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When Bruno Met Dakore... Epsiode 11.

Dakore and Bruno clapped their hands with the guests when the music stopped playing. Bruno bowed slowly in front of her with a grin on his lips. She giggled and smiled widely at hm.

“I hope you enjoyed yourself.” Bruno said to Dakore as they walked out of the dance floor.

“Yes I did. Thank you.”

“I should be the one thanking you. You didn’t have to dance with me after what I caused. I apologize again.”

“It’s in the past and I already accepted your apology.”

The cousin of the host cleared her throat loudly to get their attention. They turned to her direction and she shook Bruno’s hand.

“I really didn’t want to intrude but I have to inform you the lady you danced with is among the servers here. Her attention is needed in the kitchen.”

Bruno glanced at Dakore. “You lied to me. Why are you among the servers?”

“I need the money.”

“Why didn’t you ask me?” He faced the woman. “I know you are related to Bola Ajayi and you are in charge of the servers. How much is the fee?”

“One hundred thousand naira.”

“Keep the change,” he said. “Dakore is no longer interested, she’s with me now.”

“If you say so.” The woman marched away.

Dakore’s stunned eyes were on Bruno. First, he called her by her first name and secondly, he was acting very nice to her.

“I will give you the money and when we see on Monday, you and I have to talk.”

“Talk about what?”         
“I’m your boss. You will find out that day.” He looked at his wristwatch and back at Dakore. “I think we should go home. I no longer want to be here. I could take you home.”

“My friend is one of the servers and we are supposed to leave together.”

“Okay. If that is what you want no problem. Remember, you are my guest, you can have anything you want.”

“I’m okay for now.”

Bruno looked at her for few seconds with a side smile on his lips. “I think I will stay and wait for you and your friend. I will get a cab for both of you.”

“Why do you want to stay?”

“If I leave, you are likely to return to that kitchen and do the job. You will definitely get two hundred thousand naira because you would want to prove smart. I like smart people Dakore, you are smart.”

Dakore smiled. “I won’t do that.”

“Then,” He directed his hand to an empty chair. “Sit.”

She went over and sat down.

“I will be right back.” He left her to talk to the celebrant.

Dakore couldn’t stop looking at him. He was charming. Bruno later excused himself to talk with few of his friends he met there. He surveyed the hall to search for the former most beautiful girl and saw her talking to a commissioner’s son. He decided to change his mind not to talk to her again. She wasn’t worth his time and speech. Bruno gazed at the direction of Dakore and felt she might be bored. He motioned towards her way, halted when his phone started to ring. His cousin was calling.

“Hello babe.”

“Good evening bro.” Catherina said. “How are you?”

“I’m good. Where are you?”

“Abuja,” she answered. ‘I am calling to inform you I will be in Lagos on Monday. Will you be around during the week, I really want us to talk?”

Bruno sighed and swallowed. “No.”

“Are you travelling?”


“Bruno, you are lying. You just don’t want me to come because of what I intend to discuss with you.”

“I have no idea what you want to discuss with me, Catherina.”

“I know you do, but since you claimed you won’t be around, no problem. I will check on your parents.”

“Okay. I will call you during the week. Take care.” Bruno ended the call. He definitely knew what Catherina wanted to discuss with him. He went over to meet Dakore and sat close to her. “I hope you are enjoying yourself.”

Dakore was drinking a glass of wine. “Yes.”

He peeped at his phone and made a transaction. He stared at her. “Where is your phone?”

“I left it at home. I only brought the other phone in case someone wants to reach you through me.”

“Okay. I did a mobile transfer to your account. I am sure you will see an alert when you get home.”

Dakore couldn’t stop smiling. She dropped the glass on the table. “Thank you very much sir. I am very grateful.”

“You are welcome.” He rose, took some cash from his wallet and placed it on the table.

 “I want to go home and rest. That’s money for a cab for you and your friend.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Thank you ma.” Bruno walked away with a smile on his face.

Dakore chuckled, watched him leave and drank the remaining wine.

“I can’t believe what happened at the party,” Nneka said to Dakore inside the cab. They planned to see Dakore’s mom at the hospital before both of them would go to the motel. Nneka had called her husband she would return with Dakore in the morning, the following day. “Your boss is a drama king.”

Dakore laughed. “You can say that again.”

“You couldn’t stop smiling,” she said playfully. “I hope you have not fallen in love with your boss.”

The expression on Dakore’s face changed. She bowed her head. Nneka gazed at her dazed. Dakore's phone started to ring, she dipped her hand in her pocket and glimpsed at the phone. She looked at Nneka. “Please, don’t talk. My boss’s cousin is calling. Good evening Miss Catherina.”

“Good evening Dakore. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine, thank you.”

“Does my brother have plans to travel this coming new week?”

“I am unaware. If he plans to travel, I am sure he would let me know on Monday.” She replied, thinking that was what Bruno wanted to discuss with her.

“I see. I will be in Lagos on Monday, if I can’t see my cousin, I will see you.”

“I hope there’s no problem?”

“Not at all.” Catherina kept quiet for a moment and spoke. “You are his personal assistant, don’t you advise him about his personal life? Bruno is old enough to get married.”

“I’m not close enough to advise him on such.”

“Please, if you can, try and advise him. He might listen to you.”

“I doubt that, but I will try my best and get back to you.”

“Okay. Take good care of yourself, Dakore.”

“I will. Take care, Miss Catherina.”

“What is she saying?” Nneka asked Dakore after she placed the phone back in her pocket.”

“She wants me to advise Mr. Bruno to get married.”

“How can you advise Mr. Bruno to get married when you have fallen in love with him?”

“And what makes you think I’m in love with him?”

“It’s written all over your face when his name is mentioned. Even before today, I knew you liked him, but you are too blind to realize it.”

“I think I realized it today.” Dakore said softly. She took a deep breath and directly gazed into Nneka’s eyes. “It’s true, I’m in love with him and I don’t know what to do.” She rubbed her face with her left hand.

Nneka moved closer to her, and embraced her gently into her arms. “You will be alright. Hold on my friend, I know it won’t be easy, you will be alright.”

Dakore had no idea the call she received from Bruno’s cousin was still on. Catherina had listened to their conversation and ended the call.

Bruno got home tired. He was all alone in his big house. He went straight to the shower, bathed, wore his pajamas and poured himself some whisky at the bar section in the living room. He returned to his bedroom, climbed the bed and scrolled through his phone contacts to search for whom to call. He didn’t find anyone, he dropped his phone on the bed and drank whisky.

His family pissed him off for trying to shove marriage into his throat. He wasn’t in love with any woman and he didn’t want to rush into a union that was supposed to last for eternity, till death do them apart.

Why won’t his family understand and leave him alone. He wasn’t their only child, they should find Bayomi and persuade him to get married. There was nothing anyone could do to make him marry. As long as he hasn’t fallen in love, there was no way, he would take a woman to the alter, never!

On Sunday, after Dakore returned from Nneka’s house to collect her phone, she called Bruno to thank him for the money. She saw the alert of one hundred thousand naira.
She went to the hospital and met her mother awake. They discussed about the hospital bills and spoke generally about what was happening around them.

“You haven’t talked about your boss, I hope he is treating you well.”

Dakore refused to say anything about the cocktail party. She didn’t want to tell her mother anything about Bruno especially how she behaved the day she revealed who she worked for.

“He is treating me well.” She replied. “He is a nice man.”

“Are you sure?”

“Mom, what do you mean are you sure?”

“I just want to know if you are working for a good family.”

“Family? It is no longer a family business. The company belongs to Bruno Kingston and if you don’t want to tell me what you know about the Kingston's , don’t ever ask after them again. It’s annoying!”

“What makes you think I know something about the family?” Mrs. Roberts asked.

“It’s your reaction whenever we talk about Bruno’s family!”

“You are angry.”

“I should be angry. Can we talk about something else?”

“Sure, have you heard from Silas?”

“You just made me angrier! I will be outside and when I am calm, I will come back and ask you how you are feeling!” Dakore stormed out from the room and motioned outside to where she sat down the day she met Uchenna.

Dakore heaved heavily and closed her eyes. The previous nights, she always thought about Bruno before closing her eyes to sleep. What was she going to do if Bruno does not fall in love with her? What if he marries another woman? She will not be able to cope. Was she going to be like this forever, alone, and unloved?

Dakore opened her eyes and tears came out and fell down her cheeks.

As early as 6am on Monday morning, Bruno called Dakore to inform her she should go to the office. He would meet her there. She did as she was told. Bruno arrived and he had a quick meeting with his employees before they performed their duties.

The staffs were surprised when he called Dakore by her name and the way he interacted with her in a friendly way. After lunch, Bruno called Dakore into his office and told her to sit. She sat opposite him. He extended a file to her.

“Go through it now.”

“Yes sir.”

He focused his gaze on his laptop. Dakore read the file and was enthusiastic about it.

“I think it’s a great idea sir,” she said.

He looked at her. “You really think we should have an NGO and focus on people with heart disease?”

“Yes. Many people with heart disease in this country don’t have the resources to fund the operation. The government is doing nothing about it. If you should know how many people are living with this ailment in this country, you will be baffled.”

“I don’t know anyone with such ailment. Do you?”

Dakore bowed down her head.

“Do you have a problem with your heart?”

Dakore raised her head and stared at him with teary eyes. “My mom is the one with the problem.”

“Oh my God! I’m deeply sorry! Where is she?”

“She is at the hospital.”

“Oh, you told me she was in the hospital the day you came for interview. I totally forgot, I thought it was nothing serious that was why it escaped my mind. If you had told me something like this, I would have looked into her case."

“I didn’t know.”

“Does she need to be operated?”


“And you are looking for money for her operation.”

“Yes sir.”

“That was why you went to the party.”

“Yes sir.”

Bruno took his handkerchief from his desk and gave it to her. “Wipe that tears off your face.”

Dakore cleaned her eyes. “Thank you sir.”

“Don’t thank me, I have done nothing.” He sighed and tapped his fingers on the table. “How much are we talking about for the operation?”

“7.2 million naira.”

“Wow! I will speak with my dad concerning your mom.”

“Thank you sir!”

“Don’t thank me yet, I can give you a cheque right now, but I want to speak with my dad first. You have been useful to me and I cannot watch you suffer in silence.”

“You don’t need to give me the full amount, I have three million naira.”

“What! You have such money. What the hell are you doing working for me as my personal assistant.”

“It’s a long story.”

“I want to hear the short version of the story. Make it short. I mean very short.”

“My father died two years ago. I had a huge business that collapsed months ago and I lost some money too. While my mother was in the hospital, my brother sold our house and left the country. I sold my cars to raise money for hospital bills and the last vehicle I sold was how I got the three million naira.”

“That means you used to be rich.”

“Yes sir.”

“Damn! You went through all these and you are still alive. You are not just smart, you are strong.”

Dakore smiled at him. “Thank you sir.”

“I will tell you a short story about myself. I have a brother that forced my dad to give him his inheritance.”

“But your dad is still alive.”

“Bayomi didn’t care. Anyways he got what he wanted.”

“Your brother’s name starts with a B?”

“Yes. Why do you ask?”

“Nothing.” Dakore replied. “I’m just curious to know.”

“If you say so. I will see my dad in the evening and give you a feedback. I think it’s time you meet my family. I will take you there tomorrow.”


“Yes. You’re no longer a stranger to me.” Bruno said with a smile and grabbed his phone to make a call.

 “Are you sure she is truly in love with my son?” Mr. Kingston asked Catherina outside the house. They were in the garden, near the swimming pool. He was also smoking.

“Yes uncle. I won’t leave what I was doing to come and tell you such. I overheard her conversation with a friend of hers. She has fallen in love with your son and he has no idea about it.”

He erupted into a loud laugh. She was muddled.

“You are happy.” Catherina said.

He took a long drag from his cigarette, inhaled and exhaled. “I am very happy. I have told Bruno to bring her here but he hasn’t. I had a plan for Bruno and I didn’t even care if she was in love with my son. If truly she loves him, what I had in mind would go smoothly.”

“What do you have in mind?”

Mr. Kingston laughed again, took out his phone and called a number. “When I finish my call, I will spill everything to you. Thank you for this information.”

“You’re welcome sir.”

The person he called answered the call. “Hello sir.”

“My barrister,” Kingston said. “I need you to bring that document for me in the evening. I will present it to my son this week.”

“Yes sir but are you sure you really want to go ahead with it? Will Mr. Bruno fall for it?”

“Oh yes, he will fall for it. I know him. What I have in store for him, Bruno will never see it coming.” He ended the call and faced Catherina who seemed puzzled. “Don’t worry niece, your cousin will get married soon.”


“Oh yes. Very soon.”

Dakore came out from Bruno’s office and met a woman sitting at the reception. She recognized the woman as Caroline’s mom. Jimoh informed her she wasn’t here to see her daughter but the boss. Dakore greeted her and she responded nicely.

“You don’t have an appointment with Mr. Bruno.” She said to the woman.

“No. The secretary told me I have to see you first before I see him.”

She looked at Jimoh. “Is Miss Caroline around?”


“Please, I don’t want her to know I am around." the woman spoke.  "I just want to see Mr. Bruno briefly.”

“He is about to leave the office but I will inform him you are here to see him.”

“Okay. Thank you very much.”

Dakore knocked Bruno’s door and he asked her to enter. She did. 

"Sir, Miss Caroline’s mom is here to see you.”

His eyebrows rose. “Caroline’s mom?”

“Yes sir.”

“I don’t know her. What is she here to see me for?”

“She mentioned she wants to see you briefly.”

"Let her in and be here when I talk to her. "

"Yes sir."

When Dakore informed her she could go in, she appeared delighted and eager to see Bruno. Both of them entered and Bruno rose. The woman’s eyes brightened the moment she saw him. Dakore looked directly at her. There was something mysterious about this woman and she was determined to know why it was so important to see Bruno.

“Good afternoon ma.” He said to her and relaxed back on his chair. “Please, sit down.”

She smiled brightly at him and sat down. “Good afternoon my son.”

Dakore gave her a look.

“My P.A informed me you wanted to see me briefly.” He said to her. “I am in a hurry to leave. What do you want?”

The woman couldn’t stop smiling at him. She could hardly hide the blissful appearance on her.

“I just wanted to see how you are doing and thank you for taking care of your….” She swallowed. “Thank you for taking care of your manager which happens to be My daughter. She told me good things about you.”

“I am not taking care of your daughter. She is simply doing her job here and I am rewarding her for the good work.”

The smile remained on her lips. “You look like your father but you have your mother’s eyes.”

Dakore lifted one eyebrow. Bruno stared at her curious.

“And how do you know that?”

She chuckled and replied. “My daughter told me.”

“Your daughter is wrong. I don’t have my mother’s eyes. By the way, Caroline told me her mother is from Ghana and Mexico. I asked because of the appearance of her skin.”

“I am a Nigerian from Edo state. She must have told you that because we were not in good terms at that time.”

“Then how come she looks mixed breed in a way like me?”

“Like I said before, we were not in good terms.”

“She was not in good terms with her father too?”

Dakore looked closely at her to watch her reaction.

The woman wasn’t smiling anymore. “Caroline don’t like talking about her father because they don’t talk to each other and I will like to keep it that way.”

Bruno rose and buttoned his jacket. “Well, that’s family business. It’s absolutely none of my business. I have to be on my way to see my father. It was nice seeing you Mrs…?”

“Jessica Obaze and you can address me as Miss.” She rose on her feet.

“No problem.” Bruno gazed at Dakore. “She is leaving. Open the door for her.”

“Yes sir.”

“It was nice seeing you.” Jessica said.

Bruno smiled at her. Dakore opened the door and she walked away. Bruno told Dakore to inform one of the drivers to get his car ready. Dakore strolled out of the office, she was in a hurry to meet up with Miss. Jessica. She met her motioning towards the gate.

“Excuse me ma!” Dakore uttered.

Jessica turned back.

She hiked to meet her. “My name is Dakore and I don’t mean to intrude, I just want to ask you a personal question.”

“What is it my daughter?”

“You are not married, that is why you are bearing Miss. Jessica Obaze, right?”


"That means Obaze is your father's surname?"


“How come your daughter is also bearing the same surname with you?”

She looked astonished hearing such question from her. Jessica smiled lightly. “You are Bruno’s personal assistant, right?”

“Yes ma.”

“Please, take good care of my....” She paused and sighed.

“Of your what?”

“Of my daughter’s boss.” Jessica turned and walked out of the gate.

To be continued.  Monday


  1. Chai......Nne this is short oooh, dont tell me she is bruno’s Mum and dakore ‘s Mum knows something about it since she was a nurse, I love dakore and Bruno I love there passionate love I can’t wait for Bruno to fall in love nice one my dear.

  2. So short Carina, can't wait for Bruno to fall in love with Dakore.


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