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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

When Dakore Met Bruno. Episode 18.

“Please, tell me the truth,” Dakore said after she was able to overcome the shock that gripped her. “Are you saying that Gabby's death wasn’t an accident?”

“No way,” She kept shaking her head. “He was shot. The driver knew his family in the village and they identified his body.” 

“Oh my God. I am very sorry. What’s your name?”


“Sarah, I am very sorry for your loss.”

She smiled faintly. “Thank you. I have been trying to reach my husband’s employer, Mr. Bruno but Uchenna kept giving me excuses. Even when I told her I was pregnant, she didn’t care about my condition. Gabriel’s family took everything from me. I have been managing myself.”

“What did you come here to do today?”

“I came for checkup.”

“Okay.” She brought out her wallet, took some money she didn’t count and extended it to her. “Please, take this.”

She was surprised and collected the money. “Why are you giving me money?”

“I want to help you,” Dakore replied. “I am Bruno’s fiancĂ©e.”

Sarah appeared excited and astonished to hear the news. “This is wonderful.” She gave Dakore a hug and suddenly put her finger under her jaw and wore a sad face. “Gabby always wanted this for his boss. If only he is alive, he would have been the happiest man on earth.”

“It’s such a shame I didn’t meet him, I am very sure we would have been friends.”

“And you are kind too. Thank you for the money.”

“I have not done anything yet. Bruno would be so happy to see you. He has been searching for you.”

Her eyes broadened. “Really?” 

“Yes! I will make sure Bruno and I do everything we can to get the culprits that killed your husband.”

“You would do that for me?”

“Yes but first you have to go for your checkup. I will lodge you in a hotel, and come over to see you with Bruno in the evening.”

“There is no need for that. I can follow you to his office or his house.”

“That is not a good idea.” Dakore said. “I have my reasons. I want to prevent some people from seeing you.”

“Who are the people?” Sarah asked.

“It’s best you don’t know.” She collected her phone from her bag and told Sarah to call out her number, which she did. “Wait for me at the hospital, I will be back.”

“Are you sure?” her voice sounded worried.

Dakore embraced her. “Trust me, I will be back.”

Bruno made some calls to few of his friends, informing them about his upcoming wedding. He called Dakore to check up on her and she promised to come to the office before his closing time. 
After Dakore had lodged the hotel room, she went to a supermarket, bought some provisions and returned to the hospital. Dakore and Sarah went to the hotel, ordered food for her and she left. 

Dakore arrived at the company and before she could reach Bruno’s office some of the staffs that could not attend the funeral of her mother, congratulated her about the wedding. Caroline heard from Austin that Dakore was around. She came out and apologized to her for not attending the funeral. The secretary, Jimoh showed her more respect when he saw her.  He greeted her and rose on his feet.

“I am very happy for you future Mrs. Kingston. Remember me in the promise land.”

She laughed hard at his joke.

“It’s not funny. I was the only one that never gave you trouble.”

She gently put her hand on his left shoulder. “I know. I can’t forget the hospitality and how you tried to make me comfortable here. Thank you Jim.”

“You’re welcome ma.”

She went closer to him and whispered. “There is something about Gabby I want to ask you and I want the truth.”

“You can ask me anything.”

“Did anyone working here threaten to deal with Gabby?”

He thought for a moment and looked at her intensely. “Did you hear anything about him?”

“I don’t like it when I am answered with a question. I only need an answer.”

“I can’t think of any because Gabby was close to Mr. Bruno. Even when Miss Caroline treats him anyhow, there is a limit to it.”

“Are you telling me no one threatened him?”

He looked at her in a way. “That’s a hard question o.”

“Okay, if you say so.” She turned but he quickly stepped in front of her and scratched back of his head. “I remember something but I don’t want to be in trouble.”

“You won’t, believe me.” 

Jimoh motioned close to her, checked around them to see if anyone was coming and whispered. “A week before Mr. Bayomi left the company, he slapped Gabby at the reception and told him he was depriving him of getting close to his brother and that Gabby acted like bees around a bowl of honey.”

“Meaning Gabby was always with Bruno.”

He nodded. “I think so.”

“Bruno doesn’t know.”

“I doubt, Gabby would never tell him such a thing.”

“Thank you Jimoh.” Dakore was about walking to Bruno’s door.

“Is that all? Won’t you tell me why you asked me such a question?”

She only smiled at him, knocked on the door and entered. Jimoh sat down, feeling abandoned.

With a huge smile on his face, Bruno uplifted from his feet instantly and hugged Dakore with a wet and hot kiss.  It made her wet, she had to pull away from him and stood beside the desk.

“Don’t tell me you are running away from me.” He teased her.

“I am not.” 

He briskly went to Dakore, held her arms and tickled her. She giggled and became fascinated with his touch. She didn’t want him to stop. Bruno was the only man alive that could make her feel venerable in his arms. She loved the thrilling sensation flowing inside her body. 

“Stop it.” She chuckled.

“Hmmm… You mean stop it, I like it.”

Dakore laughed and Bruno laughed with her. “Bruno, we need to talk.”

He pecked her lips and muttered. “Talk about what?” He pecked her on the lips again and forehead. He grinned and rested his right hand on her breast. He was already hard.

“It’s important.” Her voice was firm.

His face changed. “Is there a problem?”

She gently pushed him away from her and he could read the expression on her face.

“Have I done something wrong?”

Dakore shook her head. “Of course not. You have to sit down for me to tell you what I have found out about Gabby.” She took a deep breath.

“Gabby?” He asked in a surprised tone. “You never met Gabby, so what did you find out about him? Is he alive or what?”

“Promise me you won’t scream or storm out of the office. You will listen to me and agree to whatever I tell you.”

“I promise.”

Her eyes popped out. “Just like that?”

“I promise to do anything for you.”

“Now sit.”

He sat down and kept on a puzzled expression on his face. She moved nearer to Bruno, faced him and relaxed her back on the desk. She put her hand on his left shoulder.

“I care a lot about you and I have always been curious to know the affairs of this company.” She explained how she followed Uchenna around because she never trusted her.

“I don’t trust her too. You took a risk, what if she caught you?”

“She didn’t. The woman I saw her with, I met her today and I found out she is Gabby’s wife.”

“Gabby’s wife?!” He rose on his feet and sat down when he saw the look in Dakore’s eyes. “Please, where is she? I need to see her.”

“I will take you to her.”

“Why didn’t you bring her here… Wait a minute. Why did Uchenna lie she had not seen Gabby’s wife?"

“That’s one of the reasons I didn’t want to bring her here and you will not confront Uchenna about it until I tell you too.”


“Gabby didn’t die in an accident. He was killed.”

Bruno did a double look. “Killed?”

“Yes. Three men attacked the bus and he was the only one that was shot.”

It sounded like a lie to him but the look on Dakore’s face made him know she saying the truth. 

“Who would want Gabby dead? I don’t understand, why didn’t Uchenna tell me? Gabby’s wife must have told her but she lied to me!”

“Calm down my love. We need to address this issue delicately.” She didn’t want to tell him Uchenna and Bayomi might be working together. She wanted proof first.

“I have to see her.” He said.

“I will take you to her. She will explain better.”

“Immediately we see her, I am going to the police to make a report about the case.”

“I will be right behind you.”

Bruno smiled widely and patted her cheeks. “I was incomplete before. You have made me a complete man.”

“You really disappoint all of us.” Harrison said to Silas in Nneka’s shop. Silas had been begging to see them and they agreed to see him in the evening. “What were you thinking? How could you sell the house and run away during the period your mom was battling her life at the hospital.”

“It is the work of the devil and I swear, I thought my sister would be able to come up with the money for the operation. My friends that made it in Malaysia convinced me to come over there.”

“Even at that, you wouldn’t have sold the house. You didn’t even tell your sis and mother goodbye. They didn't deserve what you did.”

“I am deeply sorry.”

Nneka finished attending to two of her customers before joining the conversation.

“It shouldn’t be us that you should be apologizing to.” she said to Silas.

“I know but my sister is not ready to listen to me. I want the two of you to help me persuade her to hear me out, I regret doing what I did. If I can change back the hands of time, I will.”

Harrison and Nneka looked at each other and back at him.

Harrison asked. “Where is the money remaining from the payment of the house?”

Silas looked down. “I am ashamed of myself. Not all that glitters is gold. I couldn’t do what my friends did to make money. If I had known, I would have invested the money in Nigeria.”

“Does that mean you came back with nothing?”

Nneka’s mouth opened.

Silas raised his head. “Not really but I still have some money.”

“You returned because you lost most of the money.” Nneka said angrily.

“That is not true. I truly regret hurting my mom and sis. I am ready to make amends and do anything for my sister to love me again. I miss her. Please, persuade her to see me. I want to speak with her and beg for forgiveness.”

Nneka heaved a sigh and kept quiet. 

Harrison shook his head and spoke to him. “I know how much Dakore loves you. I will talk to her on your behalf but she might not agree to see you for now. She is preparing for her wedding.”

“I will make sure I attend.”

“Maybe her wedding day is the best day for you to talk to her. She would be very happy that particular day.”

“I will definitely attend.” Silas glanced at Nneka. “Would you join Harrison to help me beg Dakore?”

She looked at him for few seconds, and opened her arms. “Come here.” Silas hugged her and began to cry. “I will definitely beg her on your behalf.” 

Bruno was very happy to see Sarah. She informed him about how Uchenna gave her endless stories so that she wouldn’t be able to see him. He thanked Dakore for showing Sarah love by what she did.

“I tried Gabby’s number several times, what happened to his phone?” Bruno asked her.

“The men took the phone and his bag too.”

“Who informed you about it?”

“The driver knew one of Gabby’s relations and called him to the scene. He identified his body and I was called. It was the saddest day of my life seeing his body shot many times. They made sure he died before they left.”

“Did they wear a mask?”

“I didn’t ask. When I went to inform the police for investigation, they did nothing. I didn’t have money to give them.”

Bruno nodded. “I understand. I will find someone competent to investigate your husband’s death.”

“Thank you sir!” Sarah uttered.

Dakore smiled.

“Do you know how I can reach the driver of that vehicle?”

“Yes. I still have his number.” She carried from phone beside where she sat and called the number for Bruno and Dakore.

“For now, no one must know you are here.” Bruno said to Sarah. “I will always update you concerning the investigation when it starts.” He reached inside his jacket, grabbed an envelope and extended it to her. “That is fifty thousand naira for your upkeep for now. My wife and I will discuss what we will do for you after we catch the culprits.”

Sarah fell on her knees with tears in her eyes and thanked them continuously. Dakore raised her up and wiped the tears from her face. Sarah prayed for them.

“No one will ever come between both of you by the special grace of God.”

“Amen.” The couple chorused. 

“You and her will grow old together in Jesus name.”

“She will give birth to beautiful children.”


“Thank you very much.” Bruno said. “It is getting late, we have somewhere to go to.”

“I understand sir.” She faced Dakore. “You are a good woman and whatever you desire, you shall get by the special grace of God.”

“Amen.” Dakore said. “Thank you.”

On their way out, Bruno told Dakore about Caroline.

“You asked her to be your best man?” She asked surprised.

“Is it a bad idea?”

“No! In fact, it’s a good idea.”

“Thanks. I know we haven’t done the wedding. I hope it is not a problem calling you my wife already.”

“You can call me whatever you want.” Dakore said. “I will be whatever you want me to be for you.”

Bruno couldn’t stop smiling.

“I know you and I are no longer close but we have to put out heads together and tear them apart.” Mrs. Mosun told Bayomi when she returned home from her outing. “It is not you that want her. It is the charm she has done to you.”

There were in the kitchen and Mr. Kingston was on the phone with Catherina in his bedroom. They were making plans for the few family members they would invite.

“This is not a matter of charm.” Bayomi said to her. “I believe I love her.”

“I don’t want your brother to marry her; neither will I allow you to be with her.”

“Whether you like it or not, I want her and I will.”

Mosun sighed and crossed her arms together. “I know the charm she use will clear. Now, we have to act united and stop them from getting married. How do we do that?”

“There are many ways to stop them but if I mention the easiest way, you would refuse.”

“I won’t my son. I won’t refuse.”

“You will. It involves Bruno.”

She gave him a look. “Even if we want to tear them apart, I don’t want to hurt Bruno.”

“You truly love Bruno.”

“Why won’t I love him? He is my son.”

He swallowed and gave a side smile. “No problem. What do you have in mind?”

She put her hand under her jaw for a while and spoke. “Can you rape her and allow Bruno catch both of you?”

Bayomi’s jaw dropped. “For real?”

Mosun placed her hands on her waist. “Yes. Can’t you do it?”

“Bruno will fight me and that might not change his mind.”

“If that is the case, get three of your friends to rape her.”

“What! By the way, which three of my friends are you talking about?”

She looked at him surprised. “On my way out in the afternoon, I saw you with three men discussing. Are they not your friends? Are they not capable of doing such a thing?”

“I thought I was the only one with evil intentions inside me, I never knew I got it from you.”

“Is that supposed to be a compliment or an insult?” She questioned him in an angered tone.

“Call it whatever suits you. Those men are not my friends. I was going to ask for some money. I am broke and I need money to sort things out.”

“Don’t tell me you no longer have money?” She sounded very worried.

“All I know is I need money to sort out an important thing.”

“I don’t have money to give you,” she said. “How do we stop Bruno and Dakore from getting married?”

Adebanjo stepped into the kitchen and heard. “Both of you must be sick in the head! How dare you!! Don’t you have conscience?!!! I will deal with both of you if you don’t change!!!! You must…” he coughed. “You must allow Bru… Bruno and Dakore…” He coughed and coughed until he gripped his chest.

To be continued Saturday or Sunday.


  1. Oh my God please don’t let bruno’s Father die ooh and don’t let Bayomi to succeed ooh please save Bruno and dakore.thanks ckj nice one babe.

  2. Carina your Saturday or Sunday never come abi?
    I don tire for una.
    Anyway, I dey patiently wait for the next episode.
    You don deu do big madam for us now abi? Continue oh.

    1. Ah! Big madam? No way!
      It will be posted on Wednesday. #BeHappy

    2. Because I like you that's why I'm pardoning you oh.
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