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Friday, April 06, 2018

When Bruno Met Dakore... Episode 16.

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“What are you doing here?” Bruno asked Bayomi.

Bayomi spread his arms apart and smiled widely. “No hug bro? Didn’t you miss me?”

Bruno hugged him and released himself instantaneously. He took a glance at Dakore and he could see her curious eyes on them. He faced his brother and dipped his hands into the pocket of his trousers.

“How did you find me?” Bruno questioned him.

“Mom told me you would be here.” 

Their father walked to their side with a calm expression on his face.

Bruno stared at his father and pointed at Bayomi. “Did you know he was coming here?”

“Your mother informed me before we arrived at the church. She already gave him details about the wedding. I wanted to tell you but I changed my mind because I didn’t want to make your mood worse.”

Bayomi’s left eyebrow rose and his upper lip went up. “You are not happy to see me?” He asked Bruno.

Bruno cleared his throat, extended his hand and cleared his throat. “I am happy to see you.” He faintly smiled and they shook hands. “It’s good to see you after abandoning your family.”

He grimaced. “I didn’t abandon you, mom…” He gazed at Adebanjo. “And dad. I know what I did was childish, I am back to show all of you, my family that I am here for you during the good and bad times.”

“You are back?” He asked puzzled. 

Adebanjo’s phone beeped, he quickly excused himself and walked away.

“I am moving back into the house.”

His eyes popped out in shock. 

Was his brother unforeseen arrival a strategy to hurt him by making sure he doesn’t get married?
If he didn’t marry, he would lose everything to him. He was certain his mother had informed Bayomi about his father’s plan. Dakore hurriedly went to him and she touched his back in a tender way. He looked into her eyes and he knew her touch could make him feel secure and resilient. 

“Are you alright?” She questioned.

Bruno’s face brightened. “Yes, I am alright. I am sorry for delaying you. We need to go to the cemetery.”

“That’s okay.” He held her hand. 

They were about to turn away when Bayomi extended his hand towards her. 

“I’m Bayomi, Bruno’s younger brother. I am going to be your brother in law and I will be living with you at my father’s house.”

“I didn’t know about that until few minutes ago.”

Dakore gazed at Bruno with a fragile smile. “It’s okay,” she said and returned her gaze to Bayomi. “Nice to meet you, I’m Dakore.”

Bayomi replied. “That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful woman.”


“Do you believe in love at first sight?”

“What is the meaning of that question?” Bruno asked him in an upset tone.

“It’s just a harmless question.”

“Harmless or not, the question does not relate to what she is passing through. She is burying her mother today.”

“Bad manners.” he dimmed his eyes at Dakore and licked his lower lip. “I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Thanks.” She said.

Bayomi looked at her in a way Bruno found offensive and lustfully. He didn’t like it. He gripped Dakore’s hand harder and whisked her to his car. He was quiet even until they arrived at their destination. In her dark sunglasses, it could not hide how pale her face had become. Missing her mother was an understatement. She raised her glasses and wiped under her weary eyes. Bruno squeezed her hand gently and she was glad he was with her.

Dakore, her friends, some employees of Kingston petroleum enterprise and sympathizers were obviously sad to say their final goodbye to Mrs. Roberts. Nneka and Harrison consoled Dakore even though they cried too. They promised to be there for her whenever she needed them. Silas stood from afar and wished his mother was still alive. 

Bruno went over to meet his dad during the reception. He wanted to know why his father kept him in the dark. He had been thinking deeply about the sudden arrival of his brother who stopped showing him love and left without saying goodbye.

“If I had told you he was coming,” Adebanjo said to Bruno. “You would have argued with me, I don’t have energy for that and it might destabilize your plans for today.”

“I don’t care!” he banged his hands on the table and people stared at their direction. “You should have told me. You know how I feel when people lie to me and especially keep the truth from me!”

His father remained composed. Getting angry had no usefulness. His son’s loud utterance wasn’t a surprise. It was the truth Bruno hated lies.

“I am sorry but Bayomi is back to the house. He will be staying with us.”

He leaned forward to him. “Is this a threat?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You purposely allowed Bayomi return to the house so that I can do what you want!”

“What I want? I still don’t get you.”

“That contract between us is nonsense! I can live without the contract, you and everyone who thinks I can be intimidated!”

Adebanjo cleared his dry throat. “Stop talking Bruno!”

“Do you think you can intimidate me because you think marrying Dakore justifies everything?! Even if I don’t marry her, I can be greater than you without the company and your assets! I will make it big without your resources! I am already big on my own. I can live without that company if you think I will die if you handover it to Bayomi. You have no right to order me around! You have no right to tell me who to marry. I will marry and it has to be on my own terms! I will marry the woman I love, and you will not be the one to tell me that.”

He rose and turned back to leave, he saw Dakore staring at him with a stunned look. The weight of anger inside him drained the moment his eyes fell on her. He was highly disappointed in himself. Dakore did not look pleased at all, she removed the engagement ring and stretched it to him.

“It’s not what you think,” he said and motioned nearer. She stepped backward. “I didn’t mean it. Allow me to explain.”

Adebanjo looked away. He disliked what he saw between his son and Dakore.
Dakore kept silent and placed the ring on the table. She walked out of the hall to the left side and ran outside to vent out her anger and sadness beside Harrison’s car. Harrison saw her and went to meet her.

“What happened?”

She explained what Bruno told his dad, word for word. He apologized on behalf of Bruno and despite he felt getting married to a man that did not genuinely love her was a bad idea, he thought Bruno happened to be a nice man.

“Did you just say a nice man?” Dakore asked in a disenchanted tone.

“I know you are hurting right now for the fact that you love him. He already told you the reason he wanted to marry you.”

“I would understand that but mentioning my name in an argument with his father is an insult especially when he thinks I am not good enough for him. He wants to marry a woman he loves, fine. I should have thought about that before saying yes to the proposal. You called him a nice man, do you have any idea what I went through when I got my job at his company. At a point in time, he was calling me a bingo and I had no other option than to answer that name. I didn’t have a choice.”

He started to laugh. “But you don’t look like a puppy to me.”

Dakore frowned at him. “It’s not funny.” She told him.

He stopped laughing. “I am very sorry but the man you are now complaining about, you were ready to marry him because you loved and still love him. Am I wrong?”

She swallowed a huge lump down her throat, crossed her arms and wore a sad face.
“I know you Dakore,” Harrison said. “If you knew he was a bad person, your heart would not have chosen him.”

She had a faint smile at the left side of her mouth. Dakore hugged him.

He whispered. “If really he wants to give you an explanation for what he said, listen to him.”


“You’re welcome.” he patted her shoulder and looked at the entrance. Silas was in a hurry to meet them. Dakore glanced at where he stared at and she had no sigh of glee in her the second she sighted her brother.

“I have to go back inside.” Dakore said and began to amble away.

“Sis,” Silas said when he got to her. “Please, I really need to talk to you.”

She raised her hand to hush him and walked away. When she got inside, she noticed Bruno and his dad wasn’t there anymore. She pretended she was okay by chatting with few of the guests and when it was over, she and her uncle went to the hotel she lodged him. 

“I have to go and pack my things.” Dakore told her uncle.


“My ex fiancĂ© father’s house.” she replied. “There will be no wedding anymore.” 

He looked shocked. “Is there a problem?”

“We are not compatible uncle. I am not good enough for him.”

“I am very sorry my daughter. Don’t you think it is late to go to his place by this time?”
She checked her wristwatch and smiled at him. “It is not late uncle. It’s only 6:34pm. I will return to my hotel room this night. The taxi that will take me there will bring me back.”

He nodded smartly and looked at her. “I know how close you were to your mother. I am sorry she had to leave this time when you needed her. I hope she will be happy for your decision not to marry Mr. Bruno.”

Dakore couldn’t hide how sad she had become concerning the wedding. She was not getting married to Bruno anymore. She left the hotel, boarded a taxi and the only thing that she kept thinking about was the man she loved.

She arrived at the mansion and Uchenna and Bayomi crept into her mind. She still desired to keep Bruno safe by studying the relationship between those two. How did Uchenna know Bayomi had moved into his father’s house before Bruno? It meant she had been in contact with him. She still had Caroline and Austin on her mind. If Bruno would be ready to listen to her, she would advise him to run a thorough check on all the accounts Austin has been handling for the past five years. Even though it might take a long while, it would be worth it. Austin was a man with filled with deception.

The gateman led her in and she could hear loud voices coming from the living room. A woman she presumed to be Mrs. Mosun was shouting the words ‘You have to stop blaming your father! I am your mother, listen to me!’

She knocked and Bayomi opened. He grinned at her, looked at his family and back at her. “Come in.” 

Dakore sauntered in and saw the living room ripped apart. She suspected he must have been the one that scattered the place. He appeared taken aback to see her. He swiftly went to her. She looked at his parents and greeted them. Only his father answered. His mom hissed and eyed her.

“You witch!” Mosun yelled at her. ‘’You are the reason Bruno is insulting his parents!”

“She is not the cause and I never insulted you and dad. You are the reason Dakore doesn’t want to marry me anymore!”

“And I keep saying there is no need to marry her!”

“That’s true bro.” Bayomi said. “You don’t love her.”

“Shut the gutter you think it’s a mouth!” Bruno barked at him and focused on his father who had sat down, bowed his head and shut his eyes. “I want out of the contract!”

Dakore seemed distraught he meant what he said at the reception. She was tempted to tell him she loved him, but the best thing for her to do was leave. She didn’t need her things anymore. She was going to leave and be with a broken heart. 

“I give up.” Adebanjo said and raised his head. 

Dakore who wanted to make a step and leave had to halt. Bruno had shattered her heart and the man she trusted had joined his son. How could he give her hope and made her feel she would be his son’s wife, the man she loved and now he had given up. Tears had heaped all corners of her drained eyes.

He continued after he stared directly into Bruno’s eyes. “You are a grown man capable of making your decisions for yourself. I was selfish to offer you such contract that shouldn’t be written in the first place. You can marry whenever you want and the contract is cancelled.”

Bruno’s body exploded with joy. He went over to his father, lifted his him and embraced him. Mosun’s lips carried an extensive smile. Dakore looked dumbfounded.

“It is cancelled for real?” Bayomi questioned.

“Yes.” His father answered after Bruno let go of him. 

“I will get nothing out of it?”              
“You will get nothing. You deserve nothing.”

Dakore took a deep breath and turned to the door.

“Please stop!” Bruno voiced out and she paused but didn’t turn back. He sauntered to stand in front of her and she had no idea why he was smiling ear to ear. There was nothing amusing. “I am glad you are here.”

The tears dripped down her face and he moved to touch her face. She held his hand and dropped it down.

“Don’t touch me. I am capable of cleaning my face.” She wiped the tears with the back of her hands.

Bruno quickly went on one bended knee. His family was looking confused including Dakore. 

“The day Roland visited and I escorted you to your room after that beautiful dinner, I made an international call to order for a special item. I did not lie when I told my ex you gave me peace. It was the truth.”

Dakore gazed at him puzzled. What was he going to say next?

“I told my father those things at the reception because he had not right to give me a condition to marry you. I want to marry the woman I love and no one is going to tell me how or when to do that.” He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a small red box. “I was going to come and look for you after I had sorted things with my dad. Since you are already here….”He opened the box and a big diamond ring glittered. “Will you marry me?”

Adebanjo grinned. Mosun’s mouth opened and Bayomi scornful eyes were on Bruno.
“You want to marry me?” That question could only come out from her mouth. She never expected such.

“Marry me Dakore. I love you. I fell in love with you that day and I knew I wanted to keep you forever. You might not love me now but I will do everything within…”

“She loves you Bruno.” His father said. “I and Catherine know her true feelings for you. That was why she was willing to marry you.”

He widened his eyes. “Is it true?”

Dakore nodded with tears of joy. 

She spoke. “I have loved you a long time ago and yes I will marry you. I also want to keep you forever.”

“You should have told me you love me!” Bruno said and rose.

“This is the best time. I love you Bruno.”

He chuckled with so much delight in his heart.

“I can live without the company, assets, money but I cannot live without you.”

Bruno slipped the ring into her finger and he mounted his lips on her mouth. He kissed her so passionately she craved for more. He swallowed her mouth as he yearned to taste all the sweetness in Dakore. 

To be continued…. Saturday


  1. Wowzers, such an interesting episode but too short ��
    Can Saturday come already..
    Thanks Carina, so kind of you to have posted today.

  2. Waooooooooh AWESOME this is lovely, please they should Get a room lol can’t wait for the shaku shaku lol nice one ckj, thou is short sha , lol we don’t have choice no ,lol please next episode okay Bikonu.


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