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Monday, November 20, 2017


At five quarter past ten in the morning, Lola, the second child and first daughter of Adedamola, arrived with her husband, Ebuka Amaechi. They had been married for the past five years with a son. Osita, the gateman opened the gate for them to drive in. Her husband parked the car inside the spacious compound with four different exotic cars at the garage.                                                                                                                                              
Lola came out with her black handbag and greeted Osita nicely. She saw her dad three weeks ago, but it was briefly. He called her to let her know her mother was at the hospital and he was down with fever.
She stood in front of the white mansion, a magnificent bungalow where she grew up, although, changes had occurred. Her parents renovated the house a few years ago. It felt quite good to be back and stay for some days in it after a very long time. She could not wait to hug and spend some time with her father. It has been in ages she did that. Mary, a longtime employee and Nkechi peeped from the kitchen window. They watched as the couple entered into the main house.
"Oga's daughter and her husband have arrived." Nkechi said to Mary.  
"Yes, I can see that.” Mary said. “The lawyer will open the door for them.”   
Nkechi cleared her throat. "But Aunty Mary, Pastor Lola has been the only child that came here when Madam Elizabeth was admitted in the hospital. I have only seen her once. Ever since I have been working here for the past two years, I have never seen the rest of their children except the pictures when they were young."   
Mary sighed. "Yes, you are right my dear. Even Pastor Lola has only been here once this year." She became silent for a very short time, she added. "You can't understand. I have been working here all my life and I know so many things. All I can tell you now is that, ever since Mr. Adedamola had an accident and the doctor placed him on a wheel chair, everything changed.” 
"Changed?" Nkechi asked and folded her arms. "How come?"  
"Well, everything changed because of their mother. The children and their mother’s relationship became soar and distant. Although, they loved their father so much, but things didn’t feel like before. It felt the love shared between them drained all of a sudden and everyone left the house one after the other. It was never the same. My dear, it is a long story. Let us go back to what we were doing. We have to go and greet them after putting the food on fire."  
"Okay, Aunty Mary." 
The couple marched into the mansion and barrister Felix welcomed Lola and Ebuka with a broad smile. The men shook hands. 
"It's good to see you, Lola." Felix said to her. 
“Good to see you too.” She sounded not pleased to see him. “I didn't know you were going to come today."              
He grinned. "Well, here I am."   
"So, where is my dad and everyone in the house?" She asked him.
"He should be in his room right now and the rest are in the kitchen."

Ebuka, a fleshy man with sharp eyes and a medium sized head moved away from them and sat on one of the superb leather settees in the living room.         
"Are my brothers and sister not here yet?"       
"No," he replied and smiled. "But I am very sure they are on their way.” 
She shook her head and glanced at her husband whose eyes were glued watching CNN news. She looked back at Felix. "Thank you. I will go and see my dad now with my…” She increased her voice. “Husband."  
“Okay. I will be here waiting.” 
Ebuka heard her speech and diverted his attention to her.

Omolola was a thirty-two years old woman, light skinned in complexion, and average in height. She knocked twice and opened the door to her father's room. Lola saw her dad on his wheel chair close to his bed and she ran towards him and hugged him tightly. They embraced with both of their eyes closed. They let go of each other and she stood up to look into his innocent face. Ebuka prostrated as a sign of respect since he was married to a Yoruba woman.                          
"Father," Lola called him with tears hovering around her eyes. “I'm truly sorry about mother. May her soul rest in peace.” 
"Amen." he said.           
Adedamola lighted with joy in his heart appeared very happy to see her. He knew she was going to be the first child to come. When he called all his children about their mother’s condition and his health at first, Lola was the only one who came to see how he was doing at home but she never went to the hospital to see her mother. Lola promised him that she was going to create time to spend with her mother at the hospital. That day never came, Margaret died two days later. His other children told him to take his drugs. Three of them never asked of their mother’s predicament. Their behavior did not leave him in wonderment. He saw it coming. Nothing new, nothing attached.                                                                                                                                         
He added, "I'm so pleased to have you here with me Lola. Why didn’t you bring my grandchild?"                                                                                                                                
She smiled at him. "I'm happy to be here with you too. I am so happy to see you. You look good and I believe Aunty Mary is doing a good job. Jason has been with my mother in law for some time now. We couldn't go over to pick him up because of time. I hope you understand." 
Adedamola nodded and turned to Ebuka. "How's everything with you, my son?"  
"Great sir," he replied. "And you?"                                        
"Well, all I can say is that I thank God for my life." He looked at his daughter and focused on her. "When last did you hear from your siblings?" 
She made a face. "I spoke to Bode two days ago and I'm sure he will be here soon."                                                                                                                                          
"And the others?" he asked.  
Lola took few steps away from her dad and sat on his bed. Ebuka knew they were about to discuss their family issues. Even though he was part of the family, they needed their privacy and whatever they discussed, his wife would surely confide in him. He excused himself and left them to have their conversation. Adedamola stared at his daughter. Her facial expression was sad.                 
"Lola, is anything the matter?"  
She inserted her pity eyes on him. "I'm sorry dad. Everybody knows how much you loved mother. Well, I spoke with Benjamin the day you called me she died and as for Dakota, she refused to pick my calls."               
“I am not surprised. Even when I told Benjamin about the funeral of his mother, did you know what came out from his mouth?"   
"What did he say, dad?"   
"He told me he was going to be very busy."   
“Busy? How could he make such statement? Does he not have a heart anymore? Mother just died and he should have been remorseful. Are you saying he might not come?"                                                           
"I had to call and plead with his partner in crime Dakota to help me convince him to come."                                                            
"Did she?" asked Lola.                                                               
"Yes, she did." He replied. "Both of them should be coming together."
"Like brother, like sister.”
Her father chuckled faintly and asked, "So, how does it feel to be a junior pastor?"
She gave a fulfilled smile. "Well, we give God thanks. It feels good and I'm enjoying every part of it."
Lola became an assistant pastor some years ago to a church called Living Peace Ministry. She informed her father to let him know it has been a blessing ministering to believers and nonbelievers. She had promised to continue to preach and win more souls for her church forever. She told him in few years to come; she would own a church at the right time.
When Lola finished her education from the university, she left home permanently in search of a job without the help of her parents or anyone. She was a graduate of Economics and statistics. She wanted to be her own boss and while searching for an employment for months, she became lucky, and found one. She got at a private secondary school to teach English and Economics. She didn't care about the salary. It was not even close to her monthly allowance her father used to give her before his accident and at that time, she was still in secondary school. This time, she was going to work harder and take good care of herself without assistant.
After teaching for a year, the proprietress took interest in her. She loved the way Lola was serious with her job and the students she taught liked her. The woman, a born again Christian invited Lola to her home and she credited her for a job well done. She advised, preached and told Lola to give her life to Christ, and serve God diligently.

When Lola thought of her past, she did not think twice for her to become close to God. It was the best decision she had ever made. She started to attend the proprietress’s church and she made sure that apart from attending Sunday’s service, she also showed up on other programs during the week. Lola later joined the choir group because she had a beautiful voice. Her voice sounded like the morning sun, that whenever she sang worship songs, congregation cried and hummed out of joy.                                
Ebuka, who also was among the worshipers, took interest in her. They became friends before he asked her out. Both of them dated without pre-marital sex. It was her idea and he agreed. The general overseer of the church prayed for the couple and wished them well when they decided to take it to the next level, marriage. Before she married him, in her free time she went to different locations to preach to people about Jesus Christ. People gave their life to Christ because of the way she preached. Because of her devotion and dedication, her pastor appointed Lola as the new assistant preacher after the birth of her child. They had transferred the former preacher in her new position to another branch.                                                
Lola left her dad in the bedroom and went downstairs to meet her husband. She found him drinking alcohol with Felix. She disliked alcohol. When Ebuka sighted his wife, he dropped the glass goblet on the table by his side. She asked for their luggage, which the lawyer informed her, Nkechi had taken it to her room. The room she has not been to for many years. Mary and Nkechi came forward, greeted her and left. Lola told her husband she wanted to see him privately. Two of them went into her room. It was neat and organized and most of the surrounding remained the same except the color of the wall that used to be blue. It was yellow presently. Her mattress was bigger, the bed sheet, and rug were new and had the color of the wall.   
Lola turned to face her husband. "Ebuka, how many times have I told you about your drinking habit?" She placed her hands on her waist.                                                                   
He jeered and looked at her from her head to toe. "Are you here to lecture me on what to do?"                                
"What do you mean by such thoughtless question?" She asked him angrily.  
"Thoughtless you say? I do not give a damn! Instead of you to concentrate on why you are here, you are asking silly questions and judging me. Don't Lola." He pointed an accusing finger at her. “We are both the same."              
"Judge you? Who am I to judge you when I am not God?”  
"So what are you doing to me now?" he questioned her.         
She dropped her hands away from her waist. "I am only trying to do the right thing."            
"If you are trying to do the right thing,” he said. “What about you?" 
A surprised look flashed from the surface of her face. "Me? What about me?"
"You lied to your father about Jason staying at my mother's place when both of us know that you decided to take him there yesterday. You don't want him here. You should have told your father the truth! You didn't have to lie!!"                     
“Please, reduce the volume of your voice.” She sighed, walked away and sat on top of the bed. She covered her face with both hands. She sniffed her nose, and put down her hands on her laps. She lowered her head. She didn't want to look at her husband. "How can I bring our son here, Ebuka? You know my reasons."       
"That didn't give you the right to still lie to your father. I know him, he would understand. I thought you were a pastor." He mocked her.    
She raised her head to mien into her husband’s eyes. They were tears already falling down. She stood up and moved in front of him.        

"I am not perfect. Don't you know the kind of relationship I have with my brothers and sis? Do you want our son to see the drama my siblings and I get ourselves involved with when we stay in the same place? At his young age, how will he understand? I don't even know what will transpire between us when they come. It is trouble, insults, arguments and even mortal combat if we continue to act childish. Do you think I am happy with that? I want to avoid that, but I don’t know what’s on their minds. I don’t really have problems with Bode. Benjamin is manageable, but Dakota, she hates being bored. She is a drama queen! It gives her pleasure to see me unhappy. I have tried to persuade Ben to bring her to the church, that girl needs deliverance. He couldn’t even tell her because she would look for me, curse me out in front of anyone, including our little child.”                                                           

"You can make things right. You are a pastor.”
"I have told you I am not perfect, Ebuka."  
Ebuka’s temper became temperate; he knew the story behind the lost love between them, his wife and her family. "I am very sorry my love." He apologized to her. "Forgive me.”                                                                                                                                                    
"It's okay. I forgive you.”                                                                                                                 
He moved closer to Lola, sat on the bed and hugged her. He pecked his wife on her right chin and she smiled at him. They decided to have their bath together. As she approached the bathroom, Lola turned to him and spoke.  
“Whatever happens between my siblings and I, please, in the name of Almighty God, don’t get involved.”  
“Don’t be surprise when they come, everything will go smoothly. There won’t be any outburst at all before we leave here.”  
“I wish I could say the same thing, but that is impossible. I see war coming.”   
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