”

“We will talk to Peter Harold about it when he comes.”


After Tiwa and Genevieve had lunch at 2:45, they went into Adebiyi’s office and met him laughing with Quincy and Peter. Peter rose and shook their hands. He looked at Tiwa and grinned at her. The grin on his lips annoyed Tiwa and if given the chance, she would smack the smirk off his on his face.

“I never knew you were married to Adebiyi Gold!” Peter said. “Detective Tiwa, you are fucking rich!”

“You can say that again!” Adebiyi laughed.

She glared at him. The man in her life annoyed her too.

Quincy stood, hugged Genevieve and told them he was leaving.

“I have to pick Freedie at school.” He said to her.

“But it’s not yet 4.”

“I know. I'm thinking about the traffic."

“That’s okay. Thanks.”

Quincy smiled at her and thanked Adebiyi and Peter. He tapped Tiwa on her back, smiled and left.

Tiwa walked closer to the table. “It looks like things have been settled between you and Quincy’s boss.”

“Yes.” Adebiyi said. “His boss, Engr. Silas Oluyemi is a greedy son of a bitch, He didn’t think twice before he accepted my offer.”

“And there is nothing to be worried about,” Peter said to Tiwa. “I heard your mistake cost Quincy his job.”

“Excuse me?” Genevieve gestured towards him. “Don’t you dare repeat such again. Who the hell do you think you are?”

“Who the hell do I fucking think I am?”


Adebiyi rose.

“I am the fucking lawyer that is going to make sure I win the fucking case otherwise Mr. Gold is going to pay a fucking greedy pig thirty million naira.”

“I think we should end the conversation.” Adebiyi said. “The money is mine. I should be the one worried about it, but I am not.”

“Did you send a doctor to investigate the case behind us?” Tiwa looked Peter directly in the eyes.

“I don’t fucking lie, not really. I did not send her to do that. I asked her to look for Solomon. She is not a doctor.”

“How are you sure she will find him.”

“She fucking will and when she fucking does, he will fucking appear in court to answer my fucking questions. If you think about it, Alabi, Chucks and Josiah said Solomon left the house before them.”

“The young lady told me she didn’t see them leave.”

“They left before Solomon. There were three cars in front of the victim’s fucking house. His neighbor said when she peeped to look at the house, there were only two cars. Solomon came out in a rush and drove away. Few minutes later, the police surrounded the house.”

“No one heard gunshots because of the kind of gun,” Genevieve said. “How is it possible to know a murder occurred in the house when you didn’t hear the sound of a gun?”

“The officer that claimed he received the call said it was from a female voice.”

“That is a lie. Solomon made that call or the officer could be working with them.”

“Wait…” Adebiyi said and their eyes fell on him. “Even if the officer received a call, how come he arrived at the scene on time? The police are always late.”

“It is a planned work, a set up.” Tiwa said. “The question we should be asking ourselves is, why kill Clement Nzeribe and target Brown Smith as the killer. Solomon, Alabi, Josiah and Chucks worked together to frame an innocent man. What is the motive behind all these? Was he killed because of money, revenge, jealousy or political rivalry?”

“Do we talk to Amos Kanayo?” Genevieve asked.

“Allow the fucking police to do that first.” Peter told her. “When they do that, I will ask for the report and you will question him and compare his answers with the ones in the report. I need someone that can write very fast. When I mean fast, I mean very fucking fast.”

“What do you need that for?”

“You will find out in court on Monday.”

“Idara Effiong is fast.” Genevieve said. “I can tell her to see you before you leave.”

“Does that mean we are no longer fighting?”

She managed to smile. “We never fought.”

He looked at Tiwa.

She chuckled faintly. “We are not friends and neither are we enemies. We will see you on Sunday.”

Peter shook Adebiyi’s hand and promised to call him. He opened the door to leave.

“Who is the woman you sent to search for Solomon?”

He turned back with a straight face. “A woman that can help us find Solomon.”

“Who is she?”


“Whiskey?” Genevieve asked in a puzzled tone.


“It’s seems you do not want to tell us who she is to you.” Tiwa spoke.

“You don’t need to fucking know.”

“If you don’t tell us, we will find a way to fucking know exactly who she is to you.”

Peter walked out of the office and slammed the door hard.

 To be continued on Saturday or Sunday…


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