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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

When Bruno Met Dakore... Episode 15.

The zeal to write last week wasn't there.  Sorry i'm posting now. To make it an Ebook, it can't work o. I have started it on the blog, so i will have to finish it here. *wink &*kisses

Nneka had already ordered meals for three of them. When Dakore and Harrison got there, the waiter brought their food and they began to eat. With the way Dakore rushed her meal, it was obvious she was deeply famished. 

“You haven’t told me what happened to you.” 

Dakore said to Harrison after she drank some water. She immediately sighted Bruno at the doorstep. He was surveying the place to check where they were. She raised her hand excitedly and called his name. 

Bruno looked at her. With a smile on his face, he walked towards them and Dakore smiled back at him. He sat on the empty chair opposite her. 

“You look happy.” He said to her and glimpsed at Harrison who had stopped eating.

“I have my family here with me.” She said.

He pointed at Harrison. “Is he a relative?”

“Oh no!” Dakore explained her relationship with him. She told him how he assisted her during the funeral of her father. “And he is gay.”

Bruno felt relieved that he was just a friend and that was what he would always be to her. He shook hands with Harrison. 

Dakore seemed happy to have Bruno around her and Nneka noticed. She really hope the handsome man sitting in their midst won’t break Dakore’s heart. If he knew the amount of love she had for him, he would cherish her for the rest of his life. 

“So what happened to you?” Dakore asked Harrison.

“I was arrested for fraud.”

She opened her eyes wide. “What!”

“I have been in prison but a new lawyer that took my case was able to clear my name. I was released five months ago. I managed to get back on my feet and decided to come to Nigeria. I came went to your house only for me to meet new occupants there. No one knew where you were. I went to Nneka’s store and luckily for me she was preparing to come and see you. She told me what happened to your family on our way here. I am very sorry!”

"I am sorry too."

“Thank you and I am sorry for everything you have passed through. I couldn’t believe Silas could do such a thing. I am deeply sorry.”

“It’s okay. Thanks.”

After they ate and chatted, Harrison and Bruno exchanged contacts and they agreed to keep in touch. Nneka and Harrison left and promised to call and assist her in preparation of the funeral. 

Mrs. Mosun and her husband were arguing over the wedding preparations. She was trying to convince Adebanjo that he should cancel the wedding and handover the properties to Bruno.

He lifted his hand in a displeasure way and spoke to her unhappily. “I have told you my decision is final.”

“You can still change your mind.”

“Nothing can change my mind. If you don’t want to plan with Catherina, she will find someone else. I don’t understand why you are talking like this. I thought you have agreed for them to marry.”

“I didn’t accept to a wedding that there is no love between the couple especially when it involves my son!”

“He is my son too! I will make any decision concerning Bruno and you will have to accept it whether it makes you happy or not.”

“I knew you were going to betray me in the future,” she said with anger in her voice. “That was why I made sure I gave birth to my own child. If not that Bayomi is a very stupid man and the motherly love I have for Bruno is real, I would have allowed him to marry anyone including that cheap trash he wants to take to the altar.”

“She is not cheap! For your information, even if I want to stop the wedding, Bruno won’t allow it.”

“Why would he go ahead with the wedding?” Mosun questioned with a puzzle expression on her face.

Adebanjo moved closer to her face. “He loves her!”

To his surprise, she spat on the floor and her eyes went into rage. “He doesn’t love her! That’s a lie from the pit of hell!!”

He burst into laughter and shook his head. “Contact Catherine and inform her when she should come to Lagos. You are not just a wedding planner for nothing. Start planning and don’t forget to wear a smile on Bruno’s wedding day.”

Her face was steaming in anger. She pointed at him. “Even if the wedding will go on, I forbid you to go to her mother’s funeral.”

He turned to leave, hesitated and looked at her. “You are wasting your time.” Adebanjo walked out of her sight even when she told him to stop walking and listen to what she had to say.

No matter what his wife had to say, nothing would change his mind.

“How can you tell me to calm down?” Caroline asked in an angered tone. She and Austin were in an eatery. “That girl called Dakore saw those men in my house. They can no longer meet with Bruno anymore.” She put her right hand by the side of her head. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Are you sure she is really getting married to Bruno?”

“That is what she told me. I haven’t confirmed it from him. I will do that tomorrow.”

“If he marries that girl, there is trouble. I believe he will promote her. As the personal assistant, she was all over the place. We need to act fast.”

Caroline murmured to herself.

“What did you say?” Austin asked.

She looked into his eyes. “I said I feel like killing him.”

He widened his eyes and stared around them to make sure no one heard her. He pushed his head closer to her. “I don’t know what Bruno did to you, but has it gotten to that?”

“You have no idea what that family wanted to do to my mother and I. They hurt us and Bruno, his mother and father must pay!”

“Have you forgotten about Bayomi?”

“Bayomi didn’t do anything to me. You think Bayomi was happy working under Bruno. Haven’t you wondered why he left and requested for his inheritance. There is bad blood between them but Bruno is very blind to take note of it.”

“I agree we must act fast and it has to be before Dakore becomes his wife.”

“What do you have in mind?” Caroline asked in an interested tone.

He whispered to her. “We know Mr. Adebanjo is sick. We can kidnap him and ask for a ransom. Bruno will cough any amount."

She frowned. “That’s not good enough.”

“Wait… After that, there is huge money entering into the company’s account very soon. I can syphon that money, we will share it between ourselves. I will run away with my family and you can leave this country with your mother before he finds out. During that period, he will be organizing his wedding.”

The frown did not leave her face. “It is not still good enough.” 

Austin shrugged and grumbled faintly. “I don’t want blood in my hands.”

“Then you are not man enough!”

He gazed at her shocked. “You really want to kill Bruno?”

“I want him to suffer. If I can’t destroy his reputation and watch the Adebanjo’s wail in pain and suffering, I will take the one person that makes him happy. His heart will be crushed into two.”

“Who is that person?”

“Dakore.” she answered. “I know Bruno. For him to propose marriage to that girl, he has fallen deeply in love with her. I will make him cry blood on his wedding day.”

On Sunday evening, Bruno gave the address of the hotel to his friend, Doctor Roland to meet him at the bar section. He left Dakore in the room while she slept. They hugged each other, sat and ordered drinks.

“I can’t believe you are getting married.” Roland said. “Finally!”

Bruno appeared surprised. “And who told you that?” 

“I met your cousin and she told me.”



“She has a big mouth.”

“Were you not going to invite me?”

“I would have invited you, I just want the funeral of my fiancée’s mother to be over before I tell people and besides it’s going to be a private wedding.”

“I didn’t know her mother died. Is your fiancée’s here?”

“Yeah, but she’s sleeping.” 

The waiter brought their drinks and Bruno paid before he left.

“I would love to meet her.” Roland said.

“Love to meet who?” He took a sip from his whiskey.

“I would love to meet the woman that is able to capture that your strong heart.” He pointed at Bruno’s chest.

With a sarcastic look on his face, Bruno eyed him and slapped his hand away. “Go away!” He started to smile.

“Don’t tell me you are blushing.”

“Roland, please leave me alone.” He drank again and cleared his throat. He focused his eyes on him and whispered. “I just remembered to ask you something.”

He dropped his tumbler on the table. “What is it?”

“How did you know you were in love with your wife?”

He gave him a look. “Why would you ask me such a question?”

“Answer me first.”

He placed his right hand under his jaw. “When I first met my wife, we became friends for few months and at a particular time of my life, I desired to always be around her. Before I told her to become my wife, she turned out to be the first person I think about when I wake up and before I go to sleep. I knew I had fallen in love with her.”

Bruno folded his arms and bit his lower lip. He didn’t say a word.

“Bruno, I hope there is no problem.”

He was thinking deeply. Roland tapped him on his hand, he snapped out of his thoughts.

“Oh, I am sorry.” Bruno said.

“If there is anything wrong, you can discuss it with me.”

“There’s nothing wrong. I am…” 

A soft tap on his back made him to stop talking. He turned back and saw Dakore. She was smiling at him. He could not hold it, a smile flashed on his lips. She came to his right side and he put his hand around her waist.

“How did you know I was here?” Bruno asked her.

“I woke up and I didn’t find you in the room. I was bored and decided to ask the manager if he had seen you. He told me I will find you here.”

“Well,” he stared at his friend. “Meet my friend Roland.”

“The doctor you told me about.”


Roland stood and shook her hand. “It is a pleasure meeting you. I am very sorry for your loss.”


“You are very beautiful. Please join us."

“Thank you.” 

She sat beside Bruno and three of them chatted and had a nice time. After Roland left, Bruno and Dakore decided to order for food and have few drinks before he would escort her back to the room. They were drinking when a young lady walked in and sat down. Bruno recognized her instantly. She was his ex-girlfriend, Nancy, the one that got pregnant for him. 

He quickly moved very close to Dakore and whispered. “You and I have to pretend to be a couple in love. My ex is here.”

She peered into his eyes. She was ready to do anything for him. What he asked for was nothing compared to what she would do to protect him. Nancy sighted him and rose on her feet.

Dakore quickly forged a giggle and tickled Bruno who laughed. Even though she did that to him, laughing with her was exciting. He whispered to her and told her even if she was as huge as an elephant and had the eyes of an owl, he would marry her. Dakore laughed happily.

Nancy’s face became blue. She still cat walked towards them in her red high heel shoes. She was very jealous to see Bruno in a cheerful mood with another woman. She had never seen him laugh like that.

She gestured her hand towards him. “Bruno.”

“Hey Nancy.” He shook her hand. Before she could talk, he spoke. “I want you to meet my fiancée. We are getting married. You’re invited if you are still in the country.”

Nancy eyed Dakore from head to toe and hissed loudly. She looked at Bruno. “Can I talk to you privately?”

A frown arose from all corner of his face. “No. Don’t be rude.”

“Do I have to take permission from her for me to talk to you?”


“What did she give to you that I did not?”

Dakore bowed her head. She assumed he would not have an answer.

Bruno took a glimpse at Dakore and back at Nancy. “Peace.”

Dakore stared at him.

“She gave me peace and as long as she has given me that, she has given me everything.”

Dakore couldn’t take her eyes off him. What he said, she wanted it to true. Nancy angrily walked out of the place. 

Bruno glanced at his wristwatch and gazed at Dakore. “It’s late already. You should go to bed.”

“You are right.” She said in a softened tone. 

They rose on their feet, Bruno paid for the food and drinks and he followed her. They reached the doorstep and he placed his hands into his pockets of his trousers. 

“I hope you enjoyed yourself.” He said to her.

She nodded with a faint smile on her lips and pictured Bruno kissing her.

“I did too.” He wanted to say more but paused. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” She opened the door, walked in and closed it. She placed her back behind it, closed her eyes and touched her lower lip. Bruno stared at the door and thought about what he said to Nancy. He meant every word he said. He loved being around Dakore. 

Bruno raised his hand to knock on her door but changed his mind. He walked away, brought out his phone to make an international call. He wanted to order for a more sophisticated ring. The one on Dakore’s finger wasn’t good enough. She needed something special. She was special to him.

The meeting at the office on Monday morning went well. When they wanted to leave, Bruno made the announcement about his engagement to Dakore. Caroline and Austin exchanged glances and the other employees were shocked. Uchenna couldn’t believe it. She was definitely going to inform Bayomi. They had wondered why Dakore wasn’t in the office. Now, they understood. They congratulated him. He also told them she lost her mother. Most of them appeared sorry about the news. Bruno thanked them and left to his office.

During lunchtime, he was leaving the office to check on Dakore at the hotel. She informed him that herself, Harrison and Nneka had started to work on the funeral arrangements. 

As Bruno stepped out of the office, he met Caroline talking to the secretary. 

“I was about to come into your office.” She said to him with a wide smile on her lips.


“To congratulate you and Dakore,” she replied. “I am also sorry about her mother.”

“Thanks.” he turned to the secretary. “I’m leaving the office and I will be back soon.”

“Okay sir.”

Bruno faced Caroline. “How is your mother?”

His question sent shockwave into her body. “My mother?”

“Yeah. I met her in my office. Are you not aware?”

She touched her forehead faintly. “Oh, I totally forgot. I am aware. I have to go now.”

“That’s alright.”

Caroline waited for Bruno to drive away before she got into her car. She drove to her mother’s residence. Her mom was surprise and happy to see her when Caroline barged into the sitting room without knocking. 

“How could you go behind me to talk to Bruno!”

She hissed. “I have the right because he is my son!” Jessica rose on her feet and turned off the television.

“Your son? A man that doesn’t even know you exist. He has a mother already.”

“I gave birth to him!”

“But another woman took care of him!”

“No matter what, my blood flows through him. He belongs to me and not that woman that is parading herself as his biological mother.” 

Caroline gave a long laugh that irritated her mother. “Your blood flows through him?” She said mockingly. “If truly he belongs to you, you would have been the one preparing for his wedding.”

“Bruno is getting married?” Her wild eyes suddenly began to gather tears. She enthused closer to her daughter. 

“Yes. He is a getting married.”

“That is good news. Who is he getting married to?”

“His personal assistant.”

“I met her and she seems like a nice girl.”


“Are you invited to the wedding?”

“And if I am invited to the wedding, do you think I will take you along? That will be in your dreams because that family is cursed and you will stay away from them including the son that have no idea his real mother was a prostitute when she gave birth to him.”

Just as the tears flew from her eyes, her right hand landed on Caroline’s face. “How dare you!”

She touched her face gently. “You slapped me?”

“And I will slap you again and again if you don’t learn to control your mouth and your anger. What is the matter with you? You think I don’t know you are planning against the Adebanjo’s? If you want to go after them, leave Bruno out of it. He is your twin brother!”

“I don’t care!” She dropped her hand. “I know you want revenge and as long as I live, Bruno won’t go scot free.”

“Why are you so bitter? It was his father, your father and his wife that wanted to assassinate me and you.”

“Me and you? Are you really sure they knew about me because you are also bitter. You want revenge too!”

“I want revenge because your father betrayed me. I didn’t want to be his second wife but he promised to take good care of me for as long as I live. He went behind me to negotiate with the nurse to kill me and you.”

“I will ask you one last time. Did he know about me? Did he know you were carrying twins?”

She stepped backward and gave her a look. “What is the meaning of that question?”

“Someone told me my father and his wife didn’t know you were carrying twins.”

“Lies! They knew and that is why you have to put your anger on them and not Bruno!”

With rage in her eyes, she motioned closer to her mother. “If I find out you lied to me, I will personally deal with you for keeping me away from my family. I will blame you for the suffering I passed through.”

“Caroline, it is the truth I have told you.” 

Caroline stormed out of the house without uttering a word. Jessica broke down in tears. 

Dakore’s uncle arrived during the week. Bruno informed Dakore they were moving into his father’s house after the occasion. She agreed. A day before the funeral, Dakore’s belongings were taken to the house. Dakore, Nneka, Harrison, few of her friends, her uncle and some employees at the company were in church. Caroline was absent. After a short ceremony, they would go to the cemetery. During the sermon, Bruno and his father arrived. 

As the pastor preached, Adebanjo kept staring at the large photo of Mrs. Roberts and felt he had seen her before. He couldn’t remember where but he knew she was familiar. 

“I think I know Dakore’s mother.” He said to Bruno. 

"Are you sure?”

He sighed. “Don’t worry, I don’t think so.”

He purposely put the flyer of the funeral of Dakore’s mother inside his pocket. One day, he would surely remember. After the pastor prayed, Dakore went over to say goodbye to her mother.

Bruno went over to console her. As they all made way outside to leave for the cemetery, Dakore heard her name. She lifted her head up and looked at her right hand side. She knew the voice. She glared at the man going down on his knees. He was in tears.

“Say nothing to me Silas.” She said as tears dripped down her face. 

Bruno couldn’t look at her. The tears moved him, he had to step away to give Dakore and her brother some space. 

When he noticed eyes on them, he politely ordered everyone out.

“In the name of God, Dakore you are the only one I have right now. Please, forgive me. I am sorry. I never knew mom would die.”

“Then go and join her. I thought you would be happy. I never expected to see tears in your eyes. You are not my brother and I will never forgive you!” Dakore walked away without looking back. 

Silas continued to weep. Dakore came outside and saw Bruno. Bruno didn’t notice her. His eyes were focused on a man approaching him. Uchenna came nearer to Dakore.

Dakore gazed at Uchenna. “Do you know who that man is?”

Uchenna smiled. “That’s Mr. Bruno’s brother, Bayomi. He is back!”


“Yes. He is returning home. He would be living with you and his family.”

Dakore was surprised.

As Bayomi stepped closer to Bruno, he glanced at Dakore and chuckled faintly. Uchenna only told him his brother was getting married to his personal assistant. If she had told him she was beautiful, he would have returned home a long time ago. She was his kind of woman and he found her body figure in the black dress fascinating. Bruno took his mother from him; he would return the favor by taking Dakore from him. 

Dakore is mine! Bayomi thought to himself.

To be continued....


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  4. CK Weldone for this wonderful episode. Please whenever you don't have zeal to write, think about us your readers/fans as we are always refreshing the page and expecting new episode...
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