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When Bruno Met Dakore.. Episode 10.

Austin was obviously taken aback to see Dakore standing at the doorpost of his office. Dakore hastily lifted some documents and handed over them to him.

“I came to your office, I didn’t see you there.” She said. “Mr. Ejike told me he saw you entering Miss Caroline’s office, that’s why I went there.”

He took the documents from her. If Austin had opportunity to do what was on his mind, he would have put a blow on Dakore’s face. He was deeply furious at her, and despite she noticed the hostile expression on him, she didn’t care. He wouldn’t dare lift a finger on her.

She added. “The account you presented to Mr. Bruno to sign is incorrect. I looked at the amount…”

“I will crosscheck and get back to you!” He quickly said, entered his office and banged the door hard.

Dakore smiled. She had suspected Caroline and Austin were intimate but didn’t want to believe it. She purposely went to Caroline’s office. She went to inform Bruno that there was an error and Austin was correcting it.

One hour later, after the correction and signing of the documents, Caroline sent for Dakore through Ejike. The moment Dakore went into her office she apologized again.

“There’s no need for an apology.” Caroline said with a smile on her face. “Please, sit down.”

She sat down.

The manager spoke, still with a smiling face. “You are a grown woman and a reliable employee in this company. I like you and I don’t need to lie to you because we are not babies. I trust you, Dakore. I want to earn your trust, that’s why I am opening up about my affair with Austin. We are dating.”

“Oh. I had no idea.”

“That’s why I am telling you.”

“Okay.” Dakore said softly.

“Don’t you have anything to say?”

“No. Are you expecting me to say something?”

“We are friends Dakore. I consider you as a friend if you don’t. You already know Austin is a married man. I was expecting you to advise me or tell me what I am doing is wrong.”

“Like you said earlier, we are not babies. You are a grown woman and you should know what you want. I can’t tell you dating Mr. Austin is wrong or not. You are old enough to know what you want.”

Caroline relaxed her back on her chair and crossed her legs. “I hope my secret is safe with you.”

“Of course.” Dakore said and smiled. “Be assured I won’t say anything to anyone.”


“You’re welcome.”

“You should visit me in my home soon.”

“I will visit when I am free.” She rose.

“Any plans for today. Are you following Mr. Bruno somewhere? We could go to my place after work.”

“I will leave with Mr. Bruno after work.”

“Is he going home? It’s been long I went to his place.”

“He hasn’t told me where we are going to.” Dakore said.

“No problem.”

“I should leave now.”

“That’s okay.” Caroline beamed. “I will see you later.”

“Yes ma.”

The moment Dakore stepped out of her office, Caroline’s face changed.

Two days later, Dakore reminded Bruno to make a call. He didn’t thank her, told her it was her duty to remind him. She gave him his privacy and he made a call. The person picked after the second ring.

“Hello.” The Bruno said.

“Hello. Who is this?”

“Am I speaking with doctor Roland?”


“This is Bruno Kingston.”

“Bruno! Bruno! I have been expecting your number from your secretary!”

“I decided to call you myself. It’s been long!”

“Yes. I lost my phone and lost my contacts. I didn’t do a backup plan. I stumbled on your office number in an old jotter of mine.”

“It’s nice to hear from you after a long time.”

“It’s true bro. How is everything with you, your brother and parents?”

“They are doing well. And yours?” Bruno enquired.

“My parents are fine.” Roland responded in a happy tone. “I have a baby girl now.”

“Wow! That’s good news! What about your wife and son?”

“They are fine.” he said, paused and asked. “Bruno, it seems you have not changed.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was expecting you to tell me you have gotten married or planning to do so.”

Bruno laughed hard. “So because we didn’t hear from each other for a year I should be married.”

“That’s not it. We have been friends for a long time and we are age mates. It’s time for you to take a woman to the altar and make her your wife. You are not getting younger.”

“I have to meet my missing rib first before doing that.”

“What if you have seen her and you just don’t know you are in love because you are not looking clearly?”

Bruno exploded into a very long laugh.

“This is a serious issue.” Roland said.

“I have eyes and I can see clearly with them. Maybe when I meet Vicky Olatunji, I will consider her to be my future wife.”

“Is that not the former most beautiful girl in Nigeria?”


He hissed, “You are not serious! It seems marriage is not in your dictionary. We should not talk about this on phone. We have to meet.”

“I will check my schedule and my P.A will call you.”

“Oh! I asked after Gabriel, Jimoh told me what happened. I am sorry.”


“I appreciate your call. I will call you later; I have to check on a patient.”

“No problem.” Bruno ended the call.

On a Tuesday evening, Bruno decided to go home alone. Dakore saw it as an opportunity to follow Uchenna. She was still concerned about Gabriel’s wife and prayed to bump into her soon.

Dakore boarded a taxi and it didn’t bother her when the driver told her the amount she would pay. Uchenna arrived at the hotel, Dakore paid, put on a scarf to cover her face and wore dark sunglasses incase Uchenna looked at her direction. She wouldn’t be able to recognize her easily. She carefully followed Uchenna behind and waited for her to enter into the reception. A minute later, she entered, tipped the receptionist two thousand naira to know the person she came to see.

“Male or female?” Dakore asked.


Dakore appeared disappointed. “Do you know the man’s name?”

“Not really,” the receptionist whispered to Dakore. “I don’t really know the man’s name but he registered as Mr. B.”

“Mr. B?”


“No surname?”


She smiled faintly. “Thank you.” Dakore removed the scarf, and thought as she strolled out of the building. 

Bruno was the only person she knew that his name started with the letter B. It was impossible for her Boss to be the one because most times, both of them were always together but whenever she trailed Uchenna to the hotel, Bruno wasn’t with her.

Bruno and Uchenna can never be dating secretly. Dakore said silently to herself.

On Thursday afternoon, rain fell heavily and that made Bruno give a notice to Dakore that no one must interrupt him in his office. He needed privacy. Bruno wanted to rest. He would alert her after he woke up. When some of the staffs informed Dakore they needed to see the boss, she told them his message.

Nneka called Dakore to remind her of the party they were to attend and work together. Dakore told her she would spend the night at Nneka’s place on Friday and they would go to the event together the following day.

When the rain subsided one hour later, Dakore went out to eat lunch, returned and was about strolling to meet the secretary when Uchenna strode in her way. She took her hand and whisked her to her office.

“What is going on?” Dakore asked confused. She had no reason for Uchenna’s behavior.

“I have been looking for you.” Uchenna said. “Are you not aware about the drama happening in Miss Caroline’s office?”

“I just came back from a restaurant. How would I know?”

“Anyways, I will give you the little gist I know. Thank God Miss Caroline’s office is quite far from Mr. Bruno’s office if not they would have woken him up.”

“What really happened?” Dakore was anxious hearing that.

“A woman came to see Miss Caroline and Jimoh was ordered not to allow her in. You won’t believe the woman looked at all the doors and found Caroline’s name. I saw her. She entered into her office and ever since then, they have been quarreling.”

“What did they quarrel about?” Dakore asked curiously.

“The woman claimed to be Caroline’s mother. She’s very beautiful like her daughter but there was no trace of Mexican blood in her appearance. She doesn’t look like a half-caste to me. I know one when I see one.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Miss Caroline told us her mom is partly Mexican and Ghanaian. Anyways, that’s her business. The woman accused Miss Caroline of parking out of the house and abandoning her.”

The loud voice of Caroline interrupted their conversation.

“You better go and stop this,” Uchenna said. “Mr. Bruno will accuse you for this if they eventually wake him up.”

“Let me try and do something to stop this.”


Dakore left and went to Caroline’s office, knocked and entered. Caroline and a woman in her fifties stopped arguing. Her mother was slightly fair, average in height and had lovely eyes. They looked at Dakore and she greeted them. Only the woman replied politely. Caroline seemed furious.

“Please, I will like both of you to lower the volume of your voice. Mr. Bruno is asleep.”

“He is around?” The woman asked Dakore in a surprised tone.

“Yes ma.”

She glanced at Caroline. “I thought you said he wasn’t around.”

Caroline eyed Dakore and glared at her. “Mom,” she said. “This is not the time and place to discuss the issue. You have to leave.”

“I just want to see him, that’s all.”

“There is nothing to see him for.”

“I won’t say anything,” her mom said. “I just want to see him.”

Caroline walked to her door and put her hand on the handle. “You have to leave now or I will call the security to throw you out. I will call you later and also create time to see you at home.”

“Whatever you are trying to do, it will not end well.”

She opened the door wide. Her mom smiled faintly at Dakore and walked out. Caroline slammed the door hard, gazed at Dakore angrily and pointed at her.

“Do not ever interrupt me again! Don’t come into my office when I have a guest.”

“I am sorry, Mr. Bruno is asleep…”

She raised her right hand up and directed it at Dakore’s face. “Hold it there. I don’t need your explanation.” Caroline moved towards her desk. “Leave my office.”

Dakore said nothing, opened the door and sauntered away. She asked Jimoh about the woman, he told her she had gone. Bruno woke up later and saw several missed calls on his phones. He called Dakore and asked if anyone called her to leave a message. Two ladies, his cousin in Abuja, one of his investors and a friend called. She told him the messages they left. He promised to call them when he got home.

At 5:20pm, most of the employees were leaving, Bruno and Dakore left together to his car. Bruno’s phone rang and he picked. Dakore took his briefcase from him, kept it at the backseat and her eyes travelled to the direction of the gate. The woman presumed to be Caroline’s mom was outside, standing beside a small back car. Her eyes were fixed on Bruno as he spoke on his phone.

Bruno didn’t notice but Dakore did and wondered why. The woman noticed Dakore was staring at her; she quickly entered into the car and drove away. Bruno ended the call, hopped into his vehicle, Dakore joined him and he zoomed out of his company. He drove to a supermarket, told Dakore to collect anything, and he bought what he needed.

They arrived home, Bruno went to shower and Dakore monitored what Tim prepared. Bruno and Dakore ate without talking to each other. Bruno was the first to leave the dining.

Dakore finished eating, cleared the plates and went to the living room. She stood at Bruno’s left side. He was playing a game on his tablet.

“I want to see you sir.” She said in a softened tone.

“Bingo, I am not invincible.” he said without looking at her. “Say whatever you want to say. I am listening.”

She swallowed the anger ready to burst out from her body. If not for the items he bought for her without her asking for them, she would have yelled at him and warned him never to call her such a name again.

Dakore cleared her throat. “I wanted to ask for permission not to come to your house on Saturday.”

He paused the game and stared at her. “Are you going somewhere important?”

“Yes sir. I want to see my mom…”

“Oh!” he hit his forehead lightly and gazed at her. “I just remembered I won’t be at home on Saturday. You can go and visit your mom. You can go home now.” Bruno focused his eyes on the game.

“Yes sir.” Dakore said feeling disappointed. He didn’t even allow her finish her statement. She thanked him for the items and left. Dakore visited her mom before heading to the motel.

The hall used for the cocktail party was spectacular and colorful with beautiful flowers, and crystal light decorations. The placed smelled nicely and refreshing. Women of different sizes, shapes and color attended. It was strictly my invitation. The special occasion only contained sixty people. The host, the governor’s son Bola Ajayi invited only close friends and family. He organized the party once in a year and his girlfriend of seven years of relationship was always by his side.

They were enough drinks, alcohol, nonalcoholic and other kinds of fruits juice. The cocktail snacks were delicious and guests requested for more. Cool and slow music played.

Bruno sat in the midst of his girlfriend and three of her friends. They admired his outfit and the fragrance flowing out of his body scented pleasantly. As he took a sip from his wine, he searched for the former most beautiful girl in Nigeria, sighted her and thought of a way to get to her without Tracy noticing.

“I wonder why no one is dancing.” Bruno said to Tracy. “This is a beautiful song. We shouldn’t just be listening.”

“Sometimes, listening is better.”

“Just simply tell Bruno you can’t dance.” Her dark complexioned friend said.

“You can’t dance?” Bruno asked her surprisingly.

Tracy eyed her friend and faced Bruno. “Don’t mind her. I can. I don’t feel like dancing right now. I prefer hip hop and afro-beats.”

“That’s okay, but as for me, I can dance to any kind of music, whether fast or slow.”

Tracy looked around, did a double look, laughed sarcastically and pointed at a direction. “Honey, is that not your bingo?”

Bruno stared at Tracy puzzled. “Bingo?”

Tracy’s friends were shocked and curious. They chuckled mockingly as they stared at where Tracy jagged her finger.

Bruno gazed at the direction and saw Dakore coming their way. She didn’t realized it was her boss seating with some ladies until Tracy raised her hand at her way.

“Hey you! Come here.”

Dakore glanced at them and almost wanted the ground to swallow her as she saw Bruno’s broad eyes all over her. She swallowed a huge lump down her dry throat and tried to compose herself. Bruno seemed pissed and stunned with the look on his face.

“What are you doing here?” Bruno questioned Dakore.

Before she could answer, Tracy spoke to Dakore. “Bingo…”  

“Excuse me?” Bruno turned to Tracy. An enormous frown had crinkled his entire face.

Dakore was almost crying. Instead of her to cause a scene by screaming at Bruno for making his lousy girlfriend humiliate her, she simply turned away from them with teary eyes.

“Bingo, where the hell are you going to?” Tracy questioned Dakore as she briskly walked out on them. Her friends laughed.

“Is something wrong with you?” Bruno rose on his feet. His eyes were angry.

“What did I do wrong?”

“Are you asking me what you did wrong? You had no right whatsoever!”

Eyes were on him. That did not matter.

“I didn’t do anything wrong.” Tracy said.

“Really? That’s very good. If you make a mistake to follow me, I will disgrace you. Do not ever call me or mention my name again. It is over!”

“But baby…”

“I said the relationship is over!”

Bruno quickly ambled away, without waiting to listen to what Tracy had to say. He dashed past the former most beautiful girl in Nigeria Vicky Olatunji.

“Hello.” She said to him.

Bruno didn’t answer. He did not even see or hear her clearly. At that moment he was angry. He asked one of the servers if they had seen Dakore. He described her and she told him, she saw her walking towards the kitchen.

“Thank you.” He speedily paced out of the hall and dashed into the path leading to the kitchen.

“Crying won’t solve anything.” Nneka told Dakore in the kitchen after she explained what happened. “Wipe your tears.”

Dakore sniffed her nose and cleaned her eyes. Nneka saw Bruno at the doorstop and suspected him to be Dakore’s boss.

She whispered to Dakore. “He is here. I have to go.”

“Thank you.” She said in a low tone.

Nneka left the kitchen with some appetizers. Dakore decided not to turn to him. She remained in her exact position. Bruno moved near her.

“I am very…”

“I quit.” Dakore didn’t allow him finish. “I will not tolerate any insolence from you or your girlfriend. I will not…”

“Please, say no more.” Bruno placed his hands on her shoulders and the sensation she felt was astonishing. She closed her eyes, inhaled and cried silently. He turned her gently to face him and he slowly wiped the tears off her face. “Please, don’t quit.”

Dakore managed to gaze into his eyes.

“I will never disrespect you again,” he said. “Put the blame on me. I was childish and thoughtless to call you such a name. I am deeply sorry. I will make sure you will not be disrespected by anyone. Believe me I am truly sorry for the humiliation. You did not deserve it.”

“I hope your girlfriend won’t insult me again because I will not take it.”

“I have broken up with Tracy.”

She was totally shocked. “You didn’t have to.”

“I had to. It was the right thing to do. There is no way I will allow her get away with it. The relationship is over. It was already over before we came here.” He smiled at her.

Dakore didn’t.

Bruno lifted her chin. “Cheer up. I know you have been working hard at the company. You should know because I always agree to whatever you say that has to do with the growth of the company. I appreciate. I will not only treat you as my employee or personal assistant but as a friend too.” He winked at her.

She chuckled lightly.

“That’s better.” He took her left hand. “Follow me!”

“To where?!”

Bruno didn’t answer her until they got to where he wanted her to be. “The dance floor.”

Tracy glared at them in shock. The deejay already changed the genre of the music and played a hip-hop song.

“I hope you can dance.” He told her.

“Oh my God!” She giggled as he started to dance in front of her. She couldn’t believe it. “I am shy!”

“Not with me. Now dance!” 

Dakore had no choice. She danced with him. It brought back old memories of herself and her brother dancing in a club or a birthday party. Bruno dancing with her made her feel free and happy. 

The woman who gave Nneka and Dakore the job kept quiet. She knew Bruno was influential and wealthy, and a close pal to her cousin, the host. She intended not to stop the music but watch them. Nneka couldn’t stop smiling, she was very happy that Dakore wasn’t crying anymore but having a nice time.

After some music played, the deejay played a cool and slow song. Bruno shoved Dakore gently to his body, ran his left hand across her waist and lifted her other hand. She put her right hand on the back of his neck. They began to dance as they stared at each other.

“I feel awkward.” Dakore said with a smile on her lips. “I am not wearing a dress.”

“It doesn’t matter what you are wearing.”

He pushed her head on his chest as they danced slowly. The host, some of the guests were whispering to each other. Some couples who were enjoying the show, joined Bruno and Dakore on the dance floor. Tracy’s friends mocked her. She left with her eyes covered in tears.

Dakore held Bruno tightly and heard the sound of his heartbeat. Her face beamed and she wanted more from this man. If only she could reveal to him how she felt. She had no idea how his reaction would be. She couldn’t say anything about it, she didn’t want to spoil the special moment. As Bruno danced with her, he danced with her heart too. Dakore Roberts finally admitted to herself, she was drunk in love with Bruno Kingston.

To be continued… Thursday 


  1. Waooh , best episode so far, I love this episode, seriously this is my favorite, most times when I read it as if the episode should not finish lol, I love Bruno and dakore, but I seen true love on the way and also danger, now dakore has a lot or enemies and they need to be very careful, Good job Mami God bless you carina k j.

  2. Beautiful episode, Carina. I love Bruno and Dakore together. Thumbs up for you dear.


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