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Saturday, April 07, 2018

When Bruno Met Dakore... Epsiode 17.

Mosun ran and pushed them apart. She was in rage as her eyes had turned red. “No! Never! You will never marry each other!”

Bruno and Dakore acted shocked. Bayomi watched them. Adebanjo ran to hold his wife who kept screaming at her son and Dakore. He dragged her to their matrimonial bedroom and gently shoved her on the bed.

“What is the matter with you?”

“He can’t marry her!”

“He will and you will keep your mouth shut!”

She folded her arms and grumbled. “I can’t accept her.”

“Your son loves her. Are you going to deprive him of marrying the woman he loves? He will never marry if you do not allow him to marry Dakore.”

“That’s a lie.”

“Then tell him not to marry her.” He went to the door and opened it. “You can leave.”

Mosun stood up. “Is that what you will say? Is that what you will do?"

“What do you expect me to do?”

"Support me!"

“Support your son.” Adebanjo walked towards the bathroom.

She sat down, relaxed her left elbow on her lap and began to tap her right feet on the ground. Mosun thought of different strategies to destroy her son’s relationship. He was never going to marry Dakore but the daughter of her friend.

Bruno had taken Dakore out on dinner after he had his bath. She already called her uncle and informed him that the wedding would go on. She sent Harrison a text, letting him know of the progress. He sent her a reply that he was very happy for her.

“This looks like a dream to me.” Bruno said. “You should have told me how you felt.”

“You would have mocked me.”

“That’s not true.”

She gave him a look that made him laugh. 

“But at least tell me when you fell in love with me. I deserve to know.”

She bowed her head shyly. 

“Don’t be shy, talk to me.”

“The day I was certain I loved you was the day you defended me at the party. It was magical when you danced with me. I was so happy.”

He brought her closer and wrapped his arms around her soft body. “I can’t believe you have been in love with me since that day. I am sorry for not paying attention. I think I loved you during that period but I was blind to see it with my eyes and my heart was probably locked. I want us to get married as fast as possible. I will call Catherine first thing tomorrow morning. She has to come to Lagos soon and plan with my mom.”

Dakore became sad.

“What is it my love?”

She peered into his eyes. “ Your mom doesn’t like me.”

“If she doesn’t like you, she should not expect grandchildren from me.”

“Don’t talk like that.”

“Be assured that my mother will accept you. I am sure she likes you but blind to see it for now.”

“I don’t want you to have problems with her.” She said.

“I know. Do you know where your brother is?”

She looked at him and wore a straight face. “No.”

“You have to give him the opportunity to explain himself. You gave me and he deserves such too.”

“I should allow him speak with me after killing my mom?”

“He didn’t kill her. You can never tell what would have happened if he did not sell the house and leave the country. He is your brother.”

“The day I knew I didn’t have a brother was the day he abandoned me and our sick mother. Please do me a favor and change the topic.”

“I am sorry for bringing it up.”

Dakore looked at him surprisingly. 

Bruno’s forehead creased with lines. “What?”

“You told me you are sorry just like that.”

“That’s because I don’t want you to be upset with me.”

She touched his chin, rubbed it softly and dropped her hand. “I won’t. I can't. What would I be doing before the wedding? Am I still your personal assistant?”

“No. I don’t need a personal assistant when I have you as my lifetime partner. I am capable of handling my schedule with the help of Jimoh.”

“Where will I go to when you will be at the office?” Dakore appeared bothered.

“You and I will have a long talk about what you want before the wedding so that I can prepare for that after our honeymoon but for now, you will have to stay at home and try to get close to my mom.”

Her eyes broadened. “You want me to do what?”

“Get close to my mom. Do not pretend, act like yourself even if you have to tell her the truth when it is bitter. Do not be a chameleon whenever you are with her. Be yourself.”

“It’s going to be very difficult.”

“Nothing is difficult for you,” Bruno said to her. “If you could handle me and fall in love with me, then starting a conversation with her is as simple as ABC.”

“So you know you are a pain in the ass.”

Bruno exploded into a long laugh that attracted the prying eyes of people around him. He peered into her eyes, pecked her on the cheek and leaned closer to her ear. “You make me happy and I promise to always put a smile on your beautiful face.” 

Mrs. Mosun went into the backyard and met Bayomi relaxing under a shade, smoking and drinking a glass of whiskey. She shook her head miserably and marched to meet him.

“Instead of you to think about how to rearrange your life, you are here wasting it. Your father is sleeping and that good for nothing girl has refused to allow my son come home by this time. It’s 9:36pm and I am beginning to think they have run away.”

His eyes flashed with intense anger but he refused to say a word.

She put her hands on her waist. “Am I not talking to a human being?”

Bayomi looked at her and puffed out smoke into the air. He took a sip from the whiskey and dropped it on the table. 

“If this is all you want to be doing in this house, you are not welcome anymore. It’s best you leave as soon as possible.”

She started to walk away.

“Why do you love Bruno more than me?”

Mosun halted and turned to his direction. She moved closer and showed an uncertain look on her face. “I love both of you equally.”

He speedily lifted on his feet and pointed his cigarette at her. “That’s a big lie.”

She angrily pushed his hand away from her and the cigarette fell on the ground. “How dare you tell me I am lying?!”

“You show Bruno more love than you do to me, I am not a blind man!”

“If you don’t lower that voice of yours, I will slap you. Have you forgotten I am your mother and I gave birth to you?”

“Of course I cannot forget, but I can never remember you ever talking about the birth of Bruno.”

Her curvy and neat eyebrows heaved upward. “What do you mean?”

“If you really cared about me, you should have asked why I left.”

“You left because you were greedy and I stopped showing you love when I noticed you turned to be a selfish ingrate. Do not ever make this about Bruno. He is not the cause of you asking your father for your inheritance when he is still alive.”

“Bruno made me leave!” Bayomi barked.

“Nonsense!” Mosun rotated to the entrance leading into the house.

He bit his lower lip and shut his eyes tightly. Today wasn’t going to be the day he would question his parents, especially his mother about the mystery behind the birth of Bruno. He opened his eyes and watched his mother walking away. He didn’t want that.

“I want her mom.”

She hesitated and turned to him. “You want who?”

“I want Dakore and you are going to help me get her.”

She stood shocked for a while and after gaining back herself, she rushed to him and in a panicking manner and touched his forehead with the back of her right hand.

“Are you sick?”


“That girl has charmed not just one of my sons but both of them. I must find solution before it is too late!”

“No one charmed any of us, I want her for myself. If I can’t have Dad’s assets especially the company, I must have Dakore whether Bruno agrees or not.”

“What have I done to deserve this?” She sat on one of the chairs and began to weep.

Bruno looked at her scornfully. “Dry your crocodile tears. Good night mother.” he walked out on Mosun and left her alone.

After everyone had gone to bed, Dakore and Bruno returned home, and showered separately. On their way home, she had found an opportunity to talk about Austin. She gave him an advice about him, what she believed he should do. He nodded in agreement and assured her he would do something about it.

Bruno and Dakore lay on the bed together in his room. They discussed about what colors they would use for their wedding, the number of guests and other essential details.

Deep in her heart, Dakore hoped he would make love to her. She needed him inside her body but she didn’t want to be the first person in the relationship to ask. She still felt Bruno asking her to marry him was a dream, a dream that she did not want to wake up from.When Bruno became sleepy, he whispered to Dakore in his arms. 

“I am eager to make love to you but I won’t. I want to make that special day, our wedding night memorable. You mean the world to me and I love you so much, I can’t even explain how I feel when you are with me.”

She smiled brightly and pecked his forehead. “I love you too and I feel the same way. Goodnight baby.”

“Goodnight my love.” Bruno said.

At 2:30am, Jessica Obaze could hardly sleep. In the morning she received a call from Caroline who gave her a week to tell her the truth concerning her birth. She had lied to her daughter that it was the two of them Adebanjo and his wife wanted to kill. She lied because she was very angry with him during that period but now, the anger wasn’t there anymore. It had vanished the day Caroline received a job and heard Bruno was a successful man in his father’s company. 

How was she going to explain to her daughter that she was the one that deprived her of not knowing her father? She ought to understand she did it to protect herself from the evil people that wanted to eliminate her.

Jessica knew Adebanjo Kingston would have accepted Caroline if she told him she gave birth to twins. If she had known, she would have used the money Adebanjo gave her to do an ultrasound scan; instead, she used it to buy irrelevant things.

In the evening, Caroline called her several times but she didn’t pick her calls. She thought of a way to meet Bruno again and when next Jessica meet him, she would reveal herself as his biological mother.

Bruno had a meeting in the morning on Monday morning, met with some investors from china and read some of his mails. He replied the important ones that could fetch him good money. He deleted the numbers of his past girlfriends. He would never cheat on Dakore.

Later in the afternoon, he called his secretary and informed him to pass a message to Caroline. He urgently wanted to see her. When Caroline heard, she grumbled in her office and went to see Bruno. She appeared relaxed and happy. 

She went in and he ordered her to sit, which she did.

“I will go straight with my first question.” Bruno said. “Are you close to Mr. Austin?”

I wouldn’t use the word close. He is my colleague and we talk occasionally. What about him?”

"Do you think he is capable of..." He paused. "Never mind."
“Never mind? I am just wondering why you want to talk about him to me?”

“I shouldn’t have. I should be thinking of how my wedding would look like.“

“It would be great.” She smiled. 

"Anyways, you are aware my wedding is coming up and the invitation cards should be ready soon. I really called you here for this. We have been friends for some time now; it would be awesome if you would be my best man or best-woman if that is what you prefer me to call you.”

“You want me to be your best man?” She asked in a state of bewilderment. It was unbelievable.

“You are like a sister to me and I care about you. There is no better person to act that role you would play on my wedding day.”

“I can’t believe this.” Caroline muttered to herself and looked at Bruno with a grin. 

“Yes, I will be your best man.” 

He shook her hand and when she left the office to hers, Caroline was confused on what to do.

Dakore ignored Bayomi like a disease even when he tried to bring up a conversation. The moment she knew Mrs. Mosun would not talk to her, she called Bruno and informed him she would visit the hospital. She forgot few of her mom’s things. 

On her way leaving, she sighted Bayomi five houses away. He was arguing with three men. She could not hear exactly what they were arguing about. She boarded a cab and left.

After Dakore stepped out from the hospital carrying a small bag containing the things she went back for, a woman passed her and headed towards the entrance. Dakore believed she looked familiar but couldn’t remember where she met her. She turned and quickly walked to her, tapped her on the shoulder and she turned back. It occurred to Dakore why the woman was familiar but something was different. She was pregnant.

“Good afternoon,” Dakore said. 

“Good afternoon.” The woman responded politely.

“I know you don’t know me but can I ask a question?”


“Do you know Uchenna?”

The woman had a questionable expression on her tired face. “Is it Uchenna from Kingston Petroleum Company?”

“Yes! I saw you talking to Miss Uchenna months ago close to the company and you were not happy. Are you her relative?”

She shook her head sadly. “No. I only needed her help but she gave me different stories.”

“What kind of help?”

“I wanted to have an appointment with her boss. She told me he wasn’t in the country and I desperately wanted to see him. It was because I lost my husband. He was Uchenna’s boss former personal assistant.”

“Your husband is Gabriel known as Gabby?” Dakore asked puzzled.

“Yes. You knew him?”

“No but I know Bruno Kingston. I’m truly sorry about Gabby. I know how it feels to lose someone and for him to die in a car accident is a tragedy.”

“Gabriel didn’t die in an accident,” she said as tears surrounded her eyes. “Three men with guns attacked the bus and he was the only one that was shot.”

Dakore had nothing to say. The new information left her speechless.

To be continued…Wednesday


  1. Jesus Christ, look at goosebumps all over my body, Abayomi has killed someone, oh my God there is fire on the mountain,I just pray dakore and Bruno is able to survive the danger ahead and gabby’s wife also it is well, thanks CKJ you kept to your promise God bless you dear.

  2. ghenghen!! Uchenna had better have a good reason for lying. Herself and Bayomi actually assasinated Gabby.

    Bayomi is simply a Devil's advocate. He doesn't knw what stuff Dakore is made of... she might look cool but trust me she ain't cool.

    My love for Bruno no be here..😁 I just hope they (himself and Dakore) are able to survive this together. He really needs to trust and stand by Dakore. There love is strong sha

    Mrs Mosun.... I dnt even knw what to use in qualifying her. Bayomi is just her replica. Awon esu Meji!!

    Kike thanks for this beautiful episode


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