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Saturday, March 10, 2018

When Bruno Met Dakore.... Episode 14.

At 1:11am, Bruno was heading to the entrance at the living room when his mom came out from the corridor and called his name. He turned back to look at her. She was in her nightwear and she appeared confused to see him awake in the middle of the night and trying to sneak out of the house.

“I heard the sound of your room door,” she said. “Where are you going to by this time?”

“Dakore is not picking my calls. I am very worried.”

She shook her head and she had no single emotion on her face. “I thought you said you would see her at the hospital in the morning.”

“She promised to give me an update and right now, I can’t reach her to know about her mom’s condition. I think something is wrong.”

“Even if something is wrong, it is risky to leave at this time. I am your mother and you will listen to me. I want you to go back to your room and sleep. I cannot allow you to leave this house because of one girl.”

“She is my friend and don’t forget, we are getting married.”

She blinked her eyes and moved a bit forward. “Have you forgotten the discussion you and I had hours ago. You assured me the marriage between you and that girl….”

“Her name is Dakore.” She was making him upset.

“Whatever.” She folded her hands. “You said the marriage is a contract and you promised not to sleep with her. Please, don’t ever tell me you have fallen in love with her.”

“Oh mom!” Bruno uttered grudgingly and motioned closer to the entrance. “I have not fallen in love with her. I have to go.”

“What is going on?” Adebanjo asked. With the expression on him, he was obviously still feeling sleepy. They were surprised to see him standing at the door leading to the inner corridor. 

Bruno explained to his father why he was leaving.

“I hope all is well.” He told his son. “Wait for me, let me wear my cardigan. It’s cold.” He wanted to turn back when Mosun questioned him.

“Where do you think you are going to?”

He looked at her. “I am following my son to the hospital.”

“What has this girl done to both of you?! She as charmed you and with the blood of Jesus, the spell she has cast on you and my son will die in Jesus name!”

To her surprise, Bruno exploded into a loud laugh. Adebanjo walked away. He didn’t have the strength to argue with his wife. Mosun glared at her son with red eyes. 

“Do you think this is a comedy show?”

He stopped laughing and cleared his throat. “Mom, you are exaggerating things. No one cast a spell on anyone. We are just being nice to Dakore.”

“Then I will follow you too!”

“Hey mom! There’s no need for that. You are not the only one that will be at home. Dad should be with you in the house.” He unlocked the door and faced her. “Tell father I will call him when I get there.”

Bruno rushed to his car, he screamed the gateman’s name and he ran out from his small house to open the gate. Bruno drove away and continued to dial Dakore’s number, she was still not answering. He became agitated and assumed something bad had happened. What was he going to do when he saw her was the question he asked himself when he arrived at the hospital.

Dakore had left her phone and bag at the waiting room. Nneka had been consoling her and assuring her she wasn’t alone. They were outside, at the corner of the building, sitting on a bench. Dakore couldn’t stop crying and thinking of how her life would be without her best friend. 

Bruno gestured towards the entrance of the hospital, and met Nurse Abigail. He asked after Dakore and her mother’s condition. She pointed where Dakore was and broke the sad news to him.

He felt weak in his legs. “Dakore’s mom died?”

“Yes sir.”

Bruno took a few steps backward and touched his forehead in a distressed manner. The nurse left him behind and he flew out a long sigh. He took out his phone from his pocket and with his shaky hands; he dialed his father’s number.

“Hello. Bruno, why didn’t you wait for me?” His father asked.

“Dad, I don’t know how I am going to console her.” He faintly said.

“What did you say?”

“I don’t know how I am going to console Dakore.”

“Oh my God! Her mother died.”

“Yes dad. I have never lost anyone close to me and it seems she and her mother was very close. I am sure she must be feeling terrible.”

“Do you know where she is?”


“I can’t tell you how you are going to console her, just go to her. You will know what to do.”

Bruno shut his eyes for few seconds, opened them and took a deep breath. “Take care dad.”

“Send my regards to her. I will see both of you in the morning. Send me the name and address of the hospital.” 

“Okay dad.” 

He ended the call and couldn’t type in his agitated state. The death of Mrs. Robert was still a big shock to him despite he never got to know her. He wasn’t even thinking of the money he lost. The money meant nothing. Bruno went to where Dakore was and saw her weeping. He felt as if something drained out of him. 

Why did he feel this way? He questioned himself silently. Is this really pity?

He motioned nearer and she lifted her head from Nneka’s shoulder and stared at him with tears all over her face. Nneka stood and Bruno sat beside her. He was wordless, but couldn’t stop staring at her.

“My mom is gone.” Dakore cried. “My mom is gone.” She shut her eyes tightly and more tears flushed out. 

Nneka left to the waiting room to collect Dakore’s belongings and speak with the female doctor. She wanted to ask for a request.

Bruno brought Dakore close to his chest and wrapped his hand around her body. “I’m sorry. Please, cry no more.”

Dakore put her hands around his waist, with her head rested on his chest and one of his hands stroking her hair, she stopped crying and stayed quiet. Her body was shaking.

“It’s going to be okay Dakore.” He held her tightly. “You are not alone.” Bruno mounted a light peck on her hair.

Dakore closed her eyes and pictured the last time she and her mother discussed about marriage before her health issue started. Mrs. Robert had bragged she would wear the most expensive clothes and shoes on her daughter’s wedding and there was nothing Dakore would ask for she wouldn’t give her on that special day. Mrs. Roberts told her she was going to dance like never before. It made Dakore laugh because she knew her mother wasn’t a good dancer. She missed her mother. Bruno being there with her meant a lot. She no longer wanted to be away from him.

Nneka came forward, and spoke to Dakore. “I have told the doctor to allow you see your mother.”

Dakore raised her head, and Bruno released her from his hold. They rose on their feet.

“Thank you.” She thanked Nneka and looked at Bruno. “Will you be there with me?”

“Of course I will be with you.” He bluntly said. “Anything you want.” 

She gave him her hand and he took it. They met the doctor and the two of them were taken to where Mrs. Roberts was placed. Her body excluding her face was covered with a wrapper. Dakore moved forward to the body and couldn’t stop the tears from falling down her cheeks. Bruno stayed behind her. Dakore looked at her mother and smiled even as she cried.

“I love you. I love you very much and I am going to miss you. You should have waited for me to get married and have children. I know you would have a wonderful grandmother.” Her lips shivered and she held her body as if she was catching cold.

“Are you okay?” Bruno asked in a gentle and concerned voice.

Dakore nodded without staring at him. She cleaned her face with the back of her hand, dropped her hands and touched her mother’s face. “Goodbye mom.”

Bruno moved over to her side and they gazed at each other. “I am very sorry for your loss.”

She managed to smile. “Thank you.”

A nurse walked inside to check on them, and cover Mrs. Robert’s face. Bruno and Dakore met with the doctor before proceeding to check on Nneka. Nneka was already dozing on the bench and they chose not to wake her.

“Don’t you have anyone you want to call and inform them about what happened?” Bruno asked Dakore.

She made a sound with her mouth and cleared her throat. “No.”

He was surprised. “Don’t you have relatives?”



“I don’t know where they are. Bruno, I don’t care about them. They neglected me, my mother, bro… I don’t think I want to talk about my so called relatives. I need some days off from work to prepare for the burial arrangement.”

“You can take all the time you need. I will assist you in anyway.”

“You have done more than enough for me. I will be responsible for the payment of the funeral. It will be me and few people I know. By next week I should be through.”

“The funeral will be next week?”


“Isn’t it very soon? I mean, won’t you find the means to inform your brother?”

“A brother that probably cost the death of our mother.”

“Don’t say that.”

“If he had given my mother the money he got for the house maybe she would still be alive.”

“You don’t know that.”

Dakore didn’t want to have an argument with him. She inhaled in and out and looked at Nneka for a moment. She returned her eyes at Bruno. She stayed quiet.

Bruno had no clue why she was staring at him. “Don’t you think we should wake your friend? It’s very late. She needs to rest especially you.”

The power to stop her from crying diminished. The only choice she had was erupt in bout of endless tears. It made him sad to see her like that, he squeezed her gently into a warm embrace and refused to let go.

Dakore woke up at 10:15am, puzzled to be on a gigantic bed, in a beautiful and magnificently decorated room. She had never been in such place before and she wondered how she got there. She turned to her right side and saw Bruno sitting on a white lengthy couch and staring at her direction. She felt protected.

“Good morning.” Bruno said, rose and sat on the bed. “How was your night?”

“Good morning. I think my night was fine because I must have slept peacefully not knowing how I ended up here last night.”

“You slept off in my arms.” He replied. “I carried you into my car, and lodged you in this hotel.”

“What about Nneka?”

“She slept here too. I told her to go home and you would call her when you need her.”

She took a deep long breath and exhaled. She was tired and did not have appetite for any kind of food. The loss of her mom triggered that and she contemplated if she would ever get over it. 

“What would you like to eat?”

His voice brought her out of her misery. Just when she glimpse at him, she knew he was her world. Loving him was amazing yet tormenting. 

“I am not hungry.” She suddenly appeared disturbed. “Are you not supposed to be at work?”

He didn’t smile. His face had been vague and uneasy to read since she woke up. “I am the boss. I have already called the office. I will go there before closing time for an update on today’s activities.”

“Okay.” She said in a softened tone.

“My dad sends his regard. He would have been here this morning but I told him to hold on. You need enough time to yourself. I have called the fashion designer to get you some clothes, underwear’s and shoes. He will be here by 12pm.”

“You didn’t have to do that.”

“You just lost your mom, Dakore. I don’t know how to console anyone in grief but let me do what I think is right. You will stay here and organize the funeral. Call whoever you need to come here and see you.”

“This place looks expensive.”

Bruno glanced across the room and looked directly into her eyes. “I have paid for a week.”

She widened her eyes.

He added. “I did it because this hotel is not far from the hospital and there’s a cemetery close by.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Take a shower and if you are hungry, call the kitchen and order for food. I will like to go home, visit my parents briefly, go to the office and come back to check on you.”

She nodded. He left the bed and went to the door to hold the handle.  

“What’s going on?” Dakore inquired.

He stared at her with an uncertain look on his face. “I don’t understand your question.”

She climbed out of the bed and walked to stand in front of him. Even without makeup on her face, her beauty didn’t change. She happened to be a beautiful woman. Why was he thinking of her that way? Even if she was attractive, it shouldn’t make him happy that she might be his wife soon. As a man of high standard and quality taste, people would surely want to see the woman he married and presenting Dakore, there was nothing to be ashamed of. 

“You don’t seem happy.” She said to him. “Is there something bothering you I should know about?” 

He shrugged, sighed and dipped his hands into his pocket. “I couldn’t sleep last night. Despite watching over you, I was thinking about the statement you made to your mother.”

“What statement?”

“You said your mom would have waited for you to get married and have children and I was thinking getting married to me might be a big burden. I do not want such for you. I will understand if you don’t want to marry me again. I will do what I can to stop my father from giving my younger brother his assets especially the company.”

“I still want to marry you.” She said confidently.

“You do?” He asked in a surprised tone.


“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Don’t forget my mom told you to take good care of me.” She said with humor.
Bruno smiled. “I didn’t forget. Thanks.” He opened the door and left.

Dakore heaved a sigh, crawled back on the bed and started to cry once more. She was missing her dear mother.

After Bruno went home to bath and set to leave the house, he made some calls and drove to see his parents. Adebanjo was truly sorry for Dakore and asked to take charge of the expenses for the funeral but Bruno objected. He respected Dakore’s wish to bury her mother on her own. Bruno was glad his mom wasn’t at home. He promised to keep his dad updated.

“Is the wedding still going to hold?” Adebanjo asked.


“Your mother and Catherina will start with the preparation. You and Dakore should decide on the date after the funeral.”

“We will.” As he was about to walk away, he hesitated and faced his father. “The wedding between Dakore and I will be private. Family and close friends is more than enough.”

“Granted but that doesn’t mean it won’t be sophisticated.”

“I agree and special too.” Bruno walked away.

The smile that appeared on Adebanjo’s lips was wide. 

Bruno informed Jimoh to notify the staffs about a meeting on Monday. He planned to render any assistant to Dakore during the weekend. He would surely be busy during the week. He called his friend, the doctor and they agreed to meet on Sunday evening. 

Dakore had bathed and wore new clothes brought by the designer. She thought about an uncle she had. He usually called but that was months ago. He stopped and no one bothered to call him and ask why. He wasn’t a rich man, quite nice but had a bad wife and that made Dakore, her late mom and brother to stay far away from him. 

She called him and broke the news. He acted shocked and promised to be at the funeral. She mentioned she would be getting married and she needed him to stay for a little period before returning home. Dakore assured him she would take care of his accommodation, feeding and transportation. 

After awhile, in the evening, she felt alone, lonely and hungry. She stepped closer to the telephone to make a call to the kitchen. Her phone she was charging rang. It was Nneka calling.


“Are you in the room?” Nneka asked.

“Yes. Are you coming?”

“Yes. I’m already close.”

“Don’t bother to come. I am hungry, let’s meet at the eatery.”

“Okay. I hope you have not been thinking too much. I have someone that would cheer you up.”


“It’s a surprise.” She ended the call.

Dakore wondered who the person might be. She hoped it wasn’t her brother otherwise the pain inside her would transform into rage and she would likely pounce on him and rain curses at him. Apart from him, she tried to guess another person, but no one crossed her mind. The only human that could make her cheerful was Bruno. She made way out of the room, went downstairs and asked the way to the restaurant from one of the receptionists. She went there and at the doorstep she sighted Nneka and a male figure she assumed looked familiar. She looked closely and recognized him instantly. A sudden smile arose on her lips and she ran and gave him a hug.

He hugged her back with both hands and held her. “I am deeply sorry Dakore. I am sorry I wasn’t with you yesterday.”

Tears were dripping down her face. She looked at him. “I am happy you are here.”

“I miss you.”

“I miss you too.”

The man was her closest friend. The one she lost contact with. Nneka motioned inside the eatery.

“Harrison,” Dakore called his name. “Where have you been?”

“It’s a long story,” he replied. “I will explain when I see you eating. You have lost weight.”

“No, I have not.”

“Yes, you have.”

 She chuckled lightly. “Let’s join Nneka inside.”

“Okay dear.” Harrison put his left hand around her shoulder and they walked inside.

A pang of jealousness hit him hard. Bruno had been watching them in his car. He had arrived, and turned off his car when he saw Dakore running towards the man. Who was he? 

Why was she comfortable in his arms? Who was he to touch her without his permission? He doubted that was her brother, there was absolutely no resemblance. Dakore had better give him good reasons why he shouldn’t be angry with her. 

Damn! What is wrong with him? He shouldn’t be thinking that way and getting angry with her could worsen her current condition. He would act like a gentleman and pretend that everything was fine. 

He came out from the vehicle, shut it and moved to the restaurant. Lord, help him not to explode if he found out that the man hugging his soon-to-be-wife was more than a friend.

Bruno still admitted it wasn’t an attraction or love he felt. He was simply protecting her from getting hurt by anyone around her. Dakore had not recovered from what her brother did. As long as he was going to be her husband, he would also be her shield.

To be continued…


  1. Chai... Long but too short. Carina pls publish this story somewhere or even make an e book out of it. We'll buy. This suspense is too much abeg. Tnx 4d update anyway

  2. Nice one Carina, but it's too short.

  3. Yeah I concur, babe please make it an E book, am tired of the suspense, and refreshing the page all the time just to see a post, nice one dear, I can’t wait to read the love making, lol because I can tell Bruno is in love, but he is hiding it....God bless you CKJ.

  4. Nice episode, Carina. But, its short. I completely concur with Chux and Gloria. Pls, make it an E- book. God bless your hustle. 👍💋

  5. Well done Carina. Great job you are doing indeed. God bless you.


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