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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

When Bruno Met Dakore... Episode 19.

I was able to finish writing this episode last night. Because of una I slept around 2am. It is well o! Lol

Bruno and Dakore arrived at the police station and parked the car in front of the building. He turned off the ignition, sighed and looked at Dakore’s concerned face.

“You don’t need to be worried over this issue,” he held her left hand and she peered into her eyes. “I will definitely do everything within my power to make sure those men that killed Gabby will not go scot-free.”

“I know you are capable of doing it. You are a man of your words.”

“Thank you for believing in me.”

Dakore already felt Bayomi was behind the murder, all she needed was evidence to prove her suspicion. She believed Bruno loved Bayomi with all his heart and it would break his heart to find out Bayomi is not a good sibling. She would call Harrison in the morning and ask him for a favor to follow Uchenna around in case she and Bayomi met somewhere. That would proof that both of them were working to plot against Bruno and they knew that Gabby didn’t die in an accident.

Dakore and Bruno walked into the station, met two police officers at the counter and requested to see their boss. One of the officers took them to their boss immediately because he recognized Bruno’s surname when it was mentioned.

The boss, Mr. Salami welcomed them and offered them a seat .Bruno told him the few details he got from Gabby’s wife. Mr. Salami promised to look into the matter. The amount of money Bruno promised to settle him if he caught the killers was huge and that motivated him to request for his best officer.

Bruno gave him the number of the driver, he called but it was unavailable. Maybe the phone’s battery of the person was down, he thought. The officer, Korede made two calls to some officers that worked in a station close to the crime scene. He asked if they heard of the incident and one of them said yes. Officer Korede made an appointment to meet him the following day to talk about it and begin the investigation.

After writing about the details, Korede escorted Bruno and Dakore to their car, took their phone numbers and promised to call both of them in case new findings of the crime emerged. The number of the driver was still not reachable when Salami dialed his number. Bruno and Dakore got into their car and drove out of the station. 

“I will advice you not to talk about Gabby to anyone.” Dakore said to Bruno.

“Not even my father?”

“I think its best the killers are found first before telling him such.”

He shrugged. “Whatever you want.”

As they entered the main road, Bruno’s phone rang. He glanced at his phone. At first, he didn’t want to pick after the first ring. He felt his mother was calling to find out where he was. He wasn’t in the mood for a long talk. Knowing about the cause of Gabby’s demise made him weak. 

The second time his phone rang and he ignored it, Dakore picked the phone to look at who was calling and stared at him. She extended his mobile.

“You have to answer your mom’s call.” She said. “She might have something important to tell you.”

“I don’t feel like talking to her right now. We are already on our way home.”

The phone stopped ringing and when Dakore wanted to put it down, it rang again. She answered it and pressed the phone against his ear. He gave her a look before holding it himself.

“Hello mom.”

“Bruno!” She was crying hysterically. “Where are you?!”

Bruno quickly swerved to the left direction to park his car. He appeared very worried. 
“Mom! Why are you crying?”

Dakore looked directly at him.

“Your father! You need to come to the hospital! I don’t know his condition right now!”

“Oh my God!” He touched his forehead, put the phone in his left ear and held Dakore’s hand. “I’m coming. Which hospital?”

She gave him the details, he knew the hospital and ended the call. Bruno gazed at Dakore.

“Your dad is at the hospital?” She asked him.

“Yes. Can you drive me there?”

“Of course!” Both of them came out from the car and exchanged seats. Bruno described the place to her in his disoriented state of mind.

When they arrived at the hospital and moved towards the entrance, they sighted Mosun and Bayomi close to the emergency ward. Mosun ran to Bruno in tears, leaving Bayomi to stare at them with so much bitterness in his eyes. He didn’t know what he wanted concerning his dad. Whether dead or alive, the old man must have left him with nothing in his will. He was not going to benefit if he died. Perhaps it would be better if he survived so that he can plan on how to change his father’s misconception about him. If he could do that, Adebanjo might still offer him more money and assets. Mosun hugged Bruno with tears falling down her face. Dakore stood helpless. She had no idea what to say to her. She simply shifted a bit away from them and watched.

“Bruno, your father must not die!” She wept.

“What happened?”

“He misunderstood what your brother and I were discussing about and he started raising his voice at us. Before I could even defend myself, he gripped his chest and collapsed. I’m scared.”

He held her tight. “Don’t be mother.”

Bayomi motioned closer to them. “The doctor assigned to him is not saying anything.”

He released his mother. “I know a doctor working here, I will be right back.” Bruno turned to Dakore. “Let’s go.”

She looked at his mother. “I am very sorry…”

“Will you shut up your mouth?!” She yelled.

“Hey mom!” Bruno uttered with a frown. “This is not the time and place to act this way and if you continue to be hostile towards Dakore, I will stay away from you.”

“It’s okay Bruno.” Dakore said softly.

He didn’t wait for Mosun to say a word, he took Dakore’s hand and they headed into another direction of the hospital. They met a nurse and Bruno requested to see Doctor Roland.

“Do you have an appointment?” The female nurse asked.

“No. Just let him know Bruno Kingston wants to see him urgently.”

The nurse left, returned and took them to Roland’s office. With the look on their faces, Roland knew it wasn’t a friendly visit. He asked what the matter was and Bruno told him about his father.

“Wait in my office,” he said and walked to his door. “I will be right back.”

“What is it?” he asked angrily over the phone. “Why are you disturbing me by this time?”

“I have been calling you since morning and you have not been picking my calls!” Uchenna spat.

“I am busy!”

“Busy to speak with me?”

“There is nothing to talk about right now.”

“There is a lot to talk about. You are back home, don’t you think it’s best you inform your parents about our relationship. You promised to introduce me to them as your girlfriend.”

“I have changed my mind.”


“Listen and listen with your ears, we are done! I am no longer interested in the relationship. I never loved you and I will never love you.”

“Oh my God! This can’t be happening. You can’t do this to me! Bayomi, I love you and I am ready to do anything for you. Please we can work…”

He cut the call, switched off the phone and hissed. “Stupid bitch.”

Bayomi turned back and saw his mother's curious face. The expression on him didn’t change. He dipped his phone back into the pocket.

“Who was that?” She questioned him.

“None of your business.”

“You are my son and I deserve to know the woman you are calling a stupid bitch.”

“Have you finished crying your crocodile tears?”

Her eyebrows flew upwards. “What is the meaning of that?”

“You and I know you don’t want your husband to tell Bruno what you and I were talking about.”

“Definitely I do not want him to tell Bruno but that does not mean I want him dead. Do you?”

“I don’t need to tell you that bitter-kola is bitter.” Bayomi walked passed her without looking back at her. He went to a nearby store to buy some cigarettes and smoked alone.


After some minutes, Roland entered his office. Dakore and Bruno rose up instantly.
“I think its best both of you sit down.”

“Oh no.” Dakore whispered.

“Is my father dead?” Bruno’s eyes widened. 

“No! But his condition is not good.” 

“Please, tell me.”

“I am not in the best position to tell you but I will tell you what I know. The doctor is still with him. I was able to speak with another colleague that was in the room with them.”

“What is it Roland.”

“Your father had a serious heart attack and the only kidney he has is falling. Has he been smoking?”

“No.” He sighed. “I don’t think so.”

“It seems your father never listened. He continued to smoke and didn’t take his drugs.”

“What! It can’t be true. I am sure my mother has been monitoring him. There is a mistake about his predicament. I am very sure he has not been smoking.”

Dakore bowed her head. “I saw him smoking once in the house.”

He glared at her stunned. “No way!”

She looked at him and tears had made her eyes swollen. “It’s true. I am sorry for not telling you. I asked him if you knew, he said no. I didn’t want to tell you because at that time, you would not have believed me.”

“When was that?”

“The first day you took me to him. I should have told you. It’s my fault. If I had told you, he won’t be in this condition right now.”

“It is not your fault.” He cleaned under of her eyes. “It can never be your fault. He brought it upon himself and the only thing we have to do is pray for him to be alright.”

Dakore only nodded and tried not to cry in front of him.

He gazed at Roland. “When do I see the doctor?”

“Soon.” He picked his telephone and made a call. He ended it and spoke. “Doctor Seyi is ready to see you now.”

Bruno notified his mother, and when they didn’t see Bayomi and couldn’t get through him on the phone, they went to see the doc with Dakore.

He narrated exactly what Roland said.

“We are still running other tests and when the results are out, I will let you know the full diagnosis. For now, he is breathing with the help of oxygen.”

“Since it is his kidney failing, can’t I give him one of my own?”

“It’s not as simple as that. Let all the result comes up, then I will know what to tell you.”

“Can we see him?”

“No. Your father is still under serious observation. You can’t see him for now.”

“Why can’t I see my husband?” Mosun asked.

“He is currently in intensive care. You can come tomorrow, maybe you can see him.”

“Okay doctor.”

Bruno heaved a sigh and shook his head sadly. The doctor gave him a note which had the amount he would pay. Bruno and Dakore went to make payment, gave the receipt to the nurse at the reception and left to meet Mosun outside. Bruno was quarrelling with his mother for now telling him about Adebanjo smoking and not taking his drugs. She was begging him when Bayomi walked to meet them. He told them they should go in to ask for their father’s condition, Bruno informed him they had done that and told him what the doc said.

“You went behind my back?!" Bayomi sparked. “Who gave you the right to do that behind my back?”

“Are you sick?”

“It is you that is sick! I left for few seconds and you made sure I wasn’t with you when all of you met the doctor.”

“Did you say few seconds?” Bruno shook his head. “I even called your number and it was switched off!”

“Why didn’t you wait for me?!”

Bruno said nothing and turned away from him. 

“Bastard!” Bayomi pushed him angrily. 

“How dare you?!” Bruno quickly rotated and raised his hand to hit him with a blow.

“Please stop!” Dakore screamed.

He halted and put his hand down even though his eyes sparkled with lightning. Mosun stayed quiet and was shaken to say anything.

“Your father is battling for his life and both of you are here fighting over nothing!” She gazed at Bayomi. “Bruno already told you what the doctor said. All you need to do is go home and come back here tomorrow. There is nothing you can do to help your father right now."

Bayomi looked at her for a moment and curved to walk where his car was. 

“I will talk to him in the car. See you at home.” Mosun followed him behind.

When his mom and brother where no longer in sight, Bruno looked at Dakore. “Thank you for stopping me. If not for you, he would have been admitted in this hospital.”

“Thank God I was able to stop you.”
“There’s something eating him up and I have no idea what is it.”

“I think so but we have to focus on your father for now.”

“I know.”

He motioned closer and hugged her.

In the middle of the night, Dakore woke up very thirsty. She decided not to wake Bruno. She got up from the bed and walked to the door. She went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. After drinking and washing the cup, she saw Bayomi standing at the doorpost. He was wearing only boxers. She didn’t flinch; instead, she sauntered to the door.

“Excuse me,” she said. “I want to leave.”

“To my bedroom?”

“To Bruno’s bedroom.”

“My brother does not know your worth.”

“Was that why you called him a bastard?”

He grunted and smiled faintly. “It is none of your business. That is between Bruno and I. I want to talk about us.”

“Us?” Dakore asked puzzled.

“Yes. I want you to myself. You and I belong together.”

She chuckled a little, stepped backward and moved over to one of the cabinets. She opened it and took out the longest knife. Bayomi appeared surprised and confused.
Dakore walked over to the door. 

“You are old enough to know Google. I want you to browse the internet and search for how many women have killed men by defending their selves with a knife. Don’t make me use this on you, if you harass me one more time, I will stab you.”

Bayomi stepped aside and Dakore walked back into the room with a knife in her hand. 

The following morning, Harrison and Nneka planned to meet Dakore at the hotel where her uncle was. Bruno gave her one of his cars to drive. She went to check up on him. Bruno had gone to the office and would drive to the hospital later in the day. They would meet each other there. Mosun was at home and Bayomi had gone out.

Dakore informed them about Bruno’s father and they were sorry. Since Bruno agreed not to talk about Gabby to anyone, she wouldn’t. They agreed to sit at the bar and talk. She offered her friends drinks which they agreed to but she didn’t take for herself.

“What do you want to talk to me about?” She asked them.

She had already told Harrison about trailing Uchenna. 

“It’s about your brother.” Nneka said.

Dakore’s face changed. “This is not a good time to talk about him.”

“It is the time to hear him out.” Harrison said. “He is very sorry for what he did and he is ready to do anything just for you to forgive him.”

“If he truly wants my forgiveness, he should bring my mom back.”

“You know that is impossible.”

“Then it is impossible to listen to whatever nonsense he wants to say. I cannot forgive him.”

“This isn’t you, Dakore.” Harrison said. “I have known you for a long time and I have never seen you to be so adamant. I know he messed up but since he is truly sorry don’t you think he deserve a second chance?”

“Silas is not perfect,” Nneka said. “No one is perfect. I know you miss your mom and I do too. On a serious note, Silas is your only brother and your mother’s blood flows inside the two of you. She won’t be happy if you and Silas are not in good terms.”

“I miss her.” Dakore said.

“We know that.”

She looked at them sorrowfully and sniffed her nose. “Where is he?”

Harrison glimpsed at Nneka before collecting his phone from the table and made a call. 

“You can come to the bar.”

“He is here?” she asked them in a surprised tone.


Nneka nodded. Two minutes later, Silas entered, didn’t mind who watched them, he fell on his knees in front of his sister.

“I am ready to do anything to prove I am deeply sorry.” He said. “I was foolish to do what I did. There is no day I don’t pray to God and beg him to give me the power to change the hands of time. My wonderful sister, forgive me and allow me back into your life.”

Dakore shut her eyes tightly, trying not to remember the humiliation and the death of her mother. 

She couldn’t stop; everything came to her in a flash. She opened her wet eyes and fixed them on Silas.

“I know I want you back in my life but now…,” she shook her head. “Is not the right time,” She said crying. “I can’t forgive you.” She rose and walked out on them.

The moment Dakore arrived at the hospital in the afternoon, she did a light makeup. She purposely did that to avoid questions from Bruno. She had been crying. 

Adebanjo was awake but very weak. Bruno, Bayomi and Mosun had seen the doctor together. It was bad news for them. Adebanjo had kidney disease and colon cancer. It would have been detected on time if he did his normal checkup. The only solution to make him live longer than expected was cleansing his blood and body. With that, Adebanjo would be able to live for four months, otherwise he may die after a week. After the dialysis which will be done twice a week, Adebanjo could be discharged according to how his health improved. A transplant could be dangerous, his body is not strong enough for the operation.

Bruno was devastated. Mosun still couldn’t believe it. Bayomi showed no emotion. They met Dakore on their way to see Adebanjo and Bruno narrated what doctor Seyi said. It made her cry. He could only console her.

Adebanjo managed to smile at his family. When he swallowed, he shut his eyes painfully. Bruno held his father’s hand.

“I am sorry.” He struggled to say.

“Don’t stress yourself father. No matter what, you are my father and I love you.”

He smiled and looked at Mosun. “You will be fine.”

“Don’t leave me.” She cried.

“I will try my best.”

Adebanjo glanced at Dakore and Bruno. He spoke slowly. “I will live to see both of you wed. You are getting married by weekend. You have to call Catherina to come immediately.”

“That’s like three to four days to prepare.” Mosun said in a fast tone
“I don’t care.”
“I will do exactly as you say.” Bruno said with a smile on his lips.

Mosun didn’t look happy. Bayomi stared at them expressionless. His father looked at him.

“You have to change.”

Bayomi frowned and left the room angrily.

“I want to speak with your mother privately.” Adebanjo said to Bruno and Dakore.

“Okay father.” Bruno said.

Dakore pecked his forehead and they both left the room. Before Adebanjo could speak with his wife, a nurse entered and ordered her to leave. The patient needed enough rest and she was advised to return the next day. On his way out of the hospital, Bruno’s phone rang. He answered. 

Officer Korede had new information. He met the officer with the information about the crime and was able to contact the driver and they were at the station. Bruno told Dakore to drive behind him.

To be continued… Sunday.


  1. Carina thanks oh.
    What a beautiful episode, I pray Adebanjo survives oh..
    Bayomi's plan can never work because Dakore is very smart and able to connect the dots. Mrs Mosun sef no get power to separate this God made union that is coming up.
    I just love Bruno and Dakore sha. They'll make a great couple.
    I'm counting down to Sunday already for the next episode.
    Well done babes, I appreciate you a great deal.

  2. Nice one ckj, interesting episode, can’t wait for the next one, bless you dear.


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