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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

When Bruno Met Dakore. Episode 20.

Bruno and Dakore arrived at the station. Dakore noticed how nervous he was despite the fact he tried to hide it with a smile on his face. She took his hand, held it and smiled at him.

“Relax.” She said in a softened tone.

“Am I easy to read?”

“Oh yes.” The smile became wider.

They walked inside and an officer led them to Mr. Salami’s office where they met officer Korede and a tall man wearing a face cap. They were welcomed. The man stood on his feet, removed his cap and Korede introduced him as the driver, Mr. Akpan. He shook hands with Bruno and Dakore before they sat down. Korede remained standing.

“Can I ask him some questions?” Bruno required from Salami.

He nodded. “You can go ahead.”

Bruno faced Akpan. “I am very sorry you went through such incident. Did you notice if you were followed?”

“I didn’t notice anything suspicious. We were on the road back to Lagos and before we reached where I could stop for us to eat and relax for a short period, we were attacked.”

“How did they know he was in that vehicle?”

“That’s why I called you here to see and hear from the driver himself.” Korede spoke.

“We are listening.” Dakore said.

“I didn’t take it to be anything until I went home and thought about it.” Akpan said. “In the bus, Gabriel kept receiving calls. Telling the person where we are. I am sure the person wanted to get information about his whereabouts. I think he had an appointment with the person. I overheard his discussion because he sat with me at the front.”

“No wonder his phone was taken.” Bruno said.

Korede spoke. “Exactly.”

“Did they wear a mask to cover their faces?” He asked Akpan.

“When my vehicle was blocked, and the three men came out of their car, they were not wearing until they started to walk towards us with guns. I think I might be able to recognize one of them.”

“Why didn’t you report to the police?”

“I did.”

“He did and that was the officer that told me he had an idea about the murder.” Korede sailed in.

“Why didn’t he investigate it?” Bruno asked in an annoyed tone. “Is it not his job to do that? This is why we don’t take police serious in this country because they are not doing their job. Instead they prefer to collect bribe and spend the money in a bar!”

“Calm down my love.” Dakore rubbed his back gently.

Bruno gazed at her and took a deep breath.

Salami cleared his throat and gave a side eye to Korede. He looked at Bruno. “Not all officers are like that. We are ready to find these three men and the person Gabriel was talking with.”

“Can you remember what Gabriel kept telling this person on the phone?” Dakore questioned Akpan.

“I remember he said, immediately he reach Lagos he will go to the address of the hotel he sent to him.”

“He?” Bruno asked in a puzzled tone. “He referred to the person as a he?

“Yes sir.”

“A hotel.” Dakore muttered.

“Were you talking to me?” Bruno asked her.

“No.” she faced Akpan. “Did you manage to get the address of the hotel?”

He shook his head. “He never said anything about the address.”

Bruno sighed loudly and bowed his head.

Dakore stared at him with pity in her eyes. “Is there anything else that can help us?”

“This incident happened many months ago. I am sure he knew the person very well with the way he spoke and gave his exact whereabouts to the person without suspecting himself was in danger from this person. He addressed this caller as ‘sir’ and when Gabriel suggested they meet at the company…”

Bruno raised his head in surprise. “The company?”

“Yes sir.”

“Which company?”

“I don’t know the name but I am sure it’s where Gabriel worked before he died.”

“When Gabriel suggested they meet in the company what happened?”

“The person sounded upset. Gabriel kept apologizing.”

“I don’t understand!” Bruno uttered and turned to look at Dakore. “I was the only one that had the right to talk to him in such way. That person had no right whatsoever to speak with Gabriel in such tone! Why would he apologize? As long as the person knows about my company, it means I know the killer and he can be laughing at me behind my back for what he did!” He lifted from his chair. “Every male in my company is a suspect.”

Dakore definitely knew it was Bayomi but how could she break such news to them especially to the man she loved.

Bruno looked directly at Korede. “You have to come to the company tomorrow. You have the right to question all the men in my company. Do everything you can to get a warrant to search their phones. I know it will be difficult to see the history of their dialed calls. I have contacts that can help in that area. The first person I want you to interrogate is Mr. Austin Egbe.”

“What!” Dakore exclaimed in shock. “Why him?”

He said to her. “You told me to look into him and I know he never like Gabby around because of how he monitored the affairs of the company on my behalf just like how you were doing.”

“I think you should calm down. You are just being paranoid.”

“I am being paranoid? You are supposed to tell me my idea is great!”

“It is not great!  All of us have to think this through before any conclusion.” She faced Korede. “Coming to the office will only make matter worse. The workers will get scared and if they are innocent, the real culprit might get away with it by running if he finds out the case is being investigated. What if the person has a spy at the company?”

“I don’t care!”

“Let’s look beyond that. The person might even be a former employee at the company.”

“But I cannot think of any except Bayomi! It’s definitely someone still working for me.”

Akpan gave an uncertain expression on his face but did not say anything. He was sure if what he was thinking was true or false.

“Who is Bayomi?” Salami questioned the couple.

Bruno remained silent and started to pace around the office.

Dakore answered. “Bayomi is the younger brother of Bruno.”

“Oh I see. Well, you will do us a favor.”

“Anything you need.”

“We will need the male names of the employees at the company. We won’t approach them but keep an eye on them in case they meet up with three men that fit the description of the killers.”

“That’s a good idea.”

“I want Akpan to follow you when you are doing that.” Bruno said to Korede. “Tomorrow, I will send a cheque for that.”

“Okay sir.” Korede said.

He collected Akpan’s phone number.

“Can I write some of the names for you to begin tomorrow?” Dakore asked Korede.

“Yes ma.” He gave her a blank sheet and a biro.

She wrote down the names she could remember and when Bruno stopped looking at her, she wrote his brother’s full name: Abayomi Kingston.

Dakore gave Korede the sheet. “I will send the secretary to you for the remaining names.”

“No problem.”

“Next time you call me,” Bruno said looking at Salami and Korede. “Make sure you have caught the killers and person that sent them. I have to prepare for my wedding.” He opened the door and walked out. Dakore shook their hands and promised to call. She ran after him and caught him by holding his arm.

“You talked about the wedding.” She said. “I thought you were mad at me.”

He gave her a look. “Of course I am still mad at you but that doesn’t mean I can’t wait for us to get married.” He cuddled her into his arms playfully and that brought joy in her heart.

“It seems the wedding will hold.” Mosun said to Bayomi after they had eaten dinner.

“If you can’t stop them, then there is nothing I can do about it. Your husband wants them to get married before he dies.”

“How can you be so heartless? You want your father to die. I am ashamed of you!”

“And I am ashamed of you too!!”

She raised her hand to slap him but he held it and squeezed it tight.  Mosun in pain looked at her son stunned.

“You are hurting me.”

Bayomi released her hand and pointed at her. “Next time you raise that hand of yours to put on my face, I will surprise you. I am warning you, don’t try it ever again! Catherine is taking the first flight tomorrow. I wish you and her happy planning.”

“I am highly disappointed in you.” She said almost in tears.

“That’s your fucking business. You can plan, but do not expect to execute it successfully.”

“You must not allow anything bad to happen to Bruno!”

“It seems it’ is Bruno you only care about.” Bayomi shook his head, gazed into her eyes with a scorn on his face and walked out on her. He went outside and she heard the sound of his car. Mosun burst into tears.

The next morning, before Caroline went to the office, she drove to her mother’s house and knocked heavily on the locked door.

“Who is that?” Jessica screamed and walked to the door.

“It’s me!”

She recognized her daughter’s voice and opened..

Caroline marched in and turned to her mother who had shut the door. “I received an alert this morning. Bruno just sent me money to buy my suit for his wedding!”

“That is good news.” She said happily.

“That is not good news. I had plans to destroy him. I want the truth mother!”

“What truth?”

“Did my father know about me and did he try to kill both of us?”

She looked away.

“Answer me before I lose my mind!”

Jessica faced Caroline with tears all over her face. “He didn’t! He never knew I was carrying twins! I told you all that because I was angry. Adebanjo and his wife wanted to eliminate me.”

“That’s all I needed to know.” She started to walk away.

“I don’t understand. Where are you going?”

Caroline replied. “I am going to talk to my future sister-in-law!”

Catherina arrived safely and went straight to the hospital to greet Adebanjo. After that she left to Mosun’s office and they partnered to prepare for the wedding on Saturday. Catherine had already ordered a wedding gown from Italy which she expected the next day. If it there was going to be an adjustment, she knew the best fashion designer to adjust it.

Bruno got to his office and he suspended Austin Egbe immediately. He told him he was going through the accounts and if he didn't find any fraudulent act, he would be reinstated. Austin pleaded and said he has been loyal. Bruno refused, he had made up his mind. He called Dakore and told her. She sounded okay with it. After all, Austin wasn’t innocent.

Surprisingly for Dakore, she received a call for Caroline. Caroline refused to enter into the house but rather talk outside.

“I am very sorry about your mom and it was wrong for me not to attend her funeral.”

Dakore smiled faintly. “It’s okay.”

“I know I have been mad at the Kingston’s for a long time. I refused to call them my family because I thought my father knew about me. 

"Your mother finally opened up to you?”

“Yes,” Caroline replied. “She told me the truth today. I came here to clarify something about what you told me. You said your mom said, Mrs. Kingston was the one that told her she and her husband wanted my mom dead.”

“That’s correct.”

“What if she lied? What if my father never sent her such? What if it was her plan to get rid of my mother?”

Dakore saw the curiosity in her eyes and was very happy about it. “I thought about it too. I don’t know how to ask Mr. Adebanjo about it. This is not even a good time.”

“Why is it not a good time?”

“Oh, I am sure you don’t know.” Dakore told her about his health issues.

“Oh my God. I have been so angry at my father.” She shut her eyes.

“You can make things right.”

She opened her teary eyes and looked at her. “How?”

“Tell Bruno and your father who you really are. Bruno will be so happy.”

“You think so?”

“I know.”

“On my way here, I called Bruno to thank him for the money he sent for my suit. He said the wedding is on Saturday! Why the sudden rush?”

“Your father wants to witness the wedding.”

Caroline smiled. “I know I acted as a bitch to you, I hope we can start all over again?”

“Yes. By the way, I am sure Bruno didn’t tell you about Austin.”

“What happened?”

Dakore explained.

“I don’t care. He deserves it and I will let Bruno know how he has been siphoning money but first, I have to see my father at the hospital. I will just see him.”

“Won’t you reveal your real identity?” Dakore asked.

“Not now. I will do that at the right time.”

“I wish you all the best.” She extended her hand. “Friends?”

“Of course not!” Caroline opened her arms. “Sisters.”

Dakore hugged her with a huge smile on her lips.

In the afternoon, Dakore went out to see Nneka and Harrison briefly. She also notified her uncle and Gabby’s wife about the wedding. The secretary, Jimoh had sent the remaining names to Officer Korede. Caroline went to the hospital and looked at her dad from afar. Tears dropped from her eyes as she thought she had little time to spend with him. She left to the office and acted nicely to anyone that came across her. All the bitterness inside her had drained.

Dakore returned home and met Bayomi coming out of the kitchen. She ignored him but he quickly stepped in front of her.

“You are very stubborn and I like it.” He said smiling.

The smile irritated her.

“Good afternoon.” She said with a straight face. “Can you get out of my way?”

“I want you.”

She looked at him with disgust. “Is it because I did not tell Bruno about your ill-mannered attitude that night or the fact that I did not use that knife on you? Thank God I am not a violent person, if not you would have landed in a morgue.”

She stepped away but he gripped her left arm. She looked at him shocked and slapped his hand away. Dakore jagged a finger at his face.

“If you ever touch me again, believe me, I will make sure you won't get away with murder."

He looked at her in a way she knew her statement surprised him.

“What did you just say?”

“Don’t ever interrupt me when you see me walking. Nonsense!”

Bayomi watched her leave and when she was out of sight, he mumbled under his fuming breath. “It seems you are stubborn and not easy to get. If I can’t have you, Bruno will never have you.”

On their way home, Catherine and Mosun visited Adebanjo at the hospital. He was sleeping. Dakore was very happy to see Catherine and her wedding dress. It fitted her perfectly. Mosun went to bath.

“How did you know my size?!” Dakore asked Catherine.

“I have good eyes.”

Dakore embraced her. “Thank you so much.

“You are welcome.”

“You and I will buy your shoes tomorrow in the morning.”

“That’s not a problem.”

“The catering services have been sorted out and the cards will be ready tomorrow evening. We are only making for thirty five guests.”

“I don’t care how many guests. I only care about getting married to Bruno.”

“I know you can’t wait to be his wife.”

Bruno returned home in the evening and had dinner with Dakore. The rest had gone to bed except Bayomi who wasn’t at home.

Dakore and Catherine shopped. Catherine accepted to be her bridesmaid when she asked. Silas called Dakore several times and she refused to pick. A day to the wedding she sent two cards each to Nneka and Harrison. Uchenna did all her best to reach Bayomi, he neglected her.

Catherine's father and siblings arrived and went to the hospital before heading to their hotel. The reception would take place at the same hotel. Mosun had booked their small and private hall which she decorated.

Adebanjo was responding to treatment and the doctor said he would be discharged at night. He would be going to the hospital twice in a week for treatment. Bruno gave out few cards to his employees like Jimoh.

Early in the morning, Bruno, an old friend named Nate, his father and mom went to meet Dakore’s uncle and paid the bride price. Bruno and Dakore left in separate cars to the hotel to dress for the occasion. Catherine, Nneka and Caroline were assisting Dakore with her dress. Her makeup artist did a fantastic job on her face. She was a beautiful bride.

Bruno, Nate and Adebanjo were in the room preparing. Mosun knocked and asked for them to hurry. She wanted to leave when they heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Mosun said.

Jessica entered and she was recognized instantly.

“What are you doing here?”

“Jessica.” Adebanjo said slowly but surprised.

“You know Caroline’s mom?” Bruno asked them.

“You have met her?”


“Get out of here!” Mosun screamed.

“Mom!” Bruno uttered. “Calm down. She is only here to congratulate me.”

“You are Caroline’s mother?” Adebanjo asked confused.

“Yes and I did not give birth to only a son, I gave birth to twins.”

“You liar!” Mosun pounced on her and Bruno held her. “Leave me alone. She must die!”

In the other room with Dakore and others, they heard noises. Catherine and Caroline choose to check what was happening.

“You had twins?” Adebanjo asked and stayed calm.

“Yes.” She started to cry.

Catherine and Caroline entered and she was shocked to see her mom.

“Can someone tell me what is going on?” Bruno asked still holding Mosun.

“I am your twin sister.”

Adebanjo covered his face and began to cry.

“Is this a joke?” Bruno asked. “I know we share the same birthday date and month but not the same year.”

“No. I lied about my age.” Caroline said.

“Why did you and your wife try to kill me?” Jessica asked.

Adebanjo looked up. “Kill you?”

“Mom,” Carolina said to her. “I think it was his wife’s idea and not both of them.”

“Oh my God!” he exclaimed and glared at Mosun.” You wanted to kill Jessica?”

“I didn’t know she was carrying twins!”

“That is not enough reason for that!”

“I thank God the nurse didn’t carry out the plan.” Jessica said.

Bruno’s eyes were already red. “I will do something terrible if someone does not talk!”

Mosun cried. “I am not your biological mother but I love you Bruno. I love you. You are still my son!”

Bruno wanted to explode. He looked at Caroline. “You are truly my sister?”

“Your twin sister.” She said as tears rained on her face.

He looked at Jessica. “You are my mother?”


Bruno sat helplessly. He didn’t know what to say or do.

“It was difficult for us to have a child,” Adebanjo said to him. “I got Jessica pregnant and my wife promised to take good care of you. I thought Jessica left the country after she received the money.”

“What money?” Jessica asked.

“I didn’t give her the money.” Mosun said.

“How could you do that?” He stared at Jessica. “How did you survive with my daughter?”

It brought more tears to Caroline. She ran to him and hugged him tightly.

“It doesn’t matter how we survived.” Caroline said. “I am happy you called me your daughter.”

“If I had known, I would have taken care of you.”

“I know father.”

“I was only able to give the nurse a huge amount of money when she tried to blackmail me.” Mosun said.

“I am angry with you.” He paused and said. “The nurse, I think I remember her face now.” He opened his eyes. “That’s Dakore’s mom. No wonder her face looked familiar.”

“That is not possible.” Bruno said.

“It is true.” Caroline said. “Dakore told me. She has been protecting you even before she fell in love with you.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I thought my father abandoned me and took you instead because you were a boy. I planned to destroy the company and I don’t know how Dakore manage to suspect me. She came to me that I will have to go through her before I can get to you. She has been fighting your battle without you knowing. You might hate me but I love you Bruno. You are my brother. I am sorry.”

“What is happening is like a dream to me. I am speechless about this now. I should be mad at Dakore but right now I want to marry her. The pastor and some of the guests should be waiting.”

“My son.” Mosun said to him.

“This is not the right time. I am eager to be a married man. I have to go and check on Dakore.”

“It’s bad luck to see the bride.” Catherine said.

“Not on my side.”

They never knew Nneka had left the room to meet her husband outside. Silas saw her and she told him Dakore’s room number. Silas knocked and entered and before Dakore could walk him out, Bayomi walked in with a gun in his hand.

They raised their hands and Bayomi locked the door and put the key into his pocket. Silas went near Dakore and pleaded for Bayomi to let his sister go.

“I don’t care if she is your sister. If I can’t have her, she will have to die!”

He pointed the gun at her. Silas stood in front of her. Bruno moved to the room and heard their voices. He screamed at Bayomi to open the door.

“You are wasting your time! You took my mother's love, I demand Dakore's love! I know my mother wasn't the one that gave birth to you!"

"You are still my brother!"

"I will kill Dakore!”

"No! Please don't!*

Bruno alerted everyone in the room and ordered his father to remain seated. They went to the door and started banging it. Mosun was crying. Bruno ran and informed the manager about what was happing. He requested for the spare key. When the manager was looking for the key, Bruno became nervous and ran back to the room. Himself, Nate, Catherina and Caroline started hitting the door with their body.

“You want to kill me just the way you killed Gabby!” Dakore said despite being afraid.

“I didn’t have to shoot him myself. I sent some guys to do it for me.” He burst out laughing.

Bruno was shocked and continued to hit the door. Silas noticed Bayomi wasn’t looking at their way, he ran to him and they began to struggle with the gun. Dakore was crying and begging her brother to stop. She was scared for him.

A loud sound. A gunshot sound.

Bruno and the rest were able to burst the door open. They were stunned. Silas had been shot in the stomach! Dakore screamed. Bruno quickly grabbed the gun from Bayomi. Nate and the manager were able to hold Bayomi. Bruno told them the address of the station. Nneka and her husband were speechless when they came. Bruno gave Catherine the gun to hold. He went over to Silas and carried him. Nneka’s husband assisted him to the car. Dakore was crying profusely and followed them. Although she wasn’t ready to forgive him but her world would crash if he died. All of them including Adebanjo drove to the hospital. Silas was taken into the theatre and Bruno told Nate to do something for him. Nate left the hospital.

Korede called Bruno that they had received Bayomi. They already had the three men arrested. Korede monitored Bayomi the previous day and saw him with the men. Akpan was able to recognize one of them. The case would be charged to court.

After waiting for answers, one of the doctors in charge came and told them Silas was still alive, the gun hit only the flesh. They were overjoyed and tears of joy filled Dakore’s eyes.

“Can I see him?” She asked.

“You have to come back in the evening. By then he will be awake.”

“Thank you.”

Bruno looked at Dakore. “Nate is bringing the pastor and your uncle. We will get married here.”

“For real?”


“What about the guests at the church?”

“They will go to the reception and eat whatever they like. What matters right now is getting married to you.”

She hugged him. “I love you so much.”

The pastor came with the uncle. It went well and even, nurses, doctors’ relatives and friends of patients were happy for them. They congratulated the new married couple. They drove to the reception, ate, danced and returned to the hospital. Silas was awake.
Dakore kissed Silas’s cheeks and forgave him.

“Thank you sis. I told you I was ready to do anything to win back your love.”

“I love you. Thank you for saving me.”

Bruno and Dakore met the family outside. He revealed he knew everything. She pleaded on behalf of his mother, that he should forgive her.

He went to his mother. “What you did is unacceptable and I am glad you did not succeed to kill my biological mother. I still love you and I forgive you. You remain my real mother.”

Mosun thanked him and sobbed. She went to Dakore and begged her for treating her badly. Dakore accepted her apology. Bruno was happy. He promised to look after Caroline as always. He also promised to visit Jessica and she was free to visit him too. He went to Dakore and promised to love her forever.

Uchenna was arrested for conspiracy. Bruno forgave her and didn’t press charges. She was sacked. She was released from station but she committed suicide. Uchenna was ashamed and couldn’t face the public. The men got life sentence and as for Bayomi, he was sentenced to forty years in prison for planning the death of Gabriel and attempted murder of Silas. Austin was arrested for his fraudulent act and if could refund the money he stole, he would be released.

 Bruno rented a nice house for Gabby’s wife, gave her money to open a business. Bruno and Dakore were the godparents of her unborn child. Adebanjo stayed with Mosun but the union between them was never the same. Bruno made sure his father took his medication. Dakore and Bruno visited him often to cheer him up. Caroline spent her free time with Adebanjo.

On a windy night, Bruno returned from work. “Honey, I am home.” He went to the kitchen and didn’t find her there. He moved to the bedroom and saw Dakore wearing a seductive night gown.

“I’m hard for you, baby.” He winked at her.

She giggled, stood and quickly pointed at a paper on the dressing table. He picked it up to read and he appeared elated.

“You are pregnant!” He gestured towards Dakore, raised her up, brought her down on the bed and pulled off his clothes. “You make my life very beautiful.”

Before she could open her mouth to talk, he kissed her deeply. They kissed as if they have never done it before. He caressed her body, touched her breasts and sucked them one after the other. He peered into her eyes.

“I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” She kissed his lips passionately.

He turned her over, and rammed into her wetness. She groaned and watched how he made love to her through the standing mirror in front of them. They made eye contact and beamed. Bruno turned Dakore. He lustfully stared at her sexy body before he inserted his cock into her again and made love to her with passion.



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