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Saturday, March 03, 2018

When Bruno Met Dakore... Episode 13.

  • I apologize to everyone that waited for this episode. A big thank you to those that called, contacted me through my mail and Whatsapp. I’m grateful. I was in a hurry to travel last week and I didn’t take my laptop. Although I’ve not gone back to my base, I had to use someone’s laptop to write. Thanks for your patience. I appreciate. *Hugs*

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Dakore took the available taxi she saw at the front of the hospital gate. Thank God the piece of paper Caroline wrote her address was inside her wallet. She wasn’t thinking in one direction at that time. How was she going to face Caroline? She was in rage and keeping calm was not going to be part of it. The truth about Bruno’s childbirth made her confused. There was no way she could reveal it to him. She loved him dearly, deeply and she found him irresistible, hurting him would never be done by her.

After ten minutes drive, Dakore arrived at the residence of Caroline. She paid her fare, came out and waited for the drive to leave before she knocked on the gate. She noticed there were two cars parked close to the big gate. She assumed she had visitors. When she didn’t receive a response, she pushed the gate gently and noticed it wasn’t locked. Dakore moved inside, closed the gate and walked towards the entrance. She was about to knock when Caroline and three men dressed casually came out. 

Caroline was obviously dazed to see Dakore. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you.” Her voice was solid and her eyes sharp. She wasn’t there to play. “It’s important and urgent.”

She looked over at the men and shook their hands. “Thanks for coming. I will call.”

One of them spoke. “Remember we are busy men. You have to give us the order to carry out the task. Time waits for nobody.”

Dakore took note of how Caroline felt. She appeared tensed as she listened to the man.

“I understand.” Caroline said. “I will definitely call very soon. Take care.”

They nodded and left them alone.

“Won’t you invite me in?” Dakore asked her after few seconds of still standing outside.

Caroline moved closer to her and folded her arms. “I never invited you here and you should have called when you wanted to come. I had visitors and you were not supposed to see them!”

“Why wasn’t I supposed to see them?” Dakore questioned her curiously.

She flew out a loud sigh and inhaled before she answered with her own question. “What exactly are you doing here?”

“Are you planning with those men against Bruno?”

She gave her a stunned expression. “What is that supposed to mean Dakore. How dare you?!”

Dakore lifted her hand and showed her the ring on her finger.

“You are engaged?”

“Yes. I am getting married to Bruno Kingston.”

Her eyes enlarged and she became speechless for a minute. “What! You must be joking and out of your mind! It’s not possible. Bruno will never marry you! You are nothing!”

“I am somebody! And yes, it’s true.” 

Caroline couldn’t believe it. She began to pace and finally stood in front of her. “Don’t mess with me right now. You are lying!”

“Why do you care if Bruno marries me?”

“I don’t care about who he marries,” she replied with so much anger in her voice. “I just don’t believe you. Bruno isn’t ready to marry, not now or in the next five years. I have worked with him for long to know you are certainly not his type. And if it is true, I am sure you seduced him and forced pregnancy on him! I will advise you to terminate the bastard you are carrying and leave Bruno and the company alone. You are done working for him. If you don’t, I will come after you because you have no idea who I am!”

“I didn’t seduce him! I could never have done that! We have not even slept together and he proposed to me. You can threaten me and I know who exactly you are! You are Bruno’s twin sister!”

Her eyes were stunned that she couldn’t move her lips. 

“If it is true you are plotting against Bruno, please stop the plan and come out to Bruno. I am very sure he would be very happy to know your true identity.”

Caroline pointed her hand at the gate. “Get out! Get out of here!”

“So it is true you are his sister.”

“I said get out!”

“I am not leaving here until you assure me you will not go after Bruno. I won’t let you.”

She dropped her hand and directed it to herself. “You won’t let me? How dare you when you don’t have any idea what I went through.”

“I believe it wasn’t easy growing up but I assure you, you will get all you deserve if you reveal who you are to Bruno.”

“I had every right to enjoy the good things of life the moment I was born instead, I was abandoned. As a matter of fact, I would have been killed with my mother if not that she ran away. My father and his wife wanted us dead.”

“Who told you that, your mother?”

“Yes. My father took Bruno instead of both of us. It was selfish and wicked of him. I am sure Bruno knows he has a twin but he doesn’t bother him. He can pretend to others but not to me!”

“Bruno doesn’t know he has a twin sister.”

“Even if what you say is true, he doesn’t give him the right not to ask questions.”

“How will he ask questions when he has no clue the woman he calls mother isn’t his biological mother?”

“I don’t care!” Her eyes were already fishing out tears. She quickly wiped her face and looked another way. “How did you know?”

“How did I know what?” Dakore asked. 

“That I am Bruno’s sister.”

“I can’t reveal my source to you. I am sorry to say this, your mother lied. Your father never wanted you killed. He doesn’t know you exist.”

“That’s a lie! He knows and they had agreement with the nurse to eliminate my mom and I.”

“Your mom must have told you that because she was upset that your father abandoned her. I heard it was his wife that claimed she and her husband agreed for the nurse to hurt your mom. It is possible Adebanjo didn’t know his wife’s plan because he was already with Bruno in the car!”

“How would you have known this? You are just trying to cheer me up and give me hope but I am sorry to burst your bubble, it won’t work. I was made to watch my mom sleep with different men just to put food in my mouth. I hawked, trekked to far places to search for money. I got into the university, I had no choice, I dated men old enough to be my father because I needed money to support my mother. Just leave me alone, Dakore. Please, go and do not ever come back.”

“I can’t! I love Bruno.”

“Then both of you will go down together!”

“You will regret it. Just tell Bruno about who you really are to him.”

“I am nothing but his manager. Do not ever reveal I am his sister.”

“I can’t. I am not in the position to do that and it could affect the closeness with his father and mom. He is quite close to her and she loves him.”

“That is absolutely none of my business. If you decide to open your mouth and tell Bruno what you know, I will deny everything.”

“It won’t prevent me from stopping you if you ever want to hurt Bruno.”

Caroline gestured near Dakore’s face and uttered. “Get lost.” She turned back, motioned into her home and banged the door. 

Dakore heaved a sigh and received a call from the nurse that her mother had an issue with her health. She rushed to the hospital but could not see her. The nurse took her to the doctor’s office.

“I called you here because we have a situation.” The doc told her.
“What is it doctor?”

“Your mother refused treatment and that resulted to an extremely sharp pain in the left side of her heart. Your mother urgently needs surgery before 72 hours otherwise it could lead to coma or her death.”

“Oh my God.” She speedily lifted on her feet. “I have to go now and find a way to make payment.”

“That is one of the reasons I wanted to see you. Have you come up with the money?”

“Yes… yes I have.”

“The nurse will give you the account number of the hospital for payment. I and the surgeons assigned to your mother’s case will go on with the operation after we see proof of payment.”

“Okay doc. I have to go now.”

She nodded and Dakore left in a hurry and called Bruno’s number but he wasn’t picking. She decided to go to his place. She felt relieved when she saw him coming out of the entrance to open the gate. 

“I have been calling you!” She uttered. 

“I was in the living room and my phones are in the bedroom. I don’t like the look on your face. What is going on?”

“My mom needs the surgery in less than 72 hours otherwise she might die!”

“That’s serious.” He took her hand and started to whisk her inside. “Let me get dressed.” He glanced at the wall clock. “We have 20 minutes to reach the bank. The money is not small.”

“I know!” Dakore covered her face and burst into tears.

Bruno gazed at her and went to her. He touched her by her arm. “This is not the time to cry. You have to stay strong.” He ran to his room to wear an outfit and carried his car keys. Both of them walked to the car and Bruno drove in speed.

On their way, he wasn’t happy with the way Dakore was silent. He removed his right hand on the wheel and he touched her. She stared at him with surprised and wet eyes. He smiled faintly at her.

“Your mom will be fine.”

“Will your dad not be upset you didn’t inform him about my mom?”

“There is no time for that. He will understand when I explain it was an emergency.”

He took his hand away despite he desired not only to touch her but hold her tight and assure her all would be well. He had no clue why he felt that way. Bruno concluded it was because he had pity for Dakore.

They finally made way into the bank and went to the manager’s office. The manager appeared happy to see Bruno. Bruno mentioned the reason he came with his fiancΓ©e and the account number was given to the manager.

“How much should be transferred into the account?”
“7.2 million naira.”

The manager excused himself and Dakore whispered to Bruno.

“I still have the three million naira.”

He looked at her for a moment and smiled. “Keep it and if the hospital wants you to make another payment for any other treatment, inform me immediately.”

She shut her eyes, fighting the tears not to drop. “Thank you.”

“I am doing this for my future  mother in-law.” He used his shoulder to shove her playfully. She managed to giggle. “I can’t wait to see her.”

“You will follow me to the hospital?” She asked in a surprised tone.

“Yes. Haven’t you told her about me?”

“I briefly told her my boss and I are getting married.” Dakore said without any emotion in her voice and face.

Bruno gave her a look. “You sound as if the  marriage means nothing.” 

“What you and I agreed to is like a contract. You said we will only make it real for people.”

“It doesn’t matter. We are going to be husband and wife. I know your mom might not understand later when we divorce.”

“Then how do we handle the fact that your father stated that we are going to have a child before we can leave his house.”

“I don’t know because we are not going to be sleeping with each other. We might lie that you are pregnant, I send you abroad, I join you there and we adopt.”

Dakore groaned and angrily stood up and moved away from him. She was very angry at him and expressing herself at that moment could spoil the friendship she was building with him.

“Did I say or do anything wrong?” Bruno asked her in a puzzled tone.

The manager opened the doctor and Dakore was pleased for the interruption. He gave the teller to Bruno, they thanked him and left the hospital. Dakore told Bruno the address and said nothing more.  They walked hastily, side by side into the reception. Nurse Abigail approached them and Dakore handed over the receipt to her. 

“I will inform the surgeons of the payment.” The nurse said.

“Thanks.” Dakore sniffed her nose. “Can I see my mom?”

“Briefly but do not allow her to talk for long.”

“I won’t.”

Bruno’s phone rang four times and he purposely refused to answer. He followed Dakore into the room and Mrs. Roberts widened her eyes as she sighted him. She knew he was Adebanjo’s son considering his look. He looked like his father, more handsome. 

 “Mom,” Dakore said to her softly. “This is Bruno Kingston and he has paid for your surgery.”

“Nice to meet you ma.” Bruno told her with a smile on his lips.

She smiled weakly, grabbed her daughter’s hand and gazed at him. “Thank you. Please, take good care of my daughter.”

“I will and your surgery will be successful.”

“Amen!” Dakore said happily. 

Two male nurses entered into the room. One of them spoke. “We have to take your mom to the operating room. Please, excuse us.”

“Can we stay?” Bruno asked.

“I would advise you to go and come back but you can stay if you like. The surgery could take eight hours.”

“We don’t care, we will wait.”

Dakore couldn’t stop smiling. She was grateful and thrilled to be with Bruno and the fact that he was supportive sent chills down her spine. “We will be at the waiting room.”

“Okay.” The nurse said.

Dakore kissed her mom’s forehead, Bruno wished her good luck and they sauntered out of the room to the waiting room. They sat together and held hands. Bruno’s phone rang, he glanced at it and ignored the call. It beeped a text message and he read and kept the phone into his pocket. Seconds later, it rang.

“I think you should pick the call.” Dakore said to him.

“It’s irrelevant.” He said.

“Who is calling?”

“My mom.”

“Please, pick.”

“I know she wants to talk about me getting married to you. She can’t change my mind.”

“Then see her.”

The phone stopped ringing. He lifted it up and grinned at her. “There’s no need to answer the call, it’s no longer ringing.”

His cell started to buzz and Dakore gave him a look. He pressed the answer button and spoke. “Hello mother.”

“Where are you Bruno?! Why have you not been picking my calls? Why are you doing this to your mother?!”

“I’m sorry for not picking your calls,” he said. “I was not with my phone.”

“I need to see you now!” She exploded into tears.

Dakore could hear her clearly.

“Mom,” Bruno said. “I am very busy right now, I will see you tomorrow.”

Dakore touched him gently and he stared at her. She muttered. “You can go and come back later. I will update you.”

He used his hand to cover the phone and spoke to her. “You will be all alone.”

“I won’t. I will call a friend and I am sure she will come.”

He placed the mobile phone back to his ear. “I am on my way.” Bruno ended the call, rose and smiled at Dakore. “If there is anything you need, do not hesitate to call.”

“I will.”

“My dad and I will come here tomorrow.”

“That will be nice.”

She watched him walk away from her sight.  Few minutes later, she sighted nurse Abigail walking speedily at her direction. Her heart jumped. She stood instantly and moved quickly to her. 

“I hope there’s no problem?” She asked her.

“There is a situation and you are likely to solve it.”

“Solve what?”

“Your mom is supposed to sign some documents for the surgeon to proceed. She has refused and she said she doesn’t need the surgery.”

“What! Is my mom out of her mind?”

“Please, come with me.”

“Of course.”

Dakore was led into the operating room and she gestured towards her on the operating board. The surgeons waited outside.

”What the hell are you thinking mom?”

Mrs. Roberts kept shaking her head without saying anything. Her eyes were closed.

“Look at me and tell me why you don’t want to sign the papers.”

She opened her eyes and peered into her daughter. “The money will be refunded to you because I do not want to be operated.”

“But why?”

“I don’t want to use my past to destroy the love foundation you are trying to build with Bruno. My beautiful daughter, there is no way he won’t fall in love with you because are sure an amazing human being. I love you Dakore.”

“Mom, you are scaring me.” She said in a teary tone.

“I want you to be happy.”

“I am happy with you alive. You have to sign the papers.”

She swallowed. “If I do not survive, I want you to promise me, that you would forgive your brother when he comes back.”

Dakore wiped the tears about to fall down her cheeks. “Sign the papers first, come out alive and we will talk about it.”

“Please, don’t push him away when he returns.” She started to cry.

“Why are you doing this to me? I need you to sign the papers, please.” She cleaned her mother’s face.

“If you say so.”

“Thank you.”

“You and Bruno Kingston look good together. You will grow old with him.”

Her face beamed. “I hope so and thanks for the compliment.” Dakore spoke to the surgeons, her mom signed and she was notified. Dakore made a call to Nneka and told her the outcome of her mom. One hour later, Nneka arrived. They hugged when they saw.

“Why didn’t you tell me on time,” Nneka said. “I would have been here before now.”

“That’s okay, I am happy you are here now.”

“She will be fine.”

“Thank you.”

Nneka unzipped her handbag. “Since we are going to here till tomorrow, I bought some snacks for you and I.” She took them out.

“I am not hungry.”

“You have to eat something.” She gazed at her wristwatch. “It’s 9:30pm.”

“I expect the surgery to be over before 2am.”

“Then eat.” 

“Thank you.” She took the snacks from her and her phone rang. Bruno called to check up on her and promised to call at midnight. He planned to spend the night at his parent’s place to please his mother. Bruno told her he would narrate the conversation he had with his mom who they see.

Dakore slept off and woke up at 12:23am and saw Nneka awake. Dakore yawned and asked if there was any news.

“No… relax Dakore, she will be fine.”

It didn’t take up to three minutes when they heard footsteps heading their way. Dakore looked at their direction. It was one of the surgeons and the female doctor. She and Nneka rose.

Dakore’s heartbeat was hitting very fast as the look on their faces was expressionless. She didn’t know the next words that would come out from their mouths. She hoped it won't be bad news. She didn't want that. 

“How was the operation?” Nneka asked them when Dakore couldn’t say anything. Her mouth was sealed out of fear.

The female doctor sighed, gazed at the surgeon and back at Dakore. “Miss. Dakore, we are very sorry, your mother didn’t make it before we finished the operation. She was extremely weak to carryon. She gave up the ghost.”

“No…no…no…no.” Dakore repeated as tears drizzled every corner of her eyeballs. Nneka hugged Dakota and both of them cried together.

To be continued....


  1. Oh my God finally, I have to comment first before reading thanks babe, you took us by suprise hope you are good thanks dear.

  2. Wow, beautiful episode. Its sad that Dakore's mum died. She may not have the heart and courage to face The kingston's family due to her bad past. Kudos to you, Carina. Hanging on for the next episode. Please, bring it on. God bless your hustle.

  3. Dakore's mum shoukdnts have died after all... Pfaff!! πŸ˜‘πŸ˜


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