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Episode SIX
Episode 7 Title: Scores to settle.

“This is a serious issue!” Tiwa spoke to Peter after she was able to hold herself from laughing more.

“But I am not the only one laughing.” He raised his hands up and the partners helped him up. He stood on his feet and dusted the dirt off his clothes. He looked around and asked. “I hope no one was shot?!”

Some who were in a hurry to leave the place spoke out that they were okay. 

“We thought you were shot.” Genevieve said to the barrister. “You didn’t even answer us when Tiwa touched you.”

“I am fucking sorry.” Peter stared at the broken windows. “Damn it. Who is going to pay the fucking bills?”

“We will think of a way to sort out the mess.” Tiwa said. “But what are we going to do next? I think you should inform the police about this and I will speak to Adebiyi too. We were the targets.”

“That means whoever killed Clement knows with the way I handled the case in court, I am likely to win and finger out the real fucking perpetrator! This proves Brown Smith is innocent and we are getting to the truth.”

Genevieve checked for her phone and saw it on the floor. She believed it must have fallen when she ducked from the bullets. She picked it up, but the screen had cracked and unable to show the wallpaper clearly. Tiwa glanced at it and apologized. She found hers intact.

“Lucky you!” Peter said to Tiwa. 

The manager and two bar men came over to meet them and told Tiwa, Genevieve and Peter that they knew the guns were aimed at them. 

“I will notify the police immediately,” the manager said. “Who among you will pay for the damage those men caused.” He surveyed around. “The place is in disorder.”

“This place will be sealed because it is already a crime scene.” Tiwa explained to him.

“But that is bad for business. I will lose my customers and the owner of this place won’t be pleased.” He stared at Peter. “Barrister Harold, you are our notable customer. How can you help us?”

“There is absolutely nothing I can do for you right now.” He replied him and the manager’s face drained of sadness and disappointment. “But I promise you that the fucking damages will be taken care of after my case in court. The case I am handling is unequivocally connected to the shooting that happened here.”
They heard the siren of police vehicles. 

“I am sure the fucking police are heading here.” He added. “I will do everything I can to have the place as it used to be when the case is fucking over.”

“Thank you barrister.” 

Peter paid the bills. The manager and some of the employees went outside to meet with the officers coming out from their vehicles. When they got outside, they realized a man who was walking towards the entrance was hit in the hand and the security man had a gunshot wound close to the chest. The detectives and the lawyer ran outside when they heard the manager screaming for help. They were rushed to the hospital with a customer’s car. An officer volunteered to follow them. Tiwa collected his number before they left. 

Genevieve and Peter spoke with the remaining officers about the shooting. An officer asked who they suspected, but both of them lied they had no idea who could be the person. Peter gave a brief explanation of the case in court. He also told them he wasn’t able to remember the name of the car those men drove. The incident happened in a flash and maybe if he saw the car again, he would recognize it. He felt it could be either a black Toyota corolla or Camry. Tiwa’s phone started to ring and it was Omoni calling. She left their side and pressed the answer button.

“Dr. Omoni,” Tiwa said immediately she picked. “You won’t believe what happened to me, my partner and barrister Harold.”

“What happened?” She asked in a panicked tone.

She explained to her.

“Jesus! Are you okay? What about Genny and Peter? I hope no one was shot?”

“We are fine, don’t worry. Why did you call?”

“I have found out about the name of the lab tech. Her name is Beatrice Ewere.”

“Thank you. I will pass your message to barrister Harold.”

“Thanks and send my regards to him and your partner.”

“I will.”

“Call me if you need anything.”

“I will.” She ended the call and took a deep breathe.

After Genevieve and Peter were through with the police, they went to meet Tiwa. She told them Omoni’s message. Peter lifted his eyebrows and wore a visible questionable expression.

“Is there something you remembered?” Genevieve asked him.

“The name Beatrice Ewere sounds familiar. I don’t know why.”

“Maybe when you get home and relax, then you can remember why you feel the name is familiar.” Tiwa said.

“We shouldn’t relax, detective Tiwa. We have to be fucking careful. I am sure those men left, thinking they shot us. I want both of you to inform your men when you get home. Their lives could also be in fucking danger.”

“The screen of my phone is bad,” Genevieve said. “I can’t access mine and call Quincy.”

He stretched his phone to her. “You can call him, but I think you should tell him when you get home. If he knows now, his mind would be fucked up until your partner take you home safely.” 

Genevieve heaved a sigh and told him not to worry. He dipped his cell into his pocket and smiled faintly at Tiwa.

“Extend my regards to Mr. Gold. Tell him how I saved your life and he owes me.” He glanced at Genevieve. “And you too. Let Mr. Quincy know that I am the best lawyer to save his fucking job. There is no way Barrister Chidi and that Beni….” He hesitated. “Wait a minute. What the fuck was I fucking thinking?!” He slapped his forehead.

Genevieve and Tiwa looked at each other surprised and returned their faces back at him.

“What is it?” Tiwa asked curiously.

“I think there is a link between Beatrice Ewere and barrister Chidi Eze’s junior colleague.”


“Her name is Benita Ewere.” Peter replied.

Tiwa and Genevieve acted stunned.

“Please, call doctor Omoni to find a way to know her current address or work of place before tomorrow afternoon. I want her to appear in court.”

“That will be difficult.” Genevieve quickly said. “Even if we know her whereabouts before 1pm, there is completely no way we can persuade her to testify in court. She will definitely refuse.”

“You think I don’t fucking know. Get her location and I will be able to get a subpoena from the judge.”

“You can?”

“In a short period?” Tiwa asked him.

“As long as I can give the judge enough reason to get a subpoena, she will grant an order to summon her to court. Do not forget, I have the fucking blood test of the accuser.”

“I will inform doctor Omoni and give you a feedback tomorrow before we meet in court.”

“I will tell someone to find out if Benita and Beatrice are related.” Genevieve said. “I will give him the details.”

“Who is the ‘someone?” Peter asked her.

“Akin. He works at the NIB.”

“Thanks. I should leave now.” He smiled at them and walked towards his car.
Tiwa turned to Genevieve. “Let me take you home.”

Genevieve nodded and followed her to the car. As Peter got into his car and drove away, he called Whiskey’s phone, but her number was switched off. He purposely drove to the police station of where Brown was to make a report and to notify the police officer that arrested Brown Smith. 

He went home, had his bath, and made himself a hot coffee, approached his bedroom and rested on his bed to sip his tea and think of more ways to act in court the next day. Genevieve got home and narrated her ordeal to her husband after she had her bath and wore her nightie.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Quincy said in a dazed tone. “How could he laugh?”

“That is exactly what happened.” Genevieve said to him in their bedroom. She handed over her phone to him.

He took it from her. “I will get you a new one tomorrow. You should have found a way to call me.”

“There is nothing you could have done. Were you going to leave Freddie who is already sleeping to come and meet me when I had my partner and barrister Harold with me?” 

“So you trust him now?”

“I didn’t say that, but if not for him, maybe Tiwa and I won’t be alive right now or could be badly injured.” She extended her hand. “Please, pass me your phone. I need to call Tiwa if she has gotten home.”

Quincy grabbed his handset from the dressing table and gave it to her. Tiwa had stepped out from her car and was walking towards the entrance where Adebiyi stood, waiting for her.

“Hello.” Tiwa said.

“Are you home?” 

“Yes. I just got home.” She replied, Adebiyi pecked her and they entered inside the house. “I called the officer that followed those men to the hospital. The customer is responding to treatment. You won’t believe the security man died. He lost a lot of blood.”

Adebiyi gave her a stunned look and folded his arms as she talked through the phone.

“Oh my God!” Genevieve exclaimed. “I am so sorry! I don’t even know what to say. This is really sad.”

“It is. Get some rest. We will go to the hospital tomorrow. I will call doctor Omoni before I go to sleep.”

“Alright dear. Send my regards to Mr. Gold.”

“I will.”

She ended the call and Adebiyi cuddled Tiwa into his arms. 

“What happened?”

She explained and he was in total shock.

“How did they know you, Genevieve and barrister Harold were there?”

“I have no idea.”

He looked into her eyes and put his hands on his waist region. “I don’t know what I would have done if anything bad had happened to you.”

“Peter Harold said you owe him for saving my life.” She nodded and smiled faintly.

“Seriously, I owe him. Thank God nothing bad happened to you.”

“Nothing bad will happen to me and I will be very careful.”

Adebiyi gently grabbed Tiwa’s cheeks and kissed her lips. “You mean so much to me.” He took her left hand. “You need to bath and eat.”

“I don’t have appetite.”

“You will eat when you see what I have prepared.” He gave a broad smile.

The next morning, Peter quickly went to his office by 8am. He called Idara to come over and she came thirty minutes later to offer him the information she acquired.

He glimpsed through the file and glanced at her. “Thank you.” 

“You are welcome barrister. I will see you in court.”

He gave a nod, she went out and he went through the file and thought deeply. On his way out one hour later, he received a call from his secretary that he had a guest named Skeleton. Peter acted shocked. He could not believe it. He gave the order for his visitor to enter. Peter rose on his feet the moment Skeleton walked inside his office. 

“What the fuck gave you the right to come to my office without my fucking permission!”

“I will explain if you allow me to talk.” He said. He was wearing blue jeans, grey singlet and a red cap. A stick of cigarette decorated the top of his left ear. 

“You have two minutes.” He said angrily.

“This is about Whiskey. Have you seen her?”

He raised his eyebrows and motioned towards him. “What do you mean if I have seen Whiskey? I called her number yesterday and this morning, but it was switched off. Isn’t she supposed to be in your rotten fucking house?!”

“Yes, but she has been keeping other company I didn’t approve of. I should have told you, but she made me promise never to say a word to you.”

His eyes turned red and he moved very closer to Skeleton and pointed a finger at his face. “You better talk before I rip your fucking face off!”

“Whiskey has upgraded.”


“I am aware you gave her some money some days ago when she came to meet you at your favorite bar. Why didn’t you ask her what she wanted to do with it?”

“It wasn’t the first time of me giving her such an amount of money. She said she needed it and I had no choice than to give her.”

“She used that money for purchase of cocaine.”

“What!” Peter bellowed and gripped his singlet. “What!”

“You have to let go of me. I had nothing to do with it! I don’t take cocaine.”

“But you are capable of getting it for her.”

“I will never do such a thing! She is my childhood friend and she is like a sister to me. I would have kept my mouth shut if I didn’t care about her! You know this Peter. You wouldn’t have allowed her to stay with me if you knew I was bad news.”

“You are bad news.” He jagged a finger at his chest. “You have always been bad news. I had no choice that was why I allowed her to live with you. She chose you. You introduced her to drugs!”

“But never cocaine or heroin.”

Peter put his hand down and gazed at him dazed. “As it gotten to that level?”

“Yes. I warned her to stay away from her new friends. She never wanted me to know the place she stays whenever she calls to tell me she won’t be coming home.”

“I think I know the place. I have been there once. I have a case today and Whiskey won’t give me a fucking headache.” He walked towards his table to get a pen. “I will write the name of the address on a paper. I hope you can still read.” 

He frowned. “I am a graduate.” Skeleton said in an angered tone. 

Peter looked at him. “I thought smoking has drained your fucking brain.”

“I respect you barrister, if not…”

“Don’t you dare finish your fucking statement! I am supposed to tear your stomach apart and bring out your lungs and dry kidneys! Nothing bad must happen to Whiskey.”

“It won’t be my fault, but yours.”

“You want to blame me for her drug problem? I tried my best for her! So many men out there would have abandoned her and….” He shook his head. “I do not have to explain myself to you.” He focused on the paper, wrote the address and handed it over to him and he collected it. “It seems she can’t help me locate Solomon. Call me when you see her.”

“I will.”

Peter told him the location of the court in case Skeleton needed to see him in person and if he did that, he should wear a suit or a better outfit. He dipped his right hand inside his pocket and brought out money he gave to Skeleton. “Fill your tank.”

He smiled. “Thanks lawyer.”

At 10:30am, Tiwa called Peter that Omoni was still unable to get the new address of Beatrice Ewere. That didn’t bother him, the information Idara gave him and the witness he would present in court was more than enough for the day.

Skeleton called Peter when he arrived at the court. He had seen Whiskey. She had bruises all over her body, but she didn’t say how she got them. He took her to a pharmacy. Peter promised to check up on her later. He wasn’t in the mood to speak with her. 

“Check the reaction of Clement’s father and his friends when I mention the name of Solomon’s whereabouts.” Peter told Genevieve and Tiwa outside the courtroom. 

“Don’t ask me any question. You will understand.”

“Any news concerning him?” Genevieve asked in a fast tone.

“No. We still don’t know who sent those men to us. I will notify the Judge about it.”

“You should have done that before she comes into the courtroom.”

“She might likely postpone the next hearing and allow the police investigate the case. I don’t want anything to stop me today. What about the ex-fiancĂ© of Josiah.”

“Brenda is around.” Tiwa answered. She pointed at a lady walking at their direction. “Here she comes.” 

Peter gazed at her, and glanced at the detectives. “I will be inside.”

Rebecca, Quincy and Dabota sat in court. The parents of Clement sat near some men in suit that came with them. The courtroom was jam-packed unlike the first time. Peter called Josiah to the stand. Peter held some sheets and presented a copy each to the judge, barrister Chidi and the jury.  He looked at the audience and stared into the direction of Josiah. He shifted his copy to him.

“Do you recognize what I am holding?”

Josiah looked closely and acted speechless.

Judge Osunde who had gone through hers, adjusted her medicated glasses and looked at Josiah. “Answer his question.”

He adjusted himself on the chair and replied. “Yes.”

Peter spoke. “You posted this on the day your friend was killed which happened on the 17th. You posted a new photo of yours, hours after Clement was confirmed dead. Below the photo, you wrote, ‘you lose something and gain something better’. I will like to know the meaning of that.” 

“Objection your honor!” barrister Chidi spat out. “This is invasion of privacy! Barrister Harold had no right whatsoever to exploit the pages of Mr. Josiah’s Instagram.”

Peter quickly said. “Your honor, his page was left opened for anyone to check his profile, and pictures. His Instagram page was not private!”

“It is not a crime barrister Chidi.” Osunde said. “Objection overruled.” She gazed at Josiah. “Answer the question.”

“I simply had plans to buy a new vehicle. I had problems and I sorted myself out.”

“When did you buy the car?”

“On the 20th of last month.”

“And one of your closest friends was killed on the 17th. It seems you didn’t mourn Clement, but celebrated his death.”

Chidi yelled. “Objection your honor! Irrespective of what happened to Clement Nzeribe, his friend, Josiah had every right to spend his money anytime he wanted. Is it a crime to buy a car anytime you want in this country?!” 

“It is not a crime. Objection sustained.” The judge said.

Josiah heaved a sigh and stared at his friends.

“How did you get the money to buy such a car?” Peter questioned him. “I know you were broke and cancelled your wedding.”

“I made money from my business.”

“Business that was crumbling?” He asked and stared at the jury. “He lost money to Ponzi scheme. How was he able to buy an expensive car in a short period?” Peter fixed his eyes on Josiah. “Can you tell the court how you were able to make a huge amount of money to buy an expensive car with a short period?”

“Objection your honor!” Chidi yelled. “His business is his personal life and it has nothing to do with the death of Clement Nzeribe! Does buying a new car solve the mystery behind the victim’s murder?”

“Objection sustained.” Judge Osunde said.

“No more questions your honor.” Peter said and returned to his chair.

“Do you have questions for him?” The judge asked Chidi.

“No, your honor.”

Josiah went to sit, his ex, Brenda went to the stand, and Peter moved towards her.

“When you were in a relationship with Mr. Josiah, did you ever encounter an argument between him and Clement Nzeribe?”

“Yes.” She answered.

“Remember you are not supposed to lie.”

“I am not.” Her voice was hard.

“Why did they quarrel?”

“Josiah accused Clement of sleeping with me, but he told him it was untrue.”

“Did Josiah believe him?”

“No, but he lied to Clement that he believed him.”

“I am not going to ask if Josiah is capable of murdering Clement because of that accusation, or if that could be a motive for plotting to kill his friend, what I want to know right now is that, did you really sleep with Clement?”

“Yes and I enjoyed every bit of it.” She glanced at Josiah who was fuming.

“Are you certain Josiah knew you slept with Clement?”


“That will be all, your honor.” Peter said and walked away to sit beside Brown. 

“I have questions for the defendant.” Chidi spoke and rose.

Brenda left the stand. Brown Smith stood on his feet and went to the stand. He stared at the direction of his wife and smiled. She raised her hand above her chest and waived at him. She smiled back. Brown glared at Chidi.

“Are you a fan of politics?” He questioned him.

“Not really.”

“I need a yes or a no answer.”

He shrugged. “No.” 

“Are you not in support of Amos Kanayo?”

“I know Amos Kanayo, but that does not mean I am a fan of politics.”

“If given the chance to vote, who will you vote for between Amos Kanayo and Sammie Nzeribe?”

“Amos Kanayo because…”

“You preferred to vote for the opponent of your friend’s father. Isn’t that betrayal? I am sure Clement found out, and he confronted you. It made you angry and you killed him.”

Peter rose. “Objection your honor! That is a rebellious claim and as the attorney to the defendant, I will not accept it! I do not see any evidence to prove Clement confronted him on such ridiculous and fabricated accusation made by barrister Chidi!”

“Objection sustained.” Judge Osunde said to Chidi. Peter sat down.

“No more questions, your honor.” Chidi said. 

In a furious mood, Peter stood up immediately and approached Brown. “You have the right to tell everyone your story. Tell the court what happened on the day Clement was killed.”

“I went to Clement’s house to have drinks with him, Josiah, Solomon, Chucks and Alabi. After few drinks, I called my wife to tell her where I was. Later, I joined Clement to play football on his PS4. Alabi and Chucks talked about politics and women. Solomon who is nowhere to be found was quiet and minutes later, he started receiving calls. He answered the calls in the kitchen. We drank more and after some time, Clement said he was tired and felt sleepy. I called him lazy. He tried to get up, but he fell. I helped him up and took him to rest on a long settee. When I did that, I felt tired too, but not like Clement. It didn’t take long before I fell and I woke up later and found a gun in my hand and blood all over Clement. I was all alone with him. I panicked. I threw the gun on the floor and ran outside, but the police had surrounded the house. One of the officers said he received an anonymous tip that someone was shot in Clement’s house. They went inside and I was arrested as the killer.”

Peter looked at the judge. “Your honor, I have a witness who saw Solomon leaving the residence of Clement. The thing is that she only saw Brown’s car outside. The car Chucks, Alabi and Josiah came with was no longer there.  She would have been here to express herself, but she is presently unavailable because she believes her life will be in danger if she appears here.”

“Why would her life be in danger?” Judge Osunde asked surprised.

“I and two detectives in charge of the case were shot at yesterday. Thank God the bullets did not hit us. A man died in the process and another is battling for his life.”

She widened her eyes and murmuring ensued in the gathering. She hit her gravel. “This is preposterous! Why wasn’t I notified immediately?”

“It would have delayed us from finding out the truth and that could make Brown Smith stay in prison more than he bargained for.”

“What are the detectives doing about the attempted assassination?”

“It is under investigation.”


Peter quickly looked at Tiwa and Genevieve and threw his eyes back at the judge. “I had an anonymous tip about where Solomon could be hiding.” He gazed at Chidi. His opponent looked surprised. Tiwa looked at Josiah, Chucks and Alabi and Genevieve eyes were already on the father of the victim.

He added. “I believe I will be able to get him to appear in court when we meet again.” He lied.

“That will help the case. I heard he was the first to leave and now it is a different story. Someone or some people are definitely lying. I want to hear the side of his story. Anymore questions for Brown Smith?”

“No, your honor.” 

Brown rose and an officer escorted him to the chair. Peter went to his desk and brought out some photocopies of the blood test. He gave copies to the judge, jury, Chidi and his colleague. Akin came inside, and whispered to Genevieve. Peter saw that and quickly went to her. She told him the news. He gave a nod and stood in front of the judge.

After Judge Abigail Osunde finished going through the result, she looked at him. “I am seeing the blood test of Brown Smith.”

“Yes your honor. Why my client felt dizzy after he assisted Clement on the chair, was because he was drugged too. The same sedative found in the victim was found in him.” Peter glanced at the jury. “In such a disoriented state, is it possible for Brown Smith to hold a gun firmly and pull the trigger? We should be asking ourselves that question. I maintain that my client was framed and he never committed murder.”

“Objection, your honor!” Chidi barked.

“Objection overruled!” Judge Osunde said irritably and removed her glasses. “Barrister Nzeribe, in my chambers, you showed me a copy of the blood test of Clement Nzeribe. You never mentioned about Brown Smith’s own. Do you have a concrete explanation for that?”

He cleared his throat and stood before he answered. “I didn’t get the result of Brown Smith’s.”

“If I may ask, why?” She wore back her glasses. 

“I have no idea.”

“You have no idea?” Peter asked him and returned his eyes on the judge. “I just found out that the lab specialist that did the test is the younger sister of barrister Chidi’s colleague. They stay in the same house!”

Chidi acted startled. “I didn’t know, your honor.”
Judge Osunde removed her glasses again. “What!” She glared into the eyes of Benita. “Is that true?”

Benita stood. “Your honor, I… ermn… I…”
“I have never heard you stammer. I want the truth now!”

“It’s a coincidence my sister happened to be the former lab tech at the hospital.”

“What do you mean by former lab tech?”

Peter quickly spoke. “Her sister quit immediately she released the blood test of Clement. She never did Brown Smith’s own.”

“She didn’t do it?”

“No, your honor.”

“How were you able to do the test after few weeks? I will disapproval it if I find out you got it illegally.”

“Not at all, your honor.” he said. “A nurse stored my client’s blood. The name of the doctor that revealed it has his signature on the report. He works in the hospital.”

“Why did your sister quit?” She asked Brenda.

“I think it was due to personal issues.”

“I won’t accept that. You are to present her in court. If there are any more surprises when we meet again, I will have to send Brown Smith’s home while the case is still on. He will be granted bail. I want barrister Harold and Chidi and Brenda at my chambers immediately. We need to talk and address some issues. The case is adjourned to Monday.” She hit the gravel and rose.

Rebecca and Brown looked at each other and their eyes were filled with hope. An officer cuffed his hands and whisked him away. Brenda and Chidi were busy arguing. The father of Clement left in rage. Peter went to meet the partners.

“I have to see the judge right now.” He said to them. “I won’t take long.”

“That’s okay.” Tiwa said. “It seems the judge knows something is fishy in the case. I hope she grants him bail.”

“I don’t even want bail. I want him to be a free man. How did Sammie Nzeribe react when I mentioned Solomon?”

“He was obviously shocked and he whispered to two men that sat beside him.” Genevieve replied.

“What about the victim’s friends?” Peter asked Tiwa.

“They were stunned. I am certain they want to know where he is. You have to go now. We will be waiting beside my car.”

He left them and Tiwa and Genevieve waited outside for him. Rebecca came with her friends to talk and offer apology of what happened to them the previous night. They hugged her and she left.

Ten minutes later, Akin went to meet them with a newspaper in his hand. “Have both of you seen today’s newspaper?” 

“I cannot remember the last time I read a one.” Tiwa said. 

“What happened?” Genevieve questioned.

“Questions were asked concerning the senatorial election. Majority supported Sammie Nzeribe. They think Amos Kanayo is a murderer. This case is not helping him at all.”

“That is what barrister Peter said. Amos Kanayo couldn’t have hired Clements friends to assassinate him. It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Anyways, the case is still on and Harold is doing everything he can to win the case.” Tiwa said and focused her eyes on Akin. “We want you to get any information on a woman named Whiskey.” 

“We want to know the relationship she has with Peter Harold.” Genevieve said.

“For real?” A male voice asked in a stunned tone.

The three of them turned to their left side. They didn’t realize he was standing close to them and listening. 

“Why do both of you want to complicate things?” Peter added. 

Akin excused himself and left. Genevieve and Tiwa turned to face him.

“Why can’t two of you leave my fucking personal life alone? I thought we were not friends. You do not see me as a friend so leave my fucking life alone.”

“Peter, we are sorry.” Genevieve apologized. 

“You wanted to send that guy to ask about Whiskey? What would you gain if you know my relationship with her?”

“That guy’s name is Akin. I will tell you the truth. I was speechless when I met her at the bar that day.” Tiwa said. “She looked like a mess!”

“She has a fucking drug problem!”

“And you thought someone with a drug problem could find Solomon? Even if she could when she was okay, you would not have involved her now. This is not a child’s play. This is a murder investigation. You put her life at risk too!”

“I wanted to keep her busy! It didn’t even work because she has gotten worse. I have tried to help her so many times, but she…” He sighed heavily. 

“Peter.” Genevieve called his name and wanted to speak further, but he hushed her by raising his hand.

“I trusted both of you! Maybe I was wrong to involve her in the fucking case, but you had no right to involve Akin and ask him to fucking enquire about Whiskey.” 

His eyes were on fire. The partners couldn’t utter what they wanted to tell him. 

He continued, “If you care to know, if you two want to know about who Whiskey is to me, I will tell you. First, her real name is Anita Harold and she is my wife!”

Tiwa and Genevieve’s mouth opened wide. 

“Ex-wife.” A female voice spoke.

Peter turned back and saw Whiskey. She extended a document at him. Genevieve and Tiwa had wanted to tell him she was behind him.

“You have to sign the divorce papers and let me go.” Whiskey said. 

Peter said nothing, brought out a pen from his jacket and took the documents. He glanced through, signed them and gave the papers to her.

“Fuck you.” Peter looked at Tiwa and Genevieve. “Fuck both of you.”

“We are very sorry.” Genevieve said softly.

Tiwa was tongue-tied. Peter Harold walked away from them, but Whiskey called his name. He gazed back at her angrily. 


“You should have picked my calls when I called yesterday.” She glimpsed at the partners and smiled gently. “I am glad all of you are okay.”

The three of them gave an inquisitive look at her. 

“Is there something we should know?” Peter asked and motioned to Whiskey.

Whiskey heaved a sigh and swallowed a lump down her throat. She looked directly into his eyes. “I will explain if you give me the chance. I was the one that told some men where you were yesterday.”
Tiwa and Genevieve were without doubt flabbergasted.

“Thank God my fucking gun is not with me.” Peter said in a furious tone. “If not, I would have shot you on your left foot!”

“And I would have forgiven you.” Whiskey burst into tears.

To be continued….. Tuesday.


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