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Episode SEVEN
Episode 8 Title: Justice served.
Peter spoke in an angered tone. “Tears won’t bring back the man that died during that awful situation! How could you do this to me? After all I did for you?! I fucking loved you!”

“I know and I am very sorry.” Whiskey looked at him with tearing falling from her eyes. “I called to warn you, but you didn’t pick my calls.”

“That is not an excuse! ”

“This is not the place to discuss this issue.” Tiwa said. “We do not know who might be looking at us. Let’s leave here.”

Peter grabbed Whiskey by the left hand, pushed her towards his car and shoved her inside the passenger’s seat. He turned back to look at the detectives. “Both of you should get into the back. We will talk inside my car.”

Tiwa and Genevieve said nothing and followed them into the car. Peter got into the driver’s seat and stared at Whiskey with a dangerous look. 

“I am sure you have never seen my face like this. You better start talking before I do something I might regret later!”

“Shouting won’t solve anything.” Tiwa said.

He glared at her. “Then tell her to fucking explain!”

“You are still shouting.”

“I will talk!” Whiskey raised her voice and cleaned her face. “No one needs to fight. You think I wanted to hurt any of you? They already know I am looking for Solomon, but I told them I have no clue where he is.”

“Who are ‘they?”

“Be fucking specific!” Peter yelled and ignored the kind of eyes Tiwa was using to look at him.

“The people that kidnapped me.” 

“Kidnapped?” Genevieve asked in a surprised tone.

Peter appeared confused and Tiwa stayed quiet. 

“Some men took me to a place,” Whiskey said. “They beat me up to get information about Solomon. When they knew I had no new information, they asked me for Peter’s whereabouts; his favorite place he goes to hangout in the evening. One of the men told me he would kill me if I didn’t say the truth. He lied that if they didn’t see you there, it would be the end for me.” He gazed at Peter. “They asked if I knew the detectives will be with you. I told them maybe, they drugged me and left me in an abandoned building. I woke up later, tried your number several times until my phone went dead. I struggled to find my way home.”

“You call that a home?” he asked. “Why didn’t you go to Skeleton’s place?”

“I went to my new friend’s place.”

He shook his head.

“I am very sorry for what happened.” Genevieve said. “Will you be able to recognize their faces?”

“No. I was blindfolded. I removed the cloth when I woke up and found myself alone.”

“Your life is still at risk.”

“I can take care of myself.” She said. “I just want your forgiveness. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”

“It isn’t your fault. Don’t blame yourself.”

Tiwa looked directly at Peter. “This is your fault.”

“What the fuck do you mean by that?” He stared at her angrily.

“When I told you it was wrong to involve her in the case, you thought I was talking nonsense. This is entirely your problem and the only way to fix it is find Solomon and win the case.”

“I will win the fucking case, but don’t ever tell me it is my fucking fault. If Whiskey had listened to me and stayed away from hard drugs she won’t have gotten us into such an awful mess!”

“You do not want to owe up it is your fault. If not for Mrs. Rebecca and her husband, this is the moment where I will tell you I am done working with you. You are difficult to handle and I see why Whiskey preferred drugs to you! You are more toxic!” 

“Fuck you!”

Tiwa came out furiously, slammed the door hard and motioned to Peter’s side. “Fuck you too!” She walked away to her vehicle and waited for Genevieve.

“I want you to ignore what my partner said.” Genevieve told Peter. “She didn’t mean it. I have to go.” She came out.

“You see what you have fucking caused.” Peter said to Whiskey.

“There is no way hard drugs is better than you. I don’t think any man can do what you did for me. She is only angry and I am deeply sorry for everything.”

“You will follow me home.”

“I can’t. I have to see my lawyer.”

“You never listen to me!” He sighed heavily and asked. “Is this really the end for us?”

“Peter, you don’t love me anymore. What you feel for me is pity and I don’t want that. I love my life and I believe nothing bad will happen to me.”

“I heard you have started taking cocaine…”

Whiskey unlocked the door and came out. She lowered her head to look at him inside the car. “You have done enough for me. This is the time for you to let me go and allow me to live my life the way I want.”

With the file in her hand, Peter watched her walk away from his sight.

Genevieve spoke the moment she joined Tiwa. “That was very harsh. He still took care of her even when she deserted him. If not for today, I don’t think he would have agreed to divorce her. He means well.”

She heaved a sigh. “I know. I was only angry. What if Whiskey was killed in that process, is this what all of us will be saying? He should not have brought her into the case. It’s already late. We need to put Sammie Nzeribe where he truly belongs.”

“You think he is the one behind everything?”

“Yes! You remember his reaction when we went to him. I know some parents might act like him and if really he didn’t have a hand in it, don’t you think he would have called us to really find out who truly murdered his son. All what that man wants is for Brown Smith to rot in jail.”

“All for politics,” Genevieve shook her head sadly. “Politics is a dirty game.”

Before they met in court, Genevieve called Peter to apologize on behalf of Tiwa who was not ready to express regret until the case was over. He told her he understood and she should always watch her back.

Adebiyi knew nothing about the quarrel. He was always calling Peter to ask if there was any new information concerning Solomon. His answers were always negative. Whiskey was off the case. When the case would be over, he planned to create time to spend with her and persuade her to leave the country and go to rehab. 

Quincy hoped for Peter to win the case. His job was very important to him. Genevieve assured him the barrister won’t fail. Adebiyi gave detective Leroy a mission to investigate the shooting that happened at the bar. Leroy went to the area to ask questions to some of the business men and women working in that area, but found no information to help the case.

On Saturday, Tiwa visited Genevieve at home. She was playing with Freddie when an unknown number called her. She put him inside his carriage, gave him a toy and answered the call.


“Am I speaking with detective Tiwa?”

She couldn’t recognize the voice. “Yes. Who is this?”

“I am scared.” He said faintly.

“Excuse me? Did you say you are scared?”

“I am sorry. I was a fool to hurt him. I have not touched the money, I swear, I regret what I did. He made me do it.”

She appeared confused. “Is this Solomon?”

Tiwa waited for some seconds before receiving a reply. 


“Solomon!” She screamed and her voice alerted Genevieve who was in the kitchen cooking. She left what she was doing and ran to meet her partner.

She added. “Solomon, you need to listen to me. You have to come out from your hiding place and we will talk about it.”

“I can’t. He wants me dead.”

“Who wants you dead?”

“I have taken my mother somewhere else. If you could find her, his men would eventually find her.”

The line went dead.

“Hello?” Tiwa looked at her phone and grumbled. 

“What did he say?”

She narrated their conversation. 

“It’s definitely Clements father he is afraid of. He paid him and the rest some money. Please, call Peter to inform him.”

“I think you are in the best position to do that.”

“For how long will you continue to act this way? You are bigger than this. We have to stay together to win this case. Please, my darling friend and partner, call Peter Harold.”

Tiwa smiled brightly. “I will.”

“Let me go back to the kitchen.” She touched Freddie by his cheeks, he giggled and she walked away. 

Tiwa called the attorney and he acted as if nothing happened between them. He informed her he knew what to do. Genevieve and Tiwa ate, drank and chatted about the case.

“You have to stop thinking.” Quinn said to Rebecca. 

Ever since they returned from church, Rebecca had been pacing around her living room. “I will stop thinking after Brown comes home to me.”

“Didn’t you hear what did the judge said. I know the case will be on if he comes home, but that will be an improvement.”

“I will rest when the judge announce the final verdict.”

“Should I call Dabota to come here and talk some sense into you? You should be happy now. Your father is better and has been discharged and Brown is likely to come home soon.”

Rebecca halted and looked at Quinn. “How do you know that? We don’t know what will happen tomorrow in court. Anything can happen and if it does not favor Brown, I will just kill myself.”

Quinn’s mouth opened. She had to stand up and moved to her. She carried her hands. “Do not forget you have children. Killing yourself will only make matter worse. Be positive and stay strong for not only your husband, but also your children. They need you, I need you and your father needs you too. Do not forget that.”

She released her hands from Quinn. “I am sorry for making such statement.”

“It’s okay. Do not worry, Brown Smith will be released by the special grace of God.”

“Amen.” Rebecca hugged Quinn.

On Monday at the court, before everyone entered into the courtroom, Genevieve had to ask why Tiwa’s face was looking dull. She wasn’t feeling very well. Adebiyi took her to the hospital to run some test the previous day. If not that the case was vital, Adebiyi didn’t want her to leave the house. 

“You should have called me.” Genevieve said to her.

“I am better than before.”

“Cheer up.”

Tiwa managed to smile. “Thanks.”

Inside the courtroom, Peter Harold called a black man, the police officer that arrested Brown to the stand. After the oath of affirmation was read to him, Peter asked him a question.

“On the 17th of last month, the defendant, Brown Smith was arrested by you. Is that correct?”


“You received a call from a number about the shooting, right?”


“The gun used to shoot the victim was a silencer. Can you tell the court how the person was able to hear the sound of the gun and know the residence it came from when no one in the environment heard anything?”

“Objection your honor!” Chidi bellowed. 

“Objection overruled.” The judge said slowly. She said it as if there was no strength left in her. “Answer the question.”

Peter had wondered why she appeared disturbed the moment she walked into the court. She wasn’t even wearing her medicated glasses. How was she going to read properly if he gave her a document to read?

“I have no idea,” the officer said. “All I got was a call and I followed procedure to check out the place.”

“How were you able to reach there on time?”

“Coincidentally,  I drove to that particular area with another police officer.”

“So you were the one that drove there?”


“Or did you already know the incident would happen and it was your plan to go there and wait for that call?”

“Objection your honor,” Chidi said and rose. “My client has every right not to answer such mere speculation!”

“Objection sustained.”

“No questions your honor.” Peter went to sit down. Brown gestured closer and whispered into his left ear. 

“I don’t think the judge was listening attentively to your questions.”

He gazed at Brown. “I thought so too. I wonder what is eating her up.”

“Was Brown Smith covered in blood when you saw him?” Chidi questioned the officer.


“Was he trying to run away when you and your colleague got there?”

"Objection your honor." Peter said. "My client wasn't running away. He was leaving the place because he was confused and afraid of his life. He found his friend murdered!" 

"Objection sustained. He should answer the question."


“Was Clement Nzeribe shot with the gun found inside the house?”

“The result from the lab revealed that the gun we found was the murder weapon.”

“And Brown Smith hand-prints were on it, right?”

“That is correct.”

“That will be all, your honor.” Chidi returned to his chair. Brenda spoke quietly to him.

Peter stood up. “Your honor, I will like to remind you of the request you asked from Brenda Ewere. She is supposed to bring her sister to court, but I do not see her in our premises.”

Brenda got up on her feet. “Your honor, I mentioned to you that Beatrice is unable to make it to court today.”

Peter face changed by wearing an irritated expression. He looked at her. “Excuse me?”

She continued. “She is very ill and unavailable.”

“I know.” the judge said. “Both of you can sit down.”

Some of the panel of judges acted surprised. Tiwa and Genevieve wasn’t pleased with what was going on. Rebecca held Quinn’s hand tightly. Sammie Nzeribe had a smirk on his face. The victim’s friends were looking flashy and happy.
Mr. Alabi went to the stand to answer Peter’s questions.

“You are the manager of the bank you work with; is that correct?”


“Did you ever persuade your friends like Chucks to open an account in your bank?”

“Yes. It is the right thing to do.”

“Your friends, including Solomon have accounts in the bank?”


Chidi had no idea why he was asking such questions. Peter stared at the judge and spoke. 

“Your honor, I want the bank statements of Mr. Alabi, Chucks, Josiah and Solomon released.”

Whispering ensued and the judge hit the gavel. The place became quiet.

Abigail Osunde looked at the jury and glanced back at Peter. “If I may ask, why?”

“I believe money were paid into their accounts before the death of Clement Nzeribe. It doesn’t add up that Mr. Josiah made a huge amount of money in a short period and spent it lavishly after his friend was murdered. If truly someone paid for them to kill and frame Brown Smith, there should be proof of payment from that particular person. The statement of account will give us the evidence we need to clear Brown Smith’s name.”

She quickly gave him an answer. “Denied.”

Peter was stunned. “What?” he murmured.

Genevieve and Tiwa stared at each other with a worried expression on their faces. Quinn was consoling Rebecca as she cried softly. Brown Smith bowed down his head in shock.

“Your honor…” Peter called the judge, but she cut him short.

‘That is final. Your request was denied barrister Harold. Do you have questions barrister Chidi?”

“No your honor.” Chidi answered.

Peter said, “Money was paid into their accounts. I…”

“If you question me one more time, I will hold you in contempt! We will come back after recess to finalize the case. You have two hours to prepare yourself or any of your clients!” She hit the gavel and rose.

Peter didn’t speak with Brown, but walked hastily to meet Tiwa and Genevieve. An officer took Brown away. Rebecca could only look at him with tears in her eyes. She tried to talk with Peter, but he moved faster and walked with the partners outside to talk privately.

“There is something going on,” he said to them. “Something is fishy and I must get to the bottom of it.”

“In two hours?” Genevieve asked in a concerned tone.

“We fucking have less than that. Judge Osunde acted strange today. I have never seen her so unconcerned concerning a case. I have to win this case or else an innocent man will go to jail for a fucking crime he never committed. 

“Not only that, my husband’s job depends on it.”

“And my husband’s money will go down the drain.” Tiwa said. “What will you do now?”

“I will speak with the judge’s secretary and find out what is really happening. She likes me and if there is anything hidden, she will reveal it to me. Give me ten minutes. Please, stay put. I will call you immediately if I find something that can help us.”

“Please, be fast about and be careful.”

Peter smiled at her. “I fucking will.” He left.

“This can’t be happening,” She said to Genevieve. “I think my fever is coming back. I feel so restless. This case is getting into me. What are we going to do now?”
“We have to wait for Peter’s call.”

Tiwa sighed and folded her arms. Genevieve and her waited impatiently. Genevieve wanted to call him eight minutes later, but Tiwa told her it was not necessary. Peter would surely call at the appropriate time. Five minutes later, Tiwa’s phone rang and it came from an unknown number. She quickly answered. 

“Hello. Solomon, is that you?”

“If I show my face and my mother knows what I did, she will surely be disappointed.”

“At least you are doing the right thing. If you do not come out and say the truth, Brown Smith will go to prison. He needs your help. We are begging you. If you are scared to come out, I will send you the number of a detective, he will bring you to the court. No harm will come to you.”

He ended the call. A minute later, she received a message asking her to send the number, but he was still thinking if he would show up. Tiwa sent the number of Leroy and called the number, but no one picked. As she was about to dial the number again, Peter was calling. She answered.

“We are in big trouble.” Peter spoke.

“What is it?”

“The judge’s husband was kidnapped yesterday. No one knows about this and we have to act as if we do not know. We have one hour and forty five minutes to rescue her husband otherwise, I will lose the case.”


“What did he say?” Genevieve asked.

“What do we do now?”

“Get your partner and your team and find him! Thank God the judge’s children are not in the country. The secretary said they do not know who called Abigail Osunde that if she allows me to win the case, her husband will be killed.”

“We will find a way. It’s definitely Sammie Nzeribe behind it. Where can I see Whiskey?”

“I thought you never wanted me to involve Whiskey.”

“I apologize for what I said to you. I am deeply sorry.”

“Apology accepted, but what does she have to do with it?”

“I need to talk to her about the location she was taken to. We should check there first. She won’t follow us. She will describe the place.”

“I will send her number to you. She no longer picks my calls.”

“Okay.” Tiwa ended the call and explained to Genevieve.

“No wonder the judge was behaving that way. I will check on Whiskey and take Leroy, Lanre and other officers there. I want you to stay here and watch what is going on.”

“You want me to watch what is going on or stay here because I am sick?”


“Take my phone.” Tiwa handed over it to her with the key to her car. “Drive carefully. How do I know you are okay? My mind won’t be at rest.” 

They received the message. Genevieve dialed the number on her phone and returned Tiwa’s own.

“Call me.” Tiwa said as her partner walked speedily to the car.

“I will!”

“I just received a call from Tiwa,” Adebiyi told Leroy. “I know you are working in the missing persons department, but I need you to take some men and meet detective Genevieve. Call her to tell you exactly where she is. We will not waste time. We have one hour to find the judge’s husband.”

“Yes sir. I will do exactly as you say.” 

“You have to be at alert and if you ever find him, make sure he comes out alive.”

“Yes sir.” Leroy left the office.

Adebiyi relaxed on the chair and put his hands at the back of his head.
Quincy who sat opposite him couldn’t hide the fact that he was unhappy about the brouhaha. “How could a man be very desperate to kill his own son just because he wanted to implicate his opponent?”

He looked at him and rested his hand on the desk. “That is why we are different. I think Sammie Nzeribe saw his son as a liability. Brown mentioned Clement depended on his father and perhaps when he found out his son was going to stab him by the back; he decided to do something like this.”

“What if they don’t find him? I will lose my job and you will lose a lot of money all because of me.”

Adebiyi pointed at Quincy. “Do not put the blame on yourself. I offered to do it. No one forced me.” 

“Maybe I should retire and be a stay at home husband.”

He burst into laughter. “Please, tell me that is the joke of the day.”

Quincy smiled. “I’m just a confused man right now.”

“Don’t worry,” Adebiyi said, still laughing. “No matter the outcome, it won’t be the end of the world.”

Tiwa had called Genevieve several times without getting a response. She began to get nervous. She dialed the number Solomon used to send a message. To her surprise, he picked the call.

“What do you want?” He asked her in a stern tone.

“How long will you continue to run? A man’s life is on the line. I am begging you to come and tell the truth.”

“And I will be sent to death.”

“We will be able to persuade the judge to take off the death sentence because of your cooperation and willingness to say the truth. Even if you get life imprisonment or forty years or more, you will still get to see your mother. I know you love her and no matter what, she will always check up on you.”

“If I go to jail, I will have no one to bury her when she dies. I am sorry, I can’t come out.”

Tiwa was almost crying. “I promise you I will do everything I can to get you out of jail for few days just to bury her when that time comes.”

“Do not promise what you can’t fulfill.”

“I don’t make promises I can’t keep.” Tiwa swallowed and sighed. “Are you coming?”

The line went dead. Tiwa shut her eyes very tight, trying not to cry.

“Detective Tiwa.” 

She heard her name, opened her eyes and turned back. “Barrister Harold, you are back.”

“Yes. Have you heard from Genevieve? She is not picking my fucking calls and we have like thirty minutes remaining.”

“She is not picking mine too.” She told him about the conversation between her and Solomon.

Genevieve purposely put her phone on silent. She had gotten to the location where Whiskey could not describe, but had to take them there. Whiskey stayed inside one of the cars they came with. Genevieve, Leroy and other officers tiptoed to the uncompleted house. When Genevieve raised her head up to view the left side of the building, she saw a man dozing off, sitting down and holding a gun. She knew none of the kidnappers would be expecting a rescue team.

Leroy and two officers sneaked to the back through the other side. Genevieve and Lanre moved quickly to the man. She grabbed his gun while Lanre used his gun to hit him on the head. He fainted. Another officer watched over him. Genevieve and Lanre bowed down and ran to check the entrance, a man stood still. They quickly moved backward. Genevieve knew if she shot him, the noise will alert the men inside and she had no clue how many there were. She could not take the risk and put a man’s life in danger.

Leroy motioned to a man standing at the backyard. He sneaked behind him and put a gun on his head. An officer took a rifle from his hand and forcefully pushed him to the car. Leroy entered with the other officer and they made their way inside. They heard a man’s voice. He seemed to be talking through the phone.

Leroy walked slowly, glimpsed over the window, and sighted an old man on his knees. His face was covered with a cloth. Leroy noticed it was just one person inside with him; he speedily entered and pulled the trigger. He shot the man on the left hand and the phone fell from the other one. Leroy called Genevieve to notify her she could enter. She did with the others and they rescued the kidnapped victim and arrested the men. Whiskey went home, one of the officers took the injured kidnapper to the hospital and Leroy drove to the bureau with the others, including Genevieve and the Judge’s husband.

Everyone was already inside the court except Genevieve. The judge told the lawyers to proceed. Peter Harold stood. 

“Your honor, may I approach?” He asked.

“Yes.” She answered with a frown on her face. 

Peter gestured and called Genevieve’s number. He leaned closer and whispered. “Your husband is safe.”


He gave her his phone. “Speak with him.”

She seemed confused, took the phone and spoke quietly through the phone. Her eyes ignited with excitement. She gave him back the phone and ordered him to go back.

“Let us proceed.” She wore her glasses.

Peter turned back to look at Tiwa, but she wasn’t there anymore. He looked back at the judge. “I will like to make a request again. I want you to give the order for Mr. Josiah, Alabi, Chucks and Solomon’s bank statements to be released.”


Sammie Nzeribe jerked and appeared muddled. He stared at the friends of his late son who were already fidgeting. Chidi and Benita were very confused and had no idea what to do next. Brown was relieved.

Peter returned to his chair, heard his phone beeped, he read a message from Tiwa and smiled. He stared at Brown and gave a wide smile. “Today is your lucky day.” His eyes travelled back to the judge. “Your honor, I have new information concerning Solomon. He is here to testify.”

Tiwa opened the door and entered into the courtroom with Solomon. Some officers came inside and blocked the door from anyone going out. Sammie Nzeribe rose on his feet. His eyes popping out from face.

“Barrister Harold and barrister Chidi, please approach.” The judge told them. They sauntered to meet her and she spoke. “I really want to hear his side of the story, I hope it will help the case?”

“Your honor,” Chidi said. “Hearing from Solomon will only slow down the progress of this case. He could be here to lie.”

“Lie about what?”

“That Brown Smith didn’t kill Clement Nzeribe.”

“We will see about that.” She gazed at Peter. “What do you have to say about this?”

“Solomon’s confession will prove my client is innocent. He came here on his own to reveal the truth. If truly Brown Smith is not guilty of the crime, I want death penalty off the table for Solomon.”

“I object to that, your honor!” Chidi said. 

“Since yesterday, I have been through a lot.” The judge sighed. “For you to talk about death penalty, it means Solomon could be the killer.”

“I have no idea, your honor,” Peter lied. “But one thing that man needs is get death penalty off him. He is remorseful about what happened to his friend.”


“Your honor…”

“I am through with you, barrister Chidi.” She hit the gavel. “Let the witness proceed.”

Solomon went to the stand. 

“Please, kindly tell the court what happened on the 17th of last month.” Peter said to him.

He sniffed his nose and wore a sad expression. “I went with my friends to visit Clement Nzeribe on that day, but he had no idea that was going to be his last day on earth.”

“Objection your honor,” Chidi barked. “We don’t have enough time to listen to his cock and bull story!”

“Objection overruled. One more from you, I will hold you in contempt. This man has every right to tell his story.”

“Please, tell us more.” Peter said.

Solomon continued. “Myself, Josiah, Chucks, and Alabi were paid money to frame Brown Smith for Clements murder.”

Murmuring took over the courtroom. The judge hit her gavel hard. The place became quiet as before.

“Chucks and Josiah drugged Brown and Clements drinks. I received a call for me to go ahead with the plan. When they slept, Chucks, Josiah and Alabi left me. I shot Clement, rubbed his blood on Brown’s body and put the gun in his hand. Immediately I did that, I ran away. Alabi called the policeman we were working with.”

“Who told you to kill Clement Nzeribe?”

Solomon had tears in his eyes and pointed at Sammie Nzeribe. “It’s Clements father.”
“It’s a lie!” Sammie raised his voice and pointed at him. “He is lying!”

“How much were you paid?” Peter asked Solomon.

“Twenty five million naira, but the others were paid twenty million each. I have not touched my money.”

“So it is certain that whenever the bank statements are released, we will find the deposit of the exact amount, right?”

“Yes. I also have evidence to proof Sammie Nzeribe is behind it.”

“Please show us.”

He took out his phone. “When Clements father suggested his plan at first, I refused. The second time he called me again, he never knew I turned on my phone recorder, but I agreed to kill his son because he threatened to end my mother’s life. I took my mother away two days before the incident because I was scared. I killed Clement and I am extremely sorry.”

Solomon played their conversation and the officers walked up to Sammie, the policeman and Clements friends. The politician kept shouting he was innocent and told the judge she would pay for embarrassing him.

“Take them away!” Judge Osunde spat. “The jury will decide the verdict of Brown Smith.”

Solomon was taken away and would be charged to court with the others. Ten minutes later, a man presented a paper to the judge and she read it.

“The jury finds the defendant not guilty.” She smiled. “He is free to go home.”

Rebecca screamed in excitement and ran to hug Brown. Tears of joy came down from his eyes. Tiwa walked up to Peter.

“You did it.”

“No, we fucking did it. It’s called team work.” He hugged her and saw Genevieve approaching with Adebiyi and Quincy.

“This calls for celebration.” Peter said to them. 

“Double celebration.” Adebiyi said gleefully at Tiwa who was curious why he made such statement. 

Quincy thanked everyone for a job well done. Rebecca thanked Peter, the detectives and Adebiyi for believing in her. Quinn embraced Brown and was happy for him. Brown expressed gratitude to the barrister and went home with his wife.
Peter promised to keep in touch with them before he went away. Tiwa and Adebiyi drove with Genevieve and Quincy to an eatery to hangout. When Tiwa ordered for an alcohol wine, Adebiyi refused and whispered to her.

“The result is with me. You are two weeks pregnant.”

Tiwa was surprised and hugged him excitedly. She understood when he told her it was a double celebration. She was so happy Genevieve suspected the sickness she has was a blessing in disguise.

The court ordered Sammie to pay for the damages at the bar. Compesate the family of the security man that died and the man that was shot. The judge sentenced him to twenty years in prison, Clements friends got twenty-five years, including the policeman. Solomon was sentenced to life imprisonment with a possibility of parole in thirty years. Beatrice Ewere got five years. Quincy Harvey got his job back.

A month later, on Friday afternoon, Genevieve was discussing with Tiwa in her partner's office when she remembered Peter. “When last did you hear from barrister Harold?”

“I won’t lie I heard from him once.” Tiwa replied. 

“As for me, it's twice. I called to check up on him and two days later he called back.”

“I hope he is okay. You know he is going through his divorce and I wonder how he is coping.”

“If you do care, you should have called him.”

“What about you?”

“We are doing nothing for now,” Genevieve said. “Why don’t we check up on him?”

“Have you forgotten we have never visited him in his office or home?”

“Can you imagine? We worked with him and we don’t even know the way to his chambers.”

Tiwa shrugged and rose. “Idara should know. Let’s go.” Tiwa grabbed the key to her car and Genevieve followed her out of the office. Idara told them the address and they drove there. They met his male secretary who wasn’t looking happy. 

“Barrister Peter Harold is not around.”

“Did he travel out of the country?” Genevieve asked him.


“We are detectives and we really need to see him.” Tiwa said with a serious voice.

“He is unavailable right now,” he said. “Didn’t you hear what happened to him?”

“What happened?” The partners asked at the same time.

“He went to the funeral of Miss Anita Okojie.”

Genevieve’s jaw dropped.

“Did you mean Whiskey?” Tiwa asked.

“Yes ma.” The secretary answered.

“Whiskey is dead?”

“Yes ma.”

“What! What happened? How did it happen?”

“She overdosed.”

“Damn it!”

“Please,” Genevieve said with tears hovering around her eyes. “Give us the location of where the funeral is taking place.”

He gave them and they left. All through Tiwa drove to the place, she and her partner stayed quiet. They got to the cemetery, came out from the car and sighted him with few people who were already leaving. Peter moved away from the tomb and sat on a bench beside a tall tree. He put his head down.

“Peter.” Genevieve called his name.

He raised his head and was surprised to see them. He stood up, Genevieve opened her arms, and he hugged her.

“I am very sorry for your loss.”


Tiwa managed to smile at him. She didn’t want to cry in front of them. “I don’t know what to say, but I am truly sorry.”

Peter smiled and clasped his arms around her. “Thank you Tiwa.”

She quickly wiped under her right eye. “We had no idea this happened.”

He sat down on the bench. Genevieve joined him and Tiwa sat on his right side.

“I did everything I could to help her, but she refused. She overdosed. I have arrested those who gave her cocaine. I fucking feel terrible.”

“You shouldn’t.” Tiwa said. “At first when we met, I underestimated you. Now I know, you are a good man. Your kind is rare.”

“We don’t want you to blame yourself for her demise.” Genevieve told him. “We really care about you.”

Peter chuckled faintly and looked at both of them. “You care about me? How is that possible? You do not consider me as a friend.”

Genevieve smiled and extended her right hand. “My name is detective Genevieve. Can we be friends?”

Peter grinned and shook her hand. “Yes.” He turned to Tiwa.

Her hand was already up. “Friends?”

“You know I can’t say no to you.” He shook her hand. “Come here both of you, I am done shaking your hands.” Peter put his hands around Genevieve and Tiwa's neck and gave them a light squeeze.

Few seconds later, he spoke. “Tiwa, how come you are looking fatter? I think you have added some weight. Are you fucking pregnant?”

“Peter Harold, please, leave me alone!” Tiwa yelled.

Genevieve laughed hard.
The End.        Please Read below…….


Adedamola Adedeji Williams loses his wife. His two sons and daughters are called back home to gather and stay in the mansion where they grew up and had different childhood memories and attend their estranged mother’s funeral. Adedamola have a plan. He wants to calm the storm destroying the unity in his family.

Bode, the eldest and first son, hot tempered and mysterious, a shaky marriage and he has a deep secret underneath his heart; Christ dedicated Lola, the second child, nice and serious-minded, has a hidden and an ugly past. Benjamin, the third child and second son, stubborn and heartbroken, a relationship he regrets letting go; Dakota, the pampered one and last born of the family is daring and unpredictable. 

It is an intriguing story about love, harmony, grudge, sacrifice, and forgiveness.
(This is going to be an E-book and it will be for sale. I will sell it either on Okada or another method.) I will let you know when I post chapter one and two for you tomorrow in case you think it is interesting and you want to buy. (Read below)

Synopsis for next story

When Bruno met Dakore, their lives changed forever. What they never expected happened. The romance and suspense story is the beginning of friendship, trust, animosity, revenge, lust and desire of the heart.

(Season 4 of ‘Partners in crime’ will be posted after the end of this series)        

THANK YOU. Au revior! I hope you enjoyed season 3.


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